Monday, November 16, 2009

[TechRepublic] How do you rate your mobile access?

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TechRepublic Network Administrator

TechRepublic Member | November 16, 2009

Accessing the network on the road: How do you rate your mobile experience?

Blogger Paul Mah takes a closer look at a new survey that explores the usage patterns of mobile workers and highlights some of the key findings. Take the polls to see how your mobile experience compares. Read more

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Understand cloud computing terminology with this guide

What is the cloud? Rick Vanover found one of the best collections of definitions for cloud computing terms in a recent Burton Group publication, which is available as a free download. Read more

Awesome mobile technology for demonstrations

Rick Vanover gets a chance to view some major hardware installations while attending Gestalt IT Field Day in Silicon Valley. Read more

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How do I use Zback as an easy portable backup system?

With its small footprint in a self-contained executable file, Zback can be a good choice for a portable backup system. Jack Wallen shows you how. Read more

Take the productivity benefits of Snap, Shake, and Peek seriously

Greg Shultz examines the management of multiple open windows in Windows 7 using the new Aero UI features: Snap, Shake, and Peek. Read more

10 antivirus programs for Windows 7

Windows 7 offers some new security features, but a good antivirus program can provide additional protection. Greg Shultz put together a list of 10 solid Windows 7-compatible choices. Read more

Product Spotlight: Auslogics Software's Disk Defrag 3

Auslogics' Disk Defrag assists businesses and enterprise organizations by reducing administrative time necessary to optimize disk performance. Read more

Admin's Guide to Active Directory

Have extra budget to spend? Then order our Administrator's Guide to Active Directory, 2nd Edition. From planning to implementation to troubleshooting, you'll have the resources, templates, and checklists to meet every Active Directory challenge. Order it today! Administrator's Guide to Active Directory, 2nd Ed.

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Twitter, Facebook, hit Xbox 360 November 17--photos

The new Xbox 360 update, which will bring Facebook, Twitter, and to the console, will be available for download this Tuesday, November 17. View on site

Palm Pixi photos

Palm and Sprint are set to release their second WebOS phone. Check out hands-on photos of the Palm Pixi. View on site

Featured Webcast

Live Webcast: Using Hosted Email Security To Stop Spam Dead In Its Tracks

Spam got you down? Find out how hosted email security can block 95 percent of spam from ever reaching you, plus what to look for in a vendor.

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When it comes to environmental behavior, don't leave home without it

One small step toward a space elevator

Five wireless trends and five jobs of the future

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How to comply with the Payment Card Industry Standard (Astaro AG)

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Free White Paper: Demonstrating the Business Value of Cloud Computing (Google)


Netbooks are dead. Long live the notebook.

Netbooks were hot in 2008 and the first half of 2009, but the trend was actually more of a fad. Learn why it's over, and why that's a good thing. Read more

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Windows kernel-mode vulnerability: Will it be the next Conficker?

Conficker is one successful piece of malware, residing on seven million computers, with more infected every day. Experts are concerned the kernel-mode driver bug has the same potential.

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