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Computer Tips [ Wow - A New Lightening Fast Browser + Why Compacting OE Message Is Critical + Gulp - Dead Pixels + Fix Constant Vista DNS Errors ] 03/05/09

Computer No, this isn't Steve. You can tell because Steve never wears a suit :-)

Quick Tips

Dead Pixels

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between stuck pixels and dead pixels? Is there a difference? Well, as a matter of fact, there is. Before you go any further, read here to find out what a stuck pixel is. That will help you in understanding this tip a lot more. Once you've read that, you may proceed!

The main difference that comes along with a dead pixel is there's a part of your screen that's completely unlit. (On the other hand and as you read, a stuck pixel is either more bright or dull than the rest). So, when you have a dead pixel, the rest of your screen will look normal except for one space that's completely dark. That can happen with LCD screens, as well as, some sensors in digital cameras.

Most dead pixels are only clearly noticeable if you have a solid color for the background of your desktop. Otherwise, you might not even know they're there. Also, just for your information, if you have a pixel that's completely white all the time, that's called a hot pixel. Either way, if you have one dead pixel or even a cluster of them, you can always send your screen back to the manufacturer for a fix or a new one. And to be honest, they're too annoying to deal with otherwise!

~ Erin

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You can't stop now! There's so much more to read about. Keep going to learn all about why you should compact your folders in Outlook Express, find out how you can better work with your paragraph changes in MS Word 2007 and learn how you can troubleshoot any Windows Vista browsing issues. Also, be sure to check out this week's awesome download thanks to Gary and of course, don't miss out on Amanda's Cool Site of the Day. Enjoy!


OH, WOW!!! The Most Amazing Program We've Ever Offered For $8.97!!

"If You Only Buy One Program This Year - Grab This One!!"

Imagine Windows Running Up To 300% FASTER!! 

You're Computer Will Be Smokin' Fast!

Customize, Tweak, Secure, Optimize, And Make 'Er FLY!!

It's The Absolute BEST $8.97 You'll Ever Spend On Your PC!

Oh WOW!! We just got a mind-blowing deal on System Mechanic 7 and it's by far, the very best program I've ever seen for getting the most out of Windows! You'll be blown away at what this does to your PC - You'll think you got a new computer! I tell ya, personally, I think this is just outstanding! I've seen a ton of software, but the improvements this makes is really nothing short of amazing! It optimizes Windows to be the way it SHOULD have been when you purchased it! Read on - and get ready to be really - and I mean REALLY - impressed!

First, I'm seriously impressed at just how easy this software makes it to really get your computer crankin'! I mean, I don't think there's anything on your computer this can't tweak and optimize!

To test, I installed it on my personal machine and it did a quick scan, and then it scared the poop outta me! it came up with a serious warning about a few security problems and gave me some really helpful speed improvement suggestions. Now here's the cool part - With just a couple mouse clicks, I'm now enjoying a MUCH faster -and much more secure - computer! And I honestly thought I was as tweaked out as I could be! Not even close - this was incredible - and all automatic!

What can it do for you? Let's talk speed - this takes your slow PC and turns it into a Ferrari - you'll think your computer is new again (maybe better than new)! It'll be just flying through programs and impressing the livin' daylights out of ya! This has a whopping 19 different ways to crank up the speed on your machine! In fact, many systems see an absolutely incredible 300% improvement after just some automatic adjusting by this program! WOW - that's worth $8.97 in anyone's book!

Want to surf the internet at up to 300% faster? Oh, man, this can help! Windows isn't necessarily optimized for the fastest connection out of the box, but this program can grab your settings and squeeze out the speed - you'll surf the internet like crazy! Who wouldn't want to surf up to 300% faster?!!? Heck, it even has a speed tool to measure how faster you connection speed is! Just fantastic!

Want more? - Sure ya do! Another thing this does that I'm in absolute love with is it lets you customize over 100 "secret" Windows settings! Stuff that you always wish Windows would let you adjust but there isn't really any direct way to do it. This makes it point-and-click easy!! You can: Optimize the way Windows' Start Menu behaves, speed up networking performance, log in automatically, edit your computer registration data, change multimedia behavior, improve pagefile security, customize explorer's context menus, edit advanced administration options, and much more!!

Oh, and just wait till you point your mouse at the Automatic System Maintenance section! I just love this! This part of the program will watch in the background and wait till the system is idle. As soon as you're not using the computer, it will work in the background tuning your computer for absolute peak performance! Here's the really cool part - just touch your mouse, and it stops what it's doing and gives the system back to you! Really! If you've ever been slowed down by a stubborn anti-virus that insisted on scanning while you were working, you know just how cool this is! Oh, and it even lets you pick and choose what optimizations to run!

Another automatic feature I think is just brilliant is the "One-Click" option! It's just what it sounds like - just click the button and System Mechanic runs all of its system enhancement programs and cranks your system up to the next level! Just a button push away! It makes it easy for EVERYONE to have a smokin' system!

Of course, no utility suite would be complete without some killer security tools - and this has the best! This program will quickly scan your system and help you find all the holes - then just plug them with a mouse click! I was really surprised when it found not one, not two, but THREE major holes on my personal PC! I clicked the mouse and the world was safe again!

Oh, and that's not all! This also includes both a world-class Anti-Virus (one of the easiest, most comprehensive AVs I've ever used) and a really top-notch Firewall! Either one retails for more than we're selling the entire suite for! WOW!

PLUS - it destroys spyware, adware, malware and more. OK, put it this way - if it was made to attack your system, this is going to seek it out and destroy it like a battalion of ticked off Marines!

OK, all that's great, but what if your PC is really messed up - like it won't boot? This software can handle that too! Just pop in a recovery CD and System Mechanic will examine your system and get your computer running right again! If you've ever had that sick "why isn't my computer booting" feeling, you can appreciate how great this will be next time it happens!

One more thing and I'll try to stop! System Mechanic is just fanatical about grabbing up wasted space on your hard drive! This just blew me away when it found a whopping 1.5 GIG of wasted hard drive space! Geeze - I've had whole hard drives that were smaller than that! This made grabbing that space back a mouse click away! I tell ya - you just can't go wrong here!

OK - can ya tell I'm impressed? There's actually a LOT more this can do, but I don't want to write a book on it (OK, maybe I've already come close)! I'm currently running this software and couldn't be happier with it. My system is definitely faster than before it was installed and I just love the performance increase! If you only buy one software program this year - GRAB THIS!

Check out these customer testimonials:

"I bought the original System Mechanic and thought you would never improve on that, but finally you seem to have outdone your earlier work and made a truly remarkable upgrade."
- Jerry W., Ph.D.

"Fantastic product. Does not conflict with other software. Works extremely well. Saves me from having to maintain my PC. Many thanks."
- Rik B.

"System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment!"
- Arthur H.

"This product is one of the very few that I have found to actually improve performance rather than slow it down."
- Stephen J.

"Just keep up the good work. I have passed on your website to many friends and recommended them to buy your products."
- Kenny L.

"It took about 4 hours but it repaired my system and I cancelled my Geek Squad appointment. All I needed after your product did it's job was a dust clean out."
- Tennie K.
"System Mechanic has become my tech of choice to keep this novice's computer running smoothly. I really appreciate the program and the service when needed."
- Mark J.

"I was having trouble with my pc and calling my products tech center only frustrated me. I subscribe to PC world and remembered that they recommend products and sites. Went to their site and there was a link to your web site and product, so I downloaded the free trial version. After it FIXED my problem, I decided to purchase it so I could always rely on having it at hand! Thank you for a wonderful product! It really helped me today, found and fixed things I didn't even know were wrong, too! I'm going to recommend your system mechanic to all my friends!"
- Barbara H.

"This is a great service. I cannot wait to purchase more stuff from iolo!"
- Ashley B.

"Norton watch out!! - System Mechanic Professional is a great value! It offers a wide range of superb features that keep my PC running in top shape. The 3 PC licenses allow me to cover my home network PCs."
- Kenneth L.

Your price? Get this - just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! AND - this is a 3 license pack too! WOW!!! We've never had it this cheap!!! When you think of all this can do, for $8.97, it's the biggest no-brainer in software history! Check it out:

PS - Seriously, after just using this for a short time, I wouldn't be without it. If WorldStart wasn't carrying it, I'd happily pay the $70 for it somewhere else - it really is that good! PLEASE - take a look at this one, I've NEVER seen a better, more complete utility program! Blows everything else right out of the water!!

PS - The price will increase to $18.97 on Tuesday!


Computers 101

I use Outlook Express and an annoying little thing started happening recently. Every time I close OE down, a message pops up that says "To free up disk space, Outlook Express can compact your messages. This may take up to a few minutes." What does that mean exactly and should I do it or not? Please help!

That's an excellent question! I, too, use Outlook Express here at the office and the same thing happened to me awhile back. I really didn't know why it just suddenly started happening and to be honest with you, for quite some time, I just hit Cancel on the pop up message. I just wanted to get rid of it. Well, come to find out, I should have listened to the message. Let me explain!

We all delete e-mails from our Inbox on a daily basis, don't we? Then most of us probably go on to delete those e-mails out of the Deleted Items folder as well. That way, they'll all be gone for good, right? Well, not exactly. Outlook Express works in the same way as your hard drive when you're trying to delete something from your regular system. Even though we think we've deleted the information completely, it sticks around until it's covered up with something else.

So, when you delete the e-mails from your Deleted Items folder, they actually go to the Outlook Express store folder (the .dbx folder) and even though you can't see them, they're still there, taking up space. That's when compacting steps in. When you see the compact message, you may think it's just going to cut down your e-mails in size a little, but do nothing else. Well, in all actuality, when you compact, the e-mails that are now in your store folder are removed. That then allows for extra e-mail storage space and more than likely, faster e-mail service in the way OE opens, closes and runs in general.

Now, Outlook Express will automatically compact your messages for you after the one-hundredth time of opening and closing the program. As you can see from the above information, in order to keep your e-mail program working correctly, it's essential that you let the compact process do its things. So, when the compacting starts, don't interrupt it. Just let it finish. It should only take a few minutes and then your Outlook Express will be up and running just like new.

Okay, so what if you get the message when you're trying to shut your computer down for the day? It's not really in your best interest to wait around for it to complete, so what else can you do? Well, you can do the compacting at any time and when it's best for you. You may want to do it on a lunch break or when you're not going to be using your computer for awhile.

To get started, go to File and choose Work Offline. That will ensure no new messages come through while the compact is running. You should also turn off any other programs you have going, but you can keep your firewall and antivirus software on. Now, you should also back up your e-mail before you begin the process, just in case you happen to lose any important e-mails. That's up to you, but read here for a quick way to get the backup done. Once you're done with the backup, go to File, Folder and choose Compact All Folders. Again, once it starts, don't mess with it until it's done. Just let it run and like I said before, it should only take a few minutes.

Now, there might be some times when you just want to compact one folder at a time. That's no problem either! To do that, select the folder you want to compact (Inbox, Outbox, etc.) by clicking and highlighting it in the left hand side panel on the main page of Outlook Express. Next, go to File, Folder and select Compact. That will then compact only that one single folder. That should be done if you make big changes to a particular folder.

Also, just in case you were wondering, when you do a complete compact on all of your folders, Outlook Express starts with all of your e-mail and news folders and it finishes up with the store .dbx folder, which is where all your deleted e-mails sit. On a final note, you should make it a monthly routine to compact all of your folders, because it really helps with your e-mail's speed and performance. And let's be honest, you can't beat that!

~ Erin

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MS Office

Paragraph Setting in Multiple Locations

Here's a little "heads up" for all you MS Word 2007 users!

I'm sure when you need to make paragraph type changes, you immediately go to the Home tab on the ribbon, am I right?

If you don't see what you need there, you probably find yourself clicking on the dialogue launcher located in the bottom right hand corner of the Paragraph section.

That's not necessarily a bad way to make changes and for some things, it's probably the most efficient or the only way to make the changes you need.

Lately, I've found I'm frequently trying to add space either before or after my paragraphs, so I'm going through that routine way too often for my taste.

Then I noticed something under a tab on the ribbon that I rarely need to use.

I was on the Page Layout tab and noticed it has a Paragraph section too!

As you can see, right there on the ribbon for easy use, are the settings for both paragraph spacing and indent measurements.

While that doesn't solve all of your Word 2007 frustrations, it makes everything just a little bit better!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Hold On! You'd Be CRAZY To Pay $400 For PhotoShop!

We Have An Amazing Program Just Like It For $9.97!

Looks And Performs Like PhotoShop!

Edit, Enhance, And Share Your Photos!

Just Look At The Screen Shots Below - Looks Like PhotoShop!!

WOW! The response to this software was amazing yesterday! THANK YOU to the hundreds who ordered! When we saw how quickly these were going to sell out, we started scrambling around looking for more. Well, we one of our suppliers had some available, so if you missed out, you're in luck! Just look at this thing - it looks and performs like Adobe PhotoShop! Who can justify the extra $389 for PhotoShop when this is pretty much the same thing?

I mean, you know how it is - you'd love to have Adobe PhotoShop but that $400 price tag holds ya back. Wouldn't it great if someone made a program LIKE Photoshop, only cheaper? Oh, we found it! It's PhotoDesigner Pro and just look at those screen shots below - it looks and acts just like the $400 Adobe Photoshop! Layers, tools, filters - give this a try and you'll think you're using Photoshop!

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, could it really be like Photoshop? Let me tell ya, once I installed it, I was really surprised! You open it up and it really looks and performs pretty much exactly like Adobe Photoshop! The tools and layout look just slightly (very slightly) different, but it's all there! It features layers, adjustment layers, masks, effects, has pretty much all the same filters, rulers, tools - it's all there! Heck, going through the menus, you have to remind yourself that you're NOT using actually Photoshop! 

Oh, just wait till you see the tools - that was my concern, but they're all there! The clone stamp, gradient tool, red-eye removal tool, crop tool, paint bucket, smudge tool, burn & dodge tools, the blur & sharpen tools, scratch removal tool, color picker, text tools, shapes, selection tools like Magic Wand or "shapes" - whew - on and on! You name the Photoshop tool, this has it! 

Same goes for the rest of the program - the filters from Photoshop are all there! My personal favorites - the High Pass, Unsharpen Mask, Gaussian blur, Sharpen, and Lighting Effects - all there along with a total of 44 regular filters at your disposal! Everything you need to add that little extra punch to your photos!

As for the the image adjustments, you have 'em all too! We're talking Curves, Levels, Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast, Color Balance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Gradient Map - and more! It's all there - just like Photoshop! 

I tell ya, if you want Photoshop but can't justify the expense, this is a no-brainer! Heck, even if you can justify the expense, why not take a look at this first? I've never seen a program that was soooo close to Photoshop!

With this program you are getting tons of ways to use professional level tools that will have everyone wondering who you hired to edit your photos! This program goes above and beyond basic photo editing software. It not only acts like Photoshop - it actually works with Adobe Photoshop files too - you can open Photoshop images, edit them and save them back into the native Photoshop format!! Of course, it will work with all the photo files on your computer and work with your digital camera / scanner too!

In addition to looking and acting like Photoshop, it's jam-packed with over 200 instant effects (these are REALLY cool), 140 picture brushes and 30 tutorials- all of which make this program unbeatable! Add your own message to your photos with the editable text function. Use the automated images correction for quick and easy photo editing. Create your own amazing effects with a few clicks of your mouse! Automatically create awesome web animations! Even turn your documents into print-ready PDF's with encryption and password protection!

Like I said, pretty much Photoshop's twin! It even has a pressure sensitive feature that works with a graphics tablet if you have one! Depending on how hard you press on the tablet, the program will know whether or not you to use a think or a thin brush! How absolutely sweet is that?

After playing with this for an hour or so (It's really fun), I came to the conclusion that anything I've been doing with Photoshop could be done in this - and using the same tools and techniques too! Why pay $400 for Photoshop when there's something like this on the market? You've got to try it - I promise, you'll be impressed!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this photo editor is going to amaze you! But the price is incredible in itself. You could pay almost $400.00 for Abode Photoshop, or you could check out this great program for just $9.97 and US Shipping is Free! Heck, for that kind of money, you can't afford to pass this one up! If you don't agree that this is just like Photoshop, you can even send it back for a refund within 60 days! No risk to you at all - give this a try, it's really unbelievable how much Photoshop DNA this seems to have!

The price will increase to $16.97 soon! Don't miss the boat on this one!

Wow! Now That's A BRIGHT Idea!

Awesome New Desk Lamp!

Flexible Neck, Super Shiny LEDs

No Cords- Take This Light With You Everywhere!

Wow! We just got in these super bright Flexible LED Desk Lamps, and this baby is never leaving my desk again!

It's really, really great! Not only is it amazingly light weight, it has this super-flexible neck that allows you to twist it and bend it to where ever you need the most light!

Speaking of light- man- oh- man you'll be amazed how much light this little guy throws! After I plugged in the 3 AAA batteries, this lamp automatically turned on, and it nearly blinded me! Those little LED's were nice and bright!

Another awesome thing about this handy desk lamp is that it runs on batteries, which means no need to fuss with messy electrical cords. And because you are using LED lights, not only is saving battery power, but the little LEDs will never burn out! I am tellin' ya- this lamp will run strong for way over 50,000 hours! WOW!

Wouldn't this be just fantastic for traveling? I was in a hotel last weekend on one of my photo trips and it just didn't have enough light. Well, when I saw this light this week, I decided that this is going to be added to my laptop bag! If you travel with your laptop, this is a real no-brainer!

I have mine set up on my desk, angled at my keyboard! And It works great! But this light is also perfect if you are into little craft projects where you need a little extra light! Better yet- it works great as a book light too! You gotta check out this handy desk light- just click the little on/ off button and you will never be caught in the dark!

Cost? Wow- we have a super special for you today- just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free!

The Price will increase to $16.97 soon! Order now!  

Paint Fun

So, tell me, have you ever used the Paint program on your computer? No, it's not one you have to buy. It actually came along with your computer when you first purchased it. How cool is that?! It's really easy to get to and it's super fun to use. In fact, I use it all the time. And you can too! To learn all about it, just check out the tip on our homepage today. It explains everything!

Let Them Sing It

How would you like someone to sing everything you say? Okay, it might not be something you want to do all the time, but it's pretty fun for awhile. And you can do it with the cool site we're showcasing on our homepage today. It's called Let Them Sing It and no matter what you say, someone will sing it for you. You can say anything and it will be put to music. I played around with it for hours and had the best time. Check it out!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Troubleshooting Vista Browsing Issues

Have you ever had an issue where you continually get DNS errors when trying to browse the Internet with one Windows Vista computer, but another computer on the same network works just fine? If you have, you know how frustrating that can be! Well, more than likely, the problem is you need to reload your DNS cache on the computer that's not working. I know that may sound a little difficult, but if you keep reading, I'll walk you through it all!

You can tackle the problem in two ways. You can either just clear out the cache or simply restart the DNS client service, which handles the caching of DNS lockups. I'll tell you how to do both and you can then decide which one will work the best for you!

Clearing the DNS Cache

Open an Administrator mode command prompt by right clicking on the Command Prompt option in the Start menu. Then select Run as Administrator.

Now, type in the following command: ipconfig /flushdns

That usually clears up any issues that might be occurring. Note that if you're using Firefox, you should probably close and reopen it, because Firefox has a DNS cache of its own as well.

Restarting the DNS Service from a Command Line

Open an Administrator mode command prompt (just like you did before) and then type in the following commands: net stop dnscache and net start dnscache.

I usually use the command prompt for this, since I already have it open from the previous step.

Restarting the DNS Service from Services

Go to Start, Control Panel and select Services. Once you're there, find the DNS Client service and click on the Restart Service button.

By this point, everything should be working again. Note that these instructions should also work for Windows XP. I hope this one helps you all out a great deal!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami

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Today's Feature

Safari 4

How many of you out there use Safari as your main Web browser? Well, if you do, you might be interested to know that Apple has released Safari 4 Beta! If you don't use it now, this would be a great time to check it out. The new version packs a big punch with only a couple drawbacks. Let's check it out!

First, the new version of Safari is fast! I installed it and it loads pages faster than any other browser I've ever used. Secondly, version 4 is well laid out. The tabs have moved to the top of the screen, which is a great idea. Also, the menu bar is greatly reduced so that you have more screen available to see your favorite Web pages.

Now, there are a couple other great features, but they come with a warning. The two coolest features of Safari 4 are Cover Flow and Top Sites. Those features allow you to look at your Web sites in a whole new way! Top Sites provides you with a live view of several sites at once. You can even choose to move them to a full screen version. Cover Flow works just like Apple's iTunes to allow you to scan through sites one by one. The problem with those features is they don't work on older computers. You need to have a newer and more powerful video card to be able to use them. If your computer doesn't meet the requirements, the buttons you need to use the features will not appear.

So, if you have a new computer that meets the requirements for Safari 4, you should check it out in all its glory! If you don't, it's still a very fast Web browser, just without all the fancy thrills.

The system requirements for Safari 4 Beta can be found here. You can also download Safari 4 Beta for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary

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Amanda's Coolsite

Study Stack

Welcome to Study Stack! This is my favorite study Web site, because it integrates studying not only by traditional means (think flashcards), but it includes studying by playing games. I love to recommend this site to my friends in class who are getting ready to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

Start by selecting the subject matter you’d like to study from the list provided. You’ll then be taken to a much larger list that has study stacks for the specific topic you chose. Choose a study stack from the list and you'll be taken to its page. There you can choose the method you'd like to study. Your options are: Notes, Flashcards, Study Stack, Study Table, Matching, Hangman, Crossword, Word Search, Unscramble, Type In, Bug Match, Export, Print, Edit, E-mail and Hmm.

Three options I really want to point out to you are Export, E-mail and Print. Export allows you to download the date to your cell phone, PDA, computer or even your iPod. The E-mail option allows you to send the address of the study stack to your friends via e-mail. Print allows you to print out flashcards in several different styles to use offline.

You can also add your own study materials if you can’t find what you need to study. To add your own, scroll down to the bottom of the list for the subject you want to study and then click on the Create Your Own link.

You’ll need to register to add your own material. It's really easy if you have a Facebook account, because you can use that to log in. If you don’t, that's okay too! Just register for Study Stack. To do so, fill out the registration form with a username, e-mail address, password and agree to the terms and conditions. It’s that simple!

Once you’re logged in, you can also create a study stack by clicking on the Create a New Stack link under your Stacks tab. You’ll need to name your stack, type in a description for it and decide whether you want to let other users edit it or whether you want it to auto-generate for the games.

Now, click on the Data tab. That's where you'll be able to insert the data you want to study. Type in the questions, then the answers and make sure you click on the Save Changes button when you’re done updating the data information.

Before you know it, you’ll have your study stack completed and you'll be ready to start using it. Pretty neat!

~ Amanda

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Yellow Flower

This was taken last spring in the Smoky Mountains. The light was soft and just right, so I spent an hour or so shooting flowers just like this one.

Antelope Canyon Light Beam

This is from the famous Antelope Slot Canyon in Arizona. In the summer, these fantastic light beams shine down from above and I loved the look of this one.

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