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Computer Tips [ Secret Mouse Trick + Is Windows Going To Expire? + Strange Emails + Friday Funnies ] 05/22/2009


Quick Tips

How Your Copy Of Windows Can Expire -

And The Microsoft Number You Have To Have To Fix It!

I know there has to be some “format freaks” out there like me. If something minor goes wrong with my PC, I format and re-install Windows. Although this might sound a little extreme, I just love that new installation feeling! So, for all of you extremists out there that bring an axe to cut your steak, I'm going to hook you up with a secret I learned about Windows Activation.

If you've ever reinstalled your operating system, or installed Windows from the same disk on another computer, you know that eventually you'll run out of activation licenses. This means no more installs from your Windows disk! How is that right? I spent all this money on a product and I can only use it a certain number of times? What gives!?

No fears, folks! You can just give Microsoft a little phone call and eek out another installation. Just call the Microsoft Windows Vista Consumer Product Activation Phone Number at: 1-866-740-1256, and with little to no persuasion, the helpful folks at MS will grant you another license key!
It's that easy! Just don't abuse the privilege!


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Here are the results for this past week's Worldstart Trivia Question! The results are in, and it looks like the majority of you got the answer right! Bill Gates' full name is, in fact, William Henry Gates III. Fancy! Oddly enough, Mr. Gates' nickname really is "Trey", so give yourself a pat on the back if you guessed this one, too!

The new question is up! Do YOU think you know the name of the first completely computer-generated film? So far, less than 1/3rd do! Show off at Worldstart Homepage and take your best shot!

What is Bill Gates' full Name?
Answer 1: William Horatio Gates :
11.46% - 70 votes
Answer 2: Billy Bob Gates :
2.13% - 13 votes
Answer 3: William Henry Gates III :
52.05% - 318 votes
Answer 4: William Michael Gates :
33.88% - 207 votes
Answer 5: Trey :
0.49% - 3 votes
611 total votes


You Can Save Yourself For Just $6.97!

Lowest Price EVER For This Software!

The TRUTH: Your Hard Drive Is Planning To Betray You!

Just Keep Reading To Discover...

The Mind-Blowing, Shocking, Disturbing Truth -

Your Hard Drive Can Make YOU (yes you) A Victim!

Don't Throw Out That Old Hard Drive!!

Don't Give Away Your Old Computer!

Please... You MUST MUST MUST Do THIS First!

You Gotta Check This Out - It's Scarier Than Any Horror Novel!

News Flash! Bet Ya Didn't Know This!

Recent studies show that a whopping 74% of hard drives sold, given away, or thrown out (in the computer or out) contain data that can be easily read and recovered - and 36% of those hard drives had even been reformatted. You absolutely, positively, have to permanently get that data off of there!!

Do you have an old computer you're thinking about giving away? Maybe an old hard drive that needs to be thrown out? Well, if you do, you MUST GET THAT DATA OFF THERE!!!!

Well, we have some really easy to use software that will keep you safe called DriveScrubber. Just pop the CD into your computer (or make a floppy if you still have a drive for one of those) and reboot. Even if you can't boot to Windows, you can still erase that drive with this software!

Think about it - you wouldn't toss paperwork with credit card, bank, or social security numbers in the trash without shredding the heck out of 'em would you? 

Of course not! However, day in and day out, people toss out old computers and think that just deleting or formatting a drive is going to get rid of all the personal info they had on it - not a chance!

WARNING - When you delete a file, it's not really gone.

You might want to read that last sentence again because it's really important. The area where the file lives on your hard drive simply gets tagged as free space, but until it's overwritten, that data is VERY recoverable. I formatted a test drive and ran recovery software on it awhile ago just to see what would happen. Nearly EVERYTHING was easily recoverable! No problem at all!

If you've ever used your computer to check on your banking, buy a product online, or anything that involves your personal info, then that info might be easily available when you get rid of your old hardware! Yikes!

Don't think it can happen to you? Well, two MIT students did a study. They went and purchased 158 used hard drives for less than $1000 from a web swap-meet type site. When they went through the drives, they found over 5,000 credit card numbers, medical reports, lots of personal and corporate financial information, and gigs of personal e-mail. And get this - 60% of the drives had been formatted!!!

There are people who look for old computers at the curb or in the dumpster just to pull info off the hard drive or sell the drives to others! Plus, if you just "donate" an old computer you have no idea what really is going to happen to it! If this doesn't scare the heck out of you, then you shouldn't be using a computer!

Once you insert the Drive Scrubber disk, your computer will boot to the CD or the floppy, and has an easy to use interface that makes wiping a drive a snap. Just select the drive and select the "erase" button. ALL the info on the drive will be gone - permanently and forever! You can still reformat the drive and install Windows again once this is done - but any info you had on the drive will be completely gone. No worries about anyone ever using your hard drive or old computer to steal you personal info! It's great!

I personally have a couple of old hard drives sitting around that I just didn't want to throw out. Now I'll be able to completely erase them and toss them into the trash knowing that no one will EVER be able to recover any of my personal data from that drive.

Your cost for all this protection? Just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! Sure, it's not a program that you'll use every day, but everyone with a computer WILL need to use it someday! For this kind of money, it's insane not to be safe. Check it out:

PS - This price is ONLY good today - first thing tomorrow the price will increase to $12.97! Get yours now!

Who Says You Can't Take It With You?

Amazing Foldable Alarm Clock!!

Even Displays The Temperature- WOW!!

Earth Shattering Low Price Too- Just $9.97!!!

OOOH Boy! I am so pumped to share this one with you- The Sentry Folding Alarm Clock. This is definitely one item that you need to have!

This alarms clock is wayyy cooler than that old radio alarm clock that is sitting next to your bed plugged into the wall. Yes, I know that is a bold statement and you are probably asking yourself "how?" Well, keep reading!

Operating on a watch battery, this alarm clock goes anywhere and everywhere. Its thin lightweight design can easily fit into your back pocket or the tiniest purse. I am so impressed with the design of this alarm clock. It is about the size of a woman's powder compact and is extremely portable. It is the perfect travel size, great to take with you, and definitely more trustworthy then those darn hotel room alarm clocks!!!!!

Plus- the digital numbers are HUGE!

This alarm clock is extremely easy to read!! It not only displays the time but it also gives you the date and day of the week! I love this feature because when I am groggy in the morning, I can easily read the time and date without having to put on my glasses!

Better yet, the alarm is really loud and will make sure you know that it is time to get moving. As an added bonus, the programmed songs are really fun and includes the well-known melodies of "Happy Birthday," "The Bonanza Theme," and many many more! How cool is that?

Okay now all those are all fine and dandy, but wait until you check out my favorite feature! This fan-tabulous folding alarm clock even comes with a built-in digital thermometer, which displays the temperature of the room. WOW!! I love this! On those brisk fall mornings, this alarm clock lets me know how chilly it is outside of my warm and toasty covers. Maybe it is just me, but I find it really nice being able to prepare myself of that immediate chill.

Because this alarm clock isn't plugged into the wall, it will even help you cut down some cost on your electric bill too! AWESOME!!!

I just picked up two of these alarm clocks. One of next to my bed, and another one for the office. It is perfect for quickly glancing at the time and the alarm is a great reminder of my deadlines at the office! Plus, its folding stylish design looks awesome on my desktop! I just adore this little guy!

Cost? WOW! We have a spectacular deal for you today! Order now and get this super folding alarm clock for just $9.97 and US Shipping is Free! Now that is one kind of deal you don't want to pass up!

PS: These fun alarm clocks are going to go quickly. Order now before our supply is gone!!!! :-)

Did You Get Yours??

Huh? Wireless LAN USB Adapter



WOW!! These Went Like CRAZY Yesterday!

Awesome Wireless Network Adapter!

Go Wireless In Seconds!

Don't Blow $100 Somewhere Else!!

Grab This For Just $16.97!! REALLY!!

Lowest Price EVER - One More Day (05-22-2009)

 - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite restaurant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

Plus this device has a operating range of up to 984 feet!!! WOW!! Now that is super far!!!! That will make sure you get connected whenever you need to be connected!!!

I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. Plus, this is the lowest price we've ever offered it for! WOW!

OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:

PS - Don't blow $100 on one of these somewhere else - go wireless TODAY for just $16.97! Our lowest price ever!

Computers 101

I often get .eml files from a friend and I just can't open them! I don't know what they are, but I'm sure they're some kind of a joke... but I can't get it if I can't read it!

My in-
laws send me these all the time. They're pictures or short video clips inside a file with an .eml file extension, and they're always an attachment that is part of a humorous group forward (at least, in my experience).

Of course, you'll first scan the attachment for viruses if your email provider doesn't already do so. Just because it's from a friend doesn't mean that it hasn't passed through an infected system somewhere along the way!

Save the attachment to your desktop and Open it with Outlook Express or Outlook. It will open as a new email, and this time you should see the contents.

~ Chris

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MS Office

Measuring Up

When you're using MS Outlook 2007 to write a message that's more than just a bunch of text - maybe something more like a flyer announcement instead of a message - do you find yourself missing the ruler feature of Word or PowerPoint to help with the layout?

Never fear - that much desired ruler is closer than you think.

When you're working on the message take a quick look at the right side of the message window.

See it?

Yep - it's a little View Ruler button.

One click and the ruler is visible, another click and it's all put away.

Oh - and almost as a "bonus" - you'll find that same handy little button in Word 2007 as well.

Now that's what I call an easy way to make things measure up.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

 Personal Recommendation! Hi there, Steve here! This is one of those really - and I mean really - cool items that I just have to make sure you try! Seriously - just wait till you give this a shot - you'll be as amazed as I was the first time I used it. This turns your laptop into a full-fledged GPS Navigation System and let me tell ya - it blows away everything I've ever used. I've had hand held units, GPS systems built into my car - you name it, I've used it. Hands down, THIS is the best - heck, and it's the least expensive option too - by a mile! Give this a go - and get ready to get blown away!


WOW! The Coolest Thing Ever For A Laptop!

Turn Your Laptop Into An Incredible GPS Unit!

WAY More Powerful & Full Featured Than A Windshield Mount Unit!

And Only A Fraction - A Tiny FRACTION - Of The Cost!

This Baby Even Responds To Voice Commands!

Best GPS Navigation Ever! Wait Till You Try It!

You Won't Believe The Jaw-Droppin' Deal Either!!!

We just found the coolest GPS package on the planet! It's DeLorme's EarthMate and it transforms your laptop into an amazing, full featured, voice activated GPS Unit! Really! Works great too!

Using your laptop for an automotive navigation GPS is absolutely incredible - and much easier than it might sound too! If you have a passenger, they can keep the computer on their lap when it's needed, and if you're going solo, just set it on the seat next to you! It accepts voice commands, so you don't even need to touch it (more on that in a minute)! Between getting to use your large laptop screen and all the amazing features packed into this, you'll never, ever consider one of those silly windshield-mount units!

How does it work? Glad you asked! You install the map software on your laptop and plug in the included GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port! That's it! You now have a fully functional GPS system you can take with you! The receiver itself is on a 5' cord, so you can easily set it on your car's dashboard if you like (or use the suction cup for the windshield) - it's small too - about the size of a small wireless flip-phone!

Again, this does the same thing as those little units you can spend hundreds of dollars on - except this uses your computer so it's a LOT more powerful! This puts any hand-held or windshield mount GPS unit I've ever seen to absolute and complete shame! PLUS, wait till you see the price - it's a FRACTION of the cost! And you get to do all your navigating on your laptop screen instead of some small, impossible to read 4" LCD panel! It's amazingly good :-)

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

OK, this does a LOT! I could literally take up 10 pages just giving you the highlight show! You'll really have to stop by the website to see everything this can do - way too much to go over here (you'll understand when you see the page), but just to give you a little taste of what's in store for you...

First, input your destination and this will get you there with easy to follow turn by turn directions (audio turn by turn help no less)! Even better, this can respond to voice commands from you so it becomes VERY hands-free! In fact, you can train it so you can say something like "When is my next turn?" and it will answer back something like "Your next turn is in 200 yards". Yeah, it's cool!

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

In addition, it also has amazing re-routing help for when you run into traffic jams, you can use voice prompting to ask it where the nearest gas station, hotel, etc is, and you can even scout ahead on the map and have it snap back to your current location! Oh, and did I mention it has a whoppin' 4 MILLION places of interest built right in - gas stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, - you name it! Everything you need on the road! 

Yeah those little windshield mounted units are starting to look darn pretty pathetic right about now, don't ya think?

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Oh, and get this - you can also import data into it from spreadsheets and most popular contact managers! If you travel for business, this is amazing - just import your contacts and navigate to any one of them with a couple mouse clicks! You can even enter a phone number and this will do a reverse lookup and find the address for you! WOW!

Using the maps is fantastic too! They are amazingly detailed and just a right-click will tell you exactly what's under your mouse (body of water, street, etc)! It can even get you local radio station information - now THAT's insanely impressive!

OK, you get the idea. Frankly, we only have a limited number of these and if I keep going on we're going end up having way more people who want one than we have available. Bottom line is simply this - if you've been thinking about getting a navigation system or windshield mount GPS unit for your car, THIS is going to blow ALL of the competition away! After all, it all the resources of a full-blown computer at its disposal, so really, it's not even a contest! Imagine having this on your next trip! Oh, and imagine how cool this would be if you had to rent a car somewhere and had no clue where you were going! 

Your price is only a FRACTION of what you would pay for a full blown GPS unit too! Just $38.97 and US shipping is FREE! These retail for $70, so it's a huge chunk of change off the regular price! And amazing compared to a $400 GPS unit! Don't miss out!

PS - Seriously - only a limited number available. PLEASE get to the site early. Once these are gone we can't get anymore and I'm not sure if we'll ever see something like this again! Don't miss out!

Awesome Mouse & Keyboard Adapter!

Plug Your PS/2 Mouse And/OR Keyboard Into A USB Port!

Don't Ditch That Old Keyboard Or Favorite Mouse - Use 'Em!

Have a PS/2 keyboard or mouse but nowhere to plug them? Well, this little adapter is coming to your rescue! Just plug your keyboard and/or mouse into this little adapter then plug into any free USB port! Couldn't be easier and works great for USB 1.x or 2.0! No drivers, just plug and play!

You know how it is - newer computers sometimes don't have the standard PS/2 plugs on them - especially laptops. Bad news is that if you want to use your still very functional PS/2 mouse or keyboard (green or purple round plugs on 'em), you can't do it without some kind of adapter.

Well, this is the adapter you've been looking for! Plug your favorite PS/2 mouse or keyboard into any USB port with this handy little adapter! If you have a PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse, why ditch 'em just because your new computer doesn't have the right plugs? This little adapter gives 'em new life!

Also, if you're thinking of getting a new computer - and especially if it's a laptop - might want to buy one of these so you can continue to use your old keyboard and mouse with it!

Your cost for all the adapting bliss? For today, just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! Sure beats buying a new mouse and keyboard! Check it out:

PS - This price WILL increase to $9.97 on Monday!

Today at

Sleepy Time Mouse

Do you use a wireless mouse? If so, do you have problems with it falling asleep on you? Are you still not sure what I mean? Well, sometimes wireless mice go into a "sleep" mode and you just have to give it a quick tug for it to wake back up. Check out the site today for more info!

Quack Watch

Have you ever been the victim of health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies? Or are you like me and just like to be extremely well informed when comes to health decisions? If so you are going to want to check out the Worldstart site today!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Mouse ClickLock

The computer mouse, in all possible ways, like the touchpad for laptops and the graphical pen, has been an inseparable part of every computer user throughout the world. In fact, thinking about starting up your computer and doing all your tasks with the pure keyboard is like a nightmare! Especially when it comes to working in some complex environments like the Internet or getting busy handling some heavy computer operations.

A friendly companion of mouse usage is its capability to make our computing lives more fruitful by letting us do some mouse related tasks with ease. All of you are probably familiar with the dragging and dropping process. It’s no new phenomenon and we do it nearly everyday; for making shortcuts, for moving our files or for making copies of some applications and data types inside some other folders.

Your first and best guess for dragging your files to different locations is through clicking on a file and holding down your left mouse button (or right mouse button for right handed people) and moving your files from one place to another. During this process, you know that you shouldn’t let go of your mouse button until you find your proper new place for your file. You can then release your finger and it’s done.

For example, you have just dragged and dropped a file from a folder to your desktop. Now, is there any way that you can have more control over the drag and drop? Is it possible to tell Windows to hold a file for you with the mouse while you go drink a cup of coffee and then return to finish the process? Is there a way to do this without the routine holding down and pressing your mouse button as you do all the time?

You may not be expecting it, but the answer is yes. Please read on to explore. There is a feature on the Windows XP mouse panel that allows you to click on a file for a second or so (in fact, you can decide on its time), then release your finger and your file is automatically locked, selected and ready to move as if you are still holding down your mouse button. Then, by simply moving your mouse, the dragging is done. So, whenever you find your desired place for the file to be placed, you can just finish your process with a single click. Can you believe that?!

To begin this technique, start by clicking on Start and going to the Control Panel. Please make sure that you are using the Classic View of your Control Panel. Then select the Mouse icon.

Now, your Mouse Properties window has appeared. Take a look at the top of the window to make sure the first tab, the Buttons Tab, is selected.

Now, look at the lower section of the window. This is where you will find the ClickLock properties area. Check the box that reads "Turn On ClickLock." Upon checking this box, the Settings button becomes vivid.

Click on it to pop up a small window with the ClickLock Settings feature.

As you can see in the image, there is a bar extended from the short to long period. With this, you can select the amount of time you want Windows to hold down your mouse button for you when you're transferring a file from one location to another. With whatever time period you choose, just remember that you won't have to continuously hold down your mouse button by yourself. Windows will do it for you. So, if you think you want it held for a long time, choose the long end of the scroll bar. Please note that Windows XP does this through software and your mouse button is not held down physically.

For an experiment, select the shortest time for now. Once you do that, you can experience the results right at this very moment. Just click on the blue header of the small window for nearly a second and then release your finger. What has happened? Without any clicking on any mouse button, just move your mouse to see your window moving.

You see, it’s a really comfortable method. You are dragging a window, but without your routine, repetitious holding down of your mouse button. Then, when you make a single click, it actually unselects your window. Try it! Move your ClickLock window to a corner of your desktop and then make a single click to drop your window there.

If you choose longer ranges, you should press your mouse button down longer before letting go. It’s really up to you to find the most convenient time for your needs.

Now, click OK and OK again to exit. The ClickLock feature is a very handy method that simply enables us to drag our files without having to continuously hold down our mouse buttons. It is also certainly more enjoyable and comfortable.

~ Hamid Reza

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Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite

The Calligraphic World of Mi Fu’s Art

What I love about this site is that it is rich in history as well as art. You can choose the Flash Version or the HTML Version, but can only get an English translation in the flash version. The flash version is also nicely put together, and interactive.

If you’d like to turn the music off you can do so at the bottom of the page. Upon entering your navigation options are:

Itinerant Official – Once you’ve clicked into a section notice the white navigation bar that appears under the black one. Those are the sections for the topic you’ve selected. Here you will learn all about Mi Fu’s life in ancient China.

Poetry and Prose – In this section you’ll discover what gift poetry is. If you click the black dots on the map next to the text you’ll get a menu that pops up which will open the timeline when you click on it and allow you to look at the poetry piece for that location.

The Mi Boat – here you’ll learn about the art he collected, as well as, his ideas on collecting art.

Pure Enjoyments – here you’ll learn about his studio, and the objects that he kept there – paper, ink stone, rocks, and brush rests.

Ideas on Calligraphy – in this section you’ll learn what the customs of time were regarding calligraphy, and what Mi Fu’s own technique was like.

Practice of Calligraphy – this section discusses how he developed his own technique and the other types of techniques he had studied.

Gallery - you’ll find the link to the gallery just above the main navigation window. This will open in a new window with a black menu bar at the bottom. Click the menu bar to select different pieces of art to look at.

Most importantly as you navigate the site don’t be afraid to click things. There are a lot of different interactive areas on the page. As well as resources as you read like a glossary.

I hope you’ll love Mi Fu’s calligraphy as much as I did!


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Monthly Wallpaper

It's NOT A Phone! It's A BRILLIANT Idea!!

It's An Ingenious Remote Control You're Gonna LOVE!

Finally! No More Tables Full Of Remotes!!!

PLUS- Flip It Closed And...

Simple Channel & Volume Buttons Are On The Outside!

Control ALL Your Devices From ONE Remote!

FLip Remote

At Last! The Solution To "Remote Control Madness"!!!

If you like EASY, you're gonna love this remote!! First of all, this single remote will control up to FOUR different devices at once! Including TV VCR DVD, Cable Satellite or TV/DVD Combo unit!

Just more having to deal with 2, 3 or 3 or even 4 remotes! No more having to search and try to find the remote to the TV and then the one for the Cable/Satellite, and then the one for the VCR, and then one for the DVD player even! This one remote will replace all of those!

Here's another thing you're gonna love: this is Easy to Program!

The problem with most remote controls is they're hard to programming, right? Well this remote has a really cool feature that allows the remote to automatically "discover" devices connected to your system!

PLUS, this is compatible with most major brand-name TV and audio/video components!

Why The Heck Does It Look Like A Flip Phone?????

Yeah, you've probably noticed that this remote looks just like a "Flip" phone! Well, there's actually an absolutely ingenious reason for that!

Let's say you're watching TV. If you're like me, the buttons you use the most are the ones that change the channel and volume. With most remotes, you have to hunt and search for those buttons among a zillion the other ones! With this "Fllip" remote, just close it shut and you've got a clean and uncluttered look with only the buttons you use the most on top! No more having to hunt and search, no more accidentlypressing the wrong buttons! When it's closed, it even fits into your pocket! How's that for convenience?

Sentry 4-in-1 FLIP Universal TV Remote

Oh, and get this - it even features a sleep timer so you can set the TV to automatically turn off! Now THAT's what I call relaxing!!!

Grab one of these, "ditch" your other remotes and make your entertainment time a whole lot less stressful and a lot more fun!! You can pick up today for just $12.97 and U.S. shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - You know...if you're like me and you've got more than one TV, you might want to snag one of these for each end of the house while they're at such a great deal!

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Grand Canyon Overlook


Great Blue Heron


Smoky Mountains Sunset


Here's May's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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