Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[TechRepublic] Master these shortcuts for a glitch-free PowerPoint presentation

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TechRepublic Member | November 18, 2009

10+ keyboard shortcuts for a smooth PowerPoint delivery

You don't need to get distracted by the mechanics of presenting a slide show. Learn just a few shortcuts and you can focus on your audience and your message instead. Read more

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Two quick ways to sum Excel data

Manually entering a SUM() function can introduce errors into your spreadsheet. These two easy point-and-click methods are safer and more efficient. Read more

Customize Outlook's Contact display

Work more efficiently with contact information by customizing the way Outlook displays that information. Read more

Office poll: Windows 7 users, how well is Office performing on the new OS?

If your organization has recently upgraded to Windows 7, take part in this week's poll and let us know how well Office is performing on the new operating system. Read more

Quickly remove table borders in Word

When you want to produce the neat alignment of a table without a visible grid, create the table and turn off the border lines. Read more

Office challenge: How do you display a black or white screen on the fly during a PowerPoint presentation?

Test your knowledge of PowerPoint in this week's Office challenge and learn the answer to last week's Access stumper. Read more

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Hide Excel sheets - really hide them
If you want to make sure a hidden worksheet stays hidden, don't rely on the easily reversed Hide command. For better security, try this little VBA trick instead.

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Add a search control to an Access form

The 10 most useful Word shortcuts

Use Excel's built-in features to simplify data entry

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