Monday, May 25, 2009

[TechRepublic] iPhone apps are Google's biggest threat in mobile search

May 25, 2009

iPhone apps are Google's biggest threat in mobile search

Tech Sanity CheckGoogle created the Andoid mobile OS because it wants its search engine to remain relevant as the world migrates more toward mobile computing. But Google's biggest challenge in mobile search is not other search engines or platforms, it's apps -- particularly iPhone apps. Learn why.

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Business Brief: Business Continuity - Are you Always Open for Business?

This brief explains how Oracle solutions for mid-sized organizations can provide you with a secure, easily accessible, and always available information infrastructure that's also simple and cost-effective to manage. (Oracle)

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Exchange and Outlook users may want to skip the Nokia E71
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Forrester: Only one percent have negative experience with SOA
A new Forrester Research survey of IT executives finds that only one percent of current SOA adopters say they have received little or no benefit from the methodology. Sixty percent said they have seen some benefits.

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