Monday, July 13, 2009

[TechRepublic] Why Google Chrome OS matters and why it might be irrelevant

July 13, 2009

Google Chrome OS: 3 reasons it matters, and 4 reasons it's irrelevant

Tech Sanity CheckGoogle has finally announced its long-expected operating system, the Chrome OS. Here's what we know about it, plus Jason Hiner's take on both why it matters and why it could turn out to be irrelevant.

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Legacy compatibility is a reality with Virtual Windows XP in Windows 7
Greg Shultz shows you how some of the new features in Windows Virtual PC and Virtual Windows XP make using Windows XP applications in Windows 7 a simple operation.

Preparing for the CIO track
Jay Rollins provides tips about how to prepare for the CIO position, including the top 10 undergraduate courses to take to become a CIO. He also offers insight about the evolving role of the CIO.

LaCie HD external hard driveLaCie introduces 500GB LaCinema Rugged HD external drive
LaCie has upgraded its LaCinema Rugged external hard drive/multimedia player with 1080p output, thus claiming a new "HD" in its product name.

Generator Research: iPhone will overtake Nokia in 2012
Generator Research has released a new report predicting that Apple iPhone's current growth trajectory will enable it to catch and surpass Nokia for the top spot in the global smartphone market within three years. Here's my quick analysis of the report.

10+ presentation tips to keep your audience from dozing off
Here are 12 tactics to get your audiences more involved in your presentation and your message.

Storage in the cloud: Compliance primer
The TechRepublic community has made it clear; compliance of where your data resides in the cloud is a top concern. In this blog post, IT Jedi Rick Vanover takes a look at what one company has done with standards-based status.

Cultivating great client recommendations
Read some useful tips and advice on how letters of recommendation from former clients can help IT consultants build and maintain client relationships.

Remote Desktop Manager from Devolutions: The ultimate server and device management utility?
Managing multiple systems can be a challenge for even the most experienced administrator, which is why tools designed to ease the task burden can be such a welcome relief. Scott Lowe talks about one such tool from Devolutions called Remote Desktop Manager.

Understanding risk, threat, and vulnerability
IT security, like any other technical field, has its own specialized language developed to make it easier for experts to discuss the subject. It pays to understand this jargon when researching security.

Poll: Why do we hire entry-level programmers?
Justin James asks: If entry-level developers are so unsuited for work, why do we keep hiring them? Let him know what you think by taking this quick poll.

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How much do IT professionals earn?

Information Enables Compliance at Every Level - Oracle Compliance Architecture (Oracle)

Implementing energy-efficient data centers (American Power Conversion (APC))

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Are you ready for when your enterprise hardware fails?
Since we established that Windows XP will be around for awhile, the question becomes, when do you plan to upgrade the hardware?

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