Friday, July 17, 2009

[TechRepublic] 10 ways to be liked in your job interview

July 17, 2009

10 ways to be liked in your job interview

IT CareerEveryone wants to make a good impression in job interviews. But did you know that too much smiling or asking too many unrelated questions can circumvent that goal? Career blogger Toni Bowers looks at interviewing tips -- what are yours?

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Geekend Picks of the Week

Harry PotterDo you plan on seeing the latest Harry Potter film?
Wally Bahny shares what characters and scenes he's most looking forward to seeing in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Let us know if you plan to see the sixth installment in the Harry Potter series. See the new HD trailer here.

WowWee Rovio WebcamGeek Gifts 2009: WowWee Rovio Mobile Webcam
The Rovio mobile Webcam from WowWee is one of the most geek-friendly gifts we have ever reviewed -- find out why.

Moon landingPhotos: The Apollo 11 moon landing
Historical photographs of the great space adventure on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary.

Borderlands promotional partyWant to sell your game? Host a post-apocalyptic pig roast!
Borderlands game publisher 2K went all out, turning a warehouse into a B-movie set, complete with props straight out of Mad Max, costumed bartenders, and an entire roasted pig, gleefully hacked up for the attendees.

Google Chrome: What's the point?
TechRepublic member dcolbert questions the relevance and significance of Chrome, the Google-branded desktop OS.

How to assess a company's culture before you take the job
Have you ever been mislead about a company's culture during an interview? Here are some tips for figuring out the real deal before you accept that job.

Saturn VPhoto gallery: Boeing / Saturn V
Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and North American Aviation collaborated to develop and produce the mammoth 363-foot Saturn V rocket that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the moon in 1969.

Video: Shuttle Endeavor launches
On July 15, 2009, the NASA space shuttle Endeavour launched into space with seven astronauts onboard. Check out the video of the launch. You can also follow one of the seven on Twitter: @Astro_127

Find more optical distractions in the TechRepublic gallery collection and the TR video channel.


How much do IT professionals earn?

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Preventing data corruption in the event of an extended power outage (American Power Conversion (APC))

Leo Laporte voted 'President of the Internet' in mock election
TechRepublic's mock election for "President of the Internet" has concluded and the winner with over 40% of the vote is veteran technology commentator Leo Laporte. See the full election results.

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