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** Sale pricing ends May 14, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise noted**

Quicken Willmaker 2008 Plus!

The Software Everyone Is Dying To Get! (Sorry Couldn't Resist)

The Ultimate Program For Creating Your Own Legal Will, Living Trust - MORE!!

Save Incredible Amounts Of Money On Legal Fees!

Make Your Own Legal Wills, Living Wills, Heath Care Directive, Powers of Attorney, Final Arrangements, and More!

Retails For $50, Amazon Sells It For $34, Barns & Noble And Office Depot Both Sell It For $50!

Your Price - Just $12.97!!! WOW!!

OK, today's title is a little different than our normal fare - but something everyone really needs. It's called Quicken's Willmaker Plus 2008 and it's a great way to make sure your wishes are followed when the time comes. I know, no one wants to think about going to the information superhighway in the sky, but everyone's time does indeed come. We all have a responsibility to make sure our loved ones don't need to go through any more grief than necessary, and this software can really help.

We all know what happens. Getting a lawyer is sometimes way too expensive, so many people are left without any type of will when the inevitable time comes. This software not only covers standard wills, but also has extensive living will documentation. When I was only 30 years old, my wife and I had a will drawn up by a lawyer, and it was a solid $600 just for a basic "who-gets-what" type of will. I can tell you that THIS is the program we use now - so much simpler to update and work with than a lawyer! Besides, makes it easy to take Uncle Ed off your will when he messes up at the family reunion :-)

This software makes creating a legal, binding, will or living will simple and extremely affordable. It includes thousands of document possibilities to suit just about every situation -- but don't worry, it's incredibly user-friendly! You'll have them finished in minutes - really! It's basically a "fill in the blanks" proposition.

Making updates is a snap too. This program is so informative and in a language everyone can understand. It basically takes you through an interview process which makes it really simple to fill out your document. Plus, if you're not sure what any of it means, the software includes an amazing guide, informative glossary, and a host of online resources. It breaks down the legalese into something all of us can understand!

To help show easy it is, here's an example. Let's say you're filling out a "Final Arrangements" document. Before you even get started, it gives you a check list - name, body donation, organ donation, burial details, person to oversee plans. Then, the column to the right tells you the purpose of each of those items. Now you know what you need and why :-)

In addition to living and standard wills, this also includes Power of Attorney documents, a legal glossary if you get stuck, and other critical estate planning forms. Everything you need in one easy to use package!

Let's face it - proper planning is something we all need to take care of for our loved ones. I've personally had a will since I was 30 years old, and it gets updated on a regular basis. To me, it just doesn't make sense not to have everything in place - I can't imagine putting my family through that. Plus, this is from Quicken, so it's not just some off the wall software that some guy wrote in his basement - this is the real deal. Wouldn't surprise me even a little if this was the software lawyers used to create legal wills and documents for their clients!

Your price is fantastic - just $12.97 and US shipping is free. Again, this retails for $50 - and when you consider all it does it's is worth every penny of that price. If you've been putting off making a will or living will, just $12.97 can get you there.

PS - Estate planning is something we all have to do. It's not a task anyone enjoys, but at this price it's probably the least expensive way you'll ever see to get the job done. Isn't it worth $12.97 to know that your affairs will be in order when the time comes?

They Do Exist!!!

Finally, After Years Of Searching-

I Have Found Them...

The Perfect Headphones!

Magnificent! Perfect! Comfortable! Crystal Clear! Amazing! Fabulous! These are just a few of the words that I could use to describe these amazing Sentry Headphones.Wait until these headphones wrap around your ears, then you will know what I am talking about! These headphones are simply the best headphones that I have EVER come across!!! I will never wear another earbud or headset again!

Personally, I hate earbuds! In fact, they convinced me that I have odd shaped ears. Those things are simply not comfortable and they are always falling out of my ears. You should see me on my morning jog, I am constantly plugging an earbud (normally the right ear) back into my ear, just to have it fall out again within a few steps! Then, by the end of my jog, both of my ears are sore after those things have been sticking in them for about 30 mins!

Because I hate the earbuds so much, I have been searching for a headset that is lightweight, comfortable, and will stay on my ears while I run! Well, let me tell you, I have searched for years! Then, just the other day, when I thought I had given up and that I would have to settle for those stupid earbuds the rest of my life, I came across these headphones. I said it once, and I will say it again, these headphones are wonderful!

First, they are really lightweight. Like earbuds, these headphones don't have that annoying, heavy, strap that wrap around your head to make them stay in place. However, like headphones, this pair has padded earpieces that comfortably rest on the outside of your ears.

So, you are probably wondering how they stay in place? Well, these headphones have nifty little hooks that hook onto the back of your ears as if you were wearing glasses. These little rubber hooks secure the headphones in place and are extremely comfortable. Today, I wore them all day at work, and forgot that I had them on!!! I was shocked!!!

And the quality of the sound could not be better! You will not miss a single beat with these headphones! Even better, the head phone jack works with my computer, my iPod, and my AM/FM radio! These headphones could not get any better!

Oh- wait! Yes they can... with the price! For just $12.97 and US Shipping is Free. Let me tell ya, I have searched so long for the perfect headphones that I would pay triple that amount. When I saw the price I picked up two sets just for myself- just incase anything horrendous happens and I need a new set. Check out this site for more information!!!

PS: We have a very limited quantity of these headphones! Order yours before they are gone! You

HEY!! Save Your Money!

The Fun Way!

Cool Jar Counts Your Spare Change!


Hey! We just got the coolest little gadget in! I absolutely love it! It's called The Money Machine and it's an electronic change jar that actually counts the money that's put into it! Told ya it was cool!

After you pop in a set of "AA" batteries, you screw the lid on and drop your change in. Each time you pop a coin in, it shows the amount you added and more importantly, the total amount you've saved in your jar!

It actually remembers this tally so each day when you drop your spare change into the jar, you'll be able to see at a glance how much you have saved! Once the jar is full, just take your change out and hit the reset button to start it over! It's fantastic!

If you save your change for certain "goals" - like it goes towards spending money on a trip or maybe you're saving for a night out - whatever it is - this makes setting and getting that goal a lot of fun! To me, this alone is worth the price! I'm saving up for a fun date with my wife (psst - don't tell her :-) - what are you going to save for?

I really like this item, but I think my kids are in love! I got them each one and they are always putting any spare change they get into it - way better than having them spend it on candy or something! It actually makes saving money fun!

OK, it's cool - and ya gotta have it - but how much? Well, you're gonna love this! For a limited time, you can get it from us for Just $11.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a great deal and makes keeping track of how much you have saved sooo easy - and a lot of fun! Check it out:

PS. These machines are going really fast, and for just $11.97 it is a deal you can't beat. Hurry!!

Kill Germs With A LIGHT! Really!

Lowest Price EVER Too!

You Have 21,000 Germs Per Square Inch On Your Desktop!

Now That's Just Nasty!

Let's Get Rid Of 'Em The Easy Way!

Well, this is gross:

"A microbiologist at the University of Arizona counted bacteria on workplace surfaces for a study sponsored by The Clorox Co., makers of Clorox bleach. Office toilet seats had 49 germs per square inch, he found. But desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch. Desks, phones, computer keyboards and mice are key germ transfer points because people touch them so often..." ~

YUCK! Is That Disgusting or What??

Kill Those Gross, Grimy Germs In Seconds!!!

Ultraviolet Technology Makes It Quick, Easy and Chemical Free!

WOW! We had a tremendous response to our UV Light yesterday! Thank You to everyone who ordered! You'll be able to kill off those 21,000 germs in no time! If you missed out, this is one product I think everyone who wants a safe, germ-free environment should have! At work, home, or anywhere - this will help keep the germs down!

Now I wouldn't classify myself as a "germophobe", but when I read studies like the one above, I think I could easily become one! When you stop and think about all the surfaces you touch or come into contact with on a daily basis that dozens (or hundreds) of other people touch, you know there are TONS of icky, nasty germs crawling around out there! Especially this time of year, the cold and flu season (yuck!).

So, when I recently received a sample of this portable Disinfecting UV Scanner, I thought I'd research it a little to see what it's all about before sharing it with you all. After all, I'm like you - I was thinking, "could a light actually kill off germs?" That sounded like a fantasy to me too - well, I was REALLY surprised about this amazing device! Check this out:

"UV-C light is germicidal - i.e., it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies."
~ (You can read more about it by clicking here.)

So, in a "nutshell", you can easily disinfect and sterilize just about any object you come into contact with by "swiping" the UV Scanner over it for about 10-20 seconds. This includes bacteria and viruses such as: E-Coli, Bacillus Subtilin, Staphylococcus Auras, Hepatitis, Influenza and many other viruses as well! The kill rate is greater than 99.9%. They don't stand a chance!

Here's the great thing, this Disinfecting UV Scanner is extremely portable! It only measures about 5" folded and when it's fully opened it's about 9" in length. It weighs less than a 1/2 lb. and even comes with a handy carrying pouch as well! You can take this with you anywhere and everywhere (discreetly if you choose) and keep bacteria and other harmful viruses away! Great for public bathrooms!

This isn't just for you desktop and keyboard either! It's safe and effective to use on your dishes, toothbrush, cell phone, kids toys, car interior, door handles, etc. You get the idea ;-) Everyone here has been scanning their office from top to bottom since we got this in - it's still working on the same set of batteries too! You get about 4,000 scans with this on just one set - pretty amazing, huh?

When I was checking this item out, I saw that most similar products like this go for no less than $70.00 - OUCH! - some are closer to $100.00 - yikes! Well get this, your cost is just $12.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US! Just think about all the money you spend on those little bottles of hand sanitizer every month - this will pay for itself in no time at all!

PS - Don't spend $70.00 elsewhere ~ And don't wait for tomorrow when this price will increase to $16.97! Do yourself, your coworkers and your family a favor and pick up one for your home and/or office today! You'll thank me later ;-)

Hundreds Of You Asked

AND We FINALLY Got Them In Again!!

The Amazing Drain Sweeper Will Save You BIG Money$$

Get Your Slow, Clogged Drains Moving Again In Minutes!

A Must Have For Everyone!

drain1  If you use drains, you need Drain Sweeper!!! :-)

Lately, I noticed my drains were running really slow. I immediately went to the store and bought the expensive drain cleaner- and then was really disappointed with the results. I came to work the next day complaining about my pipes, and was rather worried that I was going to have to replace all my pipes. And I know that would have cost me an arm and a leg!

But, Steve and the WorldStart crew came to the rescue and told me to try Drain Sweeper. At first, I must admit I was a little sketchy about using Drain Sweeper, but I was desparate! So, I gave it a whirl!

Well, all I can say is WOW! What a great little tool! You simply feed thedrain2 line down into the offending drain, and then pull the trigger as you remove the line. It brought up a ton of nasty gunk. It was rather GROSS... But guess what? My drain never worked so well! It sure did fix my slow drain problem! In a matter of minutes I had all he drains in my house working as good as new!!!

You defintely need to give this a try!!! Eventually, you will have a clogged up drain!!! And this fantastic tool will really save you a ton of money compared to the price of a plumber!!! In a month from now, don't be caught wishing you had one of these tools! Order now... we just can't keep them in the store! Buy yours early, before you regret not having one and end up forkin' a ton of cash out to the plumber!!!

The price is just super- just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! Every time we've featured these, they go like CRAZY and sell OUT! If you're one of the customers that missed on our previous deals, you gotta get to the site and get yours ordered NOW! I'm telling you, after trying it I can see why these are such a high-demand item! It's crazy not to have one of these - give it a shot, you'll be glad you did!!

PS - Due to the popularity of this item, these are extremely hard to come by. Once our inventory is gone, it will be months before we have them in stock againHurry to the site before they're gone!

You Won't Believe Your Ears! Folding Headphones with Volume Control

Amazing FOLDABLE Headphones!

Super Light, Incredibly Comfortable!

And The Sound Will Blow Your Mind!

My Jaw Just Dropped When I Put These On! 

I was going through the sample items we received today and gave these little heaphones a try! Ever have one of those times when you really find a pleasant surprise? You know, you run across something that's WAAAYYY better than you thought it would be - and it puts a stupid grin on your face for awhile? This is one of those times - and I'm still grinnin'!

First off, these aren't just foldable - they're REALLY compact when they're folded up - just wait till you see 'em! You'll be amazed at just how small a size they fold down to! They'll easily fit in the palm of you hand! Once unfolded, they're the same size as any regular "unfoldable" headphones! They're very adjustable and will fit you like a glove (err, maybe a hat would be more accurate :-)

Once these are happily nestled on your head, you won't believe how amazingly light and comfortable they are! They are the featherweights of the headphone world, that's for sure! You'll hardly know they're on your head! Oh, and the earpads are a really nice, soft foam that will stay comfortable through hours and hours of jammin' to your tunes!

OK, all the above is great, but how do they sound? Well, you won't believe your ears! These are just fantastic! I hooked them up to my iPod and was just NOT prepared the incredible sound I heard! Absolutely great range, fantastic bass and treble - you won't find a better sounding set of headphones for the price - heck, you won't find a better sound set for TWICE the price!!

Oops - almost forget to mention - these also have a handy built-in volume control! That's right - no messing around with volume adjustments on your player! Just move a little slider on the cord to turn up or down!

Plus, these will work with ANYTHING that has a standard audio jack! We're talking iPods, MP3 players, Portable CD players, Computers, anything! Just plug it in and enjoy! Great for home but fantastic for travel!

Your cost for all this listening delight? Just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! Best $10.97 you'll ever spend on your ears! I'm so excited for everyone ordering - you're in for a real treat! You'll love 'em!

PS - Don't miss out! Everyone needs a great set of headphones and you're gonna LOVE these!

Finally! Affordable Anti-Virus!

Best AV We've Ever Found - $6.97!! 

And It's A 3 User Pack!

Super Fast Too - Doesn't Slow Your Computer Down!

Hourly Updates!

Unlimited Tech Support!

I'm so excited! We just got an incredible deal on iolo Antivirus! There was a store closing or something and we were able to grab a bunch of excess inventory of this current title super-cheap! Wait till you see the deal below!

I just can't wait to tell you about this one! This is one of the smartest anti-virus programs we've come across!

First off, it's just an antivirus program - NOT a bunch of junk you don't need that slows down your system. It does one thing ONLY - and it does it exceptionally well - it keeps you safe from viruses! Plus it does this by using very little in system resources so your computer stays nice and fast!

Oh, and when I say it does a good job at protection, I can back up what I'm saying! This thing gets new virus updates not on just a daily basis - but it checks and can be updated HOURLY!!! Now that's protection!

As for keeping you safe from viruses, it's really got you covered! It scans your e-mail as it's downloaded so you won't get infected from there, and also monitors quietly in the background for any viruses! They aren't getting past this one!

Another really great thing about this software is that it lets you set the time YOU want it to do scans. Some programs insist on scanning as soon as you boot up the computer. Bad thing is, that's usually when you're trying to work and it slows things down miserably. This lets you set the schedule to YOUR liking! I love it!

What about support and help? Well, you're gonna love this too! This includes a full year of virus updates PLUS unlimited phone, e-mail, and web support! Most places give you some web or e-mail support, but it's very rare to actually find a company willing to do phone support as well! And unlimited phone support no less! WOW!!!!

I tell ya, if you look at everything this does and includes, it may very well be the perfect antivirus solution! It's just fantastic! I highly recommend this one - you just can't go wrong!

Oh, and the deal is sweet! This is the current version of the software and sells for $39.95 - and personally I think at that price this is a phenomenal deal. However, because of the deal we received on this, today your cost is just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! How's that for amazing!

Oh, and it even gets better - this is a 3 user license! You can install it on up to THREE PCs!! For $6.97! Really!!!  WOW!!

Check it out:

PS - Make sure you get in early on this one! It's an incredible offer and you don't want to miss out! The price on this WILL increase soon!!

Illuminx 5-in-1 Magnifier - Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

This Illuminx 5-in-1 Magnifier provides multiple features beyond making it easier for you to read. The light and magnifying glass provide convenience in reading while including a ruler, pen, pencil and PDA stylus.

Elf Super Bowling Collection - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $39.95)

It's the biggest and baddest bowl-o-rama yet. Santa's elves have gone on strike so polish up your shiny Christmas ball and help Santa show those greedy little union elves what the true meaning of "Strike" is.

Let's Ride Friends Forever - Sale Price $9.97
(Original Retail $19.99 )

Every girl needs a best friend, and yours is your horse! Together, there’s nothing you can’t do. Practice hard to perfect your riding and jumping skills as you prepare for the all-important regional jumping competitions. Go for the blue ribbon!

Design and Print Business Edition - Sale Price $9.97
(Original Retail $39.95)

Easily create brochures, newsletters, stationery sets, business cards, postcards and more.  Select from over 1,800 professionally designed layouts, 6 million photos and images* and over 1,000 fonts*.  Create a unique look with easy-to-use design tools. Customize by adding your company logo.

File Cleaner - Sale Price $10.97
(Original Retail $19.99 )

Deleting files in Windows doesn't erase them completely from your hard drive. Using simple programs, it's easy to recover deleted data even from "wiped" drives. With SelectGuard's File Cleaner you can switch between 8 different methods to overwrite your deleted files and make sure they're really gone forever. Plus, you can even send would-be data thieves a message by overwriting your files with any text, audio or video file you want.

John Wayne American Hero 10 DVD Movie Set - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

One of the most popular and recognizable screen stars of all time, John Wayne embodied a strength, integrity, and courage that seemed quintessentially American. His movies and his life demonstrated a clear demarcation between right and wrong, and he was the quintessential Western hero: not afraid to take risks, or take justice into his own hands, he was also a tender lover and a good friend.

Art Explosion Seasons, Events, and Holidays - Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

From birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Memorial Day, graduations to weddings, Art Explosion Seasons, Events & Holidays is sure to have the right image for every event under the sun. Using Seasons, Events & Holidays couldn't be easier. Just add graphics to any word processing, graphics or desktop publishing program to instantly create unique personalized invitations, greeting cards, banners, party favors and much more.

Snap! Card and Invitation Maker - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

Tired of never finding the right card or invitation?

Solve the problem by easily creating your own with the Snap Card & Invitation Maker. Pick the perfect picture or background and write your own clever saying.

Easy Guitar Deluxe - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Let Easy Guitar Deluxe get you started on your musical career! Even with zero experience, you'll be playing & singing House of the Rising Sun and more at the end of your interactive studio sessions.

School Zone Shapes Preschool Ages 3-5 - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.99)

Developed by teachers and educational experts, School Zone's On-Track Software, Shapes, focuses on identifying and creating shapes, matching, problem solving, following directions and more. This award-winning software has been designed with unique progress tracking that allows children to work at their own pace and monitor their achievements.

Retro Arcade Classics - Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Take a trip back to the arcade with Retro Arcade Classics. Packed with 8 modern remakes of your arcade favorites.

3' USB 2.0 Type A to B Cable - $7.97

Backgammon 3D - $10.97

Encyclopedia Britannica: Our Living Earth Vol. 1 - $12.97

Instant Immersion German v2.0- $16.97

Jewels of the Nile - $10.97

Please note: There are so many new titles we can not list them all. To check them all out:

Don't forget to check out our Cool Gadgets!

Afraid That You Missed Out On Something? Don't Be. We've Got You Covered. Below Are All The Awesome Deals We Ran This Week! Today is the last day we will have these items on sale. Don't Miss Out!


WARNING: Make Sure You Have The Volume Turned DOWN Before you Plug These in!!

These Portable Speakers Are A "Concert Hall In a Box"!!!Folding Speaker System

I'VE GOT TO TELL YA WHAT HAPPENED when we first got these in. I Plugged these into the headphone jack of my desktop computer and clicked on an Internet radio station to get some music. BUT I didn't bother to check the VOLUME LEVEL of my computer! When I turned on the power to these portable speakers, it startled me so much, I JUMPED ABOUT A FOOT OUT OF MY CHAIR!


I'm tellin''re gonna be surprised how POWERFUL this little speaker system is! Whew!!!

What's funny is this speaker system is actually made so you carry it around with you wherever go. They're about the size of an eye glass case and the speakers themselves fold up and tuck safely away inside the hard-shell case. So when I first saw these I thought, "These are so small! How POWERFUL could these actually be? Well, I found out quick enough...PLENTY POWERFUL!!! These things ROCK...and you're gonna love 'em!!!

What I like about these is that they work with ANY AUDIO DEVICE that has a headphone jack! So you can use this with your mp3 player, satellite radio, laptop computer, CD player, portable DVD player even portable game! (The kids will LOVE to hear their gaming devices take on a "BIG 3-D sound!)

PLUS, you don't have to plug these into an AC electrical outlet because they work on four "AA" batteries, so you can play your audio devices just about anywhere! which makes 'em REALLY convenient! There's a audio cord that's neatly attached to the speakers, and you just plug that into whatever device you want to listen to! And when you're done, just unplug the cord and tuck it back into the case! THAT'S A REALLY A GREAT idea not only for easy travel but to protect the speaker system, too!

What's REALLY AMAZING about these speakers is that YOU CAN EVEN USE THESE WITH YOUR DESKTOP COMPUTER! How's THAT for versatility! So, if you don't have a set of speakers for your desktop computer or you're not happy with the ones you have, before you rush out and buy a more expensive set of speakers, PUT THESE to the test just like I did! You're gonna LOVE the sound! Plus - you'll be saving yourself a LOT of money!

And the "icing on the cake" is that you'll ALSO have a FANTASTIC set of portable speakers that you can take with you anywhere and play your portable devices! Oh man!!! How sweet is THAT? The only thing that can make this even sweeter is an amazing price - $14.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! Is that crazy or what???

I've heard small computer systems that were in the $40-50 range that didn't sound HALF as good as these beauties! These are something you're gonna want to have for home AND on the go so grab one now at this crazy price!

P.S. - BIG SOUND for on the go! So go grab one before they all go out the door!

Special Promotion!! Save $118 Off Retail!

These went like CRAZY on Friday, over the weekend and Monday! Oh, and check this out - We found the SAME DRIVE at for $73.82 after shipping! AND - they LIST for $138!!! We are gonna keep the same price break on them today (as long as we have them in stock!) - you can get 'em for just $19.97 and our shipping is FREE if you live in the US! Killer deal! Take a look!!

Amazing 8GB Micro-Hard Drive!Verbatim Store-n-Go 8GB USB 2.0 Mini HD

Take All Your Stuff With You!

Way Cheaper Than A Flash Drive -

And Better Lookin' Too!

You've Just Gotta Try This!

Others Charge $80-$138 For It -

Our Price Is Lower Than Ever - Just $19.97!!

These are just the coolest little hard drives we've ever come across! Not only are they about as good lookin' as a hard drive can get, but they are really tiny too! Just wait till you see yours :-) You're gonna LOVE 'em!

This works just like a flash drive - only it doesn't set you back as much money! Just plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer. From there, simply drag and drop your files! Works on any XP or Vista computer - no drivers required! WOW!

Why not free up extra room on your computer's Hard Drive? Yeah...instead of jamming EVERYTHING onto the computer (you know...the one you never seem to get around to backing up!), why not keep all your favorite music, photos and other important stuff in one nice, convenient spot? Plus that way, you've got everything together when you want to show uncle Bob all the latest photos from your last vacation?

Oh, and these are FANTASTIC for backups too! You probably have loads of documents, information, spreadsheets, family photos, and music that you just can't afford to lose - Why not back 'em up onto a couple of these handy little drives? Makes it MUCH easier to keep track of and for the price you just can't go wrong!

Or if you've got SOOO many tunes you just "can't live without" and you're juggling three or four thumb drives- well STOP IT!!! (Besides, you're bound to loose one of 'em, poke an eye out or do something else that every mother in the world seems to warn their kids about doing!) Do the smart thing and keep them all together and neat all in one place! (Besides, your mother will be so proud!)

Anyway, in addition to the HUGE amount of capacity, this mini-HD is FAST! (USB 2.0 with data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps!) So when "Uncle Bob" says he just has to have copies of those pictures, BAM! plug right into that USB port and you're done!!! Oh, and this comes pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad, which is the start menu for your USB HD Drive! So no need to think about drivers, and all that. Again, this baby is 100% Plug 'N Play so you can Rock 'N Roll!!!

And, of course, we can't leave out the fact that this Mini HD looks gooood! Sleek, slick, compact,,,what else do you need.

Oh, and this comes with its own USB cable, a Quick Start Guide AND a travel wallet. (Can you say, "Accessorize"?)

These are going to go out the door in a hurry! I'd say grab one or two while you can for yourself...maybe even one as a gift if we still have any. Also, we just found this exact same drive at for $73.82 after shipping! Grab 'em from us for just $19.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Here's the link:

PS...You KNOW you're gonna need more storage - grab a couple of these today! Save $118!!

It's NOT A Phone! It's A BRILLIANT Idea!!

It's An Ingenious Remote Control You're Gonna LOVE!

Finally! No More Tables Full Of Remotes!!!

PLUS- Flip It Closed And...

Simple Channel & Volume Buttons Are On The Outside!

Control ALL Your Devices From ONE Remote!

Flip Remote

At Last! The Solution To "Remote Control Madness"!!!

If you like EASY, you're gonna love this remote!! First of all, this single remote will control up to FOUR different devices at once! Including TV VCR DVD, Cable Satellite or TV/DVD Combo unit!

Just more having to deal with 2, 3 or 3 or even 4 remotes! No more having to search and try to find the remote to the TV and then the one for the Cable/Satellite, and then the one for the VCR, and then one for the DVD player even! This one remote will replace all of those!

Here's another thing you're gonna love: this is Easy to Program!

The problem with most remote controls is they're hard to programming, right? Well this remote has a really cool feature that allows the remote to automatically "discover" devices connected to your system!

PLUS, this is compatible with most major brand-name TV and audio/video components!

Why The Heck Does It Look Like A Flip Phone?????

Yeah, you've probably noticed that this remote looks just like a "Flip" phone! Well, there's actually an absolutely ingenious reason for that!

Let's say you're watching TV. If you're like me, the buttons you use the most are the ones that change the channel and volume. With most remotes, you have to hunt and search for those buttons among a zillion the other ones! With this "Fllip" remote, just close it shut and you've got a clean and uncluttered look with only the buttons you use the most on top! No more having to hunt and search, no more accidentlypressing the wrong buttons! When it's closed, it even fits into your pocket! How's that for convenience?

Sentry 4-in-1 FLIP Universal TV Remote

Oh, and get this - it even features a sleep timer so you can set the TV to automatically turn off! Now THAT's what I call relaxing!!!

Grab one of these, "ditch" your other remotes and make your entertainment time a whole lot less stressful and a lot more fun!! You can pick up today for just $12.97 and U.S. shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - You know...if you're like me and you've got more than one TV, you might want to snag one of these for each end of the house while they're at such a great deal!

Want An Easy Way To Get Data Off Your Old Hard Drive?

How About A Really Cool Way To Backup Data?

Ohh, Keep reading, you're definitely gonna want to check this out ~

WOW - we just came across the handiest little USB Cable Adapter that you're absolutely going to love! Check out these two great uses:

Easily retrieve information from your old hard drive ~
This is super easy, you simply hook the cable to your old hard drive (or even a laptop) and then plug into a USB port on your current computer and "presto" ~ your old drive now shows up as an external hard drive. How simple and easy is that? You can now access any and all the information you have on that drive and save it to your current computer, a flash drive, whatever ~ super simple, anyone can do this!

Turn an internal drive into a convenient external drive for back-ups ~
Do you know what external hard drives are going for compared to internal drives? Well, a 500GB internal drive is about $150.00 and the 500GB external drive is about $279.99 ~ yikes! The main difference is the nice case on the external drive so when it sits on your desk, it looks pretty. I gotta tell you, for a backup drive I don't need it to look pretty ~ I just want it to hold my data and then sit in the desk drawer quietly until I need it again ;-)

Now, this is where this USB Cable Adapter comes in really handy. Again, just hook the adapter up to your "internal" drive (it doesn't have to be inside your computer) and then plug into an existing USB port on your computer. Again, easy-peasy! The drive will show up as an external drive on your computer and you can easily back-up all your files ~ pretty cool, huh? When you're done, you can disconnect and store the drive in a drawer ~ no need to have it taking up desk space! And, you've saved about $130.00 by using an "internal" drive as your backup drive!

If you find yourself in either of these situations, I'm telling you ~ you've got to give this a try. You won't believe how easy this really is ~ even the "non-techies" will be surprised! Oh, yeah ~ almost forgot, TODAY ONLY your cost is just $19.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US!

This Price will increase to $29.97 tomorrow!!!

Do You Have a NEW Cell Phone, MP3 Player or Digital Camera?

or Would You Like An Easy Way To Protect The Ones You Already Have?

(Pssst...Here's a Suggestion: PROTECT YOUR LCD SCREENS!!!)

Those screens are EXPENSIVE to replace (actually to do it would cost about as much as to buy a new device!) but VERY Inexpensive To Protect!

You probably spent a TON of money on your equipment. And I'm sure you're VERY CAREFUL in how you treat it. BUT, let's face it..."Life Happens!" No matter how careful you are, it's pretty easy for some dirt or a piece of grit to fall on that LCD screen, you don't see it and..."SCRAAAATCH"! (May not sound as bad as finger nails going down a chalk board...but it will bring tears to your eyes!) Next thing you know...that"really neat" device just became a VERY EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT!

The good news is that doesn't have to happen AND it's VERY EASY (and inexpensive!) to prevent!

Say "Hello" to, "Screen Protectors"!

These are an ingenious, simple little concept. Transparent, protective sheets, specifically designed to cover the screen of your handheld electronic devices! They come 5 to a package. They measure 3" x 4.125" so they fit most any screen that size, they're easy to customize and simple to put on. And they work!

And these can be used with just about any handheld electronic device like:

Cell Phones
Digital Cameras
Portable Game Systems

Let me tell you a really helpful "side benefit" of these protectors:they help reduce screen glare!!!

Here's the part you'll get a kick out of: I just did a search and found these at a VERY POPULAR "Big Box" store for...are you ready for this: $20 AND $29.00!!!

What??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Actually, if they save LCD screens of your handheld electronic devices, it's worth it. But you don't need to spend that much...not even close! about $5.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! "Expensive LCD screens" on one hand..."Inexpensive Screen Protectors" on the other. Hmmm...pretty clear choice. You do the math....When you're done, here's your link:

PS - Don't miss out, I'm still cheaper than the big boys tomorrow, but it is going to $10.97 soon!

What The Heck Does DSC3452 Mean???

What Kind Of Filename Is THAT For A Photo???

Want Something More Descriptive??

There's Finally A Better Way To Tell Them Apart!

Amazing New Software Will Help You Keep Those Digital Photos Organized!

You're Gonna LOVE This! Check Out The Video!

Let me give a situation you've probably been through a million times that's frustrated you to no end. Then I'll SHOW YOU a quick, simple solution you're gonna love!

First off, you take out your camera, snap a bunch of really GREAT PHOTOS, bring your camera to your computer and download ALL those pictures. Then, you look at your monitor, anxious to see how they turned out! BUT...YOU'RE LOOKING AT A BUNCH OF FILES with names like: DSC01276

What the heck is that??? You have NO CLUE what that means! You DON'T UNDERSTAND IT, let alone RECOGNIZE IT! You then say to yourself, "WHERE DID ALL MY PICTURES GO THAT I JUST TOOK?"

Actually you're looking at 'em! It's just that those Silly File names JUST DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!

Relax! You can fix that...QUICK AND EASY! In fact, it's so simple to do, it's faster just to SHOW you instead of trying to explain it!

Here's a short video of how to fix it. It's less than 2 minutes...THAT'S how quick and easy it is to do! Just click on the photo and you'll be taken to the video page. (You're gonna love this!)

Check Out This Video!


Why are you down here? The video is UP THERE! Just click on the picture! want to know how many hundreds of dollars this solution to HOURS OF TOIL AND HASSLE is gonna be? Easy's just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! Now go watch the video and breathe a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!!

P.S. Did you see it??? Told you were gonna love it, didn't I? Now if you REALLY love this, you might want to send this page to a friend so THEY can have the same sense of relief!!!

Whatever You Do - Don't Buy An External Hard Drive!

Make One Yourself And Save BIG!

Super Easy! Anyone Can Do It!

Great Way To Give Your Old Hard Drives A Reason To Live!

SimpleDrive 3.5 I'm so excited! We just got a jaw-droppin' deal on some do-it-yourself External Hard Drive Cases! I've used these in the past (a lot, actually), and I've saved literally HUNDREDS over buying the "prefab" deals at the stores! Super easy too - my 7 year old can do it!

OK, so how's this work anyway? Glad you asked! Really easy - we sell you this great little case, you take an internal Hard Drive (IDE connection) and just plug it in. Put the case back together (a few screws - not hard), then plug it in! That's it! When you plug it into your computer's USB port windows will AUTOMATICALLY install the drive and list it under MyComputer! It's just like plugging in a GIANT flashdrive! It's THAT easy!

From there, just use it like any other drive! It's an absolutely fantastic idea for extra storage or backups!

PLUS, like I say, this can save a TON on money! There are two ways to do this - The first is to watch for a sale on internal Hard Drives at your local electronics store. You can get HUGE drives for less than $100 all day long! I've seen them for less than $40 after rebates and such! You get them for WAY less than external drives since you're not buying some snazzy case.

The second way these save money is letting you give new life to old hard drives! You know how it is - you have that old computer sitting in your closet - there's nothing on it you need anymore, it's really not worth anything, but you're worried about throwing it away. Why not salvage it's old HD and stick it into this handy case? You instantly have an external HD - for less than $20!

Now, I know you may be a little worried about having to assemble something like this, but trust me, it's easy. If you've ever used a screwdriver and plugged a lamp into the wall, you're qualified! You simply take any IDE drive up to 750GB, in plug the power cord (inside the case), then just push it into place! A few screws later and the case is assembled! I put mine together in less than 5 minutes! Really! Still not sure? I'll make you a deal - if you can't figure it out, you can call out tech support and they'll walk you though it!

OK, ready for the deal? We have these on sale today for just $18.97 and US shipping is FREE! This can save you TONS of money on external drives! Easy to do, cheap, and quick! Grab one, grab a dozen - for this kind of money you just can't go wrong!

PS - It's never been easier - or cheaper - to make your own external HD! PLUS - if down the road you decide the drive you started with is too small, you can always just take this apart and "upgrade" it yourself in a few minutes! Don't miss out!

Hey!! You'll WAKE UP NOW!!!

If You Tend To Oversleep, Here's A Lifesaver For You

This Alarm Clock Is Easy To Read And Has An Alarm That's GUARANTEED To Wake You Up!

Travel Alarm

What Else Do you Need An Alarm Clock To Do, Anyway?

When you're on the road away from home and you know that you HAVE to wake up the next morning by a certain time, you don't want to mess around and have to read a complex instruction manual to try and figure out how to set your alarm. You want to do and know that it's done AND that you can rely on it, right? That's EXACTLY what this does. This Does TWO Thing: TELLS YOU THE TIME and WAKES YOU UP!!

Sometimes all the "bells-and whistles" just get in the way. Sometimes "simple" works just best. Easier to use and less things to break! This has a clean, simple, EASY TO READ display so you can SEE THE TIME! If you need to, you can hit a button that turns on an LED light so the numbers are "backlit" for easy reading in the dark.

And it has SIMPLE CONTROLS make it EASY TO SET the time and set the alarm. There's only THREE BUTTONS!! One to set the "Hour", one to set the "Minutes" and one for the LED "backlight" and a "Snooze" control - both on the same button. How's that for simplicity? The last thing you need is to be fumbling around, trying to figure out how to set an alarm clock in the middle of the night, especially when you're away from home!

Here's the BEST part: it has an ANNOYING alarm that's GUARANTEED to get you out of bed! Actually, the has "three-phases". If the alarm goes off and you don't answer it after a few seconds, it "speeds up"! If you still don't turn it off, after a few more seconds it off, it speeds up again...even faster!!! So, how "annoying" is it? Well, let me put it this way: When I was testing this out, I let it ring for about 20 seconds and I immediately had TWO different people, in TWO separate offices down the hall yell, "TURN THAT THING OFF!" So, when this goes off right next to your bed, I think it's safe bet to say that, YOU WILL GET UP! But then, isn't that what it's for???

Travel Alarm

Like I said, it does have a "Snooze" button, but I don't you'll be using that much. And have to listen to that alarm again? I doubt it!

Also, this has as pretty good "heft" to feels really solid. Not heavy, it just feels substantial" you're really holding somethin', if you know what I mean. Plus it's compact and rugged so you can just toss it in your suitcase, overnight bag, gym bag, whatever and you don't have to worry about it holding will!

If you need a very good, RELIABLE ALARM CLOCK when you travel, on vacation or if the alarm clock you have doesn't do the job and you want an inexpensive solution without having to take a chance on buying another clock radio, get this one. Trust me...THIS WILL GET 'ER DONE!!! So ready for a deal that'll "make you sleep like a baby?" (Don't worry...we've got just the thing to wake you up!) How about $10.97 and US shipping is FREE!!! Sometimes simple is best, and a great deal makes it even better! So grab one now right here:

P.S. - To get something that's THIS reliable at this price is hard to do, so grab it and run with it! You'll sleep better at night!

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