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Kim Komando Show Daily News - Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008

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Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008

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Today's top stories...

Battling the botnets
Botnets are on the rise. And criminals are using more sophisticated software. So companies like Microsoft are trying to shut down the zombie networks. Is your computer a zombie? Spot the warning signs.

eBay bans ivory products
As of next year, eBay will ban the sale of ivory products worldwide. Items containing small amounts of ivory can still be sold on eBay. However, they must have been made before 1900.

Americans text, e-mail in dangerous situations
Americans can’t seem to put their phones down. Many use their phones to text and check e-mail in dangerous situations. One study shows that 77 percent have texted or e-mailed while driving. Yikes!

Innocent plea in copyright case
Kevin Cogill has pleaded innocent to violating federal copyright law. He is accused of posting nine Guns N’ Roses songs online. The songs come from an unreleased album.

Wikia makes staff cuts
Wikia has laid off less than 10 percent of its staff. However, it is hiring for certain positions. Wikia was founded by Wikiapedia founder Jimmy Wales. Unlike Wikiapedia, Wikia is a for-profit company.

Your keyboard isn’t safe
Researchers can detect electromagnetic radiation given off by keyboards. They can then read what is being typed. The researchers snooped from as far as 20 meters. They used inexpensive equipment.

Sarkozy's bank account hacked
French President Nicholas Sarkozy has fallen victim to identity theft. His banking credentials were stolen. The information was used to subscribe to mobile phone service. Don’t let this happen to you!

LittleBigPlanet delayed
Sony has delayed its widely anticipated LittleBigPlanet. Music in the game contains quotes from the Quran. This could be offensive to Muslims. The game should be available the week of October 27.

Tough times? I have help

Banks failing. Stocks falling. Families losing their homes. This year has brought us a litany of misery.

This month, an abrupt surge of sad e-mail arrived in my computer. Let me tell you, many of my listeners are hurting.

So, I thought about where I could help. One obvious answer was the Internet. There's a great deal of information on the Web. And I know how to find it. I know where to find free software, too.

Last week, I put together a special Web page. It has lots of links that can help you. And it's easy to find. Just click here. You can also reach it from my home page. Click on Kim's Money Center.

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Every day, Team Komando produces some of the best content you'll find anywhere on the Internet. Here is a sampling of what's new on our site today!

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Video of the Day: Beagles are cute and friendly dogs. But I bet you didn't know they were daredevils! Check out this beagle's escape act.

Cool Site of the Day: Put away those scissors! You don't need to clip coupons from the paper. Just print them from this Cool Site of the Day.

Digital Minute, on your radio: Health sites sound like a great way to store your medical information. But there's a catch with these sites.

Free Download of the Day: Your cell phone holds a lot of information. It stores pictures, videos, e-mail and contacts. Learn how to back it up.

Tip on the site: For most people, home reception is the worst part of owning a cell phone. If you have that problem, a femtocell might help.

There's more below, but first a word from us...

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Do sex offenders live in your area?
Halloween is right around the corner. Before the children head out on the big night, do some research. Find out if there are convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood. My tip will help!

Batch-converting photos
There are a plethora of different photo formats. But somehow, yours are all in the wrong format. No worries! My tip will show you how to convert your photos without all the fuss.

See you tomorrow!
Kim :)

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