Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Only Special - Wow - You've Never Seen Deals Like These - Check It Out

Whew! We have another AMAZING Sunday for ya! Lots of mind-blowin' deals today - check 'em out!

PS - Want to order by phone? Our office is closed on Sundays, but you can still get the great prices you see here ~ please see the note at the end of this newsletter regarding phone orders placed outside of business hours.

Absolutely Mind-Blowin' Card Reader Deal!

Just $7.97!!! Really!

WOW!! I Think I am Speechless!!!

Now That's A Price That'll Really Make You Smile!!! :-D

If I had to name my top favorite gadgets, card readers would definitely be on the list! I have so many SD cards, that a card reader is the only way I view what is stored on any given card. I just find them so cool and convenient. And they are so much easier to use than a messy cord. However, this amazing card reader really caught my attention, and I know it will catch yours too!

First, we have never sold card reader like this for a price as low as $7.97! WOW! We have done $9.97, $10.97, heck even $16.97- but never before have we had one for a price as low as $7.97! Now that is just awesome!

Everyone with an SD (secure digital), MMC, or RS card (or any variation thereof) will just LOVE this card reader!!

Think about it, what would be easier- popping out your memory card, sliding it into the card reader, and plugging it into your USB port? Or, finding that cable that came with your device, untangling it (because you know they are always tangled), plugging it into your USB port, transferring your files, then following the cord as you go through the jungle of cords behind your computer, searching for the correct USB port and finally unplugging it? I think that answer is a real no-brainer! Of course, the card reader option is the easiest way to transfer your information from your card to your computer or vice versa!

Next, let's discuss the design! This card reader is extremely compact and lightweight, therefore, making it perfect for anyone on the go!!! And the best part is, this card reader has Plug and Play, allowing it to work on any computer without having to install anything! Better yet, because you can transfer files to and from this card reader, it will work as a flash drive too!!!

Because it uses USB 2.0, this card reader has blistering fast data transfer speed, and will definitely satisfy all your data transfer needs. This is one that you just have to check out!!! I just adore it, and for the price of just $7.97 and US Shipping is Free, you will adore yours too!

P.S. Unfortunately, we only have a limited quantity of these in stock, and for that low price, I know they are going to just fly out the door! Order yours now, before they are gone!!!

Awesome Wireless Network Adapter!

Go Wireless In Seconds!

WOW - If you use any kind of wireless network (at home or on the road), this is something you've just gotta grab! 

We have an awesome USB Wireless LAN Mini Adapter for you today and it's about the coolest wireless accessory I've ever seen! This takes plug and play to a new level - you plug this little device into your computer (desktop or laptop) and in a matter of seconds you have a wireless network adapter installed and ready to use! Talk about making easy to get on a wireless network, huh? And look how small it is! This is the way to go - especially if you travel with your laptop!

If you have a wireless network you want to jump onto at home, at a friend's house, at a hotel, or at a favorite resturant, this makes getting connected almost too easy. Oh, and if you're on the road and long for an easy to use wireless solution, this is a no-brainer. Look at these features:

Receives power from the USB port — no additional power plug or cable required
Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hardware
Backwards compatible with 802.11b equipment
Delivers robust 802.11g wireless networking
Supports data rates of up to 54 Mbps
Automatic fallback increases data security and reliability

I purchased a wireless card for my laptop last year and it set me back $100! Plus, it was a pain in the digital rear to install the thing. What a headache! If you have an older laptop at home and haven't wanted to invest in a wireless card or hassle with hooking it up, this is definitely the way to go!!!

Well, this is super easy to install and your cost is just $16.97! With FREE US shipping and our 60 day money back guarantee, you just can't go wrong. OK, you can go wrong - if you wait too long! We only have a limited quantity of these available. Check it out:

The price will increase to $24.97 on Monday!

It's A Watch!

No, Wait, It's A 128MB USB Drive!

Wait - It's BOTH!

Ingenious Watch Has Built-In 128MB Flash Drive!

You Gotta Love That!

USB 2.0 128MB Memory Watch This is sooooo cool! We have a VERY limited number of these Microsoft Memory Watches available today! 

Sure, at first glance you think it's just another pretty face but it's oh-so-much-cooler than that! This has a USB plug that hides in the band and out of the way - until you need access to a critical document, photo, or file you have stored in your watch! Then, in a move that would put James Bond to shame, you can plug your watch into any computer and enjoy a 128 MB flash drive - built right in!

Oh, and it gets better! This uses USB 2.0, so data transfers are blisteringly fast - perfect for those times when you've broken into a high security facility and are trying to get critical data off the bad guy's computers so you can save the world! (Hey, it could happen)

Plus, once you have the data, you don't have to worry about enemy forces cutting the watch from your wrist and retrieving the data. This bad boy is password protected! Just set up your password when you first get it and keep even the most notorious criminal masterminds at bay!

Finally, you no longer have to worry about your watch getting destroyed (again) as you escape from enemy bunkers! This can handle it all - it's water resistant, impact proof, and even a static discharge won't bring it down! Take that professor Doom!!

Your price for the coolest watch ever? Just $15.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a mind-blowing deal on a super-hero of a watch! Grab yours today, but ya gotta hurry - I hear the forces of evil just found about about this and plan to invade the WorldStart site and buy them all up! Only 30 available!!

PS - In the unlikely event there are any left Monday morning, the price will increase to $24.97.

Jumbo Thermometer

Awesome Thermometer!!

15" Tall With 1/2" Tall Numbers!

Talk About BIG, Easy To Read Text!

WOW! Just look at that picture! These thermometers are FANTASTIC!! Sure, they seem to be just your typical mercury thermometers, but they have a "BIG" twist! The numbers are 1/2" tall and super easy to read! You'll never again set forth into the great outdoors wearing the wrong type of jacket because of a misread thermometer! YES!! (OK, maybe that just happens to me :)

Seriously, you know how it goes, most of the little thermometers you get from the store have those tiny, itty-bitty numbers that are next to impossible to read if you're more than a foot away. Well, this thermometer solves that problem - the letters are HUGE and can be easily read from a LOT further away! 

The great thing about big numbers are all the choices you have for hanging! You don't have to place it right next to a window - you could hang it where YOU want it and still be able to read the numbers! Hang 'em on the house, garage, hear the pool, by the desk, off the porch - anywhere! Heck, grab a couple and always have the temp handy (I have one on my garage so we can see it from our little above ground pool, one in the shade on our patio, and I think I'm going to put another actually IN the garage so when I'm working on a car I can complain how hot / cold it is with a good degree of accuracy :-)

Summer's comin' and you know you're gonna want to know how hot it is! Grab one of these today! Just look at the deal we have for ya!

We're talkin' just $5.97 here! And that's FREE US Shipping too! WOW! Don't miss out, we don't have a lot of them and for that kind of money, these are bound to be really (really) popular today!

PS - The amazing price on these will increase first thing tomorrow to $10.97 - get 'em while they're cheap!

Pre-Season Sale!! Lowest Price Ever!!

Fun Color Changing Solar Lights!

Perfect For Backyard Barbecue Parties!!

These Solar Lights are SO MUCH FUN!

Have you always wished your sidewalk or backyard had more lighting, especially those dark areas around the edge of your yard where the wiring just can't reach? And digging up your yard and having wire run is just too expensive for those little lights. Besides, who wants to deal with the incredible mess of digging up the grass just to put up lights that are suppose to make your yard look better? Well, we have the perfect solution! Wait till you see these!

We have an amazing deal on some fantastic Solar Lights for you today! These are just AWESOME! These are completely rechargeable and require absolutely no maintenance on your part! You don't even have to remember to turn them on and off, they do it automatically with the Auto on/off sensors that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn! Now that is FANTASTIC!

PLUS - You can put these lights anywhere outside! There is no digging, no wiring, and no cords to mess with! Seriously, Nothing is better than NO Hassle, right?

All you do is flip the little switch on the back and stick'em in the ground! It is really that EASY!

OH and wait till you see this! These solar lights are extra awesome because they change colors!

After you enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunset, relax in the backyard and watch your solar lights take over the show with the beautiful colors of the rainbow. These light weight lights will change from red, to blue, to green, to yellow, and then to purple, all within a matter of seconds. And, the solar panels keep a charge for hours!

I already have a set and they're GREAT! We're going to line the walk to our deck with these, as well as the walk to the front of the house! They look amazing at night and last longer than I'm willing to stay up and find out!

Your Cost? We have these on sale today for just $16.97, FREE US Shipping! PLUS - This is a 2 pack!!!

Awe your friends with a great atmosphere during a backyard barbecue! Hurry, these fun lights won't last long!

PS: The price will return to $20.97 first thing tomorrow! You know spring is almost here and summer really is just around the corner - grab these now and get 'em while they're still cheap!

The SMARTEST Way To Plug In Your USB Keyboard & Mouse!USB to PS/2 Adapter - Single

Gain Up To 2 Extra USB Ports With This Cool Little Adapter!

Perfect For Desktop Computers!

Everyone With A USB Keyboard or Mouse Has Gotta Try This!

OK, I have a question for you! Do you have a USB keyboard? Mouse? OK, now do you have a pair of PS/2 ports or two on the back of your computer (they're round, one purple, one green - next to each other). OK, if you're answering yes, then riddle me this Batman: Why on earth are you wasting USB ports on a keyboard, mouse or both?????

Wouldn't it be great to get those two USB ports back so you can use them for other things? Well, let me introduce you to this little adapter! It's a USB to PS/2 Adapter that you plug into the PS/2 ports on the back of your computer so you can actually USE those PS/2 ports with your USB keyboard or mouse! Now, performance is exactly the same, so it's not like your keyboard isn't going to keep up or your mouse is going to sputter along, so you have every reason to try this little upgrade!

Think about it - you can never have too many USB ports, and yet we end up plugging our keyboards and mice into them! Plug your mouse and keyboard in where nature intended - the PS/2 ports! Use this little adapter and reclaim those two USB ports!

Your price? Just 4.97 each! Each one does one PS/2 port, so grab as many as you need! Can't go wrong for the price! Time to take those USB ports back from your keyboard, mouse, or both! Grab yours today:

PS - The price WILL increase to $8.97 tomorrow! Get 'em while they're cheap!

Learn How To... Create Web Pages & Graphics!!

Build Your Skills Quickly and Easily!!

12 Separate Tutorials On 3 Individual CDs!!

Price Cut from $49.95 to $7.97!! That's an Incredible Deal!!

Why Spend Hundreds of $$$ On A Course? You Can Learn The Same Material From The Comfort Of Your Home For Only $7.97!!!!

Building a beautiful website isn't as hard as you may think. Especially with this easy to use software I have entitled, Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages & Graphics! It has to be easy, you know why? My own mother is able to create webpages now! That is truly something. I'm telling you, if you've ever wanted to create a website or learn how to edit your pictures like a pro - then this is the deal you've been waiting for!

It is the complete multimedia training program! There are 12 separate tutorials, on 3 CD-ROMs, that teaches you 5 of the most popular development tools to date - FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Publisher, and Flash!! Each program offers hundreds of practical tips and techniques, designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills for creating Web Pages fast! Not only that but, the step-by-step, "how-to" instructions makes learning easy and really fun too!

Teach Yourself: Dreamweaver 8 & MX 2004, FrontPage 2003 & 2002, Flash 8 & MX 2004, Photoshop CS@ & CS, Web Design Fundamentals, HTML Fundamentals, HTML Advanced, Publisher 2003. Each of the 12 tutorials contains 4 to 8 hours of high quality "straight-to-the-point" content! The training you'll get from this software is second to none and it's the most affordable "personal trainer" you can get! Making it, hands down, the best value in web design training out there!

For a clearer picture, let me break it down for you. The main menu is your gateway to new skills. Each chapter is organized into learning objectives. Helpful narration, colorful graphics and clear instructions make learning fast and extremely easy! Each lessons allows you to practice in a realistic simulation. The summaries help you retain the most important concepts. Finally the quiz questions at the end of the chapter reinforce learning.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the awesome tool called Professor Answers! With Professor Answers, you can browse through all the training topics in every How to Create Web Pages & Graphics tutorial, or you can search using keywords for just the training you need, right when you need it!!

All this for just $49.95 $7.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Now that is a Steal! If you want to enhance your skills and create breathtaking web pages & pictures - you have to act now!!!

PS: The price WILL Increase to $14.97 first thing tomorrow! You gotta grab this TODAY!!

Psst - Steve here. Hey, I know you're in a hurry today, but make sure you read my review of PrintShop 22 below! I've used a lot of similar programs, including other PrintShop programs, and NONE have been more powerful or easier to use. Give it to yourself as a gift - you'll love it too!

You'll Blow YOURSELF Away When You See Your Amazing Projects!

The BEST PrintShop EVER! - PrintShop 22 Deluxe!

Most Poweful - And Easiest To Use You'll Ever See!

Make Any Project Look Amazing - And Do It With Just A Few Clicks!

Special Price Today - Don't Miss Out!!

Think you know PrintShop? Well, so did I but let me tell ya - you've never seen a PrintShop like this one! We have PrintShop 22 Deluxe on sale today and it's one of the best - if not THE best PrintShops EVER!!! Get ready to get wow'ed!

First off, this thing is more loaded with more goodies than a $100,000 Mercedes! No matter what kind of project you have in mind - mild or wild - this will cover you with a virtual smile! In fact, not only will it cover you, it has dozens and dozens of professional-looking templates to get you started and make you look like a graphics design master!

Install this and you'll find this is - by far - the most powerful and easiest to use PrintShop you've ever tried! Oh, and wait till you see all the goodies this includes - we're talkin' a 4 CD set with a whoppin' 350,000 images, 20,000 professionally designed templates, 700 fonts (wow), 2,900 sentiments for greeting cards, notes, ect, and it's all just waiting for your command :-)

The project templates are what's really exciting though. We're talking any kind of project you can dream up! Here's a little block 'o projects that are included:

Business Cards
Fax Covers
Greeting Cards
Photo Sideshows
Report Covers
Scrapbook Pages

Cool thing is there aren't just one or two little templates for this stuff - there's so many options for each type of project, this program can easily replace one that specializes in any of the above. Need greeting cards? Forget greeting card software - this is better! Need a good-looking resume? Forget buying a resume program - use this again! Need a calendar for next year? Again, no need to go any further! You will be absolutely blown-away when you see these projects!

Speaking of which, you'll LOVE how professional this stuff comes out looking! You know how it is - you can usually spot it when something was thrown together on a computer. Whether it's a business card, calendar, flyer, resume, greeting card - whatever - it just sometimes lacks that "polished" look, ya know? Well, you're not gonna have that problem with Printshop! Once you start doing project with these templates, you'll understand. Friends and family are going to be sooooo impressed when you tell them you did it yourself on your computer - they may even think you're trying to trick 'em! Get ready for lots of "Oh, WOW - really?'s" coming your way!

What if there isn't a template for what you want to do? Hey, no worries! This is the easiest to use print software you'll ever see. Just create a project from scratch and you'll still be able to generate absolutely amazing results! All the tools are incredibly easy to use and understand. Arranging pictures, text, ect in your projects is all a drag & drop deal. Easy as fallin' off aPrint Shop Deluxe 22 slimy log!

Print Shop Deluxe 22Oh, and that reminds me - not only can you use all your favorite photos in your projects, you can edit them with this as well! The photo editor they came up with for this software should be sold on it's own as a stand-alone - it's really that good! You'll never come across an easier to use editor. If you always thought editing your photos was a challenge, just wait till you see the results you get with this! Drop your photo into your project and quickly crop, turn, tweak color, sharpen, adjust brightness, fix red-eye (and "pet-eye" too), knock out dust, polish off scratches, convert to B&W, use filters, add contrast, saturation, and even brush in special effects! Yeah, I know! WOW!!!!

What about once you're done with everything? Well, this takes it to the next level! Not only can you print out your project with incredible ease, you can send your creations via e-mail (including songs, text, photo, and video), create a CD, or even do a slideshow! It's all there at your disposal! 

Honestly, we're just barely putting a fingernail deep scratch in the surface of what this can do! We haven't even covered the amazing address book that will make your life MUCH easier, the easy-to-use drawing tools that will let you add all kinds of customizations to your projects, all the cool special effects that I know you're just gonna love, the amazing photo frames you can create around photos / projects, the cool way you can add your own videos to you project, the family tree projects that will blow you away, or the really cool way you can print your projects to save tons of ink and paper. You'll have to grab the program and try this for yourself!

Oh, one last thing I did want to mention is the absolutely excellent tutorial library! WOW! This covers dozens of topics and it's just outstanding! This will explain, step by step, exactly how to use all the tools and how to take your projects to the next level! Just wait till you see it, you'll be impressed!

OK, that gives you a taste, but you've gotta try this for yourself! I promise you'll love it and I'll back that up with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee too! Try this, it's impossible to go on long enough to describe all the exciting things you can do with it!

Your price? Get this - retail on this is $50 and, frankly, it's WELL WORTH IT! However, this here is WorldStart and you know we get ya a deal! Right now, you can grab this for just $14.97 and US Shipping is FREE!! Really! If that's not the best deal ever on a print program like this, I don't know what is!

PS - You will be IMPRESSED with this one! Just wait till you give it a try! I don't think you'll ever find and easier to use, more powerful program like this! OK, I'm off to make some Christmas cards with my copy!!

Warning - The price WILL increase to $19.97 tomorrow! Don't wait - order today!

Awesome Deal!!!

Headset with Microphone

Talk To Your Friends and Family Over The Internet!

Do you have a friend that you are always talking to in a different state??? Are long distance phone bills costing you an arm and a leg? Well, you gotta check out this way to communicate over the internet!!!

Personally, I thought I would never need a headset with a microphone!!
But, then I took a trip to Europe, where it was just too expensive to use my cell phone to call home and even more expensive to call long distance with a LAN line!

One of my good friends recommended that I use headset and talk for free over the Internet. This method worked perfectly!!! (Actually, I think I had better connection than either my cell phone or land line!) AND it saved me a ton of money too!!!

My Mom couldn't believe how clear our conversation was. Plus- I noticed that I was less frustrated because I didn't have to deal with fuzzy reception. Using this headset was a much more pleasent experience!!

Even if you are not traveling, headsets with microphones can be used for a lot more than just online conversations. When I got back, I found out really how nice it is to have around. I use mine to:

  • Record a message to send to a friend via e-mail
  • Have a voice conversation over an instant messenger (still- and it is so much easier than typing)
  • To use with voice recognition software
  • To record a message to web site visitors
  • For use with online gaming
  • AND a dozen other uses

I just love my headset!!! You gotta check one out!!!

And GUESS WHAT? We have this awesome Headset with a Microphone for you today. And this one is just too good to pass by! The sound is stellar, and the mic works wonderfully! I love the fact that the microphone is poseable, allowing me to speak clearly and have both my hands free! It is just sooo nice!!!!

Better yet- Setup is simply a matter of plugging them into the back of your computer! Nothing to it! It really takes a matter of seconds! This is the only way I talk to my mom now, and it has saved me so much money on my long distance bill!!!

The good news is that these are just $8.97 each and US shipping is FREE! We're talking a $30 headset mic here! Grab yours before they sell out!

THIS PRICE WON'T LAST- In fact, they will increase to $19.97 on Monday!!! Order NOW!!!!

Boost Your Keyboarding Skills!

And Have Fun At The Same Time!!!

All For An Amazingly Low $3.97!


Whether you're typing an e-mail, chatting with friends online, or creating a document at work, you can start working faster and more efficiently with Typing Instructor Deluxe 15, one of the best-selling typing programs on the market! This is great for kids as well as adults! With so many schools starting the students out on computers at such a young age, it's pretty important to know how to type the correct way. Don't ya' think?

My father is a SLOW typist - it's painful to watch, really it is - or should I say he WAS slow! I had him try this and now he's SOOOO much faster! He's still practicing, and while he isn't doing 60WPM or anything, the words are getting down in a fraction of the time it took him with the old hunt-and-peck method.

And with this program- you will increase your typing speed and have fun playing 8 great games all at the same time!

Check out just some of these great features:

  • Over 15 built-in intelligent typing plans
  • Create your own typing plans
  • Proven suggested "next step" plans for fast learning
  • Structured "touch typing" content
  • 10-key content included
  • Over 60 choices of music, or import your own
  • Guide hands for split and standard keyboard
  • Turn guide hands off for "no look" learning
  • Create your own lessons
  • And, much, much, more...

Let me tell ya - you get as much information (and probably more) in this program than you would in any classroom and the cost is wayyy less! Your cost is just $3.97 and yes, you guessed it, FREE shipping in the US is included! WOW Get to the site and get yours today!

PS - This price is heading up to $10.97 first thing tomorrow!! Don't wait - order now!

Special Note - These went like crazy the last time we sold them! If you missed out, here's one more shot at 'em! Don't get left behind, these are the just the handiest little adapters! I already have one in my laptop bag - it's so small and easy to carry, I LOVE it!

The USB Adapter YOU'VE Been Waiting For!

What A Great Idea!

You'll ALWAYS Have The Right Cable!

OK, this thing is just too cool to pass up! Someone had the creativity on overdrive when this idea popped into their head! I seriously don't think I've ever seen a better USB adapter!

What am I going on about? Well, we've got these really cool 6 Connection USB Cable Adapters - and what an incredible idea! Seems like I am forever looking for a lost USB cable to this gadget or that device. With this, one unit has all the connections you'll ever need! Super idea!

These have FIVE - count 'em FIVE - different USB connections PLUS the included retractable cable doubles as a USB extension cord!

To use the adapter, just rotate the main part of it and plug it into your device! It's shaped so that each type of plug has plenty of room to plug into your device without hitting the other plugs! Very slick if you ask me!

Oh, and this is super-easy to take along with you on any trip - and really handy to have on or around your desk too! I've already needed it to hook up a card reader! Works with ANY USB Device - we haven't seen one yet this won't plug into!

I tell ya - if you use USB, this can really be a lifesaver! Keep this handy and you'll never be looking around for a cord when you need to plug something in! Sure, you may not use it every day, but believe me - you'll be REALLY glad you have it when that day comes that you really need it!

Your cost? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREEFor that kind of money, it's crazy to pass this up! Have a look:

Hurry - not sure how long these babies are gonna last! Incredible idea, and you just KNOW you're gonna need one eventually! (And probably sooner rather than later

PS - This price will increase to $15.97 on Monday!!

Awesome! Turn 1 USB Port Into 4!JustCom USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

Brilliant "Stand Up" Design Keeps Wires More Organized!

Stop Crawling Around On The Floor!

Set This On Your Desk And Always Have A Place To Plug In!

Jaw-Droppin', Mind-Blowin' Deal Too!

Know what you can never have enough of? USB ports! You know how it is - everything you want to plug into your computer requires what? A USB port! It's really easy to run out of those little buggers, ya know? Well, that's where this amazing idea comes in!

We have these really cool, really new 4 Port USB 2.0 Hubs that magically turn 1 USB port into 4! David Copperfiled doesn't have anything on these babies!

Oh, and look at these - instead of laying down on their side like some kind of lazy hub, they stand up! Why didn't I think of that? What a brilliant idea! Just wait till you try it! The ingenious design makes surprisingly easy to plug in (and yank out) your USB cords! I tried one out at home and was pleasantly surprised at how much more organized all the cords stay - no more rat's nest!

Know what else is really great about these? They sit right on your desk so no more crawling around on the floor playing contortionist while you're trying to plug a USB cord into the back of your computer! Yeah, you know the game - you wiggle around on the floor, pull one USB plug, replace it with your new gadget, then get back to your computer, then figure out that you accidently unplugged your mouse, you go back under, unplug your new gadget, plug your mouse back in, unplug something else, plug your gadget back in - isn't enough, enough? Stick this hub on your desk and stay off that floor!


Oh, do you have a laptop? Ever hook it up to a regular keyboard and mouse? What about a flash drive? An external HD? An MP3 player? Want to make it easier? Just get this hub and plug your accessories into it - Your mouse, keyboard, and whatever else. Now, next time you need to use your laptop, instead of playing musical USB ports with your accessories, just plug this 4 Port USB hub into your laptop! A single plug and you have up to 4 accessories running! 

Your price? You'll love this - we have these for just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, you'd be nuts to miss out! You know you'll need one of these down the road - why pay $30 for some lame hub from a big box store later? Get this now - you'll love it!

PS - The price WILL increase to $14.97 tomorrow! <Switches to Arnold Schwarzenegger voice> Don't wait - order now! Do It Now! :-)

Protect Your Screens From Scratches!

Fantastic New Screen Protectors Work On:

Cell Phones
Digital Cameras
Portable Game Systems

Don't Ruin Your Expensive LCD Screens!

Don't Pay $20 Somewhere Else!

Grab This 5 Pack Of Screen Protectors - Dirt Cheap!!

Got a cell phone? PDA? iPod? Portable Game System? Digital Camera? Want to make that LCD screen last a good long time? Want to keep it from getting all scratched up? Want something that even helps take the glare away? Well, have I got a deal for you!

We just came across these absolutely AWESOME Fellowes Screen Protectors! This is a 5 pack and will fit screens up to 3" x 4" - I checked and that's WAY bigger than my iPod Touch, so it should cover EVERY cell phone, PDA, and iPod out there! It should also cover the screens on 99% of digital cameras and those little portable game systems!

  • How's it work? It's ingenious really - they give you 5 full size sheets (3" x 4") and they print a little grid on the "peel off" part. Just set the cover on your cell phone, PDA, iPod, etc, and note the measurements. Next, simply cut down to size with a pair of scissors! You've just made a custom fit screen cover in a matter of minutes! 

    Applying it is REALLY easy too! Just peel the backing off and place the cover on your device. It even includes a fantastic little "Squeegee-Card" applicator so you can get rid of any "bubbles" that might show up during application! They thought of everything! Also, this is NOT a sticker, so it's not going to leave any sticky gunk on your screen - peels off perfectly clean every time! They're FANTASTIC!

    Oh, what's that? You have a touch screen device? No worries - this will work fine with it - you won't even know it's there once it's applied!

    Your cost? Just $5.97 and US shipping is FREE! Go on, check out your local store for stuff like this. I was at one of the big chain stores when I first got my iPod Touch looking for a screen protector - $20 for a 3 pack! Really they wanted twenty bucks for the thing - and it only had 3 sheets - this has 5! It's an amazing deal - you gotta check it out:

    PS - Don't miss out, I'm still cheaper than the big boys tomorrow, but it is going to $10.97 Monday morning!

  • WATCH OUT!!!!

    Your Laptop Could Fry!!

    Avoid Disaster!!!

    Check This Out!!!!!!!!

    You know how your computer is plugged into a surge protector to keep it safe from those horrible surges of power that could destroy your computer? Well, why not take that kind of security with you when you travel?

    Hotel rooms are the perfect place to get a fried computer. Seriously!!! Not only can the wiring be a bit old and unpredictable, but you just don't know what the rest of the guests are plugging into the wall. Heck, all it would take is for the guy's hairdryer in the next room to short out and your computer could be burnt toast! So, how do you protect your ever-so-precious laptop? Easily!!! Check this out:

    It is the Targus Notebook Surge Protector! And this little guy really protects your computer! Better yet, it can easily fit into your computer's carrying case, which saves space because you won't have to try to find room for a bulky surge protector!

    So, how does it work? You're gonna love this - it actually plugs in-line with your existing power adapter! Since it's right in-line with your cord it's almost like it's not even there! PLUS it comes with a two and three prong adapter, so it works with every laptop out there! Once you hook it into your AC adapter, you never need to worry about surge protection again!

    PLUS, this takes it a GIANT step further! Not only does it protect you from surges that come from the wall plugs of the world, but it also features a phone and NETWORK pass-through! Why is that such a good idea? Network surges are actually MORE likely to cause damage to your laptop than wall surges! Think about it, at least if it's coming from the wall, it has to pass through your laptop's AC adapter. Those network plugs go DIRECTLY into your laptop - no bufferzone at all! And when you're in a hotel, who knows what else is hooked up to that network that could cause a surge? Crazy to take a chance on a laptop that costs hundreds - or even thousands to replace!

    PLUS Targus thinks it's pretty good too! This has a whoppin' $75,000 Warranty on all connected equipment!!! WOW!!! And I don't think any laptop costs that much! If they think it's good enough to bet $75,000 on, I think you're pretty safe plugging in, ya know?

    Your cost? For just $12.97 and US Shipping is Free, you can protect your computer from dangerous power surges!!!

    PS: I just order one for myself and one for my dad!!! Don't be wishing you would have ordered one of these when your computer gets fried by a horrible power surge! Order Now!

    PPS - The Price WILL increase to $16.97 tomorrow!

    Your Hard Drive Is Going To Die!

    It Happens To Everyone - Do You Have A Backup?

    Amazing New Backup Software Makes It Easy!

    Set It And Forget It!

    Never Lose Photos, Images, Documents - Anything!

    Crazy Not To Grab This For Just $8.97!

    OK, STOP -

    What would happen if, right now, your computer completely crashed and ALL the data on it was lost?

    Think about that for a minute - how many photos would be gone? How many important documents? Songs? Presentations? E-mails? Bookmarks? Projects? Do you have a backup of that stuff you could restore, or is everything gone forever? Kind puts a knot in your stomach just thinking about it huh?

    In fact, I've seen firsthand how terrible it is for people. Not just subscribers begging us (some in tears over the phone) to help them find a way to get unrecoverable lost data back, but I've had family and friends lose thousands of irreplaceable photos, work documents, reports, ect. It's just such a disaster when a hard drive goes out, or a virus destroys all your data, or even an accidental deletion wipes out important files.

    There are two kinds of computer users in this world - those that have lost important data and those that will!

    If you use a computer, you absolutely MUST backup your data! Everyone knows that! Well, I'm really excited to tell you about this fantastic new title we just came across- it's called Guardian Data Backup and it is, without a doubt, the best backup software I've ever used (and I've used some pretty nice stuff)!

    First off, I know what you're thinking - doing backups is a pain! Frankly, that's why we get soooo many people asking us if there's anyway to get lost data back!

    Wouldn't it be just fantastic if there was an easy-to-use program that you can set to do your backup jobs then just forget it? 

    Well, that's what we have for you today! It has a help file with it, but I doubt anyone has had to even look at it - you can master this baby in about a minute!

    This amazing software FINALLY takes all the hassle out of doing backups! It's really this simple - First, create a backup job by picking out the folder or files you want to backup, then just tell the software where you want to backup to. Easy! Next, just hit the backup button whenever you want to backup those files / folders! Or, better yet, schedule your backup job for whenever you like - and it's done automatically at that time, every time! Just set it and forget it! If there's ever a crash, you'll automatically have a current backup!

    Guardian Data Backup

    Oh, and then it gets even better! You can actually create more than one backup job! In fact, you can create as many as you like. Why would you do that? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't change all my files all the time. My picture files are good if I backup once a week, but with the documents I use for work, well, those change constantly and I want them backed up every day. With multiple backup jobs, I can customize my routine to work the way I do! (Of course, you can do a manual backup anytime you like)

    Speaking of scheduling, this is just incredible! You can do backups daily, weekly, or monthly AND select whatever time you like! I have my backups set to run when I'm usually at lunch or dinner, so it all gets done while I'm away!

    Guardian Data Backup

    Oh, and here's something I absolutely LOVE - filters! This lets you create a "filtered" backup job - and it's the first backup program I've seen that does it! You can actually pick a folder and tell it to ONLY backup the types of files YOU want it to backup! Let's say you have a folder with ten different types of files, but you only want word docs and jpegs backed up - this can do it! OR let's say you have a folder and you want EVERYTHING backed up EXCEPT text docs - yup, this can do that too! It's all optional, but it's there if you need it.

    Guardian Data Backup

    Finally, as if all the above wasn't enough, this also compresses your backup files to save space - and it even lets you set how high the compression is! All of this is right at your fingertips and really easy to do!

    You know, everyone will tell you the "critical" software you have to have on your PC - Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and a good firewall. Funny thing is they miss the most important one of all - backup software! To me, regular backups are as important - if not even more important, as running anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc! After all - a hard drive crash can happen at any time, just out of the blue - the ONLY defense is a reliable backup!

    Your cost? Get this, these are normally $30, but we got a deal for ya! Just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! Now, I KNOW your data is worth $9.97! RUN to the site and grab yourself a copy of this fantastic software - you'll thank me for it!

    PS - EVERYONE is going to experience a hard drive crash or some type of data loss if they are using computers - that's just the way it is. I've lived through several major crashes - hard drives just really do go out sometimes. I can't tell you the level of disaster it would have been if I didn't have a backup!

    Don't WISH you had this software when it happens - for less than $10, grab this today!

    PS - The price WILL Increase to $14.97 on Monday!

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