Friday, July 10, 2009

[TechRepublic] 10 boring phrases you should cut from your resume

July 10, 2009

10 boring phrases you should cut from your resume

Career blogger Toni Bowers writes that when creating a resume, it's easy to dredge up the same trite expressions. Here are 10 that have become meaningless and should be avoided at all costs. What words or phrases are among your resume pet peeves?

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Geekend Picks of the Week

Terminator Marcus WrightPoll: What's your 'geek look?'
Does your geek fashion sense involve all black clothing or humorous t-shirts that only your peers understand or trade show attire or something else altogether? Let us know by taking this quick poll.

BlackBerry BoldProduct Spotlight: BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone
The BlackBerry Bold is marketed to smartphone and PDA users everywhere. Unfortunately, even with improved displays and redesigned shells, BlackBerry continues to best serve professional business users.

Video: The Trouble With Tribbles
A number of TechRepublic members cite The Trouble With Tribbles as their favorite Star Trek episode. For your Geekend viewing pleasure, here's the episode in its entirety, courtesy of

Advanced Test Reactor CorePhotos: Inside a nuclear reactor
The Idaho National Lab is the U.S. Dept. of Energy's leading nuclear research institution, and its employees are developing the technology behind "fourth-generation" nuclear reactors, facilities that would provide large amounts of energy with little additional carbon footprint.

Ares I rocket boosterPhotos: Ares I five-stage solid rocket booster
On August 25, the Ares I solid rocket booster--the rocket that will launch the Orion crew capsule to the moon -- will have its first live-fire test. See the technology that will help return us to the moon.

New etiquette rules with Twitter?
With many discussions about the various impact that social networking services have on an organization and individual, IT pro Rick Vanover raises some questions on basic protocol.

Solar aircraftPhotos: Soaring ambition for solar aircraft
Unveiled at an airfield in Dubendorf, Switzerland, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA is designed to fly both day and night without the need for fuel and without producing any pollution.

Find more optical distractions in the TechRepublic gallery collection and the TR video channel.


How much do IT professionals earn?

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Free Executive Blueprint: Cautious Growth-Tending to Your Core Business (SkillSoft)

Poll: Should corporate help desks support home PCs?
With the proliferation of telecommuting and remote workers, corporate help desks are being pressured to support the home office. However, this practice can cause more problems than it's worth. Let us know where you stand on the issue.

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