Monday, July 6, 2009

[TechRepublic] If the Internet was a nation, who would be its president?

July 06, 2009

If the Internet was a nation, who would be its president?

Tech Sanity CheckThe Internet is a global community with over one billion residents. If it were a formal nation, who would its citizens elect as their fearless leader? Here are four candidates that I propose for a mock election. Make your vote count.

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Lessons in leadership from the military
While it is true that the military has practices that wouldn't necessarily work well in the civilian world, we could all take some direction from military leaders on how to lead our teams.

Make sure 'out of sight' isn't 'out of mind'
Want to make sure that you and your client see eye-to-eye even when they don't see you? Here are some ways you can keep the channels of communication open with clients when you're working off-site.

Sony HDR-XR500V camcorderSony Handycam HDR-XR500V photos
Because of its hard disk, substantial lens, and large LCD the XR500V/XR520V is bigger and heavier than most competitors. It's still pretty comfortable to hold and relatively well designed.

Oracle adds zest to SQL Developer with standalone data modeling tool, stirs the SQL market pot
The Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, which integrates with Oracle SQL Developer, is a standalone tool that supports logical, relational, multi-dimensional, and data type modeling. It is generally available and can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network.

Six ways to make SOA services more reusable
Developers can take steps to ensure that services that are put out there are as reusable as technically possible. Vijay Narayanan provides developers with six guidelines of what will hopefully be reusable services.

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Repair your corrupted Windows registry file the easy way
If you doubt your skills when it comes to manually editing your Windows registry, having an application to simplify it can make life so much easier.

10+ ways to learn more efficiently
To succeed as an IT pro, you have to pursue knowledge and new skills on an ongoing basis, even if you have limited time and rusty study habits. Calvin Sun shares a dozen pointers that will help you master -- and remember -- new material.

How do I... Hunt down hard disk resource hogs?
Find out how to narrow your search for the cause of system slowdowns by configuring the Performance Monitor and Task Manager to reveal rogue processes that can tie up valuable system resources.

How do I... Recover lost data with DiskDigger?
DiskDigger searches storage media (SD, CF, USB, hard drives, etc) for traces of lost files using brute-forcing to work its way through every single sector of the drive.

10 reasons Vista haters will love Windows 7
Disgruntled Vista users, take heart: According to Deb Shinder, Windows 7 addresses many Vista annoyances and offers myriad improvements of its own.


Choosing the best CRM for your organization (Oracle)

Yankee Group: Software as a Service dramatically improves CRM success (Oracle)

CRM your salespeople will love (Oracle)

Business Brief: Business Continuity - Are you Always Open for Business? (Oracle)

Free Videocast: Web Conferencing Trends for Enterprise Organizations (Adobe Systems)

Video: TR Community Event download and shout outs compilation
The TechRepublic Community Event in Louisville, KY, on June 26, 2009, was captured on video. Check out the download, and view the short compilation video of "shout outs" or greetings that were sent in by TR members who weren't able to attend the event.


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