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Computer Tips [ Finding The Perfect Monitor + Website Creating Made E-Z + Friday Funnies ] 10/24/08

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Wireless Headphones

Do you use headphones to listen to music on your stereo or even your MP3 player or iPod? And when you do, don't you always have to deal with all those cords that connect from the player to your ears. Well, how would you like to go wireless with your headphones? Does that sound good? If so, keep reading to learn more!

Wireless headphones work just like anything else that's wireless. There are no cords involved, so you don't have to worry about that and with them, you no longer have to worry about staying close to your music player. You're free to roam around your house (or wherever you are) and you'll still be able to listen to your music.

The headphones work by a connection with an infrared or radio signal to a central base station. They receive a signal from a separate stationary device that stays plugged in to either your stereo or whichever player you're using. The headphones then stay connected and you can move about to cook, exercise or even clean! The headphone batteries are also charged on the stationary device, so everything is combined into one little component. How convenient! Wireless headphones can be found anywhere you buy other computer or music devices, so go ahead and give them a try. They might just be your next favorite thing!

~ Erin

Here's a happy, happy Friday to you all! Make sure you keep reading to learn all about what you should look for when buying a new monitor, find out how to do partial word selections in both MS Word and MS PowerPoint and learn how you can create your very own Google Web site. Also, be sure to check out the Friday Funnies for your daily laugh and of course, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone! : )


Hey everyone!!! WOW!!! Check Out Our Amazing One Day Sale!

Today only (10/24/08) we have an amazing one day sale! These prices are only good today only! Everything will increase first thing Monday morning. So order now!

What Kind Of Bird Is That?

Incredible North American Birds CD!

700 Photos & 700 Audio Calls / Songs!

All Time Low Price Of $8.97!!!

Limited Quantities Too (Only 100 Left) - Order Now Before They Are GONE!

We have an amazing deal for all the bird watchers out there! We have a fantastic title called North American Birds with Roger Tory Peterson and if you're into birding, this falls solidly into the MUST HAVE category!

First off, I think this just blows my well-worn paper version away! This is just soooo much easier to use! Browse though the listings and find the type (family) of birds you're looking for, then drill down to the specific species! We're talking over 1,000 different North American Species here!

As for the info on each bird - this just blew me away! It has sooo much great information!! I love the photos/artwork too! Not only is it stunning - it really helps you ID the bird - male or female - you're looking at. Plus, this program shows you all the variations and field marks to watch for while gazing. PLUS it's absolutely loaded down with great info on the species itself. We're taking Habitat, Feeding Habits, Nesting Information, Filed Marks, Similar Species (GREAT TOOL, BTW), and over 700 have songs and call recordings to listen to! That ALONE is enough to make this a no-brainer decision!


This even includes a fantastic video tutorial with Roger Tory Peterson, which teaches YOU how to identify all kinds of birds! Talk about being taught by the pros huh?

It also has a Skill Builder that helps you become a better bird spotter! Test and improve your knowledge with this quiz-like part of the program. I thought it was just great!

Whew - that's the highlights. If you're into birding, or just want to know what the heck that bird was you just saw in your yard, then grab this today! It's a phenomenal program that makes figuring out which bird is which a TON of fun - and it's sooo much easier to use than the paper version!

Your cost? Get this - just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! Crazy not to grab one for that kind of money! Head to the site and get there early - last time we offered software like this it was a HUGE sellout and it's literally been YEARS since we've seen something like this!

PS - Limited quantities! This is one that every birder - or just casual observer - just has to have! If you've ever wondered what that bird was you just saw, than you've gotta grab this fantastic title! And don't forget this is a one day only sale price. The price will increase first thing Monday morning!!!

Who Wants To Come Home To A Dark House?

New Amazing Lamp Sensors Come On At Dusk And Off At Dawn!

Perfect For Both Indoors And Out!

Awesome Low Sale Price- Today Only!!

Get One Set For Just $9.97!!!

Or Get Two Sets For $16.97!!!

Guess what, people? It is starting to get dark out wayyyy tooo early! Don't you hate coming into a dark house? Or if you go out of town, don't you hate leaving all your lights off? Well we found some absolutely amazing light sensors that automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn! How cool is that?

These amazing light sensors are simply phenomenal!! Every house hold needs a set (or 2) of these!!!

Better yet, they are sooo easy to to install! All you have to do is screw them into your lamp's socket and then screw your light bulb into the sensor! There are no screws or tools involved! :-) Better yet, you will never walk into a dark house again!

What is really cool is that this sensor is adjustable! It can tell when it is dark out and when it is light out. So guess what? You will never have to worry about trying to set a timer, guessing what time it will be dark and what time the sun will rise! Now that is really awesome!

These sensors are perfect for when you are out of town too! Scary robbers will never suspect you are away with your lights automatically turning on and off! This is like the cheapest home security I have ever seen! :-)

I just picked up two sets of these!!! See, they even work outdoors and are perfect for my lighting next to my front door! So I put one set outside, and then I use the other set inside! I just can't get enough of these sensors!!! You are going to love them!

And we have an amazing deal for you today! Get one set (2 sensors) for just $9.97 or pick up two (4 sensors) for just $16.97!!! And don't forget, here at WorldStart, US Shipping is always Free. Plus, we even have a 60 money back guarantee! You can't beat this offer- order now!

One Set- $9.97:

Two Set- $16.97:

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Amazing One Day Deal- Just $19.97!!

Need An Easy Way To Get Data Off Your Old Hard Drive?

How About A Really Cool Way To Backup Data?

Ohh, Keep reading, you're definitely gonna want to check this out ~

WOW - we just came across the handiest little USB Cable Adapter that you're absolutely going to love! Check out these two great uses:

Easily retrieve information from your old hard drive ~
This is super easy, you simply hook the cable to your old hard drive (or even a laptop) and then plug into a USB port on your current computer and "presto" ~ your old drive now shows up as an external hard drive. How simple and easy is that? You can now access any and all the information you have on that drive and save it to your current computer, a flash drive, whatever ~ super simple, anyone can do this!

Turn an internal drive into a convenient external drive for back-ups ~
Do you know what external hard drives are going for compared to internal drives? Well, a 500GB internal drive is about $150.00 and the 500GB external drive is about $279.99 ~ yikes! The main difference is the nice case on the external drive so when it sits on your desk, it looks pretty. I gotta tell you, for a backup drive I don't need it to look pretty ~ I just want it to hold my data and then sit in the desk drawer quietly until I need it again ;-)

Now, this is where this USB Cable Adapter comes in really handy. Again, just hook the adapter up to your "internal" drive (it doesn't have to be inside your computer) and then plug into an existing USB port on your computer. Again, easy-peasy! The drive will show up as an external drive on your computer and you can easily back-up all your files ~ pretty cool, huh? When you're done, you can disconnect and store the drive in a drawer ~ no need to have it taking up desk space! And, you've saved about $130.00 by using an "internal" drive as your backup drive!

If you find yourself in either of these situations, I'm telling you ~ you've got to give this a try. You won't believe how easy this really is ~ even the "non-techies" will be surprised! Oh, yeah ~ almost forgot, TODAY ONLY (10-24-2008) your cost is just $19.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US!

This Price will increase to $29.97 on Monday!!

Computers 101

I'm in need of a new monitor for my desktop computer. What are all the differences between them and what should I look for?

Oh, I love these types of questions! I like to give back to all you readers in your time of need. Obviously, the monitor is one of the biggest parts of a computer and if you're left without one, you can't do anything with your PC! How horrible is that? So, let's help get you a new monitor ASAP!

As you mentioned in your question, you know there are several different kinds of monitors you can buy. Most sellers offer the 17", 19" or 21" (which is known as the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and it is most like a TV screen, but much sharper in image). Now, there are probably larger versions available out there today, but for your needs, we'll just stick with those three sizes.

Now that we have the sizes covered, let's check out the prices. The 21" monitor is obviously going to cost the most, simply because they weigh the most and take up the most space. If you're really thinking about getting a 21," you'll want to thoroughly check them out first. You'll need some room to spare on your desk for it to fit and you'll want to be sure of the quality you're getting. On the other hand, 17" and 19" screens are pretty similar in cost. You may pay approximately $50 to $100 more for a 19" over a 17."

Once you choose your size, you have the choice of getting either a regular shaped monitor or a flat screen. And to add even more to your plate, there is a regular flat screen monitor or an aperture grill monitor, which is vertically flat. Regular flat screens are mostly curved vertically and horizontally. The aperture grill will give you thin black lines along the screen when you're viewing a white background. That can be a little annoying sometimes (unless you like that kind of thing), so you'll want to keep that in mind as well. Of course, the different sizes will accommodate for how much black line you will see.

Okay, I have more choices to throw in the mix for you. You can also pick to have an LCD monitor if you want. LCD monitors are what come with laptops. With everything else, LCDs come with some advantages and disadvantages. For example, some advantages are a smaller sized screen in thickness, they don't give off as much heat, they use less power and they have a more crisp and clear display than some other monitors. On the other hand, some disadvantages are they're more expensive, they're a lot more fragile than the other types of monitors, they can easily produce screen defects and they sometimes cause color and contrast problems.

Now, according to some reviews I was looking at, most people go with a 19" monitor for size. The rest of the choices depends on how important the display image, cost, etc. means to you. There are obviously several choices to be made when choosing a monitor, just as when you're buying a new computer or printer. But, if you do your homework, you'll be able to find the perfect new monitor for your PC. No doubt about it!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Partial Word Selections

When highlighting parts of more than one word in either MS Word or MS PowerPoint, have you ever noticed that the program will automatically highlight all the affected words completely?

I mean, it's a good thing if you actually want complete words highlighted, but what if you don't? What if you truly wanted to highlight a strange segment? Then what?

Well, I can think of several options, but the first seems to be unique to Word. (At least I couldn't get PowerPoint to cooperate with this method). The first option I have to offer is the Alt key. If you hold down the Alt key while highlighting, Word will let you highlight any rectangular shape, meaning partial lines and words.

That's a good plan for Word, but what about when you're working in PowerPoint? Wouldn't it be nice to control the problem with one consistent method so that you're not switching back and forth, depending on where you're currently working?

To that end, I have a couple suggestions that work in both programs.

The first is to highlight using the keyboard. Use the Shift key combined with the arrow keys and you'll get exact highlighting every time.

Another idea is to simply turn off the setting that's actually causing the complete word highlighting.

So, let's find it!

You'll first need to get to the Options dialogue window. (For Word and PowerPoint 2007, you need to go to the Office Button and then click on the Options button in the bottom right hand corner. For older versions of the programs, you need the Tools menu, Options choice).

If you're using the 2007 programs, you need the Advanced section in the Options dialogue window.

For the older versions, you're looking for the Edit tab in the Options dialogue window.

The exact location in each program varies slightly, but in all cases, you're looking for the option labeled as "When selecting, automatically select entire word."

Uncheck that option and then click OK.

Voila. Your highlighting is now completely within your control!

~ April

More Cool Stuff

Awesome Wireless Network Adapter!

Go Wireless In Seconds!

WOW - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Mini Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite resturant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:

The price will increase to $24.97 on Monday!

Spend Less Than $10 Bucks To Increase Productivity A Whopping 200%..

..And Add To The Enjoyment Of Your Computing Needs!

Internet Voice Chat, Video Conferencing, Multiplayer Gaming, Music, Recordings, and More!

Even Talk To Your Friends & Family Over The Internet!

Stereo Headset Adjustable Boom Microphone!

Lightweight & Comfortable To Wear!

Stereo Headset Adjustable Boom Microphone!Boom! Enjoy the unmatched quality from the world leader in headset microphones, Boom Mics! This particular headset and mic raises the bar. It's rich stereo sound makes it a #1 Choice for Video, Music, and Games! Specially engineered for Comfort and Durability, with features that are Lightweight, Padded, and Adjustable!

This Headset w/ Boom Micrphone is perfect for Desktop PC's , Notebook Computers, and Other Multi-Media Use! It's great for communicating on the internet, listening to MP3 music, games and more! It's designed to provide a snug, comfortable fit - which is really nice!

Look No Hands! This microphone is perfect for hands free operation! Infact I have one on right now! I use my Headset w/ Boom Mic at work to answer customer calls (that's you!), that way I can talk and type at the same time! Which means answering your questions faster! Now that I think about it, I really couldnt work without one!

This headset is ideal for voice-over-IP applications and features Rich stereo sound for Internet Voice Chat, Video Conferencing, Multiplayer Gaming, Music, Recordings, and More! Trust me, this Stereo Headphone and Boom Mic will add to the enjoyment of your computing needs. Not to mention a huge increase in Productivity!

I Just Love My Headset! You gotta check one out! We have this awesome Headset Boom Microphone for you today. And this one is just too good to pass by! The sound is stellar, and the mic works wonderfully! I love the fact that the microphone is poseable, allowing me to speak clearly and have both my hands free! It is just sooo nice!!!!

Better yet- Setup is simply a matter of plugging them into the back of your computer! Nothing to it! It really takes a matter of seconds!

The good news is that these are just $9.97 each and US shipping is FREE! We're talking a $30 headset mic here! Grab yours before they sell out!

PS: THIS PRICE WON'T LAST- In fact, they will increase to $12.97 on Monday!!! Order NOW!!!!

Hard Drive Space

Do you ever worry that you're running out of room on your hard drive? I mean, if you install new programs on a regular basis (like everyday!), you might be getting close to your limit. But there's really only one way to find out, now isn't there? What way is that, you ask? Well, check it, of course! Yep, there's a very easy way to check and see how much space you have left on your hard drive. If you'd like to learn how, be sure to read through the tip on our homepage today. It'll tell you everything you need to know!

Shooting Rubber Bands

Now, that sounds like fun, doesn't it?! I've never really been very good at shooting rubber bands, but I've surely gotten hit by them a time or two. Ouch! I always wanted to learn the right way to shoot a rubber band, but I never really got the hang of it. But maybe I would have if I knew about the cool site we have on our homepage today. Yep, it definitely would have helped. It's a little too late for me, but maybe you all can pick up a tip or two. It's called the Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands and trust me, it's a must see!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Google Sites

Wow, even Google is jumping on the Web site bandwagon! Google Sites is a new service that allows you to create your very own Web site. Plus, if you have your own domain, it lets you put your site on there too. Let's check it out, shall we?!

To get started with Google Sites, head on over to If you have a Google account, you’ll be asked to log in. (If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one before you can start using Google Sites).

When you're ready, click on Create Site.

You’ll then be taken to a form, so go ahead and enter in the information required. At this point, you can choose a title for your site as well. Also, just for your information, the URL is where you will access your site. If you’re hosting it on Google’s domain, it’ll look something like this:

When you’re all done, click on Create Site again.

You’ll then be taken to the site creator. To create a new page, click on Create New Page. To edit your site, click on Edit Page.

I know it's a little hard to see, but the page editor looks something like this:

Lastly, to save your site, click on Save. And you’re done. Happy Google Web site making!

~ Brandon Zubek

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies

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Amanda's Coolsite


Welcome to Cozi, a free online organizer for families! Here you can keep a schedule of what’s going on from day to day, keep a family diary, keep in touch with your family members with the message system, keep shopping lists and even get reminders. To get started, you’ll want to sign up. Or, if you're still not sure Cozi is for you, you can take a tour of the Web site here.

Signing up is easy! Just click on the Sign Up tab and fill out the form with your name, e-mail address and password. The next step is to start customizing your account. You’ll set up a household name, add your spouse, children and agree to the terms and conditions. Next, you’ll log in to your account with the e-mail address you provided and the password you created.

That’s it. You're ready to dive in! You’ll see a few things you can do under the Get Started heading. The actions you can take are: type an appointment in the calendar, add items to your shopping list and jot down an entry in your family journal.

I love the calendar feature! Not only is it easy to use, but it's easy to edit and you can set up appointments/events for one family member, two family members or the whole family. You can include where the appointment/event is located, the time and even a description.

Now, you may be wondering how a site this awesome can be free! Well, they pay for their costs with advertisements that pertain to family needs. I was thrilled to find that it also includes recipes! I was writing out a grocery list when a picture of these delicious cookies came up. I clicked on it and it was a link to the recipe of the day. You can check out the recipe they sent me right here.

If at any time, you want to navigate to a specific section, you can use the orange navigation strip at the bottom of the page. To get back to the homepage, you can always click on Home in the upper left hand corner.

With families becoming more and more technological these days, this Web site provides a great way to keep your family organized. Give it a try!

~ Amanda

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New Titles and Offers

Creepy Classics: $6.97

Halloween is here and it's time to enjoy some of the most hauntingly beautiful music ever created.

Whether you want to participate in the Danse Macabre in the Hall of the Mountain King or join the mysterious march of an army of haunted marionettes you'll find the music you need right here.

Great for Halloween Parties or scaring all the little ghouls that visit your front porch for Trick-or-Treat!

Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper

Here's October's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

Undine Falls

Yeah, strange name, but good falls! I'd like to say I had to hike 12 miles into the backcountry to get this shot, but this was taken probably about 10 yards from the parking lot. Worth the quick stop!

Lamar Valley Trees

I took this a couple weeks ago in Yellowstone. The trees looked too good to pass up!

Antelope on the Lookout

This guy was busy chasing around a couple girls, so he wasn't too concerned about me. I was able to get pretty close and he was fun to watch. That's for sure!

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