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Computer Tips [ 15 Amazing Explorer Shortcuts + Passwords Going Extinct + Reply To All Revealed ] 01/28/09

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Quick Tips

Vista Account Pictures

If you're using the operating system of Windows Vista, by now, you've probably set up the accounts you want for the computer. You know, one for yourself, one for your spouse, one for your children or grandchildren, etc. Setting up those accounts can take some time, in order to ensure you have them just the way you want them.

So, in all the hustle and bustle of that, I doubt you've had any time to change your account's picture. You know, the little icon that shows up next to your name that gives your account just a little piece of personality. You're probably thinking, "Well, now that you mention it. I would like to change my picture." Am I right? Either way, here's how you do it. It's very simple and much like Windows XP.

Go to Start, Control Panel and click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link. Once the new window opens, look under the User Accounts section and click on the Change your account picture link. A selection of new pictures will then show up for you. You can choose from a music note, a fish, sports, a dog, a kitten, chess pieces, a starfish, a flower and a few more. So, pick whichever one fits your personality the best. If you like the water, choose the starfish. If you're really into sports, select that one. When you've decided, just click on the picture once and hit the Change Picture button. Your new picture will then appear and your account will officially be yours!

~ Erin

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Don't stop now! Make sure you keep reading to learn a few keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Internet Explorer 7, find out how you can keep yourself from replying to all in MS Outlook and learn how you can keep on top of Twitter with the TwitterFox add on. Also, be sure to stay safe by reading this week's security article thanks to Gary and as always, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day!


WOW! This Is Incredible!!

Transfer Files WITHOUT A Computer!!

Plug-In Two Devices, Then Transfer Files From One To The Other!

Amazing Device Lets You Copy Files To & From:

Memory CardsMemorex TravelSync Portable Transfer Device

External Hard Drives

Flash Drives

MP3 Players

Digital Cameras

And MORE!!

And All WITHOUT A Computer!

This Is Going To Make Life SOOOO Much Easier!

PLUS Save 74% By Getting It From US!!! WOW!!

I'm so excited! You've just gotta check this one out! We just got an absolutely amazing deal on a little gadget from Memorex called a TravelSync that's going to change the way you deal with your files forever! This ingenious little gadget allows you to effortlessly transfer data from one USB device to another - and get this - you do it without any computer involved! Really!

Why is this so cool? Why am I so excited? Why are you gonna love this? Let's consider a few scenarios that happen all the time!

First, have you ever ran out of memory on your digital camera's card? Sure, everyone's taken that train to frustrationville! Wouldn't be fantastic if you could simply transfer your pictures to a USB flash drive and empty that card without the hassle of getting a computer out? Am I crazy? Nope -  With this handy gadget, you just plug your camera in on one side, then stick in a flash drive on the other side!  Press a button and your images are magically transferred right from your camera to the flash drive - no computer necessary! Then, just clear your card and keep on shooting (you can even have this device clear your card after you're done if you like!)!

Memorex TravelSync Portable Transfer Device

Ooohh, yeah - here's one that happens ALL the time - and we've all been there! Have you ever needed a copy of a file someone else has? You know, maybe you just need a copy of a document, maybe you want a quick copy of a photo, maybe a favorite song - whatever. It may be on a friend's flash drive, camera, MP3 player - you name it, but you want that file!

Well, with this you just plug in the device that has the file on one side (could be a flash drive camera, external HD, memory card, ect) then select the file you want from the list. Next, plug in your flash drive (or whatever USB storage you prefer) into the other side and a couple button presses later you have the file! Seriously - No booting up the computer, no opening up the flash drive, no copying the file over to the desktop, no opening up the other flash drive, no copying to the new flash drive, no shutting down! Once you go the direct copy route with this little guy, you'll never go back!!

OK, want another example? What about this - do you have a external hard drive for backups or extra storage? With this, you could actually transfer your photos, files, music, ect directly to your hard drive from your camera (flash drive, memory card, MP3 player) without ever booting up your computer! Talk about a time saver (and a brilliant way to do quick backups)!

Oh, and what if you come home from a trip with a bunch of memory cards in your pocket you want to backup to that same external HD? Don't mess with your computer - just plug a memory card reader into one side of your TravelSync and your HD into the other! Again, just a button press or two and your files are all transferred from your card reader to the external HD! Couldn't be easier! This would be just spectacular if you're on the road and want to quickly backup those once-in-a-lifetime trip photos on a portable HD!!

It's not just for photos either! Got MP3s? Then you'll LOVE this! You want to transfer the music on your MP3 player to another MP3 player? Guess what? This can transfer your files with no computer required! WAIT! Want to put your MP3s on a flash drive, external HD, or memory card? Yup, you guessed it - this is your go to device!

Here's The Bottom Line - If you have USB devices that store data (memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, MP3 players, external hard drives, ect) this can transfer that data from one device to another with NO computer necessary! This is such an ingenious idea! I don't know how many times I just needed a copy of a file and had to mess around with my computer to do all the copying! This makes it easy!

PLUS, it's incredibly easy to use! Most operations are just a couple button pushes away from being done! Even lets you copy everything or selected files - and the LCD screen makes it simple!

This is really one of those devices that once you have it, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

How much do these go for?  You won't believe your price, but first I gotta tell you "their" prices! Get this - right this second Memorex has these listed on their site for $50 and Amazon is at $48.99! Looking around, I couldn't find ANYONE less than $41 for these things - and pretty much everyone was charging shipping on top of it! And frankly, it's really worth the money they're asking too - it's that good. But....

Your cost is absolutely unbelievable! We're talking just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's not a typo - $12.97 gets you this absolutely amazing, incredibly handy $50 device!! RUN to the site and get this while you can! One of the handiest gadgets we've ever offered!


PS - As you can imagine, quantities on this are limited and we're thinking that, yeah, these are gonna sell pretty quick! Get to the site before they gone - you don't want to WISH you had one later!

WHAT? You're Still PAYING For Music?!?

Jump Off The Crazy Train And Get All The Music You Want FREE!

Easy To Use Software Creates Amazing MP3 From Internet Radio!

Grab Hundreds Of Songs Per Hour!

You May Never Pay For Another MP3!

Our staff is pretty much digital shell-shocked by the number of order for this! It's absolutely FLYING out of here! Hundreds - actually THOUSANDS are getting this and LOVING it! Thank YOU to everyone who ordered so far! You'll LOVE all the free music you're gonna be downloading! If you haven't ordered your copy yet, what are you waiting for? You've just got to try this!

Again, it's called Skwid and, yeah, yeah, we all know it's an oddball name. Once you get over it though, you'll be blown away by what this does! Think about this:

You love music right? Well, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to legally get all the songs you ever wanted - for free? With this software - you can! Interested? I thought so!

This amazing software lets you record internet radio and turns the tracks into high-quality MP3s for use on your MP3 player, iPod, Computer, CDs, whatever!! You can get thousands of songs - and they won't cost you a cent! You may never buy another MP3! WOW!

Here's how it works - You can search for the type of music you enjoy, or pick from a list. There a HUGE variety - 23 main genres, but with all the "sub-genres" I counted over 200 different types of music you can choose from, so you're bound to find all the types of music you enjoy! From there, just hit the record button! You can have it record tracks form just one station, do dozens of stations at once, or just pick your favorites! TONS of options!

I had mine set to record from 20 stations simultaneously and WOW! I had a whoppin' 38 songs in 15 minutes! Is that amazing or what? I had to sort though and decide which ones to keep, but you gotta admit, that's pretty cool! What an amazing program!

PLUS this thing is loaded down with radio stations too! We're talking 2600+ internet radio stations at your fingertips - and more are added all the time!

PLUS - This software actually allows you to add your own stations! That's right - if you listen to internet radio and your station isn't listed, you can add it to this program! Now that's cool!You'll never run out of songs to record, that's for sure! I think I'm going to find my favorite 10 or 20 stations and record from those. Heck, you can even use this just to listen to internet radio if you like! (I'm listening to it as I type this!)

Oh, and here's the kicker! Not only can this record internet radio stations - it can record ANYTHING coming through your computer's sound card! Wow - think about that for a minute! If you have a favorite song you just have to get, simply find it online, play it, and hit Record with this program! This would work great if a new song came out and the video to the song was online - just watch the video and record! You'd have the song on your MP3 player before it was even available in stores! Now that's serious power! WOW!

So, what do you do with all these songs after you sort 'em out? Well, once you record them just import them to your favorite MP3 software (or right to your player) - or iPod users can import them into iTunes and use with your iPod! How cool is that? 

Plus, since these are just standard MP3s, you can also play them on Windows Media player with zero problems - even send them to CDs or your MP3 player right from Windows Media Player - EZ!!!!!! That's right - you don't even need an MP3 player to enjoy these free songs!

What about the quality? I've been pleasantly surprised - and really happy with it! The songs sound great and most of the time you even get the artist name! PLUS in many cases, the radio stations are broadcasting in 128 bit format - the same quality you normally get when you buy MP3s!

What's that? You already have a huge CD collection you wish was in MP3 format? Yup, you guessed - This can convert your CDs to MP3s too! Just pop in the CD, and select the songs you want to convert - then click the Convert button! It's that easy! A few mouse click and all your favorite CD songs are now MP3s! WOW!!

BONUS! In addition to all the great audio recording features, this can also take your personal video files and convert them so they work on your iPod! What a great way to show off your videos!

Finally, we're trying something new with this one - it's a download! That's right - we worked out a deal with the publisher, so you don't have to wait to get this amazing program in the mail! Now, this is our first time doing a download only run like this, but we should be able to get your code to you within 48 hours - beats waiting for the mailman!

Your cost? You're not going to believe this - just $9.97! Is that amazing or what? Most of the time, MP3 music is about a buck a song, so figure this will pay for itself after it finds you just 17 great songs! I had that many "keepers" in less than a half hour! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!


PS - This is huge, no doubt about it! The sooner you order, the faster we can get your code to you!

Computers 101

I've been using Internet Explorer 7 for quite some time now and I think I'm getting pretty good at working my way through it. So, I was wondering if there were any keyboard shortcuts you knew about that I could start using? I'm ready to make my I.E. 7 time even easier!

That's the perfect attitude to have! Yes, it's hard to get used to new things (Web browsers, operating systems, etc.), but if you have a positive outlook on them, they can be pretty easy. I would guess that the person who asked this question downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7 when it first came out and just worked at learning it. Eventually, as you all can see, they were able to get a pretty good handle on it and now they're looking for more. I love it!

Well, either way you look at it, if you're in the search for some IE 7 keyboard shortcuts, you've all come to the right place. I've been keeping a few up my sleeve just for this special occasion! So, shall we take a look at them? I thought you might enjoy that. Here we go!

Now, most of these shortcuts deal with using tabbed browsing. That's one of the main features that came along with Internet Explorer 7. If you're not too familiar with tabbed browsing, these shortcuts may not be very useful to you, but I would suggest hanging on to this tip anyway. Once you do get the hang of tabbed browsing, you can refer back to it and you'll be all set!

1.) Ctrl + T - Opens a new tab in the foreground.

2.) Ctrl + Click - Opens links in a new tab in the background.

3.) Ctrl + Shift + Click - Opens links in a new tab in the foreground.

4.) Alt + Enter - Opens a new tab from the address bar.

5.) Alt + Enter - It also opens a new tab from the search box.

6.) Ctrl + Q - Opens up quick tabs, which are thumbnail views.

7.) Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab - Allows you to switch between tabs.

8.) Ctrl + N - Switches to a specific tab number. In this case, N can equal anything between the numbers one and eight.

9.) Ctrl + 9 - Switches to the last tab.

10.) Ctrl + W - Closes the current tab.

11.) Ctrl + Alt + F4 - Closes other open tabs.

12.) Alt + F4 - Closes all the tabs.

Now, here are a few mouse shortcuts for you as well!

1.) Click the middle mouse button (if your mouse has one) on a link and it will open up that link in a background tab for you.

2.) Double click any empty space right next to the last tab you have open and it will open up a brand new tab.

3.) If you click on the middle mouse button on one of your tabs, it will close the tab for you.

How does all that sound? Pretty cool, huh?! Now, you might want to start memorizing these shortcuts if you think you'll use them a lot. Or, just print them out so that you can have them right by your computer when you're ready to use them. Either way, these simple shortcuts can make your IE 7 experience so much easier!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Reply to All?

Really? Are you sure?

I mean, does everyone who received the message really need to see your response?

Sometimes yes, but often no. Yet, we continually hit the Reply to All button (whether intentionally or by accident) and our Inbox becomes unnecessarily full with e-mails we really don't need.

So, you must ask yourself, "What can I do to prevent myself from using Reply to All when I don't need it?"

One idea is to remove the Reply to All button from your Standard toolbar.

That doesn't mean you can't ever use Reply to All again, but it will take deliberate thought to make it happen. No more reflex replies or mistakes.

If you're on board with this idea, let's take a look!

First, you need to locate and click on the down arrow at the end of the Standard toolbar.

You'll find that your options are limited, but you need the Add or Remove Buttons, Standard choice.

You'll see a list of readily available buttons.

Simply uncheck Reply to All and you're all set.

One more thing before I go: you might need to know where to find Reply to All when you need it.

In the Actions menu, you'll always find the Reply to All choice. So, if you have thought it through enough to find it there, you must really mean to send the reply to everyone!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

You Won't Believe Your Ears! Folding Headphones with Volume Control

Amazing FOLDABLE Headphones!

Super Light, Incredibly Comfortable!

And The Sound Will Blow Your Mind!

My Jaw Just Dropped When I Put These On! 

I was going through the sample items we received today and gave these little heaphones a try! Ever have one of those times when you really find a pleasant surprise? You know, you run across something that's WAAAYYY better than you thought it would be - and it puts a stupid grin on your face for awhile? This is one of those times - and I'm still grinnin'!

First off, these aren't just foldable - they're REALLY compact when they're folded up - just wait till you see 'em! You'll be amazed at just how small a size they fold down to! They'll easily fit in the palm of you hand! Once unfolded, they're the same size as any regular "unfoldable" headphones! They're very adjustable and will fit you like a glove (err, maybe a hat would be more accurate :-)

Once these are happily nestled on your head, you won't believe how amazingly light and comfortable they are! They are the featherweights of the headphone world, that's for sure! You'll hardly know they're on your head! Oh, and the earpads are a really nice, soft foam that will stay comfortable through hours and hours of jammin' to your tunes!

OK, all the above is great, but how do they sound? Well, you won't believe your ears! These are just fantastic! I hooked them up to my iPod and was just NOT prepared the incredible sound I heard! Absolutely great range, fantastic bass and treble - you won't find a better sounding set of headphones for the price - heck, you won't find a better sound set for TWICE the price!!

Oops - almost forget to mention - these also have a handy built-in volume control! That's right - no messing around with volume adjustments on your player! Just move a little slider on the cord to turn up or down!

Plus, these will work with ANYTHING that has a standard audio jack! We're talking iPods, MP3 players, Portable CD players, Computers, anything! Just plug it in and enjoy! Great for home but fantastic for travel!

Your cost for all this listening delight? Just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! Best 10.97 you'll ever spend on your ears! I'm so excited for everyone ordering - you're in for a real treat! You'll love 'em!


PS - Don't miss out! Everyone needs a great set of headphones and you're gonna LOVE these!

REAL Desktop Publishing - Made Affordable!

Don't Pay $500, $600, $700 Or Even More For "Pro Level" Software!

Grab This For Just $9.97!!!

What This Can Do For Less Than $10 Is Amazing!

WOW! These went over GREAT yesterday, so we're tossing them in one more time! Thank YOU to the hundreds and hundreds who ordered! You've never seen anything like this one, that's for sure It's called Page Designer Pro and it's some really amazing, professional-level desktop publishing software that's gonna absolutely blow you away! This makes PrintShop look like a toy! Check this out:

First off, this is a LOT like Adobe InDesign, just an amazing $690 LESS than what Adobe gets for their version! It's meant for - and does - pretty much the same thing - pro level design and print. You can literally create ANYTHING you can imagine with this software. This is truly a high-end desktop publishing solution and the power it brings is amazing. Talk about blown-away by what you can do with a computer and printer!!

Page Designer Pro

The first thing you'll notice when you start it up is your choice between a really handy wizard interface or the option to start a project from scratch. When you first start playing with it, just go ahead and take a look at what those wizards can do for you (over 2000 designs)! You'll be amazed at just how quickly you can create ads, brochures, business stationery, calendars, cards, letterheads, invoices, flyers, forms, newsletters, notices, handouts, event programs, posters, banners, price lists, reports, announcements, invitations, greeting cards and TONS more!

Of course, you can always start a project from scratch - you're gonna be absolutely floored at how quickly you can produce professional level projects! This is the kind of software they use in professional print shops! Once you start messing around with it, you'll discover very soon you start to feel like a professional graphics artist!

As for features, this thing is the 800LB gorilla of desktop publishing! Just wait till you feast your mouse on the professional layout tools! Talk about a kid in a candy store! This has everything you need (and probably more)! We're talking intelligent text fitting (nice), customizable text boxes, all kind of styles you can apply, movable ruler and guides, easy rotation of objects, calendar tools, tables, brush / pencils, gradients, fills, shapes, all kind of text, frames, and TONS more! I could fill the length of this review with JUST the tools at your disposal!

Page Designer Pro

PLUS, you've absolutely got to check out the Text Composition Tools - you'll love these things! Get this - you have all the following at your beck and call: Word count, spell checker, search & replace, a thesaurus, AutoCorrect, AutoSpell, over 300 new fonts, and - get this - a proofreader! That's right - you can have the program actually "read" your text and it can make suggestions for improvements! Now THAT'S cool!

Another feature you'll really love is the amazing "Text On A Path" tool! Here's how it works - You create a "path" using your mouse in any shape you want - a squiggly line, a square, a letter - whatever you can dream up. Then, double-click and start typing - your text will actually follow along the path you created, twisting and turning all along the way! Soooo cool!

You've gotta try the QuickShapes too! These aren't just the lousy shapes you drop into Word or something. These are basically intelligent clipart! Choose a shape, drag & drop it on your document, then adjust each angle and dimension using the little handles! Oh, and you can fill the shapes, do different "styles" , put in a gradient, add a photo, and MORE! The options are fantastic! Can't find the shape you need? This has an amazing arsenal of drawing tools that so you can make your own graphics! 

What if you have a photo you want to drop in? Yup, not only can you add any photo, you can even enhance it right in the program so it looks amazing in just a few mouse clicks! Once it's in the program, there's dozens and dozens of ways you can use it!

Page Designer Pro

Heck, did I mention this can even create a website for you? Imagine the power above put into a web design program! It has all the tools you need to quickly and easily create professional looking webpages! Add text, graphics, animated gif, music, java - it can do it!

As if all that wasn't enough, this can also do mail merges, has some really cool transparency effects (so you can "see through" objects that are on top of other objects), mind-blowing versatility in printing, allows for outstanding PDF output, and even includes a PANTONE library if you're outputting your work for press publication! Told ya it was loaded!

BONUS!!! BONUS!!! Can you believe this? It also includes a second CD with a whoppin' 100,000 graphics crammed onto it! Clip art, photos, it's all there and at your fingertips! This alone is worth the price of the software! With 100,000 images to choose from, you'll always be able to find the exact graphic you need for your projects!

Your cost for all this? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! After using this for just a little bit, I can't believe we got these for this kind of price! Our supplier must be nuts!

You've gotta give this a try - just wait till you see what you get for less than $10!!


PS - Bad news? Only a limited quantity of these are available, so you need to get to the site ASAP to grab your copy! You'll be completely blown away at how you can get software this powerful for $9.97!!!

Cranky CDs

Do you ever have to deal with cranky CDs? You know, maybe you're trying to play a game on your computer and the CD just won't read properly. Or, perhaps you want to listen to one of your music CDs on your computer and it won't read either. What a nightmare! So, is there anything you can do to make your computer read the CDs? Well, there are several causes for that kind of problem, but yes, there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation. And if you read through the tip on our homepage today, you'll know all about them!

The Free Site

So, tell me, how much do you enjoy getting free stuff? I'm sorry, but you're crazy if you said you don't like it. I mean, you can't pass up a freebie, no matter what it is or where it's coming from. If you feel the same way, you're going to love the cool site we're featuring on our homepage today. It's called The Free Site and it's your source for getting free stuff. I promise, there's something for everyone, so be sure to check it out ASAP!

Here's the link you need: http://www.worldstart.com/ Enjoy!

Tip of the Day


So, tell me, are you an avid Twitter user? I mean, do you just have to know what your friends are doing at all times? If so, TwitterFox is the perfect Firefox extension for you! It lets you know when your friends post updates to their Twitter accounts. If you're interested, here’s how you can install it!

1.) First, go here and click on the Install button.

2.) Then just wait patiently for the add on to download.

3.) You’ll then be asked to restart your Firefox Web browser, so go ahead and click on the Restart Firefox button.

4.) You'll notice in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that there’s now a lowercase "t," just like the Twitter logo. Go ahead and double click on it.

5.) In the Preferences box, click on Add Account and then enter in your username and password.

6.) Click OK twice and you're all set. Now, every time you get a "tweet," you’ll be notified right away. Have fun!

~ Brandon Zubek

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Today's Feature

The Future of Passwords

Who out there has way too many passwords? I know I do! In my average day, I log in to about 15 different areas with different passwords and usernames for all of them. Now, I know that may be higher than what most people do, but it still shows that passwords are everywhere in our lives.

The issue with passwords is they can be stolen, figured out or even forgotten. Now, be honest: how many times do you simply reuse the same password over and over again? If someone got ahold of your one password, would they be able to log in to all of your private places?

Luckily, the idea of a simple character based password is slowly going away. There are a lot of new (and older) technologies out there that allow for secure access to places, without the need to remember a bunch of passwords. I thought I would share a few of those with you today!

1.) Fingerprint Scanners

I'm sure almost all of you have seen a fingerprint based access device before. We here at WorldStart have even sold little flash drives that have fingerprint scanners. Those little devices have been around for a long time, but just recently, they have started to become standard parts of laptop computers and desktops. Having a fingerprint scanner can help alleviate password issues. Essentially, your computer remembers your passwords and when you scan your fingerprint, it enters the password for you. That way, you don't have to remember as many passwords.

2.) Key Based Password Devices

Key based password devices don't completely remove the need for a password, but they do make it less possible for someone to use your password. Usually, a key based password device is just a regular flash drive with a special code stored on it. When a program asks for your password, you have to plug in the flash drive with the code and also type in the password. That way, you have to provide two different authentication methods. Someone who knows your password, but doesn't have the key will not be given access. On the other hand, if someone steals your key, they won't know your password and they'll be out of luck as well!

3.) Graphical Passwords

Another type of password option removes the need for words altogether. Some new cell phones use this type of password. The way it works is by presenting a screen. The user then draws a pattern or image on the screen with their finger. If the pattern matches the saved one, the user is granted access.

This just gives you an idea of what we may be seeing in the future. There are many different ways we can replace the need for several passwords, but they do require more than just a keyboard. Someday, new computers will all use one of these password types and passwords will finally be a thing of the past. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary

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Amanda's Coolsite

Path to Health

This is a very interesting health Web site! I suggest you start out by reading the preface to the newsletters, which you can find here or by clicking the “Please click here to read the instructions for proceeding to the Newsletters” link. Either way works!

Navigation is fairly straightforward. Just scroll down the page and click on the topic you would like to check out. You'll find 107 articles (including the introduction) on various health topics.

I found that article 35 had some great tips on managing headaches. I’m prone to both migraines and tension headaches and the tips here were great. They seemed to really help, especially the warm shower where you use the warm water to ease the tension in your neck/shoulders.

You can also join the discussion forum. To do that, just click on the giant link that says “Click Here to Join the Discussion Forum.” I bring this up, because I know a lot of you like to discuss this kind of information, as well as, ask questions and such. I'm also pointing this out, because the forum has a Recipes section, where you can share recipes and get healthy recipes to add to your own collection!

I think there is a lot of great information here for you to take in. I, for one, like to gather as much information as I can before making decisions about diets, health care and even the things my doctor tells me to do. That way, I can choose what's best for me. Check it out today!


~ Amanda

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Simple Flower

I don't know about you, but I needed a break from all the snow and ice, so I found this and decided to put a little green into January! Shot last spring in the Smoky Mountains; a Trillium, I think.

Rock and Ice

This abstract looking shot is of thick ice that had formed on some reddish rock in the Smoky Mountains last spring. So, if you want a cold theme for your desktop, this should do it!

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