Friday, November 20, 2009

[TechRepublic] Improve system performance by repairing the Windows Registry

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TechRepublic Member | November 20, 2009

RegDoctor 2.15 (Windows)

Registry problems are the common cause of Windows crashes, error messages, and degraded performance. RegDoctor can clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks. Read more

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New software downloads


Win7codecs 2.1.5 (Windows)

When dealing with codecs, more does not equal better. Having the least amount on your system is the best configuration. This is exactly what these packages will do for you. Read more

Vista Codec Package 5.4.9 (Windows)

With this package installed, you will be able to use any media player, limited only by the players' capabilities to play all movies and video clips. Read more

Multi Install 2.4.5 (Windows)

Multi Install is an advanced CD/DVD menu authoring system for your own creations. Read more

LANBench 1.0.0 (Windows)

LANBench is a standalone simple LAN / TCP Network benchmark utility. Read more

DatAdmin Personal 3.4.2 (Windows)

Easy and quick database administration, natively supports MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Postgre SQL, MS Access. Read more

UVC 6.0 (Windows)

The Universal Village Collaboration Software Suite is the ultimate offering in Groupware and Collaboration tools. Read more

Windows 7 Manager 1.1.5 (Windows)

Windows 7 Manager is a powerful software tool to tweak, optimize, maintain and tune up your Windows 7; it bundles more than 30 different utilities in one. Read more

Mhelp for Windows 7 1.7 (Windows)

Mhelp for Windows 7 provides instant video-clip help for Windows 7 direct from your desktop. Read more

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition (32-bit) 1.4.218 (Windows)

Gladinet Cloud Desktop (GCD) supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. This is the 32-bit package. Read more

Altova XMLSpy Standard Edition 2010 (Windows)

Altova XMLSpy 2010 Standard Edition is an entry-level XML editor for viewing, validating, and editing XML-related documents. Read more

Software and Order Administration (Windows)

Software and Order Administration provide a toolkit for shareware authors, software companies, software resellers to administrate software and orders. Read more

Spyware Terminator (Windows)

Spyware Terminator includes Real-Time Protection, HIPS, and antivirus. Effectively removes spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers, and malware threats. Read more

ASAP Utilities 4.5.5 (Windows)

Save time in MS Excel with ASAP Utilities. Read more

Active Directory Reports (Windows)

Active Directory Reports LDAP Auditing Tool Supports Printing and Exporting. Read more

BestCrypt 8.2 (Windows)

BestCrypt brings peace of mind by keeping information on laptops, mobile devices, PCs, and servers safe, protected, and under control. Read more

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VoxOx beta (Windows)

VoxOx (Mac)

MozillaCacheView 1.27 (Windows)

ChromeCacheView 1.21 (Windows)

FBackup 4.3.167 (Windows)

Monitor 3.1 (Mac)

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Disclaimer: CNET Networks is not responsible for the content of the publisher's descriptions or user reviews on this site. We encourage you to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws. CNET Networks does not sell, resell, or license any of the products listed on the site. We cannot be held liable for issues that arise from the download or use of these products. Incorrectly editing the Windows Registry can cause serious problems requiring the reinstallation of your operating system and may lead to the loss of data. TechRepublic does not and will not support problems that arise from editing your registry.

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Product Spotlight: MyDefrag 4.2.6

MyDefrag is ideal if you are looking for a defragmenter that is thorough, highly customizable and free. Read more

Product Spotlight: Laplink Software's PCmover Professional

PCmover targets individual users and organizations needing to migrate data, settings, and applications from one computer to another. Read more

Product Spotlight: FilesAnywhere offsite file storage

With a huge feature set and a number of different ways to access files, FilesAnywhere has something for everyone that needs offsite file storage. Read more

10+ PowerToys that can expand your control of Windows XP

Not all PowerToys are right for everyone. But find the ones that make sense for you, and your Windows tasks will be a whole lot easier. Read more

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