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** Sale pricing ends May 28, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise noted**

WOW! 3MP Digital "Slim" Camera!Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Never Be Without A Camera Again!

Super-Easy To Take Along!

"Oh, I wish I had my camera!" Don't you just hate it everytime you utter those words? Wouldn't it be great if someone would make a camera that was sooooo small that you never left home without it? I mean, think about all those times you WISHED you had a camera along but didn't - just imagine all those pictures you could have captured!

Well, it'll never happen to you again! We just discovered this amazing little camera from Oregon Scientific. It's called the ThinCam and it's soooo tiny you'll end up taking it everywhere you go! Never miss another photo op!

This thing is so small it literally fits in the palm of your hand! You could easily stick it in a shirt pocket and forget it's there! It would fit great inside a purse too! Not only would this be great to keep with you all the time, but it would be tremendous for all those times you WANT to bring a camera, but don't want something big and bulky slowing you down. Heck, compared to just about any camera out there, this is WAY easier to take along. I slid one into my pants pocket and completely forget it was there! Tiny and light - it's GREAT!

Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Oh, and the quality is simply OUTSTANDING too! It's 3MP so you can make nice prints up to 8x10 (and probably pretty darn good 11x14s). Plus - check it out - it has a built in flash too! Day or night - inside or outside - you're covered! Plus, it may be tiny, but it still sports a vivid 1.5" LCD screen on the back! Makes it easy to see what you're shootin' and what you've shot! 

Almost forgot - This takes SD cards but get this - it also has a whoppin' 16MB of built-in memory too! So even if you leave your memory card at home you'll still be able to take photos! They thought of everything!

PLUS this is a complete kit! Check this out - you get the camera, a handy charger stand (charges via USB), a nice little case, and a software CD for managing your photos! From start to finish you are SERIOUSLY covered!

Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Your cost for all this slim digital camera fun? Just $38.97!! Really! Think about it - when was the last time you saw a digital camera for that kind of money? Heck - have you ever seen one that cheap? Add to the fact that this is super-small and it's a no-brainer if you ask me! Grab it today - we're not sure how long these are gonna last!

PS - These really are super-cool. Amazingly tiny, but packed full of quality features! You really can't go wrong on this one! Get yours before we sell out!

At A Price That Will WOW You!

Check It Out!!!

It is getting to be that time of the year where everyone wants to know if we are going to be breaking record highs. I know I am constantly flipping to the Weather Channel to check the latest temperature. Well, that as until I got one of these awesome little thermometers! Now, I always know the temperature without the hassle of running over to my TV or computer. And let me tell you, this thermometer is amazing!!!

It is a GE Digital Thermometer. The digital screen displays large numbers, making it really easy to read. Better yet, it monitors both indoor and outdoor temperatures. And let's talk about precision!!! WOW, I still don't believe how close this thermometer reads- we are talking to the tenth degree. That is closer than the weather channel will ever report to you.

What I love about this thermometer is that the sensor is weatherproof. You can leave hang it outside your window, and it will still give you the temperature, even in the most brutal of conditions! In addition, it can be kept either or a table or mounted it to the wall!!! Now that is pretty cool! (Mine sits on the microwave near a window for easy cord access)

But this price is cooler than the temperature in January. For just $9.97 AND US SHIPPING IS FREE, you will always have the latest temperature!!!

PS- we have a very limited quantity of these; therefore, get to the site and order now before they are gone!

Ditch The Cords! Ditch The Batteries!

Hear Your Music Perfectly 100+ Feet Away!

New, State-Of-The-Art Wireless Headphones!

You're Listening Experience Just Got Taken To A Whole New Level!

WOW! Wait until you wrap these New State-of-the-Art Wireless Headphones around your ears! Let's just say, you are going to love these amazing new headphones!

You're definitely in for a whole new listening experience with these fantastic new headphones! These amazing new headphones are fantastic!

These Headphones are brilliantly engineered for the utmost comfort and super stylish design! They are extremely lightweight, and with the over the ear design, these headphones go over your ears just like a pair of glasses! But, what makes these headphones the most comfortable headphone I have ever tried on is the amazingly soft padding the cushions your ears perfectly! It's like your ears are taken to a heavenly cloud to rest and listen at the same time!

Yes, comfortable headphones are important, but these get soooo much cooler! These headphones are wireless. And they have amazing reception with the transmitter for up to 100 feet away- that's 33 yards, which is over a quarter of a football field! YIKES! Now that is some awesome reception!

Oh- and the sound is definitely worth braggin' about! To test these, I plugged the receiver into my computer, and started walking through the building! These headphones worked great even through the concrete and drywall! I am just sooo incredibly impressed! That makes these headphones perfect for doing household chores and sooo much more! You really have wireless freedom with this awesome, light, comfortable headphones!

Yes, these headphones get even better! They are RECHARGABLE! When you are not using them, just plug them into the included wall adapter and let them charge back up! Better yet, you won't have to worry about desperately searching for new batteries to plug into your headphones! Just let them fully charge and you are guaranteed hours of listening enjoyment! Pretty cool, huh?

To work 'em is really simple too! Just plug a 9 volt battery and the audio cables into the receiver, then plug the audio cables into any headphone jack. Once you have done this, extend the antennae and plug in the antennae into the headphone! Make sure all the red power lights are glowing, singling that the power is connected, and you should be listening to all your favorites in no time! You don't even have to mess with the frequency! These headphones are so cool that the single lock circuitry allows for you to always have crystal clear sound! Awesome, right? :-)

Okay, now lets talk about compatibility! You're just going to love this- these headphones work with televisions, MP3 players/ iPods, satellite radio, computers, CD players, stereos, and whatever else uses a normal headphone jack! Now that is as sweet as sugar! You're going to love these things!

Now here is where the special deal comes in. Wireless headphones of this kind of quality normally retail for around $50.00! Who wants to spend that kind of cash when you can get these fabulous headphones for just $29.97 and US Shipping is Free! Now that is definitely a deal worth mentioning one more time! Save $20.00 and tons of money on batteries! Order these incredible wireless headphones for just $29.97 and US Shipping is Free! Order now!

PS: With this kind of amazing comfort, sound, and freedom, there amazing headphones are going to go quickly! Order now!

Clean Your Screens!

Easily remove dust, dirt, cobwebs and that other yucky stuff in just minutes!

No need to remove your screens and hose them off and then put them back in (what a pain in the neck!). With this great Screen Brush vacuum attachment, you can easily vacuum all that dirt and yuckiness away! Within minutes, you'll just have a nice fresh breeze coming though your screens ~ no dust or dirt to stifle the airflow!

You know what else these work great on? Stereo speakers! My husband refuses to get rid of the 3 foot stereo speakers in our living room (yes, these are circa 1982 ~ what can I say?) and they are the worst thing in the house to try to clean or dust ~ the covering on the front attracts dust and animal hair like crazy! I used this Screen Brush attachment on them and now they look as good as new (although, I would still prefer they were in the basement ;-)

If you've got screens to clean, or unsightly speakers (like me) ~ you've got to check this out! Your cost is just $12.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US!

PS - It attaches easily to virtually any vacuum and comes complete with easy-to-use-universal and euro adapters that fit all major brands of vacuums!

Automatically Light Your Way!

Fantastic New Motion Utility Light!

No Wires- No Installation

Really Bright Too!

Wow! What a super idea! This amazing new motion sensor light is definitely a must have for every household! Why? Well don't stop reading now!

First off, this light is brilliantly designed! It's super slim, small, and compact, making it perfect for any indoor location where you want a little more light:

  • Closets
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms (great at night)
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Pantries
  • Entry ways
  • Garages and more!

Plus it's motion activated, so it only comes on when you're in the room!

Now the size is great, but the versatility is even better! This mini utility light works on batteries! You know what that means right- there is no messy installation and you won't have to deal with all those dangerous electrical wires! Better yet, you can use this light absolutely anywhere- even if there isn't a plug or wiring available! I am tellin' ya- this light is perfect! Just click on the "on" switch, and whenever it detects motion, the powerful LED will really brighten your path!

Plus, the engineers created this light so it can stand up right, or with the attached hook, you can hang it anywhere you choose. Pretty cool huh?

They are really fashionable and will go great anywhere in my house! I have one hanging in my foyer! On those cold, dark winter nights, I will never again walk into a dark house! Plus, I put one on my bathtub, and it really helps set the relaxing mood! Check out this sample pic!

Another great place for these light is a closet! I don't know how many times I wished I had a bright light in there so I could tell the difference between my black shoes and my brown shoes! And guess what? This light is sooo bright that it lights up my entire closet, and I don't have to worry about messing with wires to install it!

Here is another great pic:

I just grabbed several of these amazing motion lights- These lights are just fabulous! And the price is perfect too! Just $14.97 and US Shipping Is Free! WOW! Pick Up 1,2, or even 3 of them today! They are just great!

PS: I am tellin' ya what- to not deal with wires and that mess, and to have amazing light, this $14.97 is definitely money well spent! Order now while our supplies last!


An Ingenious Keypad For Laptop Users!Black 18-Key USB Keypad

Lightweight, Ultra-Portable, And...

This Has TWO USB Ports Built Right In!!

Only 40 Available!!! HURRY!!!

This is definitely one of the coolest little gadgets we've ever featured! It's fantastic! Once you try this Targus Number Pad , you'll wonder how you went so long without it ;-)

If you do a lot of work on your laptop, you know how inconvenient it can be when it comes to entering numbers or working in spreadsheets! Not anymore! This Number Pad lets you enter 19-keys from your laptop in a much easier way! The full size keys are comfortable and easy to press and it's so lightweight and compact - super-easy to store and travel with!

Plus, this also features a two port USB hub built right in! You plug it into one USB port and get TWO USB ports AND a keypad in exchange! Now THAT'S thinkin'!!

Oh, and the keys have a great feel to them - your fingertips will love the solid "click" each time you press! Great for working on a plane, a hotel room, or at the airport! I already have one in my laptop bag!

Plus the installation is as easy as it gets! There are no drivers or software to install. Just plug it in to an available USB port and you're ready to go. That's it! You can even use it with your desktop PC to make data entry easier ~ you can position the keypad anywhere you like on your desktop so you have more freedom from the keyboard!

If you work on a laptop or travel a lot, you don't want to miss out on this! Your cost is just $10.97 (and US shipping is FREE) Get to the site and get yours today! I know you'll love it!!

PS - This price is good today only and quantities are limited! The price will increase to $14.97 on Tuesday so be sure to get yours ordered today!

WOW! What An Ingenious Webcam / Videocam!!

Use It For A Webcam!

Use It For A VideoCam!

Use It For A Still Camera!

Flexible Neck Makes It Easy To Position Anywhere!

Built-In Light For Video, Web, Or Lighting Your Keyboard!

Flexible Neck 300K USB 2.0 WebcamOK, this has absolutely, positively GOT to be the coolest webcam / videocam ever! What a brilliant idea! Just plug it into your USB port and you have a webcam (and videocam) that can you bend, twist, and pretty much point where ever you want it! No more fussing around trying to get the perfect angle, just bend it's little neck until you like the view!

PLUS, the creative design doesn't stop at that amazingly flexible neck - check it out, this little cam has a built in light too! Now, that's nothing new to webcams, but because of its design, this can be dual purpose! Think about it - first use is obvious - if it's too dim to shoot, you can flip the light on and still use your webcam! 

- OR -

Since it has a flexible neck and a small "head", you can actually use the light to help illuminate your keyboard too! Outstanding gadget for ANYONE with a laptop! If you've ever needed to use your laptop and wanted to see the keyboard, but DIDN'T want to wake everyone around you, this would be ideal! Hey, we laptop people are always looking for ways to go with less, so two-in-one devices like this are just what the computer doc ordered!

OK, back to the webcam / videocam part! One thing that's really gonna blow you away is the incredible quality of the video coming down the long, thin neck of this thing! WOW! This isn't the typical choppy, "Make-You-Look-As-Hideous-As-Possible" webcam! The video quality is simply outstanding! We're talking a 300K webcam shooting at 30 frames per second (Hollywood movies are 24fps, and they seem to look pretty good)! Wait till you see it for the first time - you'll wonder how you got quality like that for the amazing low price you paid!

Want more? Oh, you're just gonna love this! It actually doubles as a still camera! If you need a quick snapshot of something, don't mess around with your regular camera - just take a quick snapshot with this little guy!

PLUS, it's more than just a webcam - it can record video too! You can use it like a mini cam-corder hooked up to your computer! Imagine - instead of writing an impersonal, unemotional e-mail, why not shoot a quick video and send it to friends and family? Loads more fun and probably a lot quicker than typing too!

I know, you're worried about installing it - hey, worry about something else! This is so easy my 7 year old could do it! Here, I'll tell you hard this is to hook up: Install the software, plug it in! Really, that's it! Doesn't get any simpler - your hair-dryer is harder to use!

OK, how much for all this web and video delight? We're talking just $16.97, and US shipping is FREE! Really, no typos there - $16.97 gets you this amazing webcam / video camera that does it all! Give it a try, you'll love it as much as I do (and if you don't you know I'll take it back within 60 days, but don't worry, you'll love it)

PS - This is one webcam you just gotta grab! It does it all - Use it as a webcam, video recorder, do video e-mail, even take stills! What are you waiting for? You've gotta try it - and only a limited quantity available at this price!!

John Wayne 20 Movie Pack 4 DVD Set - Sale Price $12.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

One of the most popular and recognizable screen stars of all time, John Wayne embodied a strength, integrity, and courage that seemed quintessentially American. His movies and his life demonstrated a clear demarcation between right and wrong, and he was the quintessential Western hero: not afraid to take risks, or take justice into his own hands, he was also a tender lover and a good friend.

Cafe Mahjongg - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

Match tiles to earn your favorite coffees from around the world! Try out the House Blend for a story adventure in which you can earn 15 different coffees to win. Or choose Espresso if free play is more your flavor. No Frills Cup O' Joe, Decaf Americano, Hazelnut Iced Cafe, Cafe Au Lait, and more are waiting to be discovered.

Easy Outdoor Gardening - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $29.99 )

Whether you already have a garden, or just want to add a few plants to your home, Easy Outdoor Gardening has the tips you need to get started!

Expert gardener Louise B. Peacock will reveal some of the best-kept secrets to successful gardening and quickly put you on the path to the indoor garden of your dreams!

144 Piece Furniture Protector Set - Sale Price $10.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

NON-STOP excitement awaits you no matter your age or skill level in 505 Game Collection!

Challenge your mind, test your reflexes and bet against the house in the ultimate collection of full version games for the entire family.

Jump right into the action with hundreds of games and thousands of levels!

Belkin 238 Joules 3-Pront Notebook Surge Protector - Sale Price $10.97
(Original Retail $29.99 )

Protect your valuable notebook computer and modems while on the road with this Belkin F5C791-C6-DL Surge protector for Notebook. It features an output voltage of 100 - 240V 2.5 Amps 50/60 Hz and an over-current detection indicator. Its ultra-compact design is ideal for taking it on the road while on business trips of traveling!

Gardening: A Multimedia Guide - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

You can directly access hundreds of multimedia gardening topics, organized naturally as they would be in a real garden. 20 minutes of videos, 300 photos!

AquaPod Splash-Proof iPod/MP3 Speaker Case - Sale Price $9.97
(Original Retail $39.95)

This unique yellow AquaPod Splash-Proof iPod/MP3 Speaker Case is an MP3 carry case with a built-in speaker!

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - Sale Price $9.97
(Original Retail $12.95)

Building upon the addictive and easy-to-learn gameplay of a puzzle game by integrating story and character progression elements found in RPGs, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords delivers a brand new type of game that pushes the puzzle genre to a previously unseen level.

Ancient Heli-Taxi - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

It may not be much to look at, but this taxi has everything you need to get the job done! As the pilot of a heli-taxi, it's your job to deliver passengers all over the world. Maneuver through four different environments--desert, arctic, savannah, and stone--while delivering fares and earning money to upgrade your craft. But don't forget to keep a close eye on your taxi's condition, or you might end up ancient heli-history!

Elements of Destruction - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Unleash The Fury of Mother Nature! You are Dr. Edgar Herbert - forced into retirement, humiliated and embittered by a corporate scheme to gain control of your valuable weather controlling patents. Use your inventions to discharge tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes and many other forces of nature to exact revenge on the scheming company... AND THE WORLD!

LED Universal Clamp-On Light - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $24.99)

Tired of dark places? This LED light will really brighten up your path! This little light is perfect for a cane or walker. It easily clamps on to the cane or legs of a walker and gives perfect lighting to the floor. Don't worry about slipping down the steps! You can really see where you are going.

Belkin 10Ft. Pro Series USB Cable - $8.97

Easy Cooking Italian - $12.97

Encyclopedia Britannica Great Americans: U.S. Presidents - $12.97

Red SimpleTech 3.5" USB External IDE HDD Enclosure - $10.97

Linkworld 3-Button PS/2 Optical Scroll Mouse - $8.97

Please note: There are so many new titles we can not list them all. To check them all out:

Don't forget to check out our Cool Gadgets!

Afraid That You Missed Out On Something? Don't Be. We've Got You Covered. Below Are All The Awesome Deals We Ran This Week! Today is the last day we will have these items on sale. Don't Miss Out!

What Can We Say??? The Response To This Special Was Absolutely Deafening!!!

We've Still Got A Few Of These Remaining - So We're Just Gonna Leave This Deal For What We Have Left!!!

If You Haven't Got This Yet, Do It Now!!!

This is LOWEST Price Ever!!!

Special Offer!!!

Don't Fork Out $400.00 For Adobe PhotoShop!

We Have A Great Photo Editing Program Just Like It For $8.97 TODAY AND TODAY ONLY!!!

Make Professional Image Editing EASY!

Edit, Enhance, And Share Your Photos!

You're Gonna Be BLOWN AWAY!!

Seriously - just look at the screen shots below - this really looks and performs just like Adobe Photoshop! This has to be the most incredible software find we've ever come across! You'll save HUNDREDS and have pretty much the same program! WOW!

Let me guess - you'd love to have Adobe PhotoShop but that $400 price tag holds ya back. Wouldn't it great if someone made a program LIKE Photoshop, only cheaper? Oh, we found it! It's PhotoDesigner Pro and just look at those screen shots below - it looks and acts just like the $400 Adobe Photoshop! Layers, tools, filters - give this a try and you'll think you're using Photoshop!

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, could it really be like Photoshop? Let me tell ya, once I installed it, I was really surprised! You open it up and it really looks and performs pretty much exactly like Adobe Photoshop! The tools and layout look just slightly (very slightly) different, but it's all there! It features layers, adjustment layers, masks, effects, has pretty much all the same filters, rulers, tools - it's all there! Heck, going through the menus, you have to remind yourself that you're NOT using actually Photoshop!

Oh, just wait till you see the tools - that was my concern, but they're all there! The clone stamp, gradient tool, red-eye removal tool, crop tool, paint bucket, smudge tool, burn & dodge tools, the blur & sharpen tools, scratch removal tool, color picker, text tools, shapes, selection tools like Magic Wand or "shapes" - whew - on and on! You name the Photoshop tool, this has it!

Same goes for the rest of the program - the filters from Photoshop are all there! My personal favorites - the High Pass, Unsharpen Mask, Gaussian blur, Sharpen, and Lighting Effects - all there along with a total of 44 regular filters at your disposal! Everything you need to add that little extra punch to your photos!

As for the the image adjustments, you have 'em all too! We're talking Curves, Levels, Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast, Color Balance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Gradient Map - and more! It's all there - just like Photoshop!

I tell ya, if you want Photoshop but can't justify the expense, this is a no-brainer! Heck, even if you can justify the expense, why not take a look at this first? I've never seen a program that was soooo close to Photoshop!

With this program you are getting tons of ways to use professional level tools that will have everyone wondering who you hired to edit your photos! This program goes above and beyond basic photo editing software. It not only acts like Photoshop - it actually works with Adobe Photoshop files too - you can open Photoshop images, edit them and save them back into the native Photoshop format!! Of course, it will work with all the photo files on your computer and work with your digital camera / scanner too!

In addition to looking and acting like Photoshop, it's jam-packed with over 200 instant effects (these are REALLY cool), 140 picture brushes and 30 tutorials- all of which make this program unbeatable! Add your own message to your photos with the editable text function. Use the automated images correction for quick and easy photo editing. Create your own amazing effects with a few clicks of your mouse! Automatically create awesome web animations! Even turn your documents into print-ready PDF's with encryption and password protection!

Like I said, pretty much Photoshop's twin! It even has a pressure sensitive feature that works with a graphics tablet if you have one! Depending on how hard you press on the tablet, the program will know whether or not you to use a think or a thin brush! How absolutely sweet is that?

After playing with this for an hour or so (It's really fun), I came to the conclusion that anything I've been doing with Photoshop could be done in this - and using the same tools and techniques too! Why pay $400 for Photoshop when there's something like this on the market? You've got to try it - I promise, you'll be impressed!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this photo editor is going to amaze you! But the price is incredible in itself. You could pay almost $400.00 for Abode Photoshop, or you could check out this great program for just $8.97 and US Shipping is Free! Heck, for that kind of money, you can't afford to pass this one up! If you don't agree that this is just like Photoshop, you can even send it back for a refund within 60 days! No risk to you at all - give this a try, it's really unbelievable how much Photoshop DNA this seems to have!

The price will increase to $16.97 tomorrow! Don't miss the boat on this one!

Awesome Wireless Network Adapter! Wireless LAN USB Adapter

Go Wireless In Seconds!

Don't Blow $100 Somewhere Else!!

Grab This For Just $16.97!! REALLY!!

Lowest Price EVER

 - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite restaurant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

Plus this device has a operating range of up to 984 feet!!! WOW!! Now that is super far!!!! That will make sure you get connected whenever you need to be connected!!!

I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. Plus, this is the lowest price we've ever offered it for! WOW!

OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:

PS - Don't blow $100 on one of these somewhere else - go wireless TODAY for just $16.97! Our lowest price ever!

WOW! Amazing MP3 Player!

It's Finally Time For YOU To Get An MP3 Player!

Super Easy To Use! Super Small!

You've Gotta Try This - It Just Doesn't Get Any Better!

Dirt Cheap Too!!

Black 2GB USB Clip MP3 Player

You're just gonna LOVE this one! We just got an absolutely outstanding deal on a small batch of 2GB MP3 Players! Just wait till you feast your eyes on the price - you're not gonna believe it's possible to go that low!

For now, let's have a look at this bad boy! First thing is: WOW - this guy is tiny! Just look at the photo - it fits on your finger with room to spare! It's so little it has to shop in the petite section at the MP3 mall :-) And it's light - like a feather light! When it arrives at your door and you open the package, you're going to be amazed! Best thing is when you go out walking, running or just generally using it, you'll hardly know it's there!

It may be small on size, but it's MAMMOTH on memory! This tiny little player can hold an astonishing 500 typical MP3 songs! That's a TON of music! Think of it this way - If you filled it up and hit Play at noon on Wednesday, you wouldn't run out of songs till Thursday at 1:00PM!! 25 Hours Of Music! WOW!!

Know what you're really gonna love about this? The clip-on part! I know, sounds funny, but the fact you can clip this on a jacket, pocket, bag - whatever - and hardly even know it's there is wonderful! Take it for walks, jogs, bicycling, roller blading, to the gym, to the park, out shopping - whatever - and it really and truly stays clipped on and out of the way! After all, if you can't manage it while you're using it, what's the point of having it?

Using it is really simple too! Here's the how ya do it:

1. Plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer.

2. Drag and drop your MP3s to it (See below on how to get MP3s).

3. Hit play and enjoy! 

How's that for easy? You'll be amazed at how effortless this is to use! (And if you have any problems with it, just contact our tech support :-)

Oh, and everyone worries about getting MP3s when they first get a player like this. No need to fret - It's soooo easy! You can use Windows Media Player to convert your CDs to MP3s, you can buy MP3s all over online (walmart has some great prices), then just drag & drop to your new player!

Almost forgot the most important part! YES - these sound incredible! Easily as good an an iPod! Your ears are gonna LOVE the ridiculously amazing sound treat they're in for!

Comes with everything you need too - a wall charger, earbuds, and USB cable!

Oh, and did I mention that you can also store regular files of ANY kind on this if you want? That's right - it can double as a flash drive!

Black 2GB USB Clip MP3 Player

Cool thing about these is, once you start using an MP3 player like this, you'll discover it's absolutely fantastic to have all your favorite music in one place! Mine is hooked up to a stereo on my desk, then when I go out I plug into my car radio, then I listen while I hike with my dog over in the park! It's fantastic!

OK, now the price. The closest thing to this is Apple's iPod Shuffle - and that costs a whopping $70 for a 2GB unit! 

Your price for this little guy? Ready? Set? Here ya go - just $21.97 and US shipping is FREE! Is that mind-blowing or what? Why pay 4X, 5X, or even 6X as much? Give this a try - not only are you going to absolutely LOVE it, you'll be wearing a big 'ol grin knowing how much money you saved!

PS - Only a limited quantity of these are available! Make sure you get to the site as soon as you can! They're not gonna last!

PPS - This price WILL increase to $31.97 tomorrow! Get yours today!!

A Magnetized "Pick Up " Tool On Steroids!!image

This Heavy-Weight Can Lift Up To 2 Pounds! REALLY!

Best $5.97 You'll Ever Spend On A Tool!

Heck, Make That The SMARTEST $5.97 You'll Ever Spend Too!

Just Wait Till You Try This!

You'll Love It The First Time You Need It!

How Many Times Have You Dropped A Screw or Bolt And Just Couldn't Reach It?

You know, workin' on the car or an appliance in the house and then...DRAT! You dropped a stupid little screw and it fell where you can't reach it! You can even SEE IT, but you just can't reach down and grab it the $#$#%$ thing!!! (Been there more than a few times myself!) Well, that's the time to have this great little tool right by your side! And it'll pull its own weight (sorry about the pun!)

This neat little "pick up" tool can fit between all those hard to reach places! And it extends to an amazing 25 1/2 inches! But wait til you hear this: IT CAN PICK UP OBJECTS UP TO 2 LBS!!! Now chances are you're not gonna need to pick up a something that heavy, but it's nice to know you can if you need to!

The amazing thing is just how petite this little magnetic muscle-man is! So small, but yet so strong! It is something you probably want to have in your tool box or keep it somewhere handy in the kitchen! And we've got a great deal on this for you today too! We're talkin' just $5.97 and US shipping is free!!! I tell ya, best $5.97 you'll ever spend on a tool! First time you drop a screw and retrieve it with this, you'll be pattin' yourself on the back for picking one up!

P.S. - Boy, thinking back I sure remember times when I wish I had this by my side! Get yours today right here!

Make The Best Movie In The World- Your Own!

Movie Magic Made Incredibly Easy!!

Turn Your Movies Into Amazing Video CDs Or Post 'Em Online

WOW- All For $7.97

What An Amazing Deal!

MovieShop Select 6 is a program that I am soooo excited to tell ya about! If you shoot video (whether it is from a video camera, web cam, or digital camera), this is one piece of software you just gotta own! It's great!

How many times have you shot some amazing footage, but really wished you could do a little editing to make it even better? You know what I mean right? Think of all those home movies that you have to endure that include all kinds of mind-numbing parts - mindless conversations, camera left on as someone walks, maybe a tripod shot that covers an entire (yawn) event. Of course, somewhere on that video, something really great happens. Next time you want to watch that film, what are you going to do? Fast forward through all those boring parts, right? Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to edit the movie so you could keep the good and toss the bad? Of course it would be!

Well, that is why you gotta check out MovieShop Select 6! This program is too cool! And it will really (REALLY) make your home videos PERFECT!

Now many of you probably think that creating your own movies is a real pain in the neck- well not with the help of this stellar program! Wait until you load it into your computer! You're going to be amazed at how easy it is to make really cool movies with just a few simple clicks of the mouse! This program really makes that special movie magic phenomenally simple! In fact, you'd better set some time aside before you start with this one - it's really hard to pull yourself away! I did one movie really quick, then started going through my massive collection of videos on my computer - 3 hours later (felt like 20 minutes) I came up for air! I was having a real blast!

Now, I know what you're thinking - With all that cutting, slicing and stretching, video editing could be a very long, boring process- NOT with MovieShop Select 6! This program has all of the advanced video editing tools but it is super easy to use too- all thanks to the amazing comprehensive tutorials that make editing your movies and creating spectacular new videos incredibly easy!

Oh, and it's all drag and drop simple too!! Really, all you have to do is cut the video footage you want to use, then drag it to the bottom movie reel, choose a transition, add some music, then pick the section you want to cut and use and drag that to the bottom real as well. The program automatically connects the two separate scenes together! There is nothing else for you to do but enjoy you new creation! Pretty cool huh? I thought so!

You can even add real cool professional touches like music, transitions, and titles! Make the scene fade out and the music soften all at the same time! Even add your own ending credits too! There's no doubt about it, you'll feel like you are watching a movie edited by the big shots out in Hollywood- these features are just that cool!

I am going to use this to make a highlights movie of all of my my son's first baseball games and hand them out to his coaches, team mates, and his grandparents as Christmas presents. They are all going to love it- plus it will really save me some money this holiday season! Everyone is going to be blown away!

Another great thing this program lets you do is share your movies by burning them to a CD that will play in any DVD player! How about that - you don't even need a DVD burner to make a disk to play in a DVD player! Or better yet, post them to the web or send them off through your email! How awesome is that!!! Now everyone you know can share your great video in a matter of seconds!!! :-)

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro- this video editing software is simply amazing! It has it all to create beautiful movies in just a few quick steps!

And don't forget about the price! It truly is unbeatable! Most video editing software is outrageously priced (we're talking $60+ , but you can get into the $100+ range real quick too), and it isn't not even close to being as user friendly as MovieShop Select 6! Today only get MovieShop 6 for the super low price of just $7.97 and US Shipping is Free! Don't miss out on this fabulous deal! Order now!

PS: Yep, this deal is only good for this week! Tomorrow morning the price will increase to $12.97- don't miss out!

Transfer Files From One Computer To Another - With A Cable!!!

It's Never Been Easier To Move Your Files, Photos, Songs - Anything!

Just Plug This Cable Into Your USB Slots!

Then Just Drag & Drop!

Special Price This Week ONLY!

HEY! Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Direct Link Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever! They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports! Get this - you just plug one end into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the other end into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

I tell ya, there is simply no better way to get files from computer to computer! Just wait till the next time you need to move either large numbers or large size files - you'll be THRILLED you grabbed this! I love to use it when I'm transferring my photos from my trips off my laptop onto my main computer - it's an incredible time saver! Oh, and just wait till you upgrade to your next computer - your data is going to be there before you know it. Works for ANY kind of file you have too! Seriously, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! You'll find it becomes as essential to your computer as your mouse! 

Why spend countless hours burning CDs and trying to transfer large files with flash drives? Just plug this into your computers, drag and drop, and be done with it already!

If you're ever, in your life, going to get another computer or need to get a file from one computer to another, you absolutely, positively MUST get yourself one of these!

Your cost for all this file-moving bliss? For today, we're talkin' just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! Insane not to get one! Oh, and if you don't think it's as cool as I say it is, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund! That's how confident I am that you'll love this too! Check it out:

PS - This special price is ONLY guaranteed this week, so make sure you sprint on over to the site and get yourself setup with one of these! Next time you need to move files, you'll agree that this is the best cable you've ever owned! Regular price is $21.97 - don't miss out!

Psst - Steve here. Hey, I know you're in a hurry today, but make sure you read my review of PrintShop 22 below! I've used a lot of similar programs, including other PrintShop programs, and NONE have been more powerful or easier to use. Give it to yourself as a gift - you'll love it too!

You'll Blow YOURSELF Away When You See Your Amazing Projects!

The BEST PrintShop EVER! - PrintShop 22 Deluxe!

Most Poweful - And Easiest To Use You'll Ever See!

Make Any Project Look Amazing - And Do It With Just A Few Clicks!

Special Price Today - Don't Miss Out!!

Think you know PrintShop? Well, so did I but let me tell ya - you've never seen a PrintShop like this one! We have PrintShop 22 Deluxe on sale today and it's one of the best - if not THE best PrintShops EVER!!! Get ready to get wow'ed!

First off, this thing is more loaded with more goodies than a $100,000 Mercedes! No matter what kind of project you have in mind - mild or wild - this will cover you with a virtual smile! In fact, not only will it cover you, it has dozens and dozens of professional-looking templates to get you started and make you look like a graphics design master!

Install this and you'll find this is - by far - the most powerful and easiest to use PrintShop you've ever tried! Oh, and wait till you see all the goodies this includes - we're talkin' a 4 CD set with a whoppin' 350,000 images, 20,000 professionally designed templates, 700 fonts (wow), 2,900 sentiments for greeting cards, notes, ect, and it's all just waiting for your command :-)

The project templates are what's really exciting though. We're talking any kind of project you can dream up! Here's a little block 'o projects that are included:

Business Cards
Fax Covers
Greeting Cards
Photo Sideshows
Report Covers
Scrapbook Pages

Cool thing is there aren't just one or two little templates for this stuff - there's so many options for each type of project, this program can easily replace one that specializes in any of the above. Need greeting cards? Forget greeting card software - this is better! Need a good-looking resume? Forget buying a resume program - use this again! Need a calendar for next year? Again, no need to go any further! You will be absolutely blown-away when you see these projects!

Speaking of which, you'll LOVE how professional this stuff comes out looking! You know how it is - you can usually spot it when something was thrown together on a computer. Whether it's a business card, calendar, flyer, resume, greeting card - whatever - it just sometimes lacks that "polished" look, ya know? Well, you're not gonna have that problem with Printshop! Once you start doing project with these templates, you'll understand. Friends and family are going to be sooooo impressed when you tell them you did it yourself on your computer - they may even think you're trying to trick 'em! Get ready for lots of "Oh, WOW - really?'s" coming your way!

What if there isn't a template for what you want to do? Hey, no worries! This is the easiest to use print software you'll ever see. Just create a project from scratch and you'll still be able to generate absolutely amazing results! All the tools are incredibly easy to use and understand. Arranging pictures, text, ect in your projects is all a drag & drop deal. Easy as fallin' off aPrint Shop Deluxe 22 slimy log!

Print Shop Deluxe 22Oh, and that reminds me - not only can you use all your favorite photos in your projects, you can edit them with this as well! The photo editor they came up with for this software should be sold on it's own as a stand-alone - it's really that good! You'll never come across an easier to use editor. If you always thought editing your photos was a challenge, just wait till you see the results you get with this! Drop your photo into your project and quickly crop, turn, tweak color, sharpen, adjust brightness, fix red-eye (and "pet-eye" too), knock out dust, polish off scratches, convert to B&W, use filters, add contrast, saturation, and even brush in special effects! Yeah, I know! WOW!!!!

What about once you're done with everything? Well, this takes it to the next level! Not only can you print out your project with incredible ease, you can send your creations via e-mail (including songs, text, photo, and video), create a CD, or even do a slideshow! It's all there at your disposal! 

Honestly, we're just barely putting a fingernail deep scratch in the surface of what this can do! We haven't even covered the amazing address book that will make your life MUCH easier, the easy-to-use drawing tools that will let you add all kinds of customizations to your projects, all the cool special effects that I know you're just gonna love, the amazing photo frames you can create around photos / projects, the cool way you can add your own videos to you project, the family tree projects that will blow you away, or the really cool way you can print your projects to save tons of ink and paper. You'll have to grab the program and try this for yourself!

Oh, one last thing I did want to mention is the absolutely excellent tutorial library! WOW! This covers dozens of topics and it's just outstanding! This will explain, step by step, exactly how to use all the tools and how to take your projects to the next level! Just wait till you see it, you'll be impressed!

OK, that gives you a taste, but you've gotta try this for yourself! I promise you'll love it and I'll back that up with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee too! Try this, it's impossible to go on long enough to describe all the exciting things you can do with it!

Your price? Get this - retail on this is $50 and, frankly, it's WELL WORTH IT! However, this here is WorldStart and you know we get ya a deal! Right now, you can grab this for just $14.97 and US Shipping is FREE!! If that's not the best deal ever on a print program like this, I don't know what is!

PS - You will be IMPRESSED with this one! Just wait till you give it a try! I don't think you'll ever find and easier to use, more powerful program like this! OK, I'm off to make some Christmas cards with my copy!!

Warning - The price WILL increase to $19.97 next week! Don't wait - order today!

Stop Wasting Your Money!!!

Don't Guess...Test!!

battery tester

NEVER Throw Away Good Batteries Again!

I don't know about you, but I really do NOT like having to rummage thru a bunch of batteries "guessing" which was still have power and which ones don't! NOT a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or any time of day for that matter!!! So don't go through all of that aggravation! Check out this great little battery tester that will save you a TON of time and frustration!!

This Battery Tester makes it FAST AND EASY to use so you can find out which batteries are good and which one's aren't! Just connect the battery to the negative and positive poles of the battery tester and the easy to read gauge will automatically let you know if that battery has power!

And this works with AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9 volt or even a 1.5 volt batteries! No need for separate testers - this one does it all!!!

Keep the battery tester on your keychain or conveniently store this handy compact device in your kitchen, home office, garage, etc.  Now you can be sure that your kids toys, your gadgets, and other equipment stay powered when you want to use them.

Now what you'll be able to do is go through ALL OF THOSE BATTERIES you've got laying around and test 'em. Toss out the bad and keep the good ones! Now you won't be wasting any more time in the future when you may be faced with an emergency and you don't have time to spare!!!

And guess what? Unlike a lot of other testers, this does NOT NEED A BATTERY IN ORDER TO OPERATE!!! Now THAT'S good news!!!

And this will surprise you: this battery tester is only 1.89 inches x 3.15 inches! WOW!!! That's small enough to keep on your key chain or in the garage, office and ESPECIALLY THE KITCHEN (that's where I keep my batteries!!!)

So do yourself a favor and stop wondering if those darn batteries that have been sitting in the closet for a long time are still fully charged and order your tester for Only $12.97 and US Shipping is Free! But hurry - next week it's $16.97!!!

PS - Just a "heads-up"...quantities are VERY limited on this one so jump on this right away!!

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