Friday, May 8, 2009

[TechRepublic] Tech pro feeling squeezed out by manager

May 08, 2009

Tech pro feeling squeezed out by manager

IT CareerCareer blogger Toni Bowers fields an e-mail from a TechRepublic member who feels he is possibly being betrayed (and made expendable) by a secretive manager. See his story and share your read on the situation.

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Geekend Picks of the Week

Star Trek replica communicatorKirk to Enterprise: Can you hear me now?
The Star Trek replica communicator is long on style and a bit short on, ah, communicating. Crave has the write-up. Check out the product photos yourself and see it if it looks like the "real" thing.

And so it ends...
Friends, Geekenders, fellow TechRepublicists, it is time for your friendly neighborhood Trivia Geek to say goodbye.

Nissan electric car test model2011: The year of the electric car
It's coming faster than you thought: Nissan is out ahead of other major automakers on electric vehicles, expecting to launch a vehicle in 2010. Nissan has also been aggressively working out deals with utility companies to set up charging stations.

5 IT security pet peeves
Anyone who cares about a field of expertise -- really cares about it -- must have some annoyances about things that could, even should, be better, but aren't for what seem like the dumbest of reasons. I'll share five of my pet peeves in the realm of IT security.

HP Photosmart PrinterProduct Spotlight: Hewlett-Packard Photosmart C6300 Series Printer
The HP Photosmart C6300 series all-in-one printer targets small organizations requiring low numbers of high-quality color prints. With integrated wireless and scanning and copying capacity, the C6300 also fulfills other vital requirements small businesses typically require.

When the help desk actually helps
Derek Schauland describes a recent software upgrade that went awry and the positive support experience that changed his attitude about making the call to an external help desk.

More than 'social' networking: Don't count out Twitter as a useful support tool
Twitter is often decried as a frivolous time-waster, but Derek Schauland finds that it can also be an important support resource, if used the right way.

Amazon KindleAmazon Kindle DX revealed
Shots of the Amazon Kindle DX, straight from the live press conference in New York.

Stop procrastinating and just get started
Chip Camden adds another principle to his list of consulting maxims: just get started. To accomplish any task, he says you need to put on blinders and focus on one goal.

Find more optical distractions in the TechRepublic gallery collection and the TR video channel.

Documentation list: What the new IT guy needs to find out
TechRepublic member jdclyde has a new job, and one of his biggest tasks is documenting all of the systems. Take a look at his documentation checklist, and add suggestions of your own.

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