Friday, March 20, 2009

PrimoPDF Newsletter - March 2009

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PrimoPDF Tips & Tricks

Issue Number 3 - March 2009

PrimoPDF Basic PDF creation

PrimoPDF for PDF Forms?

Completing a PDF form can be cumbersome if you don't already own a PDF editing tool. Because Adobe Reader does not allow you to save filled-in forms, users typically end up either printing the completed form for physical delivery, or scanning it for electronic delivery – either way, an inefficient and tedious process.

Some Primo users have devised an ingenious solution to this problem. After using the free Reader software to complete PDF form fields, you simply print the form to the PrimoPDF printer. This creates a new PDF copy of the filled-in form, which can then be electronically stored or distributed – no wasted paper, and no additional software required! If you need to make changes to the PDF, you should consider a full-featured PDF editor such as Nitro Pro.

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Basic PDF creation Basic PDF creation

Fill in PDF Forms – Even Those Without Form Fields!

Some PDF forms you encounter contain "interactive" fields, such as text boxes and radio buttons, allowing you to enter information using a free PDF reader. However, sometimes you may encounter a form that seems as though it can't be filled in – this is usually because the author converted an existing form to PDF but didn't add fields using a full-featured PDF editor.

With Nitro Pro, not only can you fill in interactive PDF form fields (as well as create your own forms), but you can also complete forms without fields using a robust set of editing tools.

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