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Computer Tips [ Best-Or Worst-Browser Ever + EZ Computer Safety + Scratched CD Fun + Friday Funnies ] 03/20/2009

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

New Browser Alert!

Hey everyone - this just in! Microsoft has released Internet Exploder, err, sorry, Internet Explorer 8! We don't have a full review ready just yet but hey - it's all coming soon. For now, the highlight show seems to point to a browser that's faster and easier to use than anything else to date. It also seems to brag about solving the virtually nonexistent problem of being backward compatible with older sites. Hopefully this works better than their attempts with Vista's backward compatibility, but the fact that they are worried about it makes me a bit nervous. (Hint - I've already seen a problem or two)

It also has an intriguing "accelerator" feature that you can use to find info related to what you're reading in a very lickety-split fashion. We'll be toying around with it here at WS and you can bet you'll be seeing some cool feature highlights along with our always oh-so-cleaver tricks in a week or two! So, if you just can't resist upgrading to the latest and greatest version of I.E., head to the link below and give it a try. Looks like it's going to be a good one (crosses fingers, holds breath):


Scratched CD-R/CD-RWs and thier uses

Remember the old days of 45's? You'd put the record on the turntable and if any scratches were present you'd be greeted with a horrible noise accompanied by a "skip-trip-skip" that would make the music nigh unlistenable. Thank goodness we've moved on to CD media where - wait a second, we're no better off, are we? CDs skip too, and when they do it's even worse! So, let me pose this to all of you: If we couldn't listen to our music back then on vinyl, then why should we be able to write data or music to a CD-R or CD-RW and expect it to work any better?

We can't, unfortunately. So check your media before you even use it! Writing music to a CD-R, making a data disc for a back-up and just about any other process in which you "burn" something onto a CD requires a nice, clean CD-R or CD-RW before you even put it into your drive. Why go through all the hassle of backing up your system or making a music mix to listen to in your car if it's just going to give you skips and read-errors?

Before you start, check the bottom of the media you're using. If there are any scratches at all then congratulations, you have a new coaster for your coffee cup! :)

See? It's not all wasted!


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And Finally...

Here's the results from this week's poll - "How much time do you spend on the internet each day?" Looks like 62% of us should take a break every now and then, LOL!

How much time do you spend on the Internet every day?
Answer 1: Less than one hour :
Answer 2: 1 - 3 hours :
Answer 3: 3 - 5 hours :
Answer 4: 5+ hours :
Answer 5: Every waking second!! :

Thank YOU to everyone who voted. OK, we thought we'd try a more fiery subject this week. Our question - "Do you think President Obama is doing a good job?" Since we go out all over the world, we welcome everyone to vote, not just those in the US. So, what do you think? Vote at our homepage:

But wait, there's more! Stick around to learn the secrets of renaming a file, April's office tip of the day, what to do with your computer while you're away at lunch; popcorn, popcorn, popcorn and, of course, all the great deals you've come to expect from us here at Worldstart! Oh yeah, and have a wonderful Friday!!


WOW! 3MP Digital "Slim" Camera!Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Never Be Without A Camera Again!

Super-Easy To Take Along!

"Oh, I wish I had my camera!" Don't you just hate it everytime you utter those words? Wouldn't it be great if someone would make a camera that was sooooo small that you never left home without it? I mean, think about all those times you WISHED you had a camera along but didn't - just imagine all those pictures you could have captured!

Well, it'll never happen to you again! We just discovered this amazing little camera from Oregon Scientific. It's called the ThinCam and it's soooo tiny you'll end up taking it everywhere you go! Never miss another photo op!

This thing is so small it literally fits in the palm of your hand! You could easily stick it in a shirt pocket and forget it's there! It would fit great inside a purse too! Not only would this be great to keep with you all the time, but it would be tremendous for all those times you WANT to bring a camera, but don't want something big and bulky slowing you down. Heck, compared to just about any camera out there, this is WAY easier to take along. I slid one into my pants pocket and completely forget it was there! Tiny and light - it's GREAT!

Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Oh, and the quality is simply OUTSTANDING too! It's 3MP so you can make nice prints up to 8x10 (and probably pretty darn good 11x14s). Plus - check it out - it has a built in flash too! Day or night - inside or outside - you're covered! Plus, it may be tiny, but it still sports a vivid 1.5" LCD screen on the back! Makes it easy to see what you're shootin' and what you've shot! 

Almost forgot - This takes SD cards but get this - it also has a whoppin' 16MB of built-in memory too! So even if you leave your memory card at home you'll still be able to take photos! They thought of everything!

PLUS this is a complete kit! Check this out - you get the camera, a handy charger stand (charges via USB), a nice little case, and a software CD for managing your photos! From start to finish you are SERIOUSLY covered!

Oregon Scientific ThinCam 3MP Digital Camera

Your cost for all this slim digital camera fun? Just $38.97!! Really! Think about it - when was the last time you saw a digital camera for that kind of money? Heck - have you ever seen one that cheap? Add to the fact that this is super-small and it's a no-brainer if you ask me! Grab it today - we're not sure how long these are gonna last!

PS - These really are super-cool. Amazingly tiny, but packed full of quality features! You really can't go wrong on this one! Get yours before we sell out!

FINALLY!!!Plug-In Saver DC Charger to USB Adapter

Someone Made A Car Charger For YOU!!

Car Charger / Power Source For ANY USB Powered Device!

Awesome For MP3 Players, iPods, Cell Phone -

Anything That Charges Via A USB Cable!

I'm so excited! The second I saw these I knew I had to run 'em! You know how it is - Seems like EVERY device we buy anymore charges via your computer's USB port. Sure, it's a great idea, but what if you're on the road and need to charge? Well, we have a the smartest - and simplest - solution EVER! A Cigarette Lighter Charger!

Think about it - MP3 players, iPods, Cell Phones, and even some cameras charge using your computer's USB ports. Can you imagine what an amazing hassle it would be if you had to charge any of these devices on the road? Heck, even if you had a laptop with you, you'd still have to break it out just to charge your stuff! That's nuts if you ask me!

You're gonna absolutely LOVE how simple this is! Just plug this adapter into your car's cigarette lighter and plug your device into the USB port - and safely charge away! Couldn't be easier, ya know? Some of the best ideas really are the simplest!

Plus, hey, they price is incredible too! Sure, if you found something like this in a regular store, you'd expect to pay upwards of $25 (Heck - can you imagine how much your local cell phone store would charge for this? Or an airport? Or car rental place?). Well, we got a deal for ya! Just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, you just can't go wrong! Hey - even if you don't need one right now, I can promise you will down the road! Charging via a USB cord is the way things are going - and you can do it CHEAP today! Check it out:

PS - Don't miss out! Seems like every device out there charges with a USB cord - now you can take that cord and charge in the car! No computer required!

Now THAT'S A Really Sweet Webcam!

Black Komptronix 300K USB 2.0 Webcam

Use It To Chat With Friends For FREE - No More Long Distance!

Flexible Neck, LEDs For Low Light, And It Even Takes Snapshots!

Great Quality @ A Dirt Cheap Price!

Know what time it is? It's time to FINALLY get yourself a webcam! We just got an absolutely amazing deal on some incredible USB 2.0 Webcams W/ Mic and you're gonna love 'em!

I know, I know, folks who've never used a webcam before are always a bit nervous the first time they plug it in - will it work? Is it hard to setup? What do I do with it? Well, rest easy! Just plug in the webcam and install the easy to use software and you're good to go!

As for what you do with it - have I got an idea for you! We use these routinely with Yahoo's (FREE) Instant Messenger's "Webcam" feature! Just install the software, hook up your webcam, and select Webcam from the Messenger menu! You instantly have a way to "Video Chat" online! 

Oh, and the best thing? Not only are conversations with friends and family 10X better with a webcam, it's all FREE!!! Think about the endlessly expensive long distance calls or all those cell phone minutes that get eaten up every month. Why not grab a webcam for yourself and a friend and give THIS a try instead? Talk about paying for itself!! WOW!

Black Komptronix 300K USB 2.0 Webcam

OK, all the above is great - but this camera has a few really ingenious features I just gotta brag about! First, it's designed to just right ont he edge of your LCD monitor or laptop screen! No more balancing acts - only to watch the camera fall off a few seconds later! It also sits real well on flat surfaces :-)!

Oh, and not only will you be blown away first time you see the quality of the video - this takes it to the next level with built-in lights! The 6 LED lights help enhance brighten the image when you're in a dark office or room! Great for webcamming in low light! The LEDs give really help get rid of that horrible toplighting coming from the ceiling and make YOU look better on the other end :) You'll see!

Plus, get this - you can even take still photos too! Just press the button to snap a photo! If you've ever needed just a quick snapshot of someone or something, this makes it super fast and super easy! 

Your cost for all this webcam fun? We're talking just $18.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's not a typo - that's one of the best prices we've ever had on a webcam - and this has the flexible neck, LEDs, and a snapshot feature! Give it a try - you'll love it too!

PS -Yeah, you know how it goes, only a limited quantity available, so make sure you get to the site and order while they're still in stock! 

Computers 101

How do I rename a file?

There are at least three ways to rename a file...

1. You could click the file name once to highlight, click a second time to make it available to change, then type in the new file name.

2. Right click the file and choose "Rename". This will highlight the file name allowing you to type in a new one.

3. Hold down the Alt key and double click the file to open the Properties box. Type the new name in the name box.

~ David

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MS Office

Check It Now

Do you like MS Outlook's ability to check e-mail addresses on your messages then complete them or, if there are multiple contacts that could be used, have it give you the filtered list with only the contacts compatible with what you've typed?

Or have you never noticed that it does that as you enter addresses or when you hit the Send button?

Maybe you've never seen a window like this pop up:

But, if you're like me and you have a lot of contacts then maybe you have. After a while the names do become similar and a little help in the area of finding the correct one is always appreciated.

Help that doesn't require you to go through the hassle of opening your contact list is especially appreciated.

So, while Outlook has its own cues for checking e-mail names (called an e-mail completeness check) what I'd like to let you know today is that you can also force it to complete one whenever you want.

Simply use Alt + K anytime you like and Outlook will happily help you out by matching e-mail addresses to your address book and prompting you for more information when necessary.

~ April

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More Cool Stuff


Hey! Have A Digital Camera?

Then You Gotta See This Killer Card Reader Deal!

Amazing SD Card Reader Makes Transferring Photos Easier Than Ever!

Try This Just ONCE! You'll Never Go Back!!

Dirt Cheap - Special Price Today Only!

Transparent USB 2.0 SD/MMC Card Reader/WriterDon't have a card reader yet? OR.... DO you want a BETTER Card Reader? Now's the time to get one! This handy little compact USB device lets you easily read and write to SD/MMC digital memory cards! Not only can you quickly and easily access data on your SD/MMC memory cards, but you can turn your SD/MMC card into a mobile flash storage device! How cool is that?!?

How do they work? Just pop in your camera's memory card and a folder will open showing you all your photos! From there, simply drag and drop the photos to any folder on your computer! Or, to use as a storage device, do just the opposite ~ drag and drop your files from your computer onto the drive! I LOVE mine! I can't imagine trying to hook up a camera when this is soooo much easier and it can be used as a storage device as well! This is truly a no-brainer ;-)

Oh, and don't ya just LOVE the design? It looks almost like a flash drive and is super easy to plug into any computer - no cords to mess with! Ingenious!!

PLUS, these are really compact! Just wait till you see yours - you'll be amazed! They fit great into a desk drawer, purse, laptop bag, pocket - anywhere! You'll love how small this is!

The really cool thing is that these are USB 2 readers, so they're really fast (yes, they still work if you have USB 1.x). You'll have your pictures downloaded before you know it!

This is one accessory I can't do without - in fact, everyone I know who has a card reader says the same thing. It's so much easier than messing around with the camera, looking for connection cables, and fighting with special software. In fact, with Windows XP or Vista, just plug in the unit - it doesn't even need a driver! Truly plug and play!

Want one? I don't blame ya! Your price is just $6.97 and US Shipping is FREE!  WOW!

PS - The price is headin' up soon! Get it now - before these jump to $10.97!!

WOW! Webster's CD ROM Dictionary &Thesaurus

Just $3.97!!Today ONLY!!!

Best CD-ROM Dictionary Ever!

Fast, Simple, And Easy To Use!

Free Bonus - 1001 Essential Letters!

WOW- We just scored an absolutely amazing deal for you! We have a very limited quantity of Webster's New World Dictionary & Thesaurus on CD-ROM for the killer price of just $3.97! Really!! And frankly, once you see it you'll think it's worth 10X that amount! You gotta check this out!

First off, this makes looking up words really easy, even, dare I say it, FUN! Just start typing the word and a drop down list appears. Once you see your word, simply click it for a comprehensive definition! You'll love the way this works, because even if you're not sure on the spelling of a particular word, as long as you're in the ballpark, you're gonna find it! Oh, and the definitions are incredibly complete - much more than you get with a standard desktop dictionary, that's for sure! Heck it even keeps a history of your lookups to make it easy and find the same word again.

PLUS this is also an excellent thesaurus! I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate the lousy thesaurus included with most word processors. Until I installed this program, I kept a real paperback thesaurus on my desk, but not anymore! This thesaurus is just fantastic - you'll be using it all the time! More synonyms than you can shake a stick, shoot, twig, rod, or wand at! (See it works :-)

You've gotta get a dictionary on your computer, and this is the best deal you'll ever see to grab one! Word processors only have spell check - no real dictionary, and we all know the typical word processor thesaurus is just a lackluster afterthought. For this price, you'd have to be taking crazy pills not to grab it!

FREE BONUS!! Get this! The CD also includes 1001 Essential Letters too! You know how it is - you need to send a professional sounding e-mail or letter to someone and you end up spending an hour trying to compose something that sounds perfect and professional. Maybe it's a follow-up for a job interview, maybe it's a problem with a product or service, maybe it's a legal or government matter. Hey, we've all been there - agonizing over the right words, rewriting, revising - it's never any fun!

Well, that's where this is gonna sweep in and save the day (and your sanity)! I love this thing! You just pick the type of letter you're looking for, and you'll find all sorts of sub-categories and topics - 1001 of 'em in fact! Let me tell ya, there's really and truly something for EVERY occasion in here! I'd give you a list, but it's a little long! Trust me on this one, if you need a letter, this has a prefab one that's absolutely perfect! I couldn't come up with any subject this didn't cover!

I tell ya, between the Dictionary, Thesaurus, and 1,001 Essential Letters, this is one CD ROM no computer user should be without! We're almost givin' 'em away for just $3.97 and FREE US Shipping! Run to the site - best deal of the year!

PS - You don't want to miss this one - price only guaranteed for today, 03-20-2009! Hurry!

Let's Make a New Folder!

Organization, my friends, that's the secret! On the site today, we have a great little article on how to create and rename folders so you can keep all of your stuff aligned, in order and otherwise accessible at the click of a mouse! Stop on by, sit right down and let your eyes wander around the WS site to get the lesson!


For those that figure they've gone beyond the bounds of Geekdom (and I know there are a few out there that have, don't be shy), I have your "next level" on the Worldstart site today. It's called Slahdot, and it's the end-all-be-all of über geekness. All of the latest scuttlebutt on technology and one of the more knowledgeable forums available on the internet today (besides ours, of course) are at your disposal. Head on over to the WS site today and check it out!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Lunchtime Special

When you use your computer (especially if you're using it all day long), you probably open and close several applications through the course of time. Well, each time you open a new program and close it out, your Windows operating system retains tiny fragments of those applications and they are not removed completely off your system until you shut your computer down for the day.

For example, every time you open up any game, any MS Office program, every time you download something, small pieces of those programs are kept on your system. So, the best way to handle these fragments and to keep your computer running at its best, you should do a "lunchtime shutdown" every so often.

When you're ready for lunch, log off your computer (if necessary), shut it down and just turn it completely off. Then wait a few seconds before turning it back on. When it's finished restarting, start a complete antivirus system scan and then go to lunch, leaving your computer alone. When you get back from lunch (or whenever the scan is done), you should have a virus free, a fragment free, a "like brand new" computer to work with for the remainder of the day.

It's like starting with a clean slate for your afternoon work. Now, if you don't open very many programs during the day, you won't need to worry about this as much. But, if you are constantly going from program to program, this is a smart idea to keep your system as safe as it can be.

~ Erin

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!

Amanda's Coolsite


I must confess thatI have a weakness for popcorn, but after checking out this site, I feel a lot better about eating it! I’ve also found quite a few new ways to eat it, too!

The sections of the site are For Kids, Teachers, Nutrition & Recipes, Encyclopedia Popcornica, About Us, and the Guest Book.

For Kids — this section is full of activities for kids. From a booklist, to coloring pages and even some worksheets based on their grade level.

Teachers — Here you can learn lots of interesting ways to teach about popcorn, with different resource sections, and note to educators, it’s hard to get steered in the wrong direction. One the areas in this section is how popular is popcorn? I was curious so I checked it out. Did you know that “Americans consume 54 quarts per man, woman and child each year? Approximately 70 percent of that is purchased at retail stores in both raw and popped form, and eaten at home!

Nutrition & Recipes — Well obviously you’ll find recipes here. From Carmel Corn to Cheesy Popcorn Bread to Tex Mex Mix. It all sounds tasty and interesting. You’ll also find nutritional information, a calorie counter, and even some popping tips.

Encyclopedia Popcornica — here you can find the History of Popcorn, Popcorn Tips, Industry Facts, Popcorn Poppers, and How does Popcorn Pop? It was really interesting to find out how popcorn actually pops. I definitely recommend reading that section.

Well, I’ve made myself really hungry, I need to go pop a bag of popcorn and have a snack!

Was that delicious? Not at all? Let us know by rating this Cool Site here:

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Send it to Amanda at

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March Wallpaper!

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Yellowstone Rainbow

This was taken in my favorite park right as a storm blew past. I was driving along and couldn't believe the intensity of the light and this rainbow.

Yellow Flower

This was last spring in the Smoky Mtns. The light was soft and just right,so I spent an hour or so shooting flowers just like this one.

Antelope Canyon Light Beam

This is from the famous Antelope Slot Canyon in AZ. In summer, these fantastic light beams shine down from above, and I loved the look of this one.

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