Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belkin’s Amazon sha=?UTF-8?Q?me?=; Microsoft music blunder; Dell Mini 12 review

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Computing In The Real World

22 January
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News headlines: Belkin pays for positive Amazon reviews; the massive botnet that's baffling security experts; and Microsoft's new mobile music service hits all the wrong notes

This week's new reviews: Dell redefines netbooks with the Mini 12; Nokia delivers the touchscreen 5800 XpressMusic; and find out why the Pure Avanti Flow is almost the perfect internet radio

PC Pro podcast: On this week's show the team discuss Seagate's descent into hard-drive hell; the potential impact of the Conficker Worm; and the Dell Mini 12 makes a grab for our Hot Hardware of the Week. Download it now

Best of the blogs: Tim Danton explains how you can get involved in our £250 challenge; David Bayon wonders at the plummeting cost of monitors; and Tom Arah offers a sneak peek at Adobe's Technical Communication Suite 2

Barry Collins - Online Editor

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Belkin admits paying for positive Amazon reviews
Peripheral manufacturer caught paying for five-star "user" reviews on Amazon's website

9.5 million PCs poised to strike
Experts are worried that a huge, dormant botnet could soon be employed for nefarious purposes

Microsoft mobile music store starts on a bum note
PC Pro hits teething problems with Microsoft's new mobile music downloads store

Seagate bug fix bricks Barracudas
Seagate's flash "fix" has brought 500GB Barracuda drives screeching to a halt

McKinnon a "suicide risk"
The latest twist in Gary McKinnon's efforts to avoid extradition has seen him labelled a "suicide risk

Microsoft charged with monopoly abuse
Microsoft's bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows is harming competition, according to the European Commission

Atom to shrink by 60%
Reports suggest a miniscule Intel Atom processor will arrive in the second half of 2009

Nokia ships phone without charger
Nokia's Eco experiment sees phone ship without a charger in the box for the first time

iGoogle falls out of love with iPhone
Google drops iPhone-specific portal, leaving angry customers scratching their head

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Dell Mini 12
Dell delivers the first netbook with a 12in screen

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia's touchscreen phone hits the Labs, but can it compete with the likes of the HTC Touch HD?

Pure Avanti Flow
So nearly internet radio perfection - we tune into the Pure Avanti Flow

Belkin N+
We investigate a router will a dazzling turn of speed and some unusual features

Verbatim 2-Disk Hard Drive
The first 2TB desktop drive arrives in our Labs - but is it worth the price premium?

Big Red Book
We get to grips with the newest entrant to the UK accounts software market

Memorex Essential TravelDrive 250GB
Memorex tempts us with its no-frills portable storage offering

Panasonic BL-C160
Panasonic offers up a well-built IP camera with the great outdoors in mind

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