Thursday, March 19, 2009

[TechRepublic] Five things you should know about SOA; unpacking the Dell Adamo

March 19, 2009

Five things you should know about SOA

Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesOne of the hottest trends in business software is the concept of service oriented architecture (SOA). This episode of Sanity Savers for IT executives looks at some of the important SOA fundamentals and examines the benefits of implementing it.

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New at TechRepublic

Dell AdamoHands-on with the Dell Adamo
One of the most buzzed-about new laptops of 2009 is Dell's Adamo, a high-end, ultra-thin 13-inch model that shares a design sensibility with the MacBook Air and HP Voodoo Envy 133.

Check out two Microsoft Project alternatives: Basecamp and QuickBase
When managing an IT initiative, most technology professionals automatically turn to Microsoft Project. Erik Eckel describes two highly-capable alternatives to Microsoft Project: 37signals' Basecamp and Intuit's QuickBase.

Software maintenance pricing -- Fair or out of control?
My department is currently facing two large maintenance increases of 10% and 15%, respectively. With a 0% increase in my budget this year, these increases mean that something else has to go.

Installing the iSCSI Software Initiator on pre-Windows Server 2008 systems
Windows Server 2008 has a built-in iSCSI Software Initiator; this functionality is also available on prior versions of Windows Server. Systems expert Rick Vanover tells how you can roll the installation into mixed environments.

Recession: a chance to deploy open source security solutions
The financial belt-tightening of a recession may prove to be a great opportunity to improve on your organization's security.

Automate custom Vista installs with vLite
Dino Nuhagic's vLite version 1.2, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), is a powerful software tool that allows you to create a customized Windows Vista installation disc(s).

Windows-based network quality of service primer
Managing network QoS can be difficult for networks where limited IT staff and equipment is available. IT pro Rick Vanover shows one approach to QoS through Group Policy.

10 ways to be a good manager during a recession
Making the right decisions, keeping staff focused, and maintaining IT service levels may seem next to impossible when you're managing through an economic crisis. Here are some ideas for keeping yourself and your team afloat

10 Linux and open source developer tools you should not overlook
To take advantage of the excellent Linux development environment, you need to have the right tools. Here's a rundown of some of the best ones out there and the features they have to offer.

Time to add RIA expertise to your IT consulting credentials?
Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms have been around for a long time, but these applications are finally catching on. IT consultant Susan Harkins explains why RIAs are no longer just for Web developers.

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