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Software Deals Bonus Issue - Save An Extra 10% Today + 10 Jaw-Dropping Deals

Hey There! 

It's the beginning of the month (can you believe it's already March?), and we like to toss in an extra issue of deals for ya! Lots of great stuff this time around, PLUS a 10% coupon too! Check it out!

10% Off EVERYTHING In Our Online Store!

And Everything In This Newsletter!!

The Amazing Blowouts Start NOW!!

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I was looking around the warehouse and, yup, it's time to get rid of some excess - and give YOU some outstanding deals in the process! We're having a rare ONE-DAY 10% Off Sale! You know we already have some just KILLER deals - well, now's your chance to make 'em even better! We have around 1500 items in our store right now! You just KNOW there's something there you gotta have! Well, with this offer, there's never been a better time! Use the coupon code shown below and you'll be able to get a whopping 10% off of EVERY item in our online store - software OR hardware!

This discount is ONLY good today (03-02-2009) ~ so get to the site right away (sorry, no exceptions)!
Here's the coupon code you'll need to type in the "coupon" box when you add the first item to your cart or at checkout:


Add an item to your cart and scroll down - you'll see where to enter this code. YOU MUST enter the code above to get your discount!!

No minimum order and everything has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, toll free help, and regular US shipping is FREE!! You can't beat that! - Head to the store right now!!

Here's the main store page:

WorldStart Software Store - Check It Out!

Here are some of the "hot spots" on the site - check 'em out!

Cool Gadgets - My personal favorite! Lots of great stuff for your computer and MORE!

Utilities - Make your computer run faster and do more - the easy way!

Photo & Video - Edit photos, make incredible projects, create video masterpieces!

Graphics and Print - Make projects, scrapbooks, grab clipart -it's all here!

Home & Garden Software - Cookbooks, Redecorating, landscaping - Check it out!

Kids Software - Got kids? Keep 'em busy and make 'em smarter with these software titles!

$4.97 Titles - Two pages of GREAT software - just $4.97 each!!

Vista Software - Looking for Vista software? Try these 5 pages! WOW!

Reference - Bibles, cookbooks, medical sets, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias - WOW!

New Titles - See what's hot now - the latest and greatest!

Remember, this is just for today, so make sure you run to the site and get yourself some deals! 1500 items - you know you'll find some incredible stuff!

Outstanding 4GB MP3 Player Deal!

Holds Up To 1000 Songs! That's Over 2 Days Worth!

Clip-On Player Is Incredibly Small, Light, And Easy To Take Along!

PLUS - Save $100+ Over Similar Players!

Sounds Amazing Too!

You're just gonna LOVE this one! We just got an absolutely outstanding deal on a small batch of 4GB MP3 Players! Just wait till you feast your eyes on the price - you're not gonna believe it's possible to go that low!

For now, let's have a look at this bad boy! First thing is: WOW - this guy is tiny! We're talking palm-of-your-hand-with-room-to-spare small! It's so little it has to shop in the petite section at the MP3 mall :-) And it's light - like a feather light! When it arrives at your door and you open the package, you're going to be amazed! Best thing is when you go out walking, running or just generally using it, you'll hardly know it's there!

It may be small on size, but it's MAMMOTH on memory! This tiny little player can hold an astonishing 1000 typical MP3 songs! That's a TON of music! Think of it this way - If you filled it up you could hit Play, and listen for over two days straight before you got to the end! WOW!!

Know what you're really gonna love about this? The clip-on part! I know, sounds funny, but the fact you can clip this on a jacket, pocket, bag - whatever - and hardly even know it's there is wonderful! Take it for walks, jogs, bicycling, roller blading, to the gym, to the park, out shopping - whatever - and it really and truly stays clipped on and out of the way! After all, if you can't manage it while you're using it, what's the point of having it?

Using it is really simple too! Here's the how ya do it:

1. Plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer.

2. Drag and drop your MP3s to it.

3. Hit play and enjoy! 

How's that for easy? You'll be amazed at how effortless this is to use! (And if you have any problems with it, just contact our tech support :-)

Almost forgot the most important part! YES - these sound incredible! Easily as good an an iPod! Your ears are gonna LOVE the ridiculously amazing sound treat they're in for!

Comes with everything you need too - a wall charger, earbuds, and USB cable!

Oh, and did I mention that you can also store regular files of ANY kind on this if you want? That's right - it can double as a flash drive!

Cool thing about these is, once you start using an MP3 player like this, you'll discover it's absolutely fantastic to have all your favorite music in one place! Mine is hooked up to a stereo on my desk, then when I go out I plug into my car radio, then I listen while I hike with my dog over in the park! It's fantastic!

OK, now the price. The closest thing to this is Apple's iPod Shuffle - and that costs a whopping $150 for a 4GB unit! And this does the same thing - they even kinda look alike! Non Apple MP3 players of this size aren't much better either - a 4GB Sandisk seems to go for between $100-$150, a 4GB ZEN hovers around $100, and a Microsoft ZUNE can go for over $160!!

Your price for this little guy? Ready? Set? Here ya go - just $25.97 and US shipping is FREE! Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter! Is that mind-blowing or what? Why pay 4X, 5X, or even 6X as much? Give this a try - not only are you going to absolutely LOVE it, you'll be wearing a big 'ol grin knowing how much money you saved!

PS - Only a limited quantity of these are available! Make sure you get to the site as soon as you can! They're not gonna last!

PPS - This price WILL increase to $34.97 tomorrow! Get yours today!!

Your Tastebuds Won't Know What Hit 'Em!!!

Your Mouth Is Gonna Water!

Make Cooking E-Z!

Betty Crocker Will Have You Cook'n Like A 5 Star Chef!!

All For The Amazing Low Price of $10.97!!!

We just got an absolutely amazing deal on Cookin' With Betty Crocker - and let me tell ya - this is going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!!!!

This has got to be, hands down, the best deal we've ever seen on a CD ROM cookbook! 

Oh, and not only are you getting all these amazing recipes - you're getting a seriously powerful digital cooking assistant! This is just LOADED with great features and it's really going to make your kitchen life much easier!

First off, don't you hate it when you have a recipe that serves five and you only have two to feed? Heck, you spend half your time just trying to divide up fractions! YUCK! Well, this can easily scale the recipes for however many people you're trying to feed! Need to feed just two? It can do that! Need the same recipe to feed 10? Yup, just a click of the mouse! To me this one feature ALONE is worth the price of the cookbook!

Then it gets even better! Say you're on a diet and you really need nutritional information for the food that you're making. Wouldn't it be great if you could analyze a recipe and find out how much fat, cholesterol, how many calories etc. you were taking in? Well, with this you can! It can easily do a health analysis and in second you'll know the nutritional values for ANY recipe!

What if you have a bunch of recipes that you want to add? No problem! Add as many as you like! Now, adding recipes is easy, but this takes it a step further! When you add a recipe, you get all the features mentioned above right at your fingertips! Need to scale your recipe for more or less people - it can still do it! Want nutritional values? YES! This can analyze YOUR recipes and give that to you as well!

Oh, and you'll love this! What if you're not sure how to cook something? Maybe there's a technique that a recipe describes but you're not familiar with it - Sure wouldn't take much for that to happen to me! Well, this has tons of fantastic instructional videos! Yup, just pull up the video section then watch and learn! HA! Who needs the cooking channel? :-)

Want more! Sure ya do! This can also create a shopping list for a recipe (print or send to a palm), e-mail recipes to friends and family, create weekly menus (and make those shopping lists from those menus), search recipes by keywords OR ingredients, and to top it all off, the interface is just fantastic!

Whew, this is one amazing cookbook! Want one too? I don't blame ya! These are just great! Your cost is only $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! Yikes, and I almost forgot to mention that today only, take an additonal 10% off with the coupon above - WOW!!  The paper version of this has an $85 retail! Plus the fact that it's all on your computer makes it so much more useful / powerful than those old paper cookbooks! Go on, give this a try - I know you'll love it too!

PS - WARNING! This was a VERY limited quantity deal. PLEASE hurry to the site and grab yours while you can! Right now, we can't get any more and these are bound to be extremely popular today. See ya at the site!

Solitaire Anyone?

You'll Love These 500 Games!

We really have a cool one for you today! It's called Solitaire Master 4 and if you enjoy playing cards, this is a MUST HAVE!

I tell ya, this is one of those games where it's really hard to stop playing. There's just so much variety. I know I never intended on spending the better part of yesterday evening playing cards, but that's what happened! This is a TON OF FUN! Just wait till you try it!

Solitaire Master 4 includes 3 and 4 deck games, tons of options and features, plus an easy to use interface that lets you preview the games. This product is an unbeatable value!

Oh, and the graphics are just great. Solitaire Master 4 includes a HUGE selection of solitaire games, from favorites like Klondike and Free Cell to completely new games. With 500 total games, you're sure to find a version perfect for you! 12 new card faces, 150 card backs, and 700 backgrounds are included. And it all is very high-end looking. Plus, the sounds are very realistic and really make it feel like you're playing with a real deck of cards.

Your price for all this fun? Less than 2 cents a game! Just $5.97 and US shipping is FREE! Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter!And if you try it and don't love it, you have 2 months to send it back for a refund! Really nothing to lose unless you miss out. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

PS - As usual, quantities are limited. The price will increase to $9.97 on Tuesday, so get to the site now!

They Do Exist!!!

Finally, After Years Of Searching-

I Found Them...

The Perfect Headphones!

Magnificent! Perfect! Comfortable! Crystal Clear! Amazing! Fabulous! These are just a few of the words that I could use to describe these amazing Sentry Headphones. Wait until these headphones wrap around your ears, then you will know what I am talking about! These headphones are simply the best headphones that I have EVER come across!!! I will never wear another earbud or headset again!

Personally, I hate earbuds! In fact, they convinced me that I have odd shaped ears. Those things are simply not comfortable and they are always falling out of my ears. You should see me on my morning jog, I am constantly plugging an earbud (normally the right ear) back into my ear, just to have it fall out again within a few steps! Then, by the end of my jog, both of my ears are sore after those things have been sticking in them for about 30 mins!

Because I hate the earbuds so much, I have been searching for a headset that is lightweight, comfortable, and will stay on my ears while I run! Well, let me tell you, I have searched for years! Then, just the other day, when I thought I had given up and that I would have to settle for those stupid earbuds the rest of my life, I came across these headphones. I said it once, and I will say it again, these headphones are wonderful!

First, they are really lightweight. Like earbuds, these headphones don't have that annoying, heavy, strap that wrap around your head to make them stay in place. However, like headphones, this pair has padded earpieces that comfortably rest on the outside of your ears.

So, you are probably wondering how they stay in place? Well, these headphones have nifty little hooks that hook onto the back of your ears as if you were wearing glasses. These little rubber hooks secure the headphones in place and are extremely comfortable. Today, I wore them all day at work, and forgot that I had them on!!! I was shocked!!!

And the quality of the sound could not be better! You will not miss a single beat with these headphones! Even better, the head phone jack works with my computer, my iPod, and my AM/FM radio! These headphones could not get any better!

Oh- wait! Yes they can... with the price! For just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free - Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter! Let me tell ya, I have searched so long for the perfect headphones that I would pay triple that amount. When I saw the price I picked up two sets just for myself- just incase anything horrendous happens and I need a new set. Check out this site for more information!!!

PS: The price will increase to $12.97 on Tuesday!

WOW! Amazing DIGITAL Tire Gauge!

Makes Checking Your Tire Pressure A Snap!

Save TON$$$ In Gas With The Proper Tire Pressure!

Here's an absolutely incredible deal on a Digital Tire Gauge! I love these things! I personally have one and let me tell you - after you go digital with your air pressure readings, you just aren't going back to the "blow out the stick" type gauges :-)

It's SOOOO easy to use! Just press it to your valve stem and it will give you an EXACT reading of your tire pressure! PLUS it covers a HUGE range - from a mere 3 PSI to a whopping 99 PSI - this has you covered for just about every type of tire you'll ever run across!

What I love about these is there's no guesswork. With the "blow out the stick" type gauges, you are always wondering if you stuck it on the valve stem right, ya know? Heck, I can stick one of those old-fashioned gauges on the valve stem 3 times and get three different readings! Why even bother - my thumb pushing on the tire would be as accurate! With this, all the "mystery" goes away!

Not only that, this even includes a handy tire tread gauge to see how much tread you have left ton your tires! How cool is that?

Finally, making it easy to check your tire pressure makes it easy to save on gas. Everyone knows that properly inflated tires get better MPG! I think it's time to double check my tires!

Oh,and get this - Just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a heck of a deal - make sure you grab one before they sell out! (don't forget - you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter!)

PS - You guessed it - this is another limited quantity deal. Get to the site early and grab one of these for each of your cars! Give 'em a try - you'll never go back to the old tire gauges!

Awesome LED Reading Light!!

Just Attach It To Your Book!

Long-Lasting LED Shines For Hours!

Perfect Amount Of Light Too!

PSST - Dirt Cheap Too - But Only For Today!!

Wow - we got the coolest little gadget for you today! This is a handy little Battery-Powered LED BookLight that you're just gonna love! Every time we get in any kind of reading light, they sell out within a day or two ~ and this one is so cool, I'm sure it will too! Check it out:

You know how it is - you're at home and trying to read in bed and your spouse is trying to sleep. Or maybe you're doing the same thing at a hotel. Or maybe you're on a long red-eye flight. No matter what your circumstance, this little light will come in handy!

Just clip it to the book, open it with the touch of a button, and you're in well-lit reading bliss! It gives off just the right amount of light and the adjustable head projects the light nicely down onto the page exactly where you want it!!! Give it a try, I know you'll love it as much as we do!

Your price today only is just $7.97 and US shipping is FREE! Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter! That's a heck of deal ~ everyone knows LED's are the best you can get! Grab it while you can!!

PS - This is a VERY limited quantity offer so don't wait! Pick one up for yourself and your favorite bookworm today!!! The price will increase to $10.97 on Tuesday so don't wait!

Sick Of Never Being Able To Find The Right USB Cable?

Traveling? Forget To Bring A Cable With You?

A Fantastic Kit You're Gonna LOVE!

A Must-Have For Every Computer User!

WOW - This is a MUST-HAVE for every computer user!! Anyone who has ever had to go through their desk drawers trying to find a specific computer cable, adapter, etc. will truly appreciate this Travel Easy Cable Bag! It can be kept in your desk, backpack, briefcase, or computer bag for easy access.

Check it out:

If you're like me
, you have a drawer full of tangled up USB cables but can never seem to find the one that goes to the correct item - am I right? Or, the cable has just gone missing so you need to "borrow" one from a different source. It can drive ya nuts!

Well, those are the times you're gonna LOVE this kit! All the cables and adapters are stored inside a black zippered case so you know exactly where to look when you need to easily access them. The kit includes: retractable USB cable, FireWire, phone (RJ-11), audio cables and adapters to connect all your gadgets! There's even a microphone and headphone set in case you want to chat on the Internet!

Special Note - People are sometimes worried the cables in this kit won't work with their devices. Well, no worries! These are 100% compatible with ALL devices that use USB, standard audio jacks, or phone lines! It even includes a retractable earbud mic set! WOW!!

This 11-Piece Travel Easy Cable Bag is the perfect cable kit to connect your computer to a scanner, printer, digital camera, digital camcorder, MP3 player, external hard drive, modem, USB hub, Webcam, card reader, external DVD or CD-RW drive, floppy drive and more! This kit is sure to help you out of more than one missing cable fiasco!

This is a real MUST-HAVE for every home and business! Your price is just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! (PLUS get an extra 10% off today if you use the coupon above!) Get one for yourself and one for the office (you'll be a hero)!

PS - This price is good today only, the price will increase to $20.97 on Tuesday!!

If This Doesn't Wake You Up- Nothing Will!!

The Most Convienient Alarm Clock We Have Ever Seen!

It Folds, It Sings, It Tells You The Date!

Even Displays The Temperature Too!!

Earth Shattering Low Price- Just $9.97!!!

This alarms clock is wayyy cooler than that old radio alarm clock that is sitting next to your bed plugged into the wall.

Operating on a watch battery, this alarm clock goes anywhere and everywhere. Its thin lightweight design can easily fit into your back pocket or the tiniest purse. I am so impressed with the design of this alarm clock. It is about the size of a woman's powder compact and is extremely portable. It is the perfect travel size, great to take with you, and definitely more trustworthy then those darn hotel room alarm clocks!!!!!

Plus- the digital numbers are HUGE! This alarm clock is extremely easy to read!! It not only displays the time but it also gives you the date and day of the week! I love this feature because when I am groggy in the morning, I can easily read the time and date without having to put on my glasses! Better yet, the alarm is really loud and will make sure you know that it is time to get moving.

This fan-tabulous folding alarm clock even comes with a built-in digital thermometer, which displays the temperature of the room. WOW!! I love this! On those brisk fall mornings, this alarm clock lets me know how chilly it is outside of my warm and toasty covers.

This clock is perfect for quickly glancing at the time and the alarm is a great reminder of my deadlines at the office! Plus, its folding stylish design looks awesome I just adore this little guy!

Cost? WOW! We have a spectacular deal for you today! Order now and get this super folding alarm clock for just $9.97 and US Shipping is Free! Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter! Now that is one kind of deal you don't want to pass up!

PS: These fun alarm clocks are going to go quickly. Order now before our supply is gone!!!! :-)

Wanna Take Photos Like A Pro?

Then I've Got An Awesome Program You'll Really Love!

It's Canon's Photography Workshop and it's a must have if you enjoy taking pictures (digital or film). Oh, and don't worry, this isn't designed just for Canon camera owners, it's general advice that works for any camera owner.

Now, before I get too far, I want you to know that I used to be a full time professional photographer and I taught a continuing education course in photography. So, when I say this is an great program for anyone who wants to take better photographs, you know you can trust the source ;-) In fact, if I'd had this interactive CD ROM at my disposal back when I was teaching, I could have passed it out and ended the class there - it's that good!

It uses audio, video, and sample photos to teach you how to work all the controls on a camera. You simply pick what you want to learn. Oh, and it's also great for any skill level - beginner to advanced.

The best part of it is the way it's so "hands on". When you're in one of the many virtual "workshops" you can actually try different ways of taking the picture and see the results! It shows you in a few clicks of a mouse what it took an hour for me to explain in class!

Here are some of the topic covered: The Art of Photography, Composition, Capturing The Decisive Moment, How To Tell a Story, Thinking Visually, Lenses, Aperture, Focus, Shutter, Exposure Lighting, Film, and much more!

No mater what kind of camera you use, this CD can improve the quality of pictures you're getting from it. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the solid advice this title provides!

What's your price? Just $5.97 (retail is around $30) and US Shipping is FREE! Plus, you get an extra 10% off if you order today and use the coupon code at the beginning of the newsletter! You probably spent a good chunk of change on your camera, doesn't it make sense to get the most out of it? Wouldn't it be nice to know the photo you just snapped was going to be a winner instead of just hoping it "turns out ok"? Take a look:

PS - The price will increase to $9.97 on Tuesday! The only way you lose on this deal is to pass it up!

Boost Your Keyboarding Skills!

And Have Fun At The Same Time!!!

All For An Amazingly Low $3.97!


Whether you're typing an e-mail, chatting with friends online, or creating a document at work, you can start working faster and more efficiently with Typing Instructor Deluxe 15, one of the best-selling typing programs on the market! This is great for kids as well as adults! With so many schools starting the students out on computers at such a young age, it's pretty important to know how to type the correct way. Don't ya' think?

My father is a SLOW typist - it's painful to watch, really it is - or should I say he WAS slow! I had him try this and now he's SOOOO much faster! He's still practicing, and while he isn't doing 60WPM or anything, the words are getting down in a fraction of the time it took him with the old hunt-and-peck method.

And with this program- you will increase your typing speed and have fun playing 8 great games all at the same time!

Check out just some of these great features:

  • Over 15 built-in intelligent typing plans
  • Create your own typing plans
  • Proven suggested "next step" plans for fast learning
  • Structured "touch typing" content
  • 10-key content included
  • Over 60 choices of music, or import your own
  • Guide hands for split and standard keyboard
  • Turn guide hands off for "no look" learning
  • Create your own lessons
  • And, much, much, more...

Let me tell ya - you get as much information (and probably more) in this program than you would in any classroom and the cost is wayyy less! Your cost is just $3.97 and yes, you guessed it, FREE shipping in the US is included! WOW Get to the site and get yours today!

PS - This price is heading up to $10.97 first thing tomorrow!! Don't wait - order now!

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That's It! Enjoy The Rest Of Your Week!!

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