Friday, March 27, 2009

[TechRepublic] Put the spin on age bias

March 27, 2009

Job hunting: Put a new spin on 'old'

IT CareerFor older workers looking for a job, age bias can be hard to fight. Career blogger Toni Bowers suggests some things you can do to present your age and experience in a way that elevates your personal brand. Have you ever tried to address perceived age bias in an interview?

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Geekend Picks of the Week

Twitter50 ubergeeks worth following on Twitter
Jay Garmon lists 50 top-shelf geeks to be found on Twitter (in no particular order of awesomeness). The list includes Warren Ellis, John Cleese, Wil Wheaton, and John Hodgman.

Sharp AQUOS LCD TVProduct Spotlight: Sharp AQUOS 32" LCD TV as a PC monitor
The line between computer monitors and televisions is growing increasingly thin. If you have the extra cash and adequate desktop real estate, an LCD TV might be the right PC monitor for you. Check out his Product Spotlight on using the Sharp AQUOS 32-inch LCD TV as a desktop monitor.

Games and Gear new releasesSpring preview - Games and gear
What new releases should you get excited about this spring? Here are a few picks. Also, see what's hot in tech cars | cameras and camcorders | computers and components | car tech | cell phones and smartphones.

Jay GarmonGeek Trivia: Pros and (emoti)cons
Who is credited with inaugurating the era of the online emoticon--a tech pioneer who first formally proposed the use of a punctuation-based "smiley" to indicate the emotional tone of statements made on the Internet? The Quibble of the Week for Mar. 24, 2009

Google HQ in LondonGallery: UK tech sites on Google Street View
Here has rounded up a selection of the top UK tech sites seen through Street View's lens - starting with Google's own HQ in London: Belgrave House, Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria.

Battlestar GalacticaImages: The technology of 'Battlestar Galactica'
We've highlighted some of the advanced technology found in the show, and compared it to things that actually exist in our world.

Is the Apple iPhone 3.0 better suited to the enterprise now?
Under mounting pressure in the competitive smartphone market, Apple last week unveiled the iPhone 3.0 software ahead of its expected summer release. Paul Mah sieves through the reports to evaluate how it measures up in the enterprise.

Use Google maps to nuke your hometown...or worse
Thanks to a clever Google Maps hack from CarlosLabs, you too can experience the insidious glee of fake-nuking any address in the United States (presumably without accidentally enticing a military supercomputer into provoking World War III).

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TR Member Spotlight with dcolbert
Sonja Thompson catches up with a very vocal -- and sometimes controversial -- TechRepublic member in this interview: Donovan Colbert, better known in the forums as dcolbert.

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