Thursday, March 26, 2009

[TechRepublic] Should you intall Internet Explorer 8?

March 26, 2009
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is released
The latest release of Microsoft's Web browser is now available. Internet Explorer 8 has a few new features that might make it worth your consideration. Mark Kaelin takes a first look.


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Some big changes are coming for Windows Explorer in Windows 7
As you may remember when Microsoft redesigned the user interface in Windows Vista, there were many changes made to the Windows Explorer. While most of these change were for the better, there was room for improvement and the Windows 7 team has spent a great deal of time and effort on honing the user interface [...]

How do I... Recover lost data with DiskDigger?
DiskDigger searches storage media for traces of lost files using brute-forcing to work its way through every single sector of drive. Jack Wallen explains how to use this open source application to recover data.

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Is the Apple iPhone 3.0 better suited to the enterprise now?
Under mounting pressure in the competitive Smartphone market, Apple last week unveiled the iPhone 3.0 software ahead of its expected summer release. Paul Mah sieves through the reports to evaluate how it measures up in the enterprise.

Poll: Do the new features in Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 update make you more likely to buy an iPhone?
On March 17, Apple gave a preview of what we can expect from the iPhone OS 3.0, such as copy and paste, text search, and push notification. Will these new features generate more iPhone users? Take this quick poll and let us know if they might win you over.

The Top 10 Benefits of SaaS-enabled Email Management

Consider a new breed of managed SaaS-enabled email services that are modular, reliable, and secure for virtually any type of business. Register for this LIVE Event now!

Questions of the week - March 23, 2009
Questions of the Week In this post, Sonja Thompson highlights questions that address issues such as dual booting Windows XP, Acer Internet connection, DVD+RW difficulties, and more.

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Video: Power tips for maximizing the business lunch
Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesBusiness lunches can be a valuable business tool. Unfortunately, you might be surprised at some of the stories about disastrous lunch meetings. Here are suggestions for how to keep your lunch meetings useful, productive, and professional.

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