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** Sale pricing ends June 4, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise noted**

Warp Factor: AWESOME!

The Perfect (and I mean PERFECT) Addition to Your Collection!

Over 550 Star Trek comic books, in perfect condition, with all of their original advertisements intact!
and for how much?
Less then 6 CENTS an issue!!

Do we have space sickness, or something!?

Quick, someone call Dr. McCoy!! This price is trouble like tribbles!

Works with any computer equipped with a DVD drive! Just pop it in the drive and away you go! Mac, PC. It makes no difference! Everyone can take part in the Trek!

It brings me back...
I had the entire Next Generation comic series when I was a youngster, and boy-howdy do I wish I’d have known that this was going to happen! I would have never opened a single issue! The complete STAR TREK comic book collection, all on one DVD! Every issue, from the 1967 Key Comics series, all the way up to Star Trek: Voyager’s run in 2002 is HERE! The best part? It’s all in perfect condition! All of the original series, comics of the MOVIES, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager! It’s the definitive answer for any Trekkie who wants to read, but not destroy their precious collection! I went through five of them in one sitting, only this time I wasn’t worried about frayed edges and crinkled pages! Only 545 left to go!

Check this out:

This is 40 years of Star Trek comics, all in one place! Over 550 issues of pristine, Trek goodness

Annual editions, one shot promotional pictures and mini series specials are also here

Bonus materials like Character Bios, Promotional Materials and a Star Trek history lesson

One DVD, one GIGANTIC archive to gloat over

Did I mention that all of the ads are intact, too? This means that even if you don’t consider yourself a Star Trek fan, you can still buy this to relive advertisements from your past! It’s nostalgia at its finest!

I just checked an online auction site and I saw the original run of Star Trek, issues 2-62 going for - get this - almost one thousand dollars! Here, you get all that and a ton and a half more for only $29.97 plus FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee! That's less than 6 measly cents an issue! Put that in perspective for a moment, pick your jaw up from the ground and check this out! Warp Speed!

Take A Look At This Magnetized "Pick Up " Tool!


Picks Up 2 lbs!!!

How Many Times Have You Dropped A Screw or Bolt And Just Couldn't Reach It? You know, workin' on the car or an appliance in the house and then...DRAT! You dropped it and it fell where you can't reach it! You can even SEE IT, but you just can't reach down between two objects and grab it!!! (Been there more than a few times myself!) Well, that's the time to have this great little tool right by your side! And it'll pull its own weight (sorry about the pun!)

This neat little "pick up" tool can fit between all those hard to reach places! And it extends to 25 1/2 inches! But wait til you hear this: IT CAN PICK UP OBJECTS UP TO 2 LBS!!! Now chances are you're not going to have a need to pick up a something that heavy, but it's nice to know you can if you need to!

This is not a big item, but it's not suppose to be...that's why it works so well. But it is something you probably want to have in your tool box or keep it somewhere handy in the kitchen! And we've got a great deal on this for you today because it's just $5.97 and US shipping is free!!!

P.S. - Boy, thinking back I sure remember times when I wish I had this by my side! Get yours today right here!

WOW! Make Your Computer Run Like New (Maybe BETTER)!

Amazing Software Makes Windows Run Up To 300% Faster!

It's The Absolute BEST $8.97 You'll Ever Spend On Your PC!

You're Computer Will Be Smokin' Fast!

Customize, Tweak, Secure, Optimize, And Make 'Er FLY!!

OK, these are STILL going like crazy! Thank YOU to the 1000+ who have ordered! If you don't have it yet, you;re missing out big time! Just wait till you check out this mind-blowing deal on System Mechanic 7

It's by far, the very best program I've ever seen for getting the most out of Windows! You'll be blown away at what this does to your PC - You'll think you got a new computer! I tell ya, personally, I think this is just outstanding! I've seen a ton of software, but the improvements this makes is really nothing short of amazing! It optimizes Windows to be the way it SHOULD have been when you purchased it! Read on - and get ready to be really - and I mean REALLY- impressed!

First, I'm seriously impressed at just how easy this software makes it to really get your computer crankin'! I mean, I don't think there's anything on your computer this can't tweak and optimize!

To test, I installed it on my personal machine and it did a quick scan, and then it scared the poop outta me! it came up with a serious warning about a few security problems and gave mesome really helpful speed improvement suggestions. Now here's the cool part - With just a couple mouse clicks, I'm now enjoying a MUCH faster -and much more secure - computer! And I honestly thought I was as tweaked out as I could be! Not even close - this was incredible - and all automatic!

What can it do for you? Let's talk speed - this takes your slow PC and turns it into a Ferrari - you'll think your computer is new again (maybe better than new)! It'll be just flying through programs and impressing the livin' daylights out of ya! This has a whopping 19 different waysto crank up the speed on your machine! In fact, many systems see an absolutely incredible 300% improvement after just some automatic adjusting by this program! WOW - that's worth $8.97 in anyone's book!

Want to surf the internet at up to 300% faster? Oh, man, this can help! Windows isn't necessarily optimized for the fastest connection out of the box, but this program can grab your settings and squeeze out the speed - you'll surf the internet like crazy! Who wouldn't want to surf up to 300% faster?!!? Heck, it even has a speed tool to measure how faster you connection speed is! Just fantastic!

Want more? - Sure ya do! Another thing this does that I'm in absolute love with is it lets youcustomize over 100 "secret" Windows settings! Stuff that you always wish Windows would let you adjust but there isn't really any direct way to do it. This makes it point-and-click easy!! You can:Optimize the way Windows' Start Menu behaves, speed up networking performance, log in automatically, edit your computer registration data, change multimedia behavior, improve pagefile security, customize explorer's context menus, edit advanced administration options, and much more!!

Oh, and just wait till you point your mouse at the Automatic System Maintenance section! I just love this! This part of the program will watch in the background and wait till the system is idle. As soon as you're not using the computer, it will work in the background tuning your computer for absolute peak performance! Here's the really cool part - just touch your mouse, and it stops what it's doing and gives the system back to you! Really! If you've ever been slowed down by a stubborn anti-virus that insisted on scanning while you were working, you know just how cool this is! Oh, and it even lets you pick and choose what optimizations to run!

Another automatic feature I think is just brilliant is the "One-Click" option! It's just what it sounds like - just click the button and System Mechanic runs all of its system enhancement programs andcranks your system up to the next level! Just a button push away! It makes it easy for EVERYONE to have a smokin' system!

Of course, no utility suite would be complete without some killer security tools - and this has the best!This program will quickly scan your system and help you find all the holes - then just plug them with a mouse click! I was really surprised when it found not one, not two, but THREE major holes on my personal PC! I clicked the mouse and the world was safe again!

Oh, and that's not all! This also includes both a world-class Anti-Virus (one of the easiest, most comprehensive AVs I've ever used) and a really top-notch Firewall! Either one retails for more than we're selling the entire suite for! WOW!

PLUS - it destroys spyware, adware, malware and more. OK, put it this way - if it was made to attack your system, this is going to seek it out and destroy it like a battalion of ticked off Marines!

OK, all that's great, but what if your PC is really messed up - like it won't boot? This software can handle that too! Just pop in a recovery CD and System Mechanic will examine your system and get your computer running right again! If you've ever had that sick "why isn't my computer booting" feeling, you can appreciate how great this will be next time it happens!

One more thing and I'll try to stop! System Mechanic is just fanatical about grabbing up wasted space on your hard drive! This just blew me away when it found a whopping 1.5 GIG of wasted hard drive space! Geeze - I've had whole hard drives that were smaller than that! This made grabbing that space back a mouse click away! I tell ya - you just can't go wrong here!

OK - can ya tell I'm impressed? There's actually a LOT more this can do, but I don't want to write a book on it (OK, maybe I've already come close)! I'm currently running this software and couldn't be happier with it. My system is definitely faster than before it was installed and I just love the performance increase! If you only buy one software program this year - GRAB THIS!

Your price? Get this - just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! AND - this is a 3 license pack too! WOW!!! We've never had it this cheap!!! When you think of all this can do, for $8.97, it's the biggest no-brainer in software history! Check it out:

PS - Seriously, after just using this for a short time, I wouldn't be without it. If WorldStart wasn't carrying it, I'd happily pay the $70 for it somewhere else - it really is that good! PLEASE - take a look at this one, I've NEVER seen a better, more complete utility program! Blows everything else right out of the water!!

PS - The price will increase to $18.97 very soon (probably like, next week)!

Fun Color Changing Solar Lights!

Perfect For Backyard Barbecue Parties!!

These Solar Lights are SO MUCH FUN!

Have you always wished your sidewalk or backyard had more lighting, especially those dark areas around the edge of your yard where the wiring just can't reach? And digging up your yard and having wire run is just too expensive for those little lights. Besides, who wants to deal with the incredible mess of digging up the grass just to put up lights that are suppose to make your yard look better? Well, we have the perfect solution! Wait till you see these!

We have an amazing deal on some fantastic Solar Lights for you today! These are just AWESOME! These are completely rechargeable and require absolutely no maintenance on your part! You don't even have to remember to turn them on and off, they do it automatically with the Auto on/off sensors that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn! Now that is FANTASTIC!

PLUS - You can put these lights anywhere outside! There is no digging, no wiring, and no cords to mess with! Seriously, Nothing is better than NO Hassle, right?

All you do is flip the little switch on the back and stick'em in the ground! It is really that EASY!

OH and wait till you see this! These solar lights are extra awesome because they change colors!

After you enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunset, relax in the backyard and watch your solar lights take over the show with the beautiful colors of the rainbow. These light weight lights will change from red, to blue, to green, to yellow, and then to purple, all within a matter of seconds. And, the solar panels keep a charge for hours!

I already have a set and they're GREAT! We're going to line the walk to our deck with these, as well as the walk to the front of the house! They look amazing at night and last longer than I'm willing to stay up and find out!

Your Cost? We have these on sale today for just $20.97, FREE US Shipping! PLUS - This is a 2 pack!!!

6 Solar Lights - Just $35.97! (Best deal - you save a whopping $14.94 - almost like getting a 2 pack for free)

Awe your friends with a great atmosphere during a backyard barbecue! Hurry, these fun lights won't last long!


Get A Killer Webcam For Just $12.97!!300K USB 1.1 PC Webcam

Our Best Deal Ever On A Webcam!

Only A Limited Number Available! Get To The Site FAST!

I know, I know. You've been thinking about trying one of those webcams you keep hearing about, but you're not sure yet. Hey, all of us webcam veterans were there once too! Take it from me, once you get on of these, you'll understand why it's sooooo cool to chat with friends and family the webcam way! You may never want to use the phone again!

Well, we found a great way for you to get your digital feet wet for really, really cheap! We have these fantastic little cams and they're just what you need to get started! Simply plug it in, run the software and you're good to go! They can even clip right into your monitor or do the freestanding thing! Either way, you're ready to go in minutes!

Plus, these are all automatic to use! You don't have to adjust the white balance or the exposure! It's all 100% automatic! They're great resolution too - 640x480 - so you'll look great on the other end!

We love to use these with the free Yahoo Instant Messenger! Just install the software, select the webcam option, and have your friend on the other end do the same! Just like that, you can see and talk (or text chat) with each other! Is that cool or what? PLUS - since this is all done over the internet, you pay nothing for long distance! Zero - nada - zippo! Once you try this for yourself, you'll wonder how the phone companies stay in business -this is the next step for sure! And did I mention it's like free long distance too? Just wanted to make sure :-)

If you're not using a webcam, you're only enjoying half the online experience you could be having! You've gotta give this a try, and for the price we have today, you just can't go wrong!

So, what is your cost again? Just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! How's that for a deal? Go on, take a look at this one, you'll be glad you did!

PS - The price WILL increase to $19.97 next week! Get this while you can! Best deal we've ever had on a webcam!

Don't Hit The Wall!!!

Amazing New Laser-Guided Parking System

Installs In Minutes! No Wiring!!


A Way Cool Solution

To A Very Common Problem

How many of you have accidently driven into the back wall of your garage?

How many of you now have a tennis ball or some other inanimate object hanging from the ceiling?

How many of you now don't allow your spouse, teenager (or who ever the "guilty culprit" may be) park the car in the gararge? (Just checking!)

But in all seriousness, this is a really creative answer to that age-old problem of parking the ol' car in the garage!

If you think about it, it's a problem of judging distance. "O.K., how many feet do I have to go before I hit the wall?" You've probably asked yourself that question a million times. (I know I have!)

When we got these in, I just had to check this out. (Sounded a little too good to be true, if you know what I mean!) But I can tell ya, IT REALLY DOES WORK...Like a Charm!!!

You see, if you think about it, this whole thing is a matter of driving up far enough so that the rear of your car is completely inside the garage - but not too far so that you hit the garage wall. (Hmm...sounds like that could be a new software game...what do you think?)

Anyway, this solves the problem...ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

How it works is pretty simple: When your car enters the garage, this little "high-tech" device automatically activates and a red laser beam shines down and guides you. You then simply drive up until the red beam of light shines on the area of your car that you pre-determined to be the "stop-point"!!!

Sound complicated? Well, it's not! Easy, on-step installation. There's not even any wiring to worry about! (Three screws go in the ceiling...that's it!)

You can us the AC cord (included) and plug it into the outlet with your garage door opener OR use a 9-volt battery...the choice is yours!

And, you can set this for One or Two cars!

All I can say is that this will save you a lot of hassle AND clean up the look of your garage! (no more tennis balls hanging from the ceiling!!)


Your cost from us is just $19.97! And U.S. shipping is FREEE!

P.S. - You know...this is probably the easiest way you'll ever find to, "Clean up the garage"!! And who might even improve the value of your home if you're trying to sell it! Get one now while we still have some in stock!

Hold On!!! Don't Spend $40 For A USB Cable!!!

That's What This Cost In The Local "Big Box" I Just Checked!!!

usb cable

This Savings Is HUGE!!!

This is a USB cable that allows you to connect a USB printer, scanner or hard drive to a computer. It's is the best way to connect those devices to your computer 'cause the data moves faster with this type of connection. (Pages print faster, images from your scanner are sent faster, etc.) That's why this is now the preferred method.

But you've probably noticed that most cables that come with a printer or scanner are SO short!!! Problem is if you try to get one a little longer (or if you need a new one to replace an old cable!) the prices are THRU THE ROOF!!! I just check and the local "Box Store" had one for nearly $40!!! (OUCH!!!)

Now, take a look at this deal!!! This USB cable is a Full 10 Feet long!!! WOW!!! But that's not all...the contacts on the end are Gold plated copper contacts! These provide maximum conductivity and minimize data loss!

PLUS, while the aluminum "undermold shield" is made out of aluminum so it prevents EMI/RFI interference. (Static and "noise" in the line!) And to top it off, it's FAST!!! REALLY FAST!!! Delivers data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps! And this is High Performance 20-gauge power wires!

I just wanted you to understand that this is a VERY HIGH QUALITY USB CABLE and why! Also, you'll note that this is a Belkin...a VERY well-know, reputable name-brand manufacturer!

Now you're gonna be impressed 'cause we've got THIS HIGH QUALITY USB CABLE for just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! That's right, not $40, not $30, not $20, heck not even $10!!! Just $8.97!!!

  • P.S. - These are one of those items most people like to have one on hand just as an emergency back-up. And you get it dirt-cheap! How lucky is that???

  • Cook'n Easy Family Dinners - Sale Price $10.97
    (Original Retail $24.99)

    With this CD, Betty Crocker can help even the busiest families make wholesome and easy dinner recipes. Cook'n Easy Family Dinners CD was created to to help your family make the most of dinnertime--packed with easy recipes that appeal to kids and grownups alike.

    Prevent Arthritis & Rheumatism - Sale Price $9.97
    (Original Retail $19.95)

    Whether you currently suffer from joint pain and are looking for a drug-free treatment, or are healthy and simply want to avoid developing joint problems in the future, joint manipulation methods can be an easy and effective way to treat and prevent joint problems. Even with no prior training or experience, you can learn to safely and correctly manipulate joints with these easy-to-follow video demonstrations.

    Atari Anniversary Edition - Sale Price $6.97
    (Original Retail $29.99 )

    Includes 12 Genuine Atari Arcade Hits!

    Atari, the name synonymous with the video game revolution, presents the ultimate arcade collection.

    Bible Word Search - Sale Price $8.97
    (Original Retail $19.95)

    Discover an entertaining way to exercise your Bible vocabulary! Enjoy hundreds of fun word search puzzles based on the people, places and stories of the Bible! Over 3100 Words!

    Sentry FM Scan Radio with Torch - Sale Price $4.97
    (Original Retail $19.99 )

    Listen to your favorite music and light your way! The Sentry FM Scan Radio with Torch features a scan FM radio that will scan to the strongest FM signal. The radio also includes earphones for easy music listening. The attached belt clip also makes this radio perfect for portability.

    Red - PQI 4GB Intelligent Drive i828 - Sale Price $12.97
    (Original Retail $29.95)

    PQI Intelligent Drive i828's design concept came from Swiss army knife design for easy storage and add-on capacity. Its add-on capability is the first of its kind implemented into USB flash drive technology.

    USB to PS/2 Adapter - Single - Sale Price $4.97
    (Original Retail $29.95)

    Do you have a USB mouse or keyboard, and need to use it in a PS/2 port? Then this adapter is for you! This USB to PS/2 adapter is ideal for connecting your USB device to your computer's PS/2 port!

    Let's Ride Friends Forever - Sale Price $10.97
    (Original Retail $19.95)

    Every girl needs a best friend, and yours is your horse! Together, there’s nothing you can’t do. Practice hard to perfect your riding and jumping skills as you prepare for the all-important regional jumping competitions. Go for the blue ribbon!

    Instant Home Design - Sale Price $6.97
    (Original Retail $29.99)

    Whether planning a residential addition or modifying an existing floor plan, let Instant Remodeling on CD-ROM show you the virtual possibilities of home renovation. Start by importing an existing picture of your home, then explore the renovation innovations loaded onto the disc. Bathrooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, living and dining areas - Instant Remodeling software is the accurate, risk-free way to move from humdrum to dream home, all with the click of the mouse!

    Portable Book Light - Sale Price $6.97
    (Original Retail $19.99)

    This GE Portable Book Light is perfect for night time reading. When you lift the top portion, the lamp comes on and when you're finished it folds down to shut off the light. It clips on easily to any book or magazine and provides a reading light just about anywhere without disturbing others!

    Disinfecting UV Scanner - Sale Price $14.97
    (Original Retail $24.99)

    The light uses the same UV technology found in hospitals to sterilize surgical instruments, allowing you to disinfect workplace keyboards or telephones, as well as items in the home that sustain germ vitality such as toothbrushes and cutting boards.

    Foldable Stereo Backphones - $9.97

    IOGEAR Juicemeter Battery Tester - $12.97

    Money Machine Jar - $11.97

    Sentry 4-in-1 FLIP Universal TV Remote- USED - $7.97

    Sentry Jumbo Quartz Clock - $9.97

    Please note: There are so many new titles we can not list them all. To check them all out:

    Don't forget to check out our Cool Gadgets!

    Afraid That You Missed Out On Something? Don't Be. We've Got You Covered. Below Are All The Awesome Deals We Ran This Week! Today is the last day we will have these items on sale. Don't Miss Out!

    OK, NOW It's The Most Amazing Deal EVER On An LED Flashlight!

    Blindin' Bright 9 LED Flashlight - Just $5.97!!!!

    That's No Typo - These Incredible Flashlights Really Are Just $5.97!

    Grab As Many As You Can! 

    Rock-Solid, Heave Duty, Aluminium, Super Bright!! WOW!!

    Ohhhh, I just LOVE it when I get a call from a supplier and they say something like, "Hey Steve, I got a problem. I have a bunch of extra 9 LED flashlights I need to move. Can you help?"

    So, after a little back and forth, we agree on a price that even couldn't believe I got! Soooooo - YOU get a jaw-droppin' deal on some fantastic 9 LED Flashlights! We're talking just $5.97 for a 9 LED Flashlight! We've never had 'em that cheap! Heck, I'm not sure anyone has ever had 'em that cheap! It's a knock-out deal, that's for sure!

    Oh, and wait till you try 'em! Turn it on BUT don't look into it - this baby is really BRIGHT! It's absolutely amazing how much light those 9 LEDs throw out! You wouldn't think a flashlight this small would be this BLINDIN' BRIGHT!!! WOW!!

    Speaking of size - wait till you feast your fingers on this little guy! It's super-compact and easily fits in the palm of your hand! Makes it super-easy to take anywhere! I already have one in each of my cars, and my wife keeps on in her purse. It's so small you don't even know it's there - till ya need it! Grab one for each of your cars, your camper, boat, house, garage, camera bag - anywhere you need a small, bright, reliable light!

    Plus, this thing is REALLY well built too! Don't let the price fool ya! These aren't some cheap plastic lights - this bad boy is SOLID! We're talking a heavy-duty all aluminium barrel that can really take some serious pounding! Plus, the grip is just fantastic and I can personally attest that even when your hands are dripping wet (or snow covered), it's easy to keep ahold of! The design also keeps it from rolling around!

    Get this - since this is an LED flashlight, it seems to run FOREVER on a set of batteries! Changing batteries or running out of juice is going to be a very RARE thing now! Oh, PLUS don't forget that you won't ever have to worry about the LEDs burning out - Heck, even if you kept it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take 11 YEARS before they would burn out! WOW!!!

    If you've looked at LED flashlights, you know they are the pedigree of the lighting world - for a light like this, you're looking at least $20-$30 easy. Your cost? Again we're talking just $5.97 and US Shipping is FREE!! It's the BEST DEAL we've ever offered on an LED Flashlight! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

    PS - At this price, you'd better grab a few! Can't go wrong for $5.97!! Not sure how long these will be available to us at this kind of price, so RUN to the site and get in on this as soon as you can! The price may increase without notice - get 'em while they're $5.97!!!

    Need More Space In Your Closet?

    Like 3X As Much?

    Ever Hang Clothes On Door Knobs Cuz There's No Room Left?

    Ever Have Wrinkled Clothes Because Your Closet Is Too Tight?

    Ever Wish You Had Just A Little More Room? 

    Then You'll LOVE This - The Ultimate Solution For Cramped Closets!

    Super-Special Price Today Too! Save Big $$$$

    Go From This...

    Magic Hangers

    To This...

    Is Your Closet So Full of Clothes That It's Busting At The Seams?

    Well Before You Go And Knock Out A Closet Wall, Try These!

    OK, so you're a "clothes Magic Hangershorse"! You've got so many clothes you can outfit the entire army of a small country! (But for some reason, you still can't find a thing to wear!) Or, maybe you live in house or apartment where the closets are so small that you have to remind yourself where they are 'cause if you blink when you walk by, you miss 'em! Either way, the problem's the same: too many clothes for the amount of closet space! Well, before you take a sledge hammer to one of the closet walls (yeah, that'll work but kind of messy...just trust me on that one!) give these a try...THEY REALLY WORK!!!

    A short while ago we got a delivery from one of our suppliers. There was the usual bunch of new things they wanted us to look at but they also included a note. It explained they sent along something a little different called, "Magic Hangers". Well as it turns out, they're the manufacturer of these and they asked us to just give these a try 'cause, "They work!", and they thought for sure that our readers would love them as much as everyone else who tried these!

    OK, fine. Wanting to humor them more than anything else, I hung a set of these "Magic Hangers" up in the closet and, what do ya know!! They really DO work!

    When you understand HOW these work, you're gonna be a believer just like I am! As you can see, there are Two Hanger Hooks connected by a bar that has 5 openings for hangers to fit into. The large hanger hooks fit over the closet bar and then you hang your individual in those five openings in the cross-bar. Then Just Lift Up One of the Large Hanger Hooks and let it drop. When you do that, you've just TRIPLED THE SIZE OF YOUR CLOSET SPACE!!! (And didn't even a sledge hammer after all, did you?)

    So, what happens is that instead of your clothes hanging HORIZONTALLY across the closet bar like they usually would, they hang VERTICALLY! All that horizontal room that use to be taken up by hangers is freed up!!! So now you can hang 5 articles of clothing where you previously could only hang ONE!

    Not only does this give you more room in your closet, but WAIT TIL YOU SEE HOW NEAT YOUR CLOTHES ARE!!! As I'm sure you already know, when you jam a bunch of clothes into a crowded they get wrinkled so now you either have to iron them or take them to the dry cleaners! But when you use the "Magic Hangers", your CLOTHES STAY NEAT AND WRINKLE-FREE!!!

    And these "Magic Hangers" are strong! STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD UP TO 5 WINTER COATS!!! Just more having to stuff those bulky overcoats in the garage or wherever you can make room! You'll have room now!

    Put these in the kids' closet to keep them from fighting over closet space. (They'll probably find something else to fight about, but it won't be "no closet space"!) And these are great for college dorms, studio apartments or any place where space is a little cramped or especially when roommates need to share closet space!

    As I said, we're working directly with the manufacturer on this one so we're going to give you a REALLY great price today! You can get a single hanger for just $2.97 (that's not a typo) or get a set of 8 for just $12.97! Now THAT'S A DEAL!

    Single Hanger - $2.97 (Free US Shipping)

    8 Pack - $12.97 (Free US Shipping - + Best Deal)

    PS. We want to make this so incredibly enticing right now that EVERYONE WILL TRY THESE!!! So, this price will DEFINITELY NOT LAST!!!

    Another Knock-Out, Jaw-Droppin' Price Break!!

    Lowest Price Ever - Now's The Time To Buy!

    Hey, our supplier is giving us a discount on these for the next few days, so we're passing the crazy savings on to you! Normally, these are an amazingly low $39.97 - a price that makes most wholesalers think we should be in an institution of some sort on heavy medication. Unfortunately for us (and good for you), we're like a drunk limbo player that just doesn't know enough to stop - we're going to go even LOWER baby! If you order today you can snag a pair for just $34.97!! You can't find a cheap set of discount binoculars for that kind of money, and here we are - almost givin' away a set of these amazing Bushnell binoculars that have a built in digital camera! Better get yours before we get back on our meds! Why is my wall covered with spiders anyway?!?!?

    Binoculars With A Built-In Digital Camera!!!


    Big 7x Image Magnification!


    You Gotta Try These!

    There have been times when I've gone to a football game and had my binoculars and wished that I could take some pictures of what I was seeing. Sure, you can schlep along a digital camera with a zoom lens, but it's not much fun watching a game through a camera lens! (Trust me...I tried it - but only for a few minutes.) That's why I was so excited when we got these in! After all, this could be a great solution for all of us who have struggled with the "binocular vs. camera" conundrum!

    I got to admit, I was "cautiously optimistic" when I first saw these. But I saw these were made by Bushnell - a trusted, old "stand-by" in the field of optical products. So I thought, "What the heck...let me give 'em a run thru!"

    These work just like a regular set of binoculars but it has the added feature of a built-in digital camera! So you can "See" a scene just like you normally would with a pair of binoculars. But, then you can also "Save It", and then "Download It" to your computer and even "Edit It"! Hmmm...that seemed interesting!

    Sure enough just like a regular set of binoculars, there's a "focus" knob. Actually, I thought was even better than most binoculars cuz it's in a convenient spot - right underneath the base of the camera, right by your thumb so it's easy to adjust. Also, there's an "eye adjustment" feature so you can get a perfect fit for the distance between your eyes. Heck, there's even a an additional setting to adjust for individual eye strength! (Something called a "diopter setting", apparently a feature that Bushnell binoculars have. Didn't expect to find something like that.) Maybe I was really onto something!

    Come to find out that it has "fully coated optics for optimum light transmission", plus it uses a "Porro prism system". Not sure about all that - all I know is that the magnification was pretty darn strong (7 x 18 mm magnification) and the view was very clear! In fact, it was better that other binoculars I've used that were much more expensive!

    As they say, "the proof is in the pudding", so I wanted to see what kind of pictures it would take. So I ran outside a took a few shots and well, you tell me!

    This first one of, "Old Glory", it was about 60 feet away from where I was standing. What's interesting is that it was pretty windy out when I snapped that shot and there's not a blur in the shot!


    Next, I thought I'd see how these would work with a moving object - just like if you were at a sporting event (football game, car race, whatever). Now, it just so happens this street has a posted speed limit of 50 mph, so I think it's safe to assume this car was moving at about that rate. And once again, no blur!!! What do ya think...not bad, heh?


    This is EXACTLY the thing for taking "stop action" shots! Also, I like that fact that this has a 1/4" standard tripod mount. Especially handy if you want to use the "Timer" feature and jump in the shot yourself!

    Also, this neat little binocular-camera has a button on top that let's use access different features:

    Timer - will take a photo after a 10 second delay when you press the shutter

    Repeat Shot - This is neat. It takes a rapid series of 3 consecutive photos about 12 second apart when you press and hold the shutter button.

    High/Low Photo Quality - This allows you to take photos at different resolutions (640x480 or 320x240).

    Movie Mode - This lets you take short movie clips ("avi files", at 320 x 240)

    Delete - Lets you delete the last photo or all photos on the camera

    There's an LCD Display at the top of the camera that shows you what "Modes" you selected and also shows you how many pictures you've already taken.

    As far as downloading the pictures to your computer, it couldn't be easier! It comes with a software program by Roxio, which makes excellent software products! (Now that I really didn't expect!) Just load the CD into your computer, plug one end of the USB cord (comes included!) into the camera and the other end into your computer and you're ready to roll! Just click on a couple of icons to transfer the pictures onto your computer and that's all to it! You can even edit your pictures directly from their if you want, which is perfect for someone who's pretty new to taking digital pictures and all. If you've been taking photos for a while and you're comfortable doing more advanced editing you can use a more advanced program specifically designed for photo editing, like this one we use.

    And check out all the accessories that comes with it including: a USB Cable, a Carry case and carry strap!


    I got to tell you, I was really pleasantly surprised with this little Bushnell beauty! Has just enough features to be really handy and useful without being too complicated! Easy to use and it works great! Plus it's compact so you can stick it in your pocket or attach the carrying case to your belt and go that route! This is great for sight seeing, sporting events or even family get togethers!

    This Bushnell "binocular-camera" is something we know you're gonna love so we're gonna let you have this at a price that'll put a smile on your face (Say, "Cheese!) Grab one of these units today for just $34.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

    P.S. - It has a "rugged" design so don't be afraid of bringing this along where ever you go...after all, that's what it's for!!!

    Got A Cellphone? 

    Then You're Gonna LOVE This!

    Now THIS Is The Way

    To Keep Your Cell Phone Out of Harms Way


    But Still Keep It Close At Hand While You're Driving!!!

    WOW!!! This Is A Must-Have For Teenage Drivers

    Or Anyone Who Drives And Has A Cell Phone!

    When you get in your car, do you usually just toss your cell phone on the passenger seat, or even worse, stash it in your pocket or purse and then when it rings, it's a mad dash to answer it! Not a good idea in the middle of traffic! Your eyes need to be on the road! We know that but then there's the "real world", right? Well, here's a solution that you're gonna love!

    This "Cell Phone Caddy" is just the thing to keep your phone nearby without having to worry about "rooting" around to find it when you're in the middle of traffic! Th "caddy" has a frame that attaches to your air conditioning vents, and then the body of the "caddy" just fits in place to the frame!

    Now you can keep your phone out of the way but still close at hand where you can see it! Great for "hands-free" cell phone use (something that's not only a good idea for safety reasons but has become the law in many places!) When you're phone rings, just glance at your phone that's craddled in your "Cell Phone Caddy" and see who's calling! It's so distracting when you get a call but you couldn't reach your phone in time and then you're wondering who it was that called!!! Now you'll be able to know and still keep safety "Number 1"!

    Your cell phone is held in place with a a type of "cushioned" clamping mechanism that releases with the touch of a button on the side! Also your cell phone is supported at the bottom with a small "ledge" that it sits on while in the craddle.


    If you'd rather have your phone positioned somewhere else, like on the top of your dashboard, YOU CAN DO THAT, TOO! Included in the package is double-sided adhesive material so you can firmly afix to your dashboard (or where ever!) and then secure the base of the "Cell Phone Caddy" to that!

    And if you travel over a lot of "rough terrain" with bumps in the road, you can even screw it into your dashboard fram with the set of braket and screws that are also included! Now THAT'S about as secure as you can get!!! But the choice is yours and everything is included!

    This is gonna put your mind at ease and still allow you to stay in control! And have we got a deal for you 'cause today you can grab this for only $6.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!

    PS If this was double or even the price, it'd be worth it. But at this bargain price, what are you waiting for?? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and grab one today! Price goes up tp $10.97 next week! Yikes!

    Absolutely Mind-Blowin' Card Reader Deal!

    Just $7.97!!! Really!

    WOW!! I Think I am Speechless!!!

    Now That's A Price That'll Really Make You Smile!!! :-D

    If I had to name my top favorite gadgets, card readers would definitely be on the list! I have so many SD cards, that a card reader is the only way I view what is stored on any given card. I just find them so cool and convenient. And they are so much easier to use than a messy cord. However, this amazing card reader really caught my attention, and I know it will catch yours too!

    First, we have never sold card reader like this for a price as low as $7.97! WOW! We have done $9.97, $10.97, heck even $16.97- but never before have we had one for a price as low as $7.97! Now that is just awesome!

    Everyone with an SD (secure digital), MMC, or RS card (or any variation thereof) will just LOVE this card reader!!

    Think about it, what would be easier- popping out your memory card, sliding it into the card reader, and plugging it into your USB port? Or, finding that cable that came with your device, untangling it (because you know they are always tangled), plugging it into your USB port, transferring your files, then following the cord as you go through the jungle of cords behind your computer, searching for the correct USB port and finally unplugging it? I think that answer is a real no-brainer! Of course, the card reader option is the easiest way to transfer your information from your card to your computer or vice versa!

    Next, let's discuss the design! This card reader is extremely compact and lightweight, therefore, making it perfect for anyone on the go!!! And the best part is, this card reader has Plug and Play, allowing it to work on any computer without having to install anything! Better yet, because you can transfer files to and from this card reader, it will work as a flash drive too!!!

    Because it uses USB 2.0, this card reader has blistering fast data transfer speed, and will definitely satisfy all your data transfer needs. This is one that you just have to check out!!! I just adore it, and for the price of just $7.97 and US Shipping is Free, you will adore yours too!

    P.S. Unfortunately, we only have a limited quantity of these in stock, and for that low price, I know they are going to just fly out the door! Order yours now, before they are gone!!!

    Do You Have A "Rat's Nest" of Long And Messy Cables Lying Around?

    A Jumbled Heap of Cords Under Your Desk, Behind The TV or (even worse) Strung Across The Floor...

    Just Waiting For An Accident To Happen With Someone Tripping?

    Then Check Out

    CableNeat Clam

    "CableNeat Clams" Cord Savers

    A Really Simple, Low-Cost Solution To "High-Tech" Cable Messes!!!

    And Wait Til You Check Out The Super Deal We Have On These Today!!

    Computers, appliances and telephones all have one thing in common: cords and cables...and plenty of them!! And that usually means one thing: a mess! I know...they're tough to tame. You just need a way to do it so you don't have to think about it any more. And we got it for ya! These are called the "CableNeat Clam" Cord Savers and they're so simple and heck...they work!

    They're called "clams" because, well...they look like clams! And the "cord saver" part is because that's exactly what they do - save your cords and cables!

    These just make so much sense, it isn't even funny!! A tangled mess of cords or cables spells nothin' but "Trouble". They take up a lot of space and they're dangerous! Someone could easily trip over them. The other thing is that if you have a bunch of cords under a desk and you try to vacuum there, the cords can easily get caught up in the vacuum rollers and mess up the vacuum AND break the cord (and pull stuff off the desk - yikes)! So in addition to the aggravation of having to vacuum around them all the time, now you're talking money out of your pocket...never fun!

    But these are great because they're so easy to use, they take up hardly any room and they work with ANY type of cord or cable: audio, video or computer cables electric cords even extension cords!

    And using these is a Snap! Here's all you do:

    CableNeat Clam

    1. Hold one half of the CableNeat Clam, turn it inside out. Do the same on the other have. (Now both halves are open (and inside out).

    CableNeat Clam

    2. Roll the excess cables/cords onto the center spool.

    CableNEat Clam

    3. Close up the left and right Clam halves.

    CableNeat Clam

    See! Simple as can be! And like I said, THESE WORK!!! Sure there are other ways that are "higher-tech" and a WHOLE LOT MORE MONEY to solve the problem of messy cords and cables, but why get fancy when "simple" works great! Besides, you'll save a whole lot of money this way! Speaking of saving a whole lot of money, I said we were having these at a special price and these are just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!




    >>>> Buy TODAY And We'll Make It A TWO Pack At NO Additional Cost!!! That's Right - You Get 2 Of These Fantastic Cable Holders For Just $8.97!! WOW!!

    PS - Grab a few of these so you have enough for around the house. Remember, these work with cables for your computer, audio and video equipment, any electric cords and even your phone!!!

     Wireless LAN USB AdapterAwesome Wireless Network Adapter!

    Go Wireless In Seconds!

    Don't Blow $100 Somewhere Else!!

    Grab This For Just $16.97!! REALLY!!

     - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

    We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

    If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite restaurant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

    Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
    Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
    Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
    Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
    Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
    Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

    Plus this device has a operating range of up to 984 feet!!! WOW!! Now that is super far!!!! That will make sure you get connected whenever you need to be connected!!!

    I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

    Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. Plus, this is the lowest price we've ever offered it for! WOW!

    OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:

    PS - Don't blow $100 on one of these somewhere else - go wireless TODAY for just $16.97! Our lowest price ever!

    Have A High Definition TV?

    It's Not REALLY High Def Unless You're Using An HDMI Cable!

    Discover How Incredible Your HDTV Can Really Look!

    Other Cables Can't Deliver True High Definition - You MUST Use An HDMI Cable!

    And We Have A Gold-Plated Deal For You Today!

    Wanna here a sad little story that repeats itself all the time? People go out and buy an amazing new HD TV (Plasma, LCD, DLP ect) and when they plug it in and hook it up, they discover that, much to their dismay, the picture, well, sort of sucks. Why? It's all the in cables!

    Unless you are connecting your DVD, Cable Box, Satellite Dish, Bluray, ect to your TV via an HDMI cable, you're just not getting the quality you paid for. Period. Other cables simply can't provide the bandwidth you need to get HD video to your TV at full resoultion. It's a shame to spend hundreds - or thousands - on a top notch TV, only to plug it in with crappy cables.

    I can tell you from experience you'll be blown away at what a difference the right cable can make in your picture! I've used 'em all - from the basic yellow/red/white AV cables, to "S" video, then Component Video then to HDMI - and it gets better each time (with HDMI being kind of the hill)! Only problem is, HDMI cables can be crazy expensive at the big box stores - $50, $100, even $200!!

    Want an affordable HDMI cable? We have 'em for you! These fantastic HDMI cables are going to upgrade your HD TV's picture instantly! We're talking 24K gold plated connectors, copper braided outer shield, and a design that's going to get you an amazingly clean, crisp picture!

    Bottom line: If you've got an HD TV and you're not using an HDMI cable, you're not watching HiDef TV - you're really not.

    Want to grab a cable? Well, this 6 foot HDMI cable is just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!

    Anyone with an HDTV who's not using a cable is like a guy who won't drive his Ferrari past 25MPH! Grab one today!

    PS - Obviously, make sure your TV has HDMI inputs (any current HDTV will) and make sure whatever components you're plugging in do as well (again, any newer equipment will).

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