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Primo Tips & Tricks - May 2009

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PrimoPDF Tips & Tricks

Issue Number 5 - May 2009

PrimoPDF Basic PDF creation

Creating Excellent PDFs from Excel

One of the most challenging aspects of converting Excel files to PDF is ensuring the table columns fit within the page width of your PDF file. Often, you may find that columns spill over onto a separate page, making it difficult for readers to navigate through the data in a meaningful way. However, it is possible to better control tables, ensuring that related data can be viewed together exactly as intended.

To ensure your table fits within your PDF page width

  1. From Excel, select the worksheet to be converted and choose File > Page Setup, and then click the Page tab.
  2. Under Scaling, click Fit to.
  3. In the first box beside Fit to, enter 1 (for 1 page wide). Delete the value in the second box so that the number of pages tall is unspecified.
  4. Click OK to save your changes, then print to PrimoPDF as usual.
To ensure your table fits within a specified number of pages

Choose File > Page Setup, and then select Fit To. Enter the desired number of pages, click OK and print to PrimoPDF as usual. It's that easy!

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Basic PDF creation Basic PDF creation

Convert PDF files to Excel – for Free!

We've talked about how to convert Excel files to PDF, but what happens when you encounter a PDF that you need to convert back to Excel?

Now there's an easy way to extract tables from PDFs, using PDF to Excel, a completely free online service provided by Nitro. Similar to its PDF-to-Word counterpart, PDF to Excel enables you to transform PDF files into fully-editable Excel files. An extended version of the converter will be introduced with Nitro PDF Professional 6 which is due for release early next month, but you can start using this free service today at

Read more about Nitro PDF Professional Learn more about PDF to Excel at the Nitro PDF blog.
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