Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[TechRepublic] Troubleshoot Windows Vista drivers with two handy tools

July 28, 2009

Troubleshoot Windows Vista drivers with Driver Query and DriverView

IT Dojo

When troubleshooting a Windows Vista driver error, it's always a good first step to gather information about that driver. Bill Detwiler shows you two handy tools that can help you solve those pesky Vista driver problems.

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Implementing energy-efficient data centers

The cost of powering data centers is a substantial operating expense that can and should be managed. This white paper explains how to design data centers in a way that minimizes their electrical power consumption. (APC)

Tips and features for tech managers

Poll: Who do you blame for driver problems, Microsoft and Apple or hardware vendors?
Windows is notorious for driver problems, and even Mac OS isn't without a driver hiccup now and then. Whether you're troubleshooting your own machine or a client's, when you encounter a driver problem, who deserves most of your wrath?

Zen Cart e-commerceProduct Spotlight: Zen Cart e-commerce application
Having a Web presence with a shopping cart has become standard fare for many businesses and enterprises. Zen Cart is an open source solution that is secure, feature-rich, and ready to sell all of your products out-of-the-box.

Setting up Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008
Change Data Capture (CDC) is a new native feature in SQL Server 2008. Tim Chapman shows how to use CDC to easily set up data auditing on your SQL Server system.

Twitter tools: Great for now, but will they last forever?
In the broad social networking space, Twitter is unique in that there are a large number of free applications available. IT pro Rick Vanover shares some thoughts on this broad area of accompanying tools for the service.

How to deal with Adobe Flash and Reader vulnerability
As of Wednesday, 22 July 2009, Adobe reports that Flash and Reader share a serious vulnerability. Can you still watch YouTube videos safely?

Palm Pre style netbooksPhotos: Palm Pre architecture powers concept Netbook
Atom-powered Netbooks may the flavor of the month, but all that will change if ARM gets its way. The chip company visited Crave UK's offices to show off an exciting concept Netbook that's powered by the same architecture used in the Palm Pre.

Programming news: iPhone development emergency guide, Embarcadero's great deal
Get highlights about these releases: Dryad, Iliad, Ruby 1.9.1-p243, Ruby 1.9.2 preview 1, Rails 2.3.3, IronPython 2.0.2, Bing#, Gestalt, and the JIRA Connector for Jama Contour. Also, learn about Embarcadero's buy one, get one free deal, and more programming news.

Pharos TravelerPharos Traveler 137 photos
First introduced at CES 2009, the Pharos Traveler 137 is a Windows Mobile-based smartphone with integrated GPS and navigation software. Unlike other similarly equipped devices, the Traveler 137 does not require a cellular connection to operate as a GPS device.

Use a split module to work more productively
Using VBA to automate or customize a task is hard enough without working in the cramped module window. If you need to see more of your code that the view allows, split the window and get two views in the same space meant for just one.


Free Trial Software Download: Quest MessageStats Suite (Quest Software)

Determining TCO for data center infrastructure (American Power Conversion (APC))

The advantages of row and rack-oriented cooling architectures (American Power Conversion (APC))

Strategies for deploying blade servers in existing data centers (American Power Conversion (APC))

Implementing energy-efficient data centers (American Power Conversion (APC))

BlogHer 2009: Women and social media survey
The BlogHer 2009 conference kicked off with BlogHer co-founders -- Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone, and Jory Des Jardins -- discussing the results of their women in social media survey, which is highlighted in this brief video.


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