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Computer Tips [ What's Snooping Around Your Computer? + Conficker - The Fight Continues + There's No Place Like Home ] 05/27/2009

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I Want to go Home!

Some websites are cavernous trenches that seem to scroll on for miles. If you've ever been party to a site like this, do you find it a royal pain in the you-know-what scrolling all the way back up to the top again? Your mouse wheel can only take so much punishment! So, instead of wasting your time digging yourself out of a site, why not just use a quick keystroke and be done with it?

That's right. Just hit the Home key. It's located above the arrow keys on your keyboard in-between Insert and Page Up. Just hit Home and shazam! You're at the top of the webpage!

This tip works just about everywhere, so Firefox and Internet Explorer users are covered! What's better is that is works for stuff like MS Word too! Write as much as you want, browse as much as you want, because you really can go Home again!


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So, you think you're a smarty pants? Well, I challenge thee to Worldstart Trivia! Just go over to the WS site and take a stab at our weekly question. Go on! Match some wits with the Worldstart crew! It'll be fun!

This week's question is of the animated variety. What was the first full-length computer animated film? Think you have the answer? No more hesitation! Go to it!


Another Knock-Out, Jaw-Droppin' Price Break!!

Lowest Price Ever - Now's The Time To Buy!

Hey, our supplier is giving us a discount on these for the next few days, so we're passing the crazy savings on to you! Normally, these are an amazingly low $39.97 - a price that makes most wholesalers think we should be in an institution of some sort on heavy medication. Unfortunately for us (and good for you), we're like a drunk limbo player that just doesn't know enough to stop - we're going to go even LOWER baby! If you order today you can snag one for just $34.97!! You can't find a cheap set of discount binoculars for that kind of money, and here we are - almost givin' away a set of these amazing Bushnell binoculars that have a built in digital camera! Better get yours before we get back on our meds! Why is my wall covered with spiders anyway?!?!?

Binoculars With A Built-In Digital Camera!!!


Big 7x Image Magnification!


You Gotta Try These!

There have been times when I've gone to a football game and had my binoculars and wished that I could take some pictures of what I was seeing. Sure, you can schlep along a digital camera with a zoom lens, but it's not much fun watching a game through a camera lens! (Trust me...I tried it - but only for a few minutes.) That's why I was so excited when we got these in! After all, this could be a great solution for all of us who have struggled with the "binocular vs. camera" conundrum!

I got to admit, I was "cautiously optimistic" when I first saw these. But I saw these were made by Bushnell - a trusted, old "stand-by" in the field of optical products. So I thought, "What the heck...let me give 'em a run thru!"

These work just like a regular set of binoculars but it has the added feature of a built-in digital camera! So you can "See" a scene just like you normally would with a pair of binoculars. But, then you can also "Save It", and then "Download It" to your computer and even "Edit It"! Hmmm...that seemed interesting!

Sure enough just like a regular set of binoculars, there's a "focus" knob. Actually, I thought was even better than most binoculars cuz it's in a convenient spot - right underneath the base of the camera, right by your thumb so it's easy to adjust. Also, there's an "eye adjustment" feature so you can get a perfect fit for the distance between your eyes. Heck, there's even a an additional setting to adjust for individual eye strength! (Something called a "diopter setting", apparently a feature that Bushnell binoculars have. Didn't expect to find something like that.) Maybe I was really onto something!

Come to find out that it has "fully coated optics for optimum light transmission", plus it uses a "Porro prism system". Not sure about all that - all I know is that the magnification was pretty darn strong (7 x 18 mm magnification) and the view was very clear! In fact, it was better that other binoculars I've used that were much more expensive!

As they say, "the proof is in the pudding", so I wanted to see what kind of pictures it would take. So I ran outside a took a few shots and well, you tell me!

This first one of, "Old Glory", it was about 60 feet away from where I was standing. What's interesting is that it was pretty windy out when I snapped that shot and there's not a blur in the shot!


Next, I thought I'd see how these would work with a moving object - just like if you were at a sporting event (football game, car race, whatever). Now, it just so happens this street has a posted speed limit of 50 mph, so I think it's safe to assume this car was moving at about that rate. And once again, no blur!!! What do ya think...not bad, heh?


This is EXACTLY the thing for taking "stop action" shots! Also, I like that fact that this has a 1/4" standard tripod mount. Especially handy if you want to use the "Timer" feature and jump in the shot yourself!

Also, this neat little binocular-camera has a button on top that let's use access different features:

Timer - will take a photo after a 10 second delay when you press the shutter

Repeat Shot - This is neat. It takes a rapid series of 3 consecutive photos about 12 second apart when you press and hold the shutter button.

High/Low Photo Quality - This allows you to take photos at different resolutions (640x480 or 320x240).

Movie Mode - This lets you take short movie clips ("avi files", at 320 x 240)

Delete - Lets you delete the last photo or all photos on the camera

There's an LCD Display at the top of the camera that shows you what "Modes" you selected and also shows you how many pictures you've already taken.

As far as downloading the pictures to your computer, it couldn't be easier! It comes with a software program by Roxio, which makes excellent software products! (Now that I really didn't expect!) Just load the CD into your computer, plug one end of the USB cord (comes included!) into the camera and the other end into your computer and you're ready to roll! Just click on a couple of icons to transfer the pictures onto your computer and that's all to it! You can even edit your pictures directly from their if you want, which is perfect for someone who's pretty new to taking digital pictures and all. If you've been taking photos for a while and you're comfortable doing more advanced editing you can use a more advanced program specifically designed for photo editing, like this one we use.

And check out all the accessories that comes with it including: a USB Cable, a Carry case and carry strap!


I got to tell you, I was really pleasantly surprised with this little Bushnell beauty! Has just enough features to be really handy and useful without being too complicated! Easy to use and it works great! Plus it's compact so you can stick it in your pocket or attach the carrying case to your belt and go that route! This is great for sight seeing, sporting events or even family get togethers!

This Bushnell "binocular-camera" is something we know you're gonna love so we're gonna let you have this at a price that'll put a smile on your face (Say, "Cheese!) Grab one of these units today for just $34.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


P.S. - It has a "rugged" design so don't be afraid of bringing this along where ever you go...after all, that's what it's for!!!

Now You Can Take Your Favorite Photos




ScreenSaver Maker

And Have A Professional Looking Screen Show

Right On Your Computer Desktop

And The Best Part Is - You're Not Going To Believe How EASY It Is!!

This is SO AMAZING because now there's finally a simple way you can take all those photos you've got laying around "somewhere" on your hard drive and REALLY BRING THEM TO LIFE!!! I'm talking about a program we just got in called, ScreenSaver Maker and it's really gonna make things exciting for photos! And I don't mean just taking a picture and making it better, either! That's like comparing a single picture to a movie! Yeah, this is something you're gonna want to show off to all of your family and friends!!!

And what's really great about this is that you can start out with some general photos you really like OR you can take photos of a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary and turn it into a way to commemorate the event forever! This is the BEST way to preserve memories you want to keep or share with your friends! And take a look at how really simple this is!

Step 1: First, start out with the template you want. There's so many, they cover just about any event you can think of! Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Graduation, Halloween, the birth of a new baby, "Happy New Year!"... even Valentine's Day! Getting back to our example, let's look use the one for a Wedding.

Now if you're an "old hat" in working with digital photos, you can create your own projects from scratch and just skip using the templates altogether! (Me...I'm gonna stick with the template on this one!)

Also, you can add your own touch even more by adding personalized captions to your project!


Step 2: The next thing is to just insert the photos and other images you want to use right into the template! (If you can "drag and drop" you can do this!!!)

Now let's spice things up even further! And each template is automatically set with its own "animated features" or you can use your own! And if you want to take it a step further, you can create professional "transition effects", like wipes, fades, patterns and more! Again, the template "wizard" walks you through every step of the way! So even if you don't think you're very good at digital photography, relax, this is a piece of cake!

Next, why don't we add some music? After all, that helps create the mood, right? So we'll just go ahead and select the music we want to include. And if you don't have any music, that's not a problem either because each template has music already included! (See...I told you this was easy!) 

Step 3: When you've got everything the way you like it, hit, "Preview" and then save! That's all there is to it! VOILA!! You've got a FANTASTIC show, highlighting your FAVORITE Photos...complete with music and special effects! And it's all RIGHT ON YOUR DESKTOP! How's that for "SIMPLE"?? And, remember since we're making a "Sreen Saver", this will protect your computer monitor too!

Now, once you finish a project, if you're as excited as I was 9which I'm sure you will!), you're going to want to send this to a lot of people you know...AND YOU CAN ! "Save" your project and email it, post it on a website or even "burn" it to disc! And, "yes", it's easy even for the "non-technical" person!

Imagine, wouldn't this kind of presentation make a FANTASTIC GIFT for a wedding? You have to admit, it would would very unique and special! And something the bride and groom would really appreciate! And of course you can use for any occasion!

Another thing, kids love how the music and animation are mixed in with the photos ! What a great way to remember grandpa or grandma, heh!!!

Just think of how many times each year you'll be able to use this! And not just for yourselfand your own photos, but on ALL OF THOSE OCCASIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!!! And I think it's safe to say, you'll have a lot of fun all along the way creating these amazing ScreenSaver projects! But you better grab one of these quick 'cause last time we had a program similar to this, we sold out in one day!!!! Yikes!! Don't be left out...grab yours today for just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


PS. - I know this is something that you'll love, your family will love and oh yeah, your computer monitor too! Start turning your photos into vivid memories starting today!

OK, NOW It's The Most Amazing Deal EVER On An LED Flashlight!

Blindin' Bright 9 LED Flashlight - Just $5.97!!!!

That's No Typo - These Incredible Flashlights Really Are Just $5.97!

Grab As Many As You Can! 

Rock-Solid, Heave Duty, Aluminium, Super Bright!! WOW!!

Ohhhh, I just LOVE it when I get a call from a supplier and they say something like, "Hey Steve, I got a problem. I have a bunch of extra 9 LED flashlights I need to move. Can you help?"

So, after a little back and forth, we agree on a price that even couldn't believe I got! Soooooo - YOU get a jaw-droppin' deal on some fantastic 9 LED Flashlights! We're talking just $5.97 for a 9 LED Flashlight! We've never had 'em that cheap! Heck, I'm not sure anyone has ever had 'em that cheap! It's a knock-out deal, that's for sure!

Oh, and wait till you try 'em! Turn it on BUT don't look into it - this baby is really BRIGHT! It's absolutely amazing how much light those 9 LEDs throw out! You wouldn't think a flashlight this small would be this BLINDIN' BRIGHT!!! WOW!!

Speaking of size - wait till you feast your fingers on this little guy! It's super-compact and easily fits in the palm of your hand! Makes it super-easy to take anywhere! I already have one in each of my cars, and my wife keeps on in her purse. It's so small you don't even know it's there - till ya need it! Grab one for each of your cars, your camper, boat, house, garage, camera bag - anywhere you need a small, bright, reliable light!

Plus, this thing is REALLY well built too! Don't let the price fool ya! These aren't some cheap plastic lights - this bad boy is SOLID! We're talking a heavy-duty all aluminium barrel that can really take some serious pounding! Plus, the grip is just fantastic and I can personally attest that even when your hands are dripping wet (or snow covered), it's easy to keep ahold of! The design also keeps it from rolling around!

Get this - since this is an LED flashlight, it seems to run FOREVER on a set of batteries! Changing batteries or running out of juice is going to be a very RARE thing now! Oh, PLUS don't forget that you won't ever have to worry about the LEDs burning out - Heck, even if you kept it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take 11 YEARS before they would burn out! WOW!!!

If you've looked at LED flashlights, you know they are the pedigree of the lighting world - for a light like this, you're looking at least $20-$30 easy. Your cost? Again we're talking just $5.97 and US Shipping is FREE!! It's the BEST DEAL we've ever offered on an LED Flashlight! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!


PS - At this price, you'd better grab a few! Can't go wrong for $5.97!! Not sure how long these will be available to us at this kind of price, so RUN to the site and get in on this as soon as you can! The price may increase without notice - get 'em while they're $5.97!!!

Computers 101

What is spyware? How do I know if I have some on my computer? How do I get rid of it?

Spyware is basically a type of program that gathers information about you without your knowledge. This information may be distributed to many sources or just a single source.

Note that if a program alerts you that your personal information may be shared it is not "technically" spyware, but it can be considered "Adware".

Spyware programs can be extremely annoying and can wreak havoc on your system. They can cause slow downs, lockups, and all sorts of other problems.

The bad news is there are hundreds of these types of programs out there. Some common spyware programs include: Hotbar, Comet Cursor, Xupiter, Gator, Offer Companion and BonziBuddy.

Before downloading any "free" program from the internet, be sure to read the licensing agreement. did you know that Increadimail is technically adware? How about RealOne Player—it puts"data mining" software on your system to "track preferences" and report back to the mothership. Even free CD games from a cereal box or fast food kid's meal can put "adware" (often called "foistware") on your system.

If you want to make sure that a program is safe before you download or install, head over to Spychecker and type in the name. You will find a link to the company's privacy statement so you can read exactly what information will be collected and how it will be used before you download. I was surprised to find some familiar names.

Now, what to do about it. There are two great programs out there: Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware . Spybot is very thorough, but it often lists files that aren't spyware making it more likely that you accidentally delete something. Ad-Aware is the easiest to use and my personal favorite.

Download and install Ad-Aware from this location:


Once you’ve installed it, open the program up and click "Scan Now". You can use default scanning options, select just the drives and folders you want to scan, or perform a quick system check. On your left pane the program gives you a list of different places to scan. Then click the “Next†button.


The program will scan your entire system. Just sit back and relax and let it do its job.

Once the program has finished, click the " Next" button and it will present you with a list of programs that it has discovered. You can double click to find out what the file is and the risk level. Check the boxes you want to remove, then click "Next" for Ad-Aware to remove those components.

To download and install Spybot S & D go to this location:


Once installed, open the program and hit the "Search and Destroy" button, then "Check for Problems". Sit back and do your carpal-tunnel exercises while waiting for the scan to complete.

As I mentioned earlier, Spybot likes to include things on the list that aren't spyware like updaters for programs and even Microsoft's Media Player! The best thing to do before checking something off is to double click for a description of the program.

Check off only the malicious ones you want deleted, then click "Fix selected problems" to remove the spyware.

The first time you run a scan with either program, don't be surprised if you find a few hundred spyware/adware varmints hiding in your system. If so, once deleted your computer should start running alot faster. Run a scan along with your usual monthly maintenance routine.

Happy hunting.

~ David

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MS Office

Default Save to Other File Formats

If, for whatever reason, you're using the MS Office 2007 programs and always need to save files in a format different from the default then I'd bet that you're tired of forgetting to make that change.

I don't know about you, but I just enter a file name and hit the enter key… changing the file type is the last thing I think of.

In fact, since I personally don't do this type of save very often I usually think of it as I see the Save As window closing. (You can just insert your own text to imagine what I'm thinking as I restart the process.)

But, if it's something you do pretty much every time then you might be interested in knowing that you can change the default format for saving new files.

To make this change you need to go to the program's options via the Office Button then the Options button in the lower right corner.

Next you need the Save category of the Options dialog window.

The first thing you'll find is "Save files in this format" with a drop-down list.

You'll see that it's quite a long list to choose from - the same as you'd find in the usual saving process. This particular list is for Excel but each program comes with its own possibilities.

Choose the format you need and click OK.

And that's it… from now on when you save a new file it will by default be in the format you chose.

Oh, and don't worry, the Save As dialog window still works the same - you can choose a different file format for any individual file you need.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

WOW!!! HUGE Price Break!! Lowest Price Ever!!!

OK - get this! Our supplier contacts us and tells us he just got a HUGE deal on these! We ask the price and WOW!! Yeah, he got a deal alright! Normally these retail for $39.99, we usually have them discounted for just $10.97, but TODAY you can get them for - ready? - Just $6.97 and US Shipping is FREE! 

It's a mind-blowin' deal on what has to be the best software of its kind! If you're running Vista - or just thinking about it - then you really have to try this! For $6.97, you'll discover just how great Vista can be! It really is easy - when you know what you're doing! You spent a ton on your computer, isn't it worth another $6.97 to get the most from it???

YES! YOU Absolutely, Positively Can Be A Windows Vista Pro!

Try It For A Few Hours - It Will Completely Blow-You-Away!

Brilliant Audio & Video Presentations Teach You Everything!

Interactive Simulations Let You Virtually "Try" Techniques Safely!

The BEST $6.97 You'll EVER Spend On Your Computer!!

Hey - Are you a Widows Vista user? Are you going to be? Maybe just thinking about an upgrade? If so, you've just got to try the program that took me from newbie to pro in no time! It's called Professor Teaches Windows Vista and it makes learning Windows Vista a snap!

If you're tired and frustrated with Vista, you're not alone! It's really a great system, but it's juuusssst different enough from previous versions of Windows to make you pull-your-hair-out-crazy trying to make it work the way you want! Come on - Why not say goodbye to all the headaches and take control? Professor Teaches Windows Vista is just the ticket out of frustrationville!

First off, this software uses over 150 absolutely fantastic multimedia presentations to show you how all the new features work - in every version of Vista! You'll really love how easy these terrific presentations are to follow and watch! See, you're not just reading a page of text; this uses engaging audio and video to explain exactly how you do something! PLUS I really love that they cover it all for each topic - there's not a single mouse click left out of the presentation! This won't leave you guessing - it'll leave you knowing EXACTLY what to do! It's like having Bill Gates sitting next to you, going over Vista step by step (only this is a little cheaper :-)!

Oh, and then it takes your learning to the next level! OK, you know how most people seem to learn better by "trying it out" on their own? Well, this has an amazing Vista Simulator built in! So, get this - you watch a lesson, then you can actually "try" it - just like you were using Windows, only you're not going to be able to mess anything up! How cool is that? If that's not the smartest way ever to teach Windows, I don't know what is! It's really like having a private computer tutor! Heck, you can even take a quiz at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge!

 Plus, you'll really love the way the presentations progress too- they won't leave you behind scratching your head! You'll start off with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics as you learn. Of course, you can always skip back and review, but let me tell ya, as good as this software is, you probably won't need to! Plus, if you need a quick fix to a problem, you can skip to any topic at any time!

What's covered? HA - What isn't? This thoroughly covers everything you'll ever want to know about Vista! Want a small taste of what you're gonna get on this jam-packed CD? We're talking: setting up internet and e-mail, firewalls, online security, updates, networking, customizing your desktop, troubleshooting problems, disk maintenance, backups, getting remote help, printing, adding / removing programs from startup, intros to everything (desktop, explorer, folders, ect), customizing your start menu, getting the best performance, working with files and folders, using the taskbar, a bunch of great desktop tricks, and more! You're REALLY gonna love it!

Oh, and that's not all - you gotta see this! If you already know how to use XP, this has a special section just for you! It's a "transition" section that takes what you already know about XP and shows you how its now done in Vista! You'll find this is a HUGE time saver and a great way to get your Vista experience on the fast track!

Here's the main categories:

Vista Basics
Using The Desktop
Managing Computer Security
Working With Internet & E-mail
Managing And Maintenance
Working With Files And Folders
Interacting With Other Computers
Personalizing Vista
Print & Media

Whew, it covers a TON and we've only touched the surface here! Seriously, if you're running Windows Vista or are going to be, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This makes the transition soooo much easier, it's crazy to fight and struggle along! Give this a try, by the time you're done you'll not only love Vista, you'll be using it like a pro!

Your price? Today, you can get these for just $6.97! Really!! That's FREE US Shipping of course, plus if you don't love it, just send it back within 60 days for a refund!  Trust me, this is the best way to learn Vista - I've never seen a faster - or easier - way to learn! You'll love it too!


PS - This is a limited quantity deal and the price is only good for a limited time (it'll be $16.97 soon). If you are ever going to be face to face with a Vista computer, this is going to make that experience soooo much better! Crazy not to grab it - I know I'm impressed!

The Best Way To Optimize Your XP Computer!

On Sale - Today Only - $8.97!

Crank Up The Speed!

Customize It The Way YOU Want!

All Automatic! All EASY!

Using XP? Want it faster? Better? Customized to your liking? Well, have we got a deal for you :-)

We have an amazing program called Boost XP and it's about to make your XP experience a whole lot better! This program is sooo amazing, it's been completely SOLD OUT everywhere for the past month or so! It's finally back in stock so if you use XP, you just gotta grab this one while you can at such an amazing price!

I tell ya - I don't think I've ever seen a program that lets you take soooo much control over your PC! I mean, everything is covered! You can really crank up your speed settings, slice your boot-up time, get the excess junk off your hard drive freeing up gobs of space, and - my favorite part - really customize Windows to be EXACTLY what you want it to be!

I discovered so many tweaks - it just blew me away! Want to dump all the excess junk in your RAM (and speed things back up) after using a memory hoggin' program? How about enable auto-login when you start up? Or maybe automatically close an app that's hung up? Would you like give some programs priority over others? Are you looking for an awesome defrag and scan disk program? Or would you like to remove the flag from the start button? Get the idea?

If a setting can be adjusted or optimized, you can do it with this software!

All in all, this includes a whopping 40 tools that can do TONS of tweaks. And the best thing is it's all automatic! I don't think there's a setting in Windows this software can't tweak or improve. We were amazed at everything this one piece of software can do - and how easy it was to make changes. Stuff that would normally be exceedingly difficult or impossible for the average user to accomplish was done in a couple mouse clicks.

Here's just a very small sample of what this software can do:

Speed up Windows
Manage your startup programs for faster bootup
Improve RAM performance
Optimize your Internet Connection
Remove unnecessary“temp” and “junk” files
Optimize and speed your Windows Registry
Customize and tweak hundreds of your system settings
Repair damaged Zip files
Manage cookies & Internet history
Securely delete sensitive files
Change wallpaper & add calenders
Get rid of obsolete files
Fix invalid files associations
(like when a file opens in the wrong program)
Prevent dangerous programs from launching
Keep your system running trouble-free!

So many enhancements, so little time!

This is one program every Windows XP user really needs. Everything is in one place - optimizing your machine couldn't be easier! I could go on and on about this one, but the page at the site is enormous and will give you an even better idea of all the features this includes. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program ~ you gotta check it out!

Again, your price for today is just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version of the software and retails for $29.99! It's an amazing deal, but this time quantities are limited. Check out the site:


WARNING - This is the last of 'em! It took us months just to be able to run this again! Please order fast - I can't recommend this program strongly enough! You MUST-MUST order today to get the sale price of $8.97!

Today at WorldStart.com

Clear Your Icons Up

You have beautiful Worldstart wallpaper up on your desktop, but your icons have some conflicting color that just muddy up the whole composition! What's an art-conscious computer user to do!? Check out the Worldstart site today and learn how you can "clear" things up! Your 11th grade art teacher would be proud!

Most Livable

Looking to move to paradise? Well, you don't need to charter a boat and some smelly old sea-captain to do it! Go to Worldstart.com and take a look at our featured Cool Site! Odds are you'll like what you see in some community!

Here's the link you need: http://www.worldstart.com/ Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Stick a paper clip where?!

Did you ever get a disk stuck in your drive? Nothing seems to work—you've pressed the button a million times, tried to open by right-clicking the drive and choosing "eject", maybe even contemplated using a screw driver to pry the thing open.

Before you take out the drive and try to surgically remove the disk, or worse, buy a new drive, try this simple little trick to manually open your disk drive tray.

1. Unwind a paperclip.

2. Stick it in the little hole on the drive tray, usually near the eject button.

You heard me right. There's a little hole you probably never even noticed. It's the manual release for the drive tray.

I know it saved me many times with those pesky disks.

~ David

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Today's Feature

Conficker Again?

So, it looks like the Conficker worm is still not quite ready to go away. Ever since April 1st when the Conficker worm failed to do its task, as some claimed it would, people assumed that the worm was not a threat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some recent research has found that Conficker is alive and well; infecting up to 50,000 computers daily!

At this point, the worm has still not come through with a large scale attack. We here at Worldstart have written quite a few different articles about this bug, but with this new research I figured now would be a good time for a refresher on all things Conficker.

First, Conficker has many variants and many different effects it can cause on your computer. This can vary from absolutely nothing to loss of Internet connection and deletion of MS windows restore points. If you think you might have Conficker, you can check to see if you do. Click here to see how.

Second, Conficker can be removed. If you are having Conficker symptoms and you are unable to do MS updates or get your AV software to work, you can run a web based scan that is provided by Microsoft. This scan is free and you can get to it here.

The most important part of getting rid of a pesky bug is being vigilant. If everyone on the web can keep an eye out for signs of this worm, we can all fight to exterminate it.

Until next time, stay safe out there!


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Amanda's Coolsite

Most Fun

I love playing games like Mahjongg, Diner Dash and Luxor, but I have no real desire to shell out $20 a game for something I can only play once. Right now, I’m currently addicted to games where you have to hunt for items in a picture and drop puzzle games. The great news is, now I can play them as much as I want for free!

How does it work? Well, I’d be happy to tell you! You simply download the Most Fun game player, install it and then start playing. Some of the games are completely free and have no ads, others are supported by short ads before and after the game and some of them periodically pause to show you an ad. I thought the advertisement thing would be really annoying, but instead, I found it is totally worth it to have hours worth of free fun!

Once you’ve installed the player, you can choose as many or as few games as you’d like. The player will download and install them for you and let you know when they are ready to play. You can also use the player to uninstall them if you don’t like a game or if you’ve finished it.

Some games I’ve really enjoyed are: Blood Ties, Dream Chronicles, Diner Dash, The Treasures of Montezuma, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, Slingo Quest, Ricochet Lost Worlds, Plantasia, Buku Sudoku and Mahjongg Investigations.

There are still games I’ve yet to have a chance to play! They also always tell you when they’ve added something new on the opening page of the player, as well as, what’s popular.

I hope you enjoy playing these free games as much as I already have. I’m off to play Mahjongg Investigations, because I have more criminals to catch. Enjoy!


~ Amanda

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Monthly Wallpaper

Got A Cellphone? 

Then You're Gonna LOVE This!

Now THIS Is The Way

To Keep Your Cell Phone Out of Harms Way


But Still Keep It Close At Hand While You're Driving!!!

WOW!!! This Is A Must-Have For Teenage Drivers

Or Anyone Who Drives And Has A Cell Phone!

When you get in your car, do you usually just toss your cell phone on the passenger seat, or even worse, stash it in your pocket or purse and then when it rings, it's a mad dash to answer it! Not a good idea in the middle of traffic! Your eyes need to be on the road! We know that but then there's the "real world", right? Well, here's a solution that you're gonna love!

This "Cell Phone Caddy" is just the thing to keep your phone nearby without having to worry about "rooting" around to find it when you're in the middle of traffic! Th "caddy" has a frame that attaches to your air conditioning vents, and then the body of the "caddy" just fits in place to the frame!

Now you can keep your phone out of the way but still close at hand where you can see it! Great for "hands-free" cell phone use (something that's not only a good idea for safety reasons but has become the law in many places!) When you're phone rings, just glance at your phone that's craddled in your "Cell Phone Caddy" and see who's calling! It's so distracting when you get a call but you couldn't reach your phone in time and then you're wondering who it was that called!!! Now you'll be able to know and still keep safety "Number 1"!

Your cell phone is held in place with a a type of "cushioned" clamping mechanism that releases with the touch of a button on the side! Also your cell phone is supported at the bottom with a small "ledge" that it sits on while in the craddle.


If you'd rather have your phone positioned somewhere else, like on the top of your dashboard, YOU CAN DO THAT, TOO! Included in the package is double-sided adhesive material so you can firmly afix to your dashboard (or where ever!) and then secure the base of the "Cell Phone Caddy" to that!

And if you travel over a lot of "rough terrain" with bumps in the road, you can even screw it into your dashboard fram with the set of braket and screws that are also included! Now THAT'S about as secure as you can get!!! But the choice is yours and everything is included!

This is gonna put your mind at ease and still allow you to stay in control! And have we got a deal for you 'cause today you can grab this for only $6.97 and US shipping is FREE!!!


PS If this was double or even the price, it'd be worth it. But at this bargain price, what are you waiting for?? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and grab one today! Price goes up tp $10.97 tomorrow! Yikes!

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Great Blue Heron


Smoky Mountains Sunset


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