Monday, November 23, 2009

[TechRepublic] First look at the Google Chrome OS

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A first look at Google Chrome OS

The first betas of Google's Chrome OS are out. What does this operating system give you at this point? IT pro Rick Vanover walks through a Chrome OS beta. Read more

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Configure BitLocker encryption on non-TPM Windows systems

Derek Schauland tells you how you can configure BitLocker volume encryption on Windows systems that do not have the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip present and enabled. Read more

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Learn to use Git version control for added flexibility

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10 common backup mistakes

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Managing default Unix file permissions with adduser and umask

Chad Perrin follow up his post on configuring Unix file permissions with instructions for automating permissions defaults for new files. Read more

Product Spotlight: FilesAnywhere offsite file storage

With a huge feature set and a number of different ways to access files, FilesAnywhere has something for everyone that needs offsite file storage. Read more

Admin's Guide to Active Directory

Have extra budget to spend? Then order our Administrator's Guide to Active Directory, 2nd Edition. From planning to implementation to troubleshooting, you'll have the resources, templates, and checklists to meet every Active Directory challenge. Order it today! Administrator's Guide to Active Directory, 2nd Ed.

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