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Computer Tips [ Serious Virus - Or Not? + The Red X In Your E-mail + Red-Eye Prevention + Make Your Subjects Pop ] 03/31/2009


Quick Tips

The Truth about Conficker

I woke up yesterday morning, like I do most mornings, to my annoying clock radio. Well, that day was just a little more annoying than most, just because of what I heard when I woke up. To my surprise, I heard the "morning personalities" blabbing on about this terrible worm called "Conficker". They were saying that the worm could possibly strike on April 1st and cause "all kinds of damage".

Let me start by saying that I cannot stand non-technical people trying to tell the world about the computers. Most of the time this is just a ploy for ratings. It seems that Conficker is the new hot topic for those that want to boost ratings, so I thought I would straighten things out.

The Worm that everyone seems to be talking about is technically called Win32/Conficker.B. It is a variant of the Win32/Conficker.A Worm that came out several months ago. It also goes by the name Downadup and I wrote about it here. People are making a big deal about this worm because although it has infected computers, it hasn't actually done anything yet. It has been laying dormant, waiting for instructions. This makes for a good news story, but here is what they are not telling you...

Conficker is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If your computer is up to date, you most likely do not have Conficker and you are safe. As a matter of fact, if you do your updates regularly, Microsoft will scan your system monthly with the Malicious Software Removal Tool and Conficker will be removed. So, don't you feel better already?

If you still think that you might have the Conficker worm, or if you just want to check and be safe, Microsoft offers a free online scan for Windows XP users that will remove conficker and solve all your problems. Here is the link: Note: you must be using Internet Explorer when you visit this page or it will not work.

As for Vista users, here is your link

As always, Stay safe out there!


Feel safer now? We sure hope so, and if not you can always rate or add to this tip here:

Whew! I surely feel better knowing that "Conficker" isn't the absolute abomination that we were told of! Keep those computers up to date, folks!

So, what's on deck for today, you ask? Nothing more that the same greatness, splashed with awesome sauce, of course! Scroll down for the much anticipated "Red X Remedies" and April's tip on dragging out in Outlook! For you shutterbugs we have Steve's tip on getting rid of red eye and a word or two on focal points to round things out. Oh, and don't miss Amanda's Cool Site today! You may never look at the Internet the same again!
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Hey, How Fast Ya Goin' There Sport?Royal Wireless Bicycle Computer

Awesome Bike Speedometer / Computer!

Amazing Little Device Calculates:

Trip Mileage
Total Mileage
Trip Time
Average Speed
Speed Comparisons
And More!

PLUS - It's Completely Wireless Too!

OK, it's spring and it's time to break out the bike and take to tearin' up the trails. Only problem is, how far did ya go and how fast did ya do it? Well, we just discovered what has to be the best deal ever on a bike computer that is the answer to all your biking milage needs!

It's a Royal 13 Function Bike Computer and it's going to be your new bikin' buddy! Get this - it can really do it all! First, and foremost, it can tell you just how fast your going, how long you've been doing it, and just how far that has taken you! The big "3" are right there at your fingertips!

PLUS, it takes it to the next level of another 10 functions! Things like an odometer to tell you overall mileage, your maximum speed, a digital clock, your average speed (very handy), a speed comparison function, your "speed tendency", and MORE! It's loaded - heck, who knew there was that much that you can cram into a little bike speedometer?

Oh, and you'll love this - it's WIRELESS! No cables running up from your tire to your little speedometer! Even comes with batteries! Makes it REALLY easy to pop it off and stick it in your pocket when it's not in use!

Royal Wireless Bicycle Computer

What about the install? Really easy! You attach the little quick release mount to your handlebars for the speedometer / computer (or whatever you want to call it), and then use a couple of zip ties for the transmitter on the fork. Attach the little wheel magnet, input your tire size, and roll! Takes about 10 minutes - anybody can do it!

If you have a bike, it's time to get a speedometer / computer for it! You'll finally know how far, how fast, and how long you went for - PLUS a TON of other stats too! Just wait till you start comparing your rides and see your progress! Makes riding 2X as much fun!

I've had a bike computer for years and I can tell you from personal experience - once you have one, you won't go back. I almost can't stand it when I forget to take the little computer along! It's not only informational - it's a blast to track how you're doing! I can't wait to start riding with this new one along!

Finally - the price is mind-blowing! If you've looked at these in bike shops, you already know these can easily ride right past the $100 mark! Not for you - wait till you see this!

You can grab this amazing, 13 function bike computer for just $21.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a KILLER deal and an awesome little bike computer! For that kind of money, you just can't go wrong! Check it out:

PS - Remember, if you don't love it like I do, just send it back for a refund! We want you to love everything you buy from us - and I'm sure THIS will fall into that category! Give it a shot - you'll wonder how you got along without it!


Master THE Most Popular Programs....With EASE!!!

Whooaa!!! THIS... Is A HUGE Course!

1,400 Topics - 20 Bonus Courses, Too!

Special Price - Today Only - 03-31-2009!

WOW! These went over like CRAZY yesterday! Thank You to the hundreds and hundreds who grabbed their copy! Don't miss out - this is one of the most exciting ways to learn all the "major" programs!

You know how it is - You've probably been wanting to learn how to use a bunch of programs that you've just dabbled with up til now. Well, here's your chance to really dominate 'em!

And unlock all the bells and whistles that have been lurking under the hood just waiting for you to "Crack the Code"!

So...what programs are we talking about? Well, how about the COMPLETE Microsoft® Office® suite of programs., including:

  • Word® (Word Processor)
  • Excel® (Spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint® (Presentation Program - Slide Shows, etc.)
  • Access® (Database Management)
  • Outlook® (E-mail)

Pretty impressive, heh? But hang on...we've only just started!

Ever wanted to know how to make your own newsletters, brochures, or fliers? (Got you covered!)

How 'bout sprucing up those digital photos you've got sitting on that hard drive? (Got ya there, too!)

Been thinking about putting together a web page? (Oh yeah...we can get you started on that, too!)

Check out this list of courses that are ALSO covered:

  • Microsoft Publisher 2000 and 2003
  • Microsoft Project 98 and 2000
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2003
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 2003
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 4
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Digital Photography Tutorial

See...told you it was AWESOME! This will keep you busy for quite some time, don't ya think?

And what you're going to find is that this is the Easiest and Fastest way to learn these programs!

This course was created by a company called "LEARN2". Now that may not mean much to you...until you realize that this company's training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies and leading government agencies to train some of their KEY employees for over a decade! Why? Because their system works!

You see, you don't just sit there trying to learn by reading out of a book. (We all know how well THAT usually works - especially trying to learn a computer program. zzzzzzzz) Well, they do something VERY different. Instead, you watch a series of short, but in-depth video presentations, that shows you what to do and how to do it. Each lesson has step-by-step simulations with easy visual and audio instructions.

Learn2 Training Complete: Office 2007 & Windows Vista

The result is this system has proven to increase the rate of retention. In other words, you learn more and you remember what you learn! (How's THAT for a novel concept!)

Oh, and, by the way, this company's training carries the "Microsoft® Approved Courseware" designation. In fact, their training information covers the very same material included in the "MS Certified Specialist" Certification level! So're running with the very best!

And wait til you see what this course covers. (I think you'll be impressed as we were!)

As you might expect from the title, this program covers the entire suite of Microsoft® Office® programs...ALL of them!

But hang on a second...check this out.

How many times have you tried to learn a program but then the teaching information was for a DIFFERENT version of the program than YOU had? (You've got last year's version, but the program covers the latest version, which (of course) you just don't happen to have!) This program not only has the most current version of MS Office®, but it ALSO has the earlier versions... for each program that makes up MS Office®!

So even if you don't have the latest version of each MS Office® program, you don't need to let that stop you. Learn the version that you have right now. If you decide to upgrade your MS Office® in the future, fine, learn those versions at that time. Or if you really want to increase your job skills, learn all of the programs and become familiar with all of the versions. (Hello, "Super Star" !)

Just so you know, this is T-H-E FULL- BLOWN training course on Microsoft®® Office®®. (There is a "shortened" version of this course that's called, "Learn2 Training Essentials"). This is ain't it. This is, "LEARN2 Training Complete". And there's a reason they called it that.

This program comes with Five!!! (count 'em... FIVE CD-ROMs, each packed with audio and video presentations! And each CD-ROM features in-depth instruction on an Office® program as well as an introduction to Windows® Vista®. There's over 1400 topics covered! The bottom-line: go thru this course, complete the exercises and YOU WILL KNOW Microsoft® Office®.

To give you some idea of the depth covered in these courses, I took some screenshots for you to look at.

Here I opened the section on Microsoft® Access® (the database program). Once inside, you see the Course Menu for Level 1


When you click on one of the modules, you'll see the lessons within that module. (Here you can see the lessons within Module 3.)


Once you click on one of the lessons, you see the presentations within that lesson.


Here's a screenshot of one of the exercises in Access®. As you can see, the training is VERY thorough!


And if you're already familiar with Microsoft® Office® but you'd like to "brush-up" a little or if you'd like to increase your skills in a certain area, no problem. You'll love the way these modules are set up because you can focus on any one specific area you want OR learn any of the programs from the ground up!

Imagine... the pride and feeling of accomplishment you'll feel when you've mastered THE most popular computer programs used today.

So...if you've been putting off learning Microsoft® Office® for whatever reason, now's your chance to succeed and move forward. And to take ALL of the stumbling blocks out of your way. While other sites have retailed this for as much as $49.99, we're going to give you a FANTASTIC price of just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!

PS -Take control of your future and gain a Competitive Advantage in today's job market today! Order your copy of Learn2 Training Complete for Microsoft® Office® & Windows® Vista® today!

Yikes! The price is going up to $16.97 Wednesday! Better order now!!

Computers 101

Q: Why are some of my images showing up as a red x when I try to view them? It's so frustrating!

A: Good golly, I sure do get a lot of questions about this! I'm glad that I finally get to set the record straight about the mysterious (and annoying) red X, once and for all! Here's a list of the top reasons for the red X and some potentially potent solutions!

Reason 1 – Your anti-virus or firewall might be set to disable web bugs. What is a web bug, you ask? Nothing important; just a teeny, tiny image used for statistic tracking on websites. Sometimes this setting prevents other images from being shown.

How you fix it: Go into your anti-virus settings and look for a setting called “Disable Web Bugs” and uncheck it. Not all anti-virus programs have it, mind you, so you might have to explore a bit!!

Reason 2 – You Internet Explorer security settings are set too high.

How you fix it: In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options and then click on the Security Tab. From there, take a look and see what your security level is at. I keep mine at Medium-High, which allows for most of what I want, and little of what I don't. Gauge how you use the Internet and where you go to adjust this accordingly.

Reason 3 – Windows XP Service Pack 2 introduced a feature called “Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail” This is a big one, and since it's automatically turned on in programs like Outlook Express, it's probably the most common.

How you fix it: For Outlook and Outlook Express you can fix this by clicking the info bar at the top of the message body. This is just a per-message thing, however. If you want a more permanent solution, click on Tools>Options>Security, and then uncheck the “Block images and other external content” check box. Click OK, and revel in visual amazement!


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MS Office

MS Outlook - What A Drag!

Have a file that needs to be attached to an e-mail?

Need the file's information in an appointment?

Maybe it contains information that you need in the notes of a new contact, or a task to be completed.

Whatever the need - the point is that you need the file's information and nobody wants the hassle of manually transferring all of it. After all, the file already contains what you need, why duplicate the data?

So… you've got to wonder, if there's a different choice.

And, as you are expecting, I have to say yes - you do have a choice.

Next time you need a file's information in connection to a part of MS Outlook give this a try:

Drag and drop the file into the appropriate section of Outlook.

Could it be that easy?

Why, yes it can.

Simply locate the file, click-hold-and-drag the file into Outlook. (Remember, if Outlook is not the currently visible then hover the mouse pointer over where Outlook is on the Task bar. It will bring the focus to Outlook so that you can proceed.)

Now that Outlook is visible, hover the pointer over the section/folder where you need to place the file.

At this point you simply release the mouse button.


A new item… appointment, e-mail message, contact, task, etc… will open with the file as an attachment ready for you to finish up and save.

And without even so much as a copy / paste, you've got the information you need in the place you want.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff


Flash Your Light!Blue 12 LED Aluminum Flashlight

12 Blindin' Bright LEDs -

In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Super Tough! Water Resistant!

And A Dirt Cheap Price Too!

WOW! We just snagged a whopper of a deal on a VERY limited number of 12 LED Flashlights! These are some of the best flashlights we've ever offered! Check this out!

First, they are small and compact, but the 12 LEDs pack a wallop! REALLY bright (I'm still seeing spots - don't look directly into it, LOL ). PLUS since it's an LED flashlight, you don't have to worry about the bulbs burning out! They last for years and years. (LEDs can last 100,000 hours - that's 11 years straight!). Oh, and don't forget - LEDs use a LOT less battery power, so replacing batteries is only a VERY rare event! YES!

OH, and tough - man, these are built like a solid piece of military equipment! They are made from high quality aluminum, have a durable textured grip, and just gush quality when they sit in your hand! Oh, and it's not just a pretty face either - these are shockproof and water resistant! And - did ya know - LEDs aren't light regular light bulbs - no filament to break from rough handling! Like I said - TOUGH!! This little guy is ready for whatever you have in store for it! Awesome!

Plus, and you'll love the push-button rear switch too! Turns on and off with a manly sounding click :-) In the words of Tim Allen "ARAHR HHAHAH HA"!

You gotta grab one (or two or three)! Bad news is there's less than 100 available - but you might still have a chance if you race to the site right now! Check 'em out - you'll love it! Your price is just $10.97 And US Shipping is FREE! Don't pay big bucks elsewhere - grab your here today!

PS - Again, these are fantastic little lights - but there's just not that many available so you'll have to hurry! RUN to the site now - you'll be glad you did!


Special Update!! Save $116 Off Retail!

These went like CRAZY on Friday and over the weekend! Oh, and check this out - We found the SAME DRIVE at for $86.47 after shipping! AND - they LIST for $138!!! We have 'em for $21.97 and our shipping is FREE if you live in the US! Killer deal! Take a look!!

Amazing 8GB Micro-Hard Drive!Verbatim Store-n-Go 8GB USB 2.0 Mini HD

Take All Your Stuff With You!

Way Cheaper Than A Flash Drive -

And Better Lookin' Too!

You've Just Gotta Try This!

Others Charge $80-$138 For It -

Our Price Is Just $21.97!!

These are just the coolest little hard drives we've ever come across! Not only are they about as good lookin' as a hard drive can get, but they are really tiny too! Just wait till you see yours :-) You're gonna LOVE 'em!

This works just like a flash drive - only it doesn't set you back as much money! Just plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer. From there, simply drag and drop your files! Works on any XP or Vista computer - no drivers required! WOW!

Why not free up extra room on your computer's Hard Drive? Yeah...instead of jamming EVERYTHING onto the computer (you know...the one you never seem to get around to backing up!), why not keep all your favorite music, photos and other important stuff in one nice, convenient spot? Plus that way, you've got everything together when you want to show uncle Bob all the latest photos from your last vacation?

Oh, and these are FANTASTIC for backups too! You probably have loads of documents, information, spreadsheets, family photos, and music that you just can't afford to lose - Why not back 'em up onto a couple of these handy little drives? Makes it MUCH easier to keep track of and for the price you just can't go wrong!

Or if you've got SOOO many tunes you just "can't live without" and you're juggling three or four thumb drives- well STOP IT!!! (Besides, you're bound to loose one of 'em, poke an eye out or do something else that every mother in the world seems to warn their kids about doing!) Do the smart thing and keep them all together and neat all in one place! (Besides, your mother will be so proud!)

Anyway, in addition to the HUGE amount of capacity, this mini-HD is FAST! (USB 2.0 with data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps!) So when "Uncle Bob" says he just has to have copies of those pictures, BAM! plug right into that USB port and you're done!!! Oh, and this comes pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad, which is the start menu for your USB HD Drive! So no need to think about drivers, and all that. Again, this baby is 100% Plug 'N Play so you can Rock 'N Roll!!!

And, of course, we can't leave out the fact that this Mini HD looks gooood! Sleek, slick, compact,,,what else do you need.

Oh, and this comes with its own USB cable, a Quick Start Guide AND a travel wallet. (Can you say, "Accessorize"?)

These are going to go out the door in a hurry! I'd say grab one or two while you can for yourself...maybe even one as a gift if we still have any. Also, we just found this exact same drive at for $86.47 after shipping! Grab 'em from us for just $21.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Here's the link:

PS...You KNOW you're gonna need more storage - grab a couple of these today! Save over $100!!

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Site Search

Today on the site we have a great tip from the archives that revolves around how to get the most out of your web searching experience. So if you've ever wondered what to do when a specific website doesn't have a search, head on over and get the lowdown!

Fun Trivia

Riddle me this: Who doesn't love trivia? How about all types of trivia, then? Today on WS we have a neat little site that carries just about every flavor of connundrum possible! Actually, it's not a "little" site at all! This place is huge! Check it out!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Get Rid Of Red-Eye

Ohh, we've all been there. You take a snap shot of your kids (or grandkids) and the devil in 'em seems all too apparent. Those big red-eyes glaring back at you from the photo, screaming for some time in PhotoShop.

How do you avoid red-eye in the first place? Easy! Have the kids close their eyes!

OK, OK, here's a few tips:

1. Turn Up The Light - Red-eye is basically a reflection of the back of the eye - sorta like a snapshot of the retina. So, the more dilated (open) the pupils are, the more red-eye you tend to get in your photos. If you turn up the room lights, you cause the pupils to get smaller and cut back on red-eye effect.

2. Red-Eye Reduction - Most cameras have a red-eye reduction feature. The idea behind it is the same as in tip #1 - get the pupils smaller. However, there's a trick to using it right - you have to make sure the person you're photographing is looking at the camera. If not, their pupils won't get any smaller and the technique won't work.

You also may want to warn your unsuspecting subjects of the impending reduction of their red-eye. I've seen lots of squinty, startled looking snapshots of people who were surprised by the stroboscopic flashing.

3. Soften The Light - Sometimes a soft light can also help reduce the appearance of red-eye. Try a light piece of tissue paper over the flash (preferably not a used one :-). Keep in mind that this method also reduces your flash range - sometimes considerably - so use it only on subjects that are close.

4. Avoid The Long End Of The Zoom - The red-eye effect tends to increase with lens focal length. In English? OK, it means that the more "zoomed in" you are on your subject, the better the chances of getting red-eye. Don't shoot too wide though - it's not a very flattering perspective (and that's an article in an of itself).

NOTE - the next two tips only apply if you have a camera that can use an auxiliary flash.

5. "Bounce" The Flash - If your flash allows you to "bounce" it (no, not off the floor), then you have another weapon at your disposal. To bounce your flash, just aim it at the ceiling. The angle should be like a pool shot - you want it to bounce off the ceiling and back down to your subject.

Since your flash isn't shooting directly at your subject, the red-eye problem goes away. However, your flash won't carry nearly as far since you have to count the distance from the ceiling and back down again. Another bounce flash problem that comes up is the dreaded "shadow beard" under the chin due to the light source coming down from the top (women seem more sensitive to this than men for some reason :-). So, let's look at the final trick:

6. Use an Auxiliary Flash on A Bracket - Ahh, we've saved the best for last. Ever notice how professional photographers always seem to have their flash on a bracket? Well, it's not just so they look cool - it helps eliminate red-eye!

As we mentioned before, red-eye is a reflection off the back of the eye. However, this reflection is only visible at a certain angle to the camera. The closer the flash is to the lens of the camera, the greater your chances of getting red-eye. So, if you move the flash off-camera and change the angle the light is hitting the subject, your camera doesn't "see" the reflection anymore. The red-eye is gone.

Well, that's about it. If all else fails, you can use your imaging software to help eliminate red-eye. Most have an easy to use red-eye tool. Sure, it's best to get rid of the red-eye at the time the photo was taken, but it's nice to know you can still take the devil out of the kids if need be :-)

~ Steve

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Today's Feature

Using Focal Points in Photography

Do you know what the focal point of a picture is? The next time before you take a picture, pause and ask yourself: “What is the Focal Point in this Picture?”

The other ways of asking the same question would be – What is the central point of interest? What will draw the eye of the viewers of this picture? What in this image will make it stand out from others? What is my subject?

A focal point is important because when you look at an image, your eye generally needs a ‘resting place’ or something of interest to really hold it. Without a focal point, people will jus glance at your pictures before moving on to the next one without paying any attention to them.

Focal points are important depending on what is being photographed. Street photography, for example, less relies on focal point. If, however, there is a focal point, it doesn’t distract from the main objective of the photo.

An important point to keep in mind is when taking a close up of a person; the key thing to focus on is the eyes.

While selecting a focal point, keep in mind that you need to select one that gives you the composition that you desire, without having to move the camera. Allow for fine composition changes later on while cropping for print etc. The tighter the composition of your image, the sharper your focal point becomes keeping the eyes pin-sharp.

Many beginners and some intermediate level photographers fail to take advantage of adjusting the aperture for the optimal range of sharpness between the subject and the foreground/background.

Once you’ve identified a point of interest or focal point, ask yourself how it can be enhanced.

6 Techniques to Enhance the Focal Point in an image:

A focal point can be virtually anything ranging from a person, to a building, to a mountain, to a flower etc. The more interesting the focal point, the better. There are also other things that can be done to enhance the power of the focal point, including:

* Position - Place it in a prominent position – start with the rule of thirds for some ideas.

* Focus - Learn to use Depth of Field to blur out other aspects in front or behind your focal point.

* Blur - If you really want to get tricky, you could experiment with slower shutter speeds, if your main subject is still and things around it are moving.

* Size - making your focal point large is not the only way to make it prominent - but it definitely can help.

* Color - using contrasting colors can be a way of setting your point of interest apart from it’s surroundings.

* Shape - similarly contrasting shapes and textures can make a subject stand out - especially patterns that are repeated around a subject.

It is imperative to remember that a combination of the above elements work well together.
Last but not least, do not confuse the person looking at your pictures with too many focal points that overwhelm the main focal point. Secondary points of interest can be helpful to lead the eye, but a number of strong ones together will just clutter and confuse the viewer.

~Zahid H Javali

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Amanda's Coolsite

About Us

Have you ever wanted a guide to the internet? Well, aren’t you in luck; you’ve found one! About Us is a wiki style guide to the internet. I suggest getting started by taking the Introductory Tour, found here.

If you’d like to contribute to the wiki entries you will need to sign up. Registration is really easy! Just click the Sign Up button at the top of main page. Fill in the form with your name, e-mail address, and then create a password. You’ll also have to fill in the CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a spam bot. Then click the Create Account button. Just like that you’re logged in and can start editing!

If you liked the tour that introduced you to the features of the site, you’re going to love the Wiki Editing Basics tour. You’ll find the link for this by clicking Need Help on the side menu. Scroll down until you see the heading Basics and you’ll find the tour guides as well as some very handy information to get started with.

Once you’re comfortable with the information covered in the Basics section, you may want to check out the Advanced section. It covers more advanced topics like editing headings, summaries, and thumbnails!

I had a lot of fun looking up my favorite web pages and seeing what information there was about them. I think you will too! Check it out today!


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Monthly Wallpaper


Monthly Wallpaper

March Wallpaper

Here's March's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

Yellowstone Rainbow

This was taken in my favorite park right as a storm blew past. I was driving along and couldn't believe the intensity of the light and this rainbow.

Yellow Flower

This was taken last spring in the Smoky Mountains. The light was soft and just right, so I spent an hour or so shooting flowers just like this one.

Antelope Canyon Light Beam

This is from the famous Antelope Slot Canyon in Arizona. In the summer, these fantastic light beams shine down from above and I loved the look of this one.

All can be found here:





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