Friday, January 2, 2009

Kim Komando Show Daily News - Friday, Jan. 2, 2009

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Friday, Jan. 2, 2009

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Today's top stories...

Glitch silences Zunes
An internal clock problem caused 30GB Zune players to crash Wednesday. The clock couldn’t handle the extra day in 2008, a leap year. Microsoft says the players should be working again.

FCC head changes Wi-Fi proposal
The FCC’s chairman wants to create a free nationwide Wi-Fi network. However, proposed content filtering has caused opposition. He is willing to drop that. What do you think? Hit the Message Board!

More bad news for the music industry.
Album sales dropped 14 percent in 2008. Sales are down 45 percent since peaking in 2000. Online sales were up 32 percent. That compares to a 45 percent gain in 2007. Even ringtone sales declined.

Internet Explorer loses market share
IE’s share of the browser market dropped to 68 percent in 2008. Firefox, Safari and Chrome all saw increased market share. Want to try one of these browsers? You’ll find them in my free Download archive.

Group aims to trim TV prices
A consumer advocacy group hopes to reduce the costs of digital TV sets. It says manufacturers are charged too much for patent licenses. That $30 cost is passed through to buyers. Elsewhere, buyers pay $1.

Gadgets interfere with astronomy research
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory requires an interference-free zone. But consumer electronics emit signals that cause interference. Wireless equipment is especially troublesome.

Admissions offices turn to Webcams
Increasingly, universities are interviewing prospective students via Webcam. This means students don’t have to pay to travel for a half-hour interview. But some schools are resisting the technology.

Phishing attacks get personal
It used to be easy to spot phishing attacks. But, phishers are now customizing their messages. That puts you at greater risk of identity theft. Don’t miss my weekly column. It will help you avoid these attacks.

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Video of the Day: Sometimes tragedies turn out to be blessings. The Mooneys found this out first hand. Their story is a real tearjerker.

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Tip on the site: Black dots in your pictures are a pain. They probably mean you have dirt on your lens or sensor. That dirt is easily removed.

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