Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[TechRepublic] Add Copy To and Move To commands to Windows XP Explorer with this registry hack

March 31, 2009

Add Copy To and Move To commands to Windows XP Explorer with this registry hack

IT DojoBusy IT professionals know that every little shortcut is important. Simple hacks help you customize your tools to fit your work habits--saving you valuable time. Bill Detwiler shows you a quick Windows XP Registry hack that adds the Copy To and Move To commands to your Explorer context menu.

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SAP and Oracle: Who's ready for small and medium-sized businesses?

Download this Nucleus Research paper to learn who's delivering the greatest enterprise software value to the SMB market: SAP or Oracle. (Oracle)

Tips and features for tech managers

iPAQ 910Product Spotlight: HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger
There is always a market for a solid, no-nonsense business phone, and the Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 910 Business Messenger is about as no-nonsense as a phone can get.

Six performance tips for stressed IT pros
How we deal with high levels of stress affects our performance and career success. Career and leadership coach John M. McKee offers six tips and tactics that have helped his clients in demanding times.

Mozy online backup service for the SMB
Data protection is frequently neglected for small and medium businesses. Online services now are available to allow a managed backup to work for you. IT pro Rick Vanover hashes out some of the points related to these services.

Lenovo S10 NetbookProduct Spotlight: Lenovo S10 netbook
Netbooks continue to evolve as user's look for inexpensive, lightweight alternatives to the bulky notebook. The Lenovo S10 falls squarely into this category and compares well to the other netbooks TechRepublic has reviewed to date.

IBM revamps server lineup based on Intel's Nehalem
Intel's Xeon 5550 chips, formerly known as Nehalem, will give IBM's servers a performance boost. IBM calls the System x retooling its "most comprehensive upgrade to its family of x86 products."

Conficker.C: April Fools or may be not
Conficker's creators may make the first day of April a painful day for IT types if the experts who reverse engineered the new Conficker code are right. Is there anything we can do?

TR Out LoudVideo: TR Out Loud - March 27, 2009
The TR community that has been enjoying the NCAA basketball tournament should certainly enjoy this episode of TR Out Loud on Video. Aside from a little March Madness, TROLOV also covers the weekly highlights at TechRepublic.

Business Benefits of Policy Based Data De-Duplication
Read up on policy-based de-duplication and how it can help boost your storage utilization rates while improving application performance. (Sponsored by EMC)

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Business benefits of policy based data de-duplication
Read up on policy-based de-duplication and how it can help boost your storage utilization rates while improving application performance. (Sponsored by EMC)

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