Thursday, May 7, 2009

[TechRepublic] How to spot future leaders; Firefox security tips

May 07, 2009

Video: Five signs to look for when identifying future leaders

Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesTo ensure that your IT organization remains vital, you need to identify individuals who show leadership potential and help them step into that role when they're ready. This episode of Sanity Savers for IT executives shares five of the traits to look for in future leaders.

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Windows 7What to look for in Windows 7
What's the best way to approach Windows 7? Start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind.

Tech evangelists and open source
Evangelism is part of every day life for the Linux user. Why is this? Jack Wallen addresses this topic with the idea of opening the eyes of all tech camps. Read on to see if you fall prey to the same evangelism Jack is guilty of.

Firefox: Some security tips
There are several reasons why Firefox is the Web browser of choice for many of us. Providing a safe Web surfing experience is one of the more important ones. I'd like to offer some tips that will make surfing the Web with Firefox even safer.

Job hunting? Avoid these five self-defeating actions
While you're looking for a job, there are a number of actions you can take to maintain positive peace of mind.

Apple AirPort Extreme Base StationProduct Spotlight: Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station
Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station simplifies wireless networking, while also enabling network printing or basic network storage accessibility. IT consultant, Erik Eckel, filed this review.

10 tips to go from a beginner to intermediate developer
Having trouble finding tips for beginner developers who want to take their career to the next level? Justin James aims to fill this information gap with his suggestions about how to make that leap.

How do I... Remote desktop to a Windows XP PC from Windows Vista?
With the recent outbreak of a new variant of the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu), companies have been forced to consider their emergency response to a pandemic. Telecommuting via remote access and VPN should play an integral part in those plans.

Keep the three management roles in an IT project separate
Rick Freedman explains why he thinks the clear separation of three distinct roles -- project manager, technical manager, and relationship manager -- gives projects a better probability of success and client satisfaction.

Track your on-the-job accomplishments with this free download
If you want to prove your value to your company, keep track of your accomplishments throughout the year using this free downloadable spreadsheet.

Cloud securityVideo: Rushing into the cloud may create a security nightmare
Security-as-a-service was the big theme at the 2009 RSA Conference. But rushing into the cloud may create a security nightmare. What happens if the cloud gets hacked?

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Don't count out Twitter as a useful support tool
Twitter is often decried as a frivolous time-waster, but Derek Schauland finds that it can also be an important support resource, if used the right way.

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