Monday, March 30, 2009

[TechRepublic] Try Mozy online backup for the SMB

March 30, 2009
Mozy online backup service for the SMB
Data protection is frequently neglected for small and medium businesses. Online services now are available to allow a managed backup to work for you. IT pro Rick Vanover hashes out some of the points related to these services.


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Working with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager to create a test lab
Brad Bird overcomes some technical challenges in configuring Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager 2007 for use in his System Center test lab. He tells you how to solve some of the problems he encountered.

Use sequence numbers for easy Access Control List modifications
Lori Hyde shows you an example of how Cisco's introduction of sequence numbers makes it easier to manage Access Control Lists.

Building a System Center lab
IT pro Brad Bird is looking to set up a System Center lab to simulate customer environments while saving as much on hardware costs as possible. Here is his setup -- how would you do it?

Is the Apple iPhone 3.0 better suited to the enterprise now?
Under mounting pressure in the competitive Smartphone market, Apple last week unveiled the iPhone 3.0 software ahead of its expected summer release. Paul Mah sieves through the reports to evaluate how it measures up in the enterprise.

Manage server partition sizes on the fly with Acronis Disk Director
Have you ever needed to resize a Windows disk partition on a production server because of a disk failure or disk-full scenario? Acronis software has created an application that allows you to resize Windows partitions without damaging the installation. Derek Schauland walks you through Acronis Disk Director.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 install is broken
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is being pushed out as part of the normal automatic Windows security updates, but in many cases the browser stops working after the update. Mark Kaelin has some suggestions.

What is the Windows XP-Linux connection?
What will devoted XP users do when Microsoft ends its free support in April? One Linux guru considers the Windows "XP factor." What makes for an extremely popular OS, and how can Linux capture some of that magic?

10 reasons to invest in new smartphones
Despite the tendency to curb spending during rough economic times, some tech purchases can actually pay off. See why smartphones may fall into this category.

The Top 10 Benefits of SaaS-enabled Email Management

Consider a new breed of managed SaaS-enabled email services that are modular, reliable, and secure for virtually any type of business. Register for this LIVE Event now!

Video: TR Out Loud - March 27, 2009
Questions of the Week The TR community that has been enjoying the NCAA basketball tournament should certainly enjoy this episode of TR Out Loud on Video (TROLOV). Aside from a little March Madness, TROLOV also covers the weekly highlights at TechRepublic.

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Sanity check: Three reasons to think twice before deploying netbooks in business
Tech Sanity CheckWhile netbooks are the hottest segment of the PC market right now, due to their form factor and low price, IT departments should tread cautiously before deploying netbooks to business workers. Here are three reasons why.

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