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Monday, Jan. 5, 2009

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Today's top stories...

Jobs says he has hormone imbalance
Steve Jobs says his weight loss is due to a hormone imbalance. He is undergoing treatment and will continue to lead Apple. Jobs has been rumored to be ill for several weeks.

Windows’ market share falters
Windows lost almost one percentage point of market share in December. For the first time, its market share fell below 90 percent. Apple’s market share grew 2.3 percentage points in 2008.

Wikipedia surpasses fund-raising goal
Wikipedia has met its $6 million fund-raising goal for fiscal 2008. A flood of contributions followed a plea from founder Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia relies on donations to fund its site.

Future of Blu-ray in doubt
This is a crucial year for Blu-ray Disc. It is competing with downloadable HD movies. Skeptics doubt Blu-ray will be a great success. Will you buy a Blu-ray player? Sound off on the Message Board.

Tech shows will cater to frugal tastes
MacWorld and CES will be low-key events this year. That’s due in part to the current economic situation. The shows will also lack the star power of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. But the shows will go on!

Madoff memorabilia offered on eBay
eBay sellers are offering Madoff memorabilia given to investors and employees. But the disgraced investor’s name isn’t selling well. Want to sell your Madoff memorabilia online? I can help!

Obscure books get new life on Google
Google’s book search may not generate big profits for Google. But it is helping surfers find information otherwise unavailable. And it could give new life to out-of-print books.

Surf in private
You can clear your Web history when you’re done surfing. But why not block your browser from recording private data altogether? My weekly Q&A column will help you do just that. Don’t miss it!

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Every day, Team Komando produces some of the best content you'll find anywhere on the Internet. Here is a sampling of what's new on our site today!

Video of the Day: Buying a real B-29 probably isn't possible. So, these guys built a huge model, four engines and all. Watch them fly it!

Cool Site of the Day: Always running or biking the same route gets old. So, give this site a try. It will help you develop new routes.

Digital Minute, on your radio: Motorola has launched a new $2,000 cell phone. What's so special about it? Tune in and find out for yourself!

Free Download of the Day: You can write quick reminders and notes. But a word processor isn't the best tool to use.

Tip on the site: There's no reason to tweak Windows Vista's broadband connection. Vista sets the broadband speed automatically.

There's more below, but first a word from us...

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Other Items of Interest
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New PC options for budget shoppers
A computer can cost upwards of $1,000. Who can afford that these days? Fortunately, you can get a new machine for much less. My money-saving tip will help you find the perfect budget PC.

Online help for a tough job market
Unemployment rates are skyrocketing. So, if you’re looking for a new job, you’re not alone. You need to stand out. My handy column can advise you on finding your dream job.

See you tomorrow!
Kim :)

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