Monday, March 23, 2009

[TechRepublic] Lessons in unemployment from the dot com bust

March 23, 2009

Lessons in unemployment from the dot com bust

Tech Sanity CheckCrossloop co-founder Mrinal Desai shares his colorful story of a long stint he spent being unemployed after the dot com bust earlier this decade, in hopes that it might help a few of the many high-quality technology professionals searching for work right now.

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Tips to speed up defrag operations in Windows XP
You can speed up a defrag operation in Windows XP by restarting the system beforehand. Greg Shultz reveals this defrag performance tip and a registry edit that can further increase performance.

How will your IT department handle March Madness 2009 streaming? will once again offer online streaming of every game of the first two rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament on March 19 and 20. How will IT handle the extra traffic load and the potential for lost worker productivity? Take our poll.

Anticipate problems when requesting more staff
If you're one of the fortunate few companies that continue to grow through even this economic mess, justifying additional headcount can be tricky. And when you are transitioning from a small company to a mid-sized company, you need to be able to combat the sticker shock management will inevitably experience.

Code for ultimate rootkit to be released on 19 March 2009
Security researchers Joanna Rutkowska and Rafal Wojtczuk just published a research paper describing a new SMM rootkit that installs via a CPU caching vulnerability. This could be the "perfect storm" of rootkits.

How to reward your best employees
Great employees make your life as a manager much easier. It makes sense to show that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. You might find, however, that shareholders don't always back your desires to reward your best people. Here are a few ways to work it.

iPhone 3.0iPhone 3.0 hands-on photos
CNET provides a screenshot preview of the new iPhone 3.0. Check out the new features in this gallery.

Return Windows Search results within a date range with advanced feature
Greg Shultz introduces you to Vista's Advanced Query Syntax and shows you how to use it in conjunction with Windows Search to search for a particular file, or a set of files, that you know were created between a certain set of dates.

What are your must-have development tools?
UltraEdit, Paint.NET, and Kdevelop are just a few of the tools that three IT pros identify as developer must-haves. Find out what other tools they consider favorites, and then post your list of essential development tools in the discussion.

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Internet Explorer 8 is released
The latest release of Microsoft's Web browser is now available. Internet Explorer 8 has a few new features that might make it worth your consideration. Mark Kaelin takes a first look.

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