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Computer Tips [ Steve Exposes Himself + Start Menu Tricks You Gotta Try + Playing Doctor + Must-See Photo Trick ] 05/26/2009

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Quick Tips

Play Doctor in Windows Vista

Did you know that there's a built in diagnostic tool in Windows Vista? You can generate your very own health report for your computer that will show you what's going on inside and give you helpful resolutions to ensure your PC is running at it's peak of performance!

Here's the dish:
Go Start>Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Performance Information and Tools. Under here you'll want to select “Advanced Tools” on the left. At the bottom click “Generate a System Health Report”.

The gears will start turning immediately, and within a minute or two, a window will pop up giving you a bevy of system information to peruse.

Use the arrows to expand and collapse each field. You might see a lot of stuff you don't recognize in here, so just look around and don't be afraid to Google or check Worldstart's tips out if you have any questions.

Congratulations! You might not be a doctor, but you play one on PC!


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"The Product Sooooo Cool Steve Finally Shows Himself In The Demo!"

Amazing Faucet Adapter Changes Your Water Color To Show Temperature!

Hot Water Turns Red! Cold Water Turns Blue!

Never Stick Your Hand Into Scalding Hot Water Again!

Coolest Idea Ever! Check Out My Video To See It In Action!

Steve here. I'm really excited to tell you about this really cool product we just got in (so excited I shot a video of it)! Wait till you see it! We have a temperature sensitive faucet light and it's unlike anything you've ever seen before! I know, sounds a little weird, but stick with me here for a sec.

Here's how it works - you just install this little guy on your faucet spout (see video - it takes like 5 seconds). Next turn on the water. When the water temperature is below 104 degrees Fahrenheit, a light shines down and turns the water blue! If it's above 104 degrees, the light turns the water red! It's really sweet:

Illuminx Water Glow Faucet Light

I'm so excited about this, I made a video to show you exactly how cool these really are! We've been talking about doing video demos for our products, and I figured this would be a great subject! After all, the best way to show you how great this really is would be to show it in action! Oh, and if you're one of the tens of thousands who have sent e-mails asking what the heck I look like (or if I even exist - thanks guys, you're giving me a complex :-), you'll actually get to see me in the video. You'll see that, yes indeed, I have a face for e-mail :)

Video Demo! Check This Out!!

I don't know about you, but there's been more than one occasion when I reached under a faucet only to have my hands met by scalding hot water! I wish I would have had one of these then! Oh, and do you have kids or grandkids? Don't let them get burnt! The light quickly tells them if the water is hot and to be careful!

The above is great, but wanna know a secret? My favorite use is turning on a faucet and having it let you know when the hot water is finally, well, hot! Come on - you know what I mean - you turn on the sink and wait for the hot water. And wait. And Yawn. And wait some more. With this, just turn it on and when it's red you know the water is ready to go!

Plus, let's not forget the cool factor! Come on - check out that video! You know when your friends and family see that bad boy on your sink they're going to be impressed (and probably want one too)! I already have a couple installed around the house (my kids and I like to try and burn ourselves)!

Again, install is really simple. Fits the faucets we tried with no adapters, but it does include a couple if you have an odd size. Plus, it's all automatic - it will turn itself on when there's water, shut off when there's not! I tell ya, I think this is one of the coolest items we've ever offered! Get one for your kitchen sink, your bathroom, your utility sink - anywhere you have hot and cold water!!

So, how much for all this technology to keep you hands safe? Just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! We looked online and most places get $20 for it PLUS $5-10 for shipping! $12.97, free US shipping - you just can't go wrong!

Hey, first time you don't stick your hands into scalding hot water, you'll be glad you have it! Check it out:


PS - Don't miss out - quantities are limited and this is bound to be popular! See ya at the site!

The Smallest Crank Flashlight Ever!


It's So Small, It Fits On A Key Chain!

But Don't Let It's Size Fool Ya!

This Little "Dynamo" Really Kicks Out Some Light!

I just have to say, this "Crank Flashlight" is about as practical as you can get! I mean first of all, it's bright...really bright! It has 2 Super Bright, White LED lights that throws out a beam of light that'll make you wonder if it's really coming from just this tiny flashlight!

And I know you'll love this: It Never Needs Batteries! Never! Nothin' to buy and replace! Instead, it has a little crank on the side, give it a spin and, You've Got Light!

15 seconds of crankin' generates 2 full minutes of light!! How's that for a return! (Too bad the utility companies didn't have a return that good!) Psst - when we cranked for 15 seconds, we got considerably longer than 2 minutes worth of light!

PLUS this Super Bright light is right where you need it - on a keychain! Think of it...you're getting home late and trying to find the keyhole to your car or the front door to your house. Some light would really make that a whole lot easier! Or maybe you're sitting around the house at night and the lights go out - nice to have a flashlight right in your pocket! Maybe you need to look into a dark corner of your basement or attic. Maybe you need to look at something under the hood of your car. Maybe you're like me and need to shed a little more light into your computer case next time you're working on it!

Really, think of all the times when a little flashlight would have been handy to have with you! Best idea for a keychain EVER!

This is such a handy little gizmo, you'll definitely put it to good use! And with the price that we're lettin' this go for, you'll probably want to pick up a couple of 'em 'cause today it's just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


P.S. - Go ahead and start click' so you can start savin' some money on batteries...you'll be glad you did!!!

Got A Cellphone? 

Then You're Gonna LOVE This!

Now THIS Is The Way

To Keep Your Cell Phone Out of Harms Way


But Still Keep It Close At Hand While You're Driving!!!

WOW!!! This Is A Must-Have For Teenage Drivers

Or Anyone Who Drives And Has A Cell Phone!

When you get in your car, do you usually just toss your cell phone on the passenger seat, or even worse, stash it in your pocket or purse and then when it rings, it's a mad dash to answer it! Not a good idea in the middle of traffic! Your eyes need to be on the road! We know that but then there's the "real world", right? Well, here's a solution that you're gonna love!

This "Cell Phone Caddy" is just the thing to keep your phone nearby without having to worry about "rooting" around to find it when you're in the middle of traffic! Th "caddy" has a frame that attaches to your air conditioning vents, and then the body of the "caddy" just fits in place to the frame!

Now you can keep your phone out of the way but still close at hand where you can see it! Great for "hands-free" cell phone use (something that's not only a good idea for safety reasons but has become the law in many places!) When you're phone rings, just glance at your phone that's craddled in your "Cell Phone Caddy" and see who's calling! It's so distracting when you get a call but you couldn't reach your phone in time and then you're wondering who it was that called!!! Now you'll be able to know and still keep safety "Number 1"!

Your cell phone is held in place with a a type of "cushioned" clamping mechanism that releases with the touch of a button on the side! Also your cell phone is supported at the bottom with a small "ledge" that it sits on while in the craddle.


If you'd rather have your phone positioned somewhere else, like on the top of your dashboard, YOU CAN DO THAT, TOO! Included in the package is double-sided adhesive material so you can firmly afix to your dashboard (or where ever!) and then secure the base of the "Cell Phone Caddy" to that!

And if you travel over a lot of "rough terrain" with bumps in the road, you can even screw it into your dashboard fram with the set of braket and screws that are also included! Now THAT'S about as secure as you can get!!! But the choice is yours and everything is included!

This is gonna put your mind at ease and still allow you to stay in control! And have we got a deal for you 'cause today you can grab this for only $6.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


PS If this was double or even the price, it'd be worth it. But at this bargain price, what are you waiting for?? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and grab one today! Price goes up tp $10.97 Monday! Yikes!

Computers 101

What does "IP" stand for?

Outside the computer world, IP sometimes stands for Intellectual Property.

In computer lingo, IP stands for "Internet Protocol". You'll often see it paired with TCP, "Transmission Control Protocol." Together, TCP/IP allow two different computers to talk back and forth over the internet.

Every computer and server (email servers, IP hosts) has an IP address.The IP address acts like a return postal address stamped on packets of data that your computer sends through the internet.

IP addresses are made of four numbers separated by periods, for example, This stamp on data sent through the net tells receiving computers what country, service provider, host, and computer sent the info.

Some routers and software can make you anonymous over the internet by masking your IP address. In addition, less scrupulous computer masters can take control of a remote computer and thus have that computer's IP (return address) stamped on their evildoings.

See the following for more info:

~ Chris

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MS Office

Coding Headers & Footers

Often in Excel we're looking to create headers and footers with data information in them. Things like page numbers, file names, dates, times, etc…

Anyway, while we're creating our headers and footers there's always some place where we can choose to insert this stuff, but wouldn't it be faster if we just knew a couple of characters to do the same job?

Yeah - I thought so too.

With that said, let's get to the information you need to speed up your header and footer work.

With just a few codes to remember you can set up your Excel headers and footers with all the data you need.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Did You Get Yours??

Huh? Wireless LAN USB Adapter



WOW!! These Went Like CRAZY Yesterday!

Awesome Wireless Network Adapter!

Go Wireless In Seconds!

Don't Blow $100 Somewhere Else!!

Grab This For Just $16.97!! REALLY!!

Lowest Price EVER - Last Day (05-26-2009)!!

 - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite restaurant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

Plus this device has a operating range of up to 984 feet!!! WOW!! Now that is super far!!!! That will make sure you get connected whenever you need to be connected!!!

I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. Plus, this is the lowest price we've ever offered it for! WOW!

OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:


PS - Don't blow $100 on one of these somewhere else - go wireless TODAY for just $16.97! Our lowest price ever!

YES! You Can Save Yourself For Just $6.97!

Lowest Price EVER For This Software!

The TRUTH: Your Hard Drive Is Planning To Betray You!

Just Keep Reading To Discover...

The Mind-Blowing, Shocking, Disturbing Truth -

Your Hard Drive Can Make YOU (yes you) A Victim!

Don't Throw Out That Old Hard Drive!!

Don't Give Away Your Old Computer!

Please... You MUST MUST MUST Do THIS First!

You Gotta Check This Out - It's Scarier Than Any Horror Novel!

News Flash! Bet Ya Didn't Know This!

Recent studies show that a whopping 74% of hard drives sold, given away, or thrown out (in the computer or out) contain data that can be easily read and recovered - and 36% of those hard drives had even been reformatted. You absolutely, positively, have to permanently get that data off of there!!

Do you have an old computer you're thinking about giving away? Maybe an old hard drive that needs to be thrown out? Well, if you do, you MUST GET THAT DATA OFF THERE!!!!

Well, we have some really easy to use software that will keep you safe called DriveScrubber. Just pop the CD into your computer (or make a floppy if you still have a drive for one of those) and reboot. Even if you can't boot to Windows, you can still erase that drive with this software!

Think about it - you wouldn't toss paperwork with credit card, bank, or social security numbers in the trash without shredding the heck out of 'em would you? 

Of course not! However, day in and day out, people toss out old computers and think that just deleting or formatting a drive is going to get rid of all the personal info they had on it - not a chance!

WARNING - When you delete a file, it's not really gone.

You might want to read that last sentence again because it's really important. The area where the file lives on your hard drive simply gets tagged as free space, but until it's overwritten, that data is VERY recoverable. I formatted a test drive and ran recovery software on it awhile ago just to see what would happen. Nearly EVERYTHING was easily recoverable! No problem at all!

If you've ever used your computer to check on your banking, buy a product online, or anything that involves your personal info, then that info might be easily available when you get rid of your old hardware! Yikes!

Don't think it can happen to you? Well, two MIT students did a study. They went and purchased 158 used hard drives for less than $1000 from a web swap-meet type site. When they went through the drives, they found over 5,000 credit card numbers, medical reports, lots of personal and corporate financial information, and gigs of personal e-mail. And get this - 60% of the drives had been formatted!!!

There are people who look for old computers at the curb or in the dumpster just to pull info off the hard drive or sell the drives to others! Plus, if you just "donate" an old computer you have no idea what really is going to happen to it! If this doesn't scare the heck out of you, then you shouldn't be using a computer!

Once you insert the Drive Scrubber disk, your computer will boot to the CD or the floppy, and has an easy to use interface that makes wiping a drive a snap. Just select the drive and select the "erase" button. ALL the info on the drive will be gone - permanently and forever! You can still reformat the drive and install Windows again once this is done - but any info you had on the drive will be completely gone. No worries about anyone ever using your hard drive or old computer to steal you personal info! It's great!

I personally have a couple of old hard drives sitting around that I just didn't want to throw out. Now I'll be able to completely erase them and toss them into the trash knowing that no one will EVER be able to recover any of my personal data from that drive.

Your cost for all this protection? Just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! Sure, it's not a program that you'll use every day, but everyone with a computer WILL need to use it someday! For this kind of money, it's insane not to be safe. Check it out:


PS - This price is ONLY good today - first thing Wednesday the price will increase to $12.97! Get yours today!

Today at WorldStart.com


It's the universal undo option! If you've ever done something you regretted (in windows, that is) then you've probably utilized this handy key trick! If you didn't know it before, head over to Worldstart today and know for sure!

Unusual Phobias

Do you have a fear of something weird? Like a mountains or the number 13? The featured Cool Site on the WS homepage has just about every odd phobia known to man. Go over there and take a look!

Here's the link you need: http://www.worldstart.com/ Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Change the Start

We use the Windows Start menu quite often, don't we? It has a critical affect on our daily computing activities. In fact, it would be basically impossible to operate our computer without the Start menu. Without it, it would much more difficult to access our favorite programs that we have installed on our computers. It would even be harder to run the essential Windows applications.

Imagine your computer without the Start menu. You wouldn't be able to create all those shortcuts you have on your desktop. You couldn't even customize the taskbar that makes our everyday computer jobs all the much easier. It's crazy to think about how important the Start menu is. It organizes our programs, it allows us easy access to them and it does it so quickly and painless! I think you now know how important the Start menu is to all of us. So, let's continue.

The Windows XP Start menu is actually the most evolved and enhanced version among the Windows family of operating systems. It allows for some neat tricks that make even better use of the handy and friendly menu!

Apart from the easy working experience that that Start menu offers, the method of displaying our programs list is of great importance as well. You may have different viewpoints about your work environment than say, one of your friends. For example, you may want the best colors on your desktop and you may want a different way for your programs to be displayed on the Start menu.

In order to display the list of programs on your computer, you probably click Start and then point your mouse cursor over All Programs. In a matter of seconds, the list of all your programs and applications installed appear. In fact, you probably do this several times a day, because you need a new program open at a different time. So, every time you go to the Start menu, All Programs, you're seeing the long list of programs and it can sometimes be frustrating to wade through.

Well, there is an easy way to change this. You can easily change the way Windows displays the program list on your Start menu. You can change the linger of the mouse cursor that brings up the long list to a mere single click that brings up nothing! This method may be more preferable to you, because it eliminates the unnecessary gigantic list of programs popping up all the time.

Start by right clicking on the Start menu and selecting Properties.

By pressing Properties, as you can see, your Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window appears.

Now, click the Start Menu tab. Make sure you are using the Start Menu and not the Classic Start menu.

Okay, now select Customize, which will open the Customize Start Menu window. Select the Advanced tab.

This is the area where you can change the way your Start menu is displayed. Again, you can either have your program list come up automatically with a mouse rollover or you can single click on All Programs to bring up the list.

If you opted for the single click, uncheck the box that says "Open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse" and click OK twice. So, now you can click on Start, point your mouse over All Programs and do a quick single click. As you can see, your programs will not appear until you do that single click. Pretty convenient, if you ask me.

Doing things this way gives you better control over the way your list of programs appears on your screen. Once you're ready to find a program, just single click and be done. No more messing with the long list popup!

~ Hamid Reza

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Today's Feature

Reflectors and how to use them

Light is an essential factor in photography. Multiple strenuous attempts can be made on the same photo to get the lighting of a photograph just right. A bright environment alone does not necessarily create the perfect lighting conditions. The direction of the light and where it lands on the subject are essential considerations, especially in bright situations. Sometimes the light will need to be guided to certain areas, and to do this you need a reflector.

With outdoor portraits your subject’s whole face needs to be well lit and the light needs a balanced distribution. In bright sunshine, sharp shadows can be created, especially under the nose and chin. This can cause distortion in the photograph and can produce unflattering results, which the subject may not be pleased with at all. Bringing a reflector or, if you want to push the boat out, multiple reflectors, can light up these dark areas and provide a fuller picture.

The reflector need not be confined to the outdoors. Inside it can help reduce the necessity for the flash and accentuate the natural light in the room. Artificial light can also be guided around the subject, as the reflected light is often less harsh as the direct light. If your camera has the ability to move the flash, then reflectors can be used to bounce the flash light on to the subject.

“But how do I use the reflector?” I hear you asking. It is relatively simple, although you will still need to experiment and test to see which lighting is best or is the one you are looking for. Try and get the reflector as close as you can to the subject without getting it in the shot. If possible, try having the subject hold the reflector. Try and get the subject looking away from the direct light and position the reflector so the direct light is reflected into their face. Move the reflector around until the face is evenly and well lit. It may even help to have an assistant to move the reflector for you. Adding more reflectors will help get light all over the face.

Now, all you need to do is get a reflector and then you are ready to go out and take some well lit photographs. The cheapest method is to make one yourself. Tinfoil can act as a useful reflector. Try to use the less shiny side to avoid bright distracting reflections. Large light colored cards can also be used. The best option, however, is to buy one. There are two main colors: silver and gold. Silver gives brighter, whiter reflections whilst gold gives a warmer and subtler light. Reflectors also come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your uses. Many fold up into a small portable size to make it easier to carry. Amazon supplies a good range of reflectors.

As with everything in photography, practice makes perfect. Do not expect that since you have a reflector shining at your subject, their face will instantly be perfectly lit. Move the reflector around to get the shot you are looking for, or try experimenting to see the subtle effects and changes you can produce.

Here is a list of some good reflectors:
Adorama 42″ 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector
Paterson Interfit 42″ 5 In 1 Portable, Collapsable Reflector
Norman 42″ 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector
Adorama Collapsible Reflector Disc 32″ Portable Reflector
Adorama 32″ 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector
Lastolite 48″ 5 In 1 Bottle Top Reflector Kit
Photogenic Chameleon 22″ 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector

~Zahid Javali

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Amanda's Coolsite


Now that it is summer time, kids are going to be home from school, which makes it a perfect time to implement a chore chart so that they can help out around the house. With a free account from Handipoints, you can print out free chore charts and then when school starts up again you can print out study charts. Check out the How it Works section for more information.

Another great feature of the site is that the provide Handiland, a virtual land where your children can play safely on the computer.

You might also want to check out the Testimonials section before you sign up to see what other parents have to say about the site.

In the Tools for Parents section you can get a peak at how the chore charts work, and how the Balances function works. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can click a sign up button on any of the page or you can click the Log In button at the top of the screen and then choose Create Account.

You’ll need to provide an e-mail address, then create a username and password, select what you are (parent, teacher, etc), pick how you heard about the site, and then select how many children you have. After clicking how many children you have, you’ll need to fill out the form about them. This includes their first initial, what they want their cat to be named, create a password for the cat, and then select whether they’re a boy or a girl. Then click the I Agree button to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Once you’ve logged in – there will be a cat who explains how the page works, as well as, give you some navigation options. When you click into Handiland you’ll get more direction as to how to use the area you are in. Now it’s time to explore!

This a great site that will help teach your children responsibility, budgeting their resources (the points they earn), and more! Check it out today!



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Monthly Wallpaper

A Magnetized "Pick Up " Tool On Steroids!!image

This Heavy-Weight Can Lift Up To 2 Pounds! REALLY!

Best $5.97 You'll Ever Spend On A Tool!

Heck, Make That The SMARTEST $5.97 You'll Ever Spend Too!

Just Wait Till You Try This!

You'll Love It The First Time You Need It!

How Many Times Have You Dropped A Screw or Bolt And Just Couldn't Reach It?

You know, workin' on the car or an appliance in the house and then...DRAT! You dropped a stupid little screw and it fell where you can't reach it! You can even SEE IT, but you just can't reach down and grab it the $#$#%$ thing!!! (Been there more than a few times myself!) Well, that's the time to have this great little tool right by your side! And it'll pull its own weight (sorry about the pun!)

This neat little "pick up" tool can fit between all those hard to reach places! And it extends to an amazing 25 1/2 inches! But wait til you hear this: IT CAN PICK UP OBJECTS UP TO 2 LBS!!! Now chances are you're not gonna need to pick up a something that heavy, but it's nice to know you can if you need to!

The amazing thing is just how petite this little magnetic muscle-man is! So small, but yet so strong! It is something you probably want to have in your tool box or keep it somewhere handy in the kitchen! And we've got a great deal on this for you today too! We're talkin' just $5.97 and US shipping is free!!! I tell ya, best $5.97 you'll ever spend on a tool! First time you drop a screw and retrieve it with this, you'll be pattin' yourself on the back for picking one up!


P.S. - Boy, thinking back I sure remember times when I wish I had this by my side! Get yours today right here!

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May Wallpaper

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Grand Canyon Overlook


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Smoky Mountains Sunset


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