Thursday, March 26, 2009

[TechRepublic] Power tips for maximizing the business lunch

March 26, 2009

Power tips for maximizing the business lunch

Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesBusiness lunches can be a valuable business tool. Unfortunately, you might be surprised at some of the stories about disastrous lunch meetings. Here are suggestions for how to keep your lunch meetings useful, productive, and professional.

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New at TechRepublic

Poll: Do IT vendors have a place in online discussions of their products?
I regularly talk to product managers at technology companies and I often encourage them to follow the discussions and participate in the TechRepublic forums when we write about their products. Do you think vendors can add valuable information to the discussion? Take our poll.

TR Community tip: Create cool backgrounds
In this quick tip by TR member Jacky Howe, you'll learn how to create a cool background with Microsoft Paint.

Product Spotlight: Norton AntiVirus 2009
Following a massive code overhaul, Norton AntiVirus software is again winning critical acclaim, and for good reason: the software's detection rates and resource usage are very much improved.

Five ways of thinking that can fell IT leaders
IT Consultant Ilya Bogorad sees a lot of IT departments that could be greatly successful if not for the faulty beliefs of their leaders. The five beliefs he sees more often could damage the IT shop as well as the IT leader's career.

A roadmap for asking for more headcount
Jay Rollins presents a road map to prepare you for the task of asking executives for more staff in your IT department. The better prepared you are, the better your chances for success.

Greening the data center: Consolidate your servers
Energy usage in the data center has become a prime target in efforts to reduce the carbon footprint for organizations. In part one of this series, Scott Lowe tackles the low-hanging fruit option that provides the quickest energy savings -- server consolidation.

Assess open source products' solvency for your client's sake
Open source products may disappear during the recession. How will that impact you and your clients? Susan Harkins explains what you should consider.

Security 101 - Remedial Edition: Use strong passwords
More than 100,000 hosts have been infected with a new worm called psyb0t. This worm appears to present a serious threat to home networks everywhere, if you believe the trade press reports. There may be reasons to disbelieve them in this case, though.

Some big changes are coming for Windows Explorer in Windows 7
Greg Shultz takes a look at some of the many changes that you?ll find in Windows 7?s Windows Explorer.

Hands on with Mono 2.2
Mono is an open source version of the .NET CLR and Framework that runs on many platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OSX. After testing Mono 2.2, Justin James has mixed feelings about the experience.

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