Friday, April 17, 2009

[TechRepublic] When meetings are hijacked; first Kepler spacecraft images

April 17, 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff too early

IT CareerHave you ever been in a planning meeting and everything comes to a grinding halt because someone wants to address details? Career blogger Toni Bowers says there's a time and a place for the details, but not in the beginning of the creative process. Are you in meetings that frequently get hijacked by off-topic issues or silly details?

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Geekend Picks of the Week

iRobotFirst Kepler Spacecraft images
The Kepler spacecraft is in the initial stages of its mission to examine our region of the Milky Way in order to discover potentially habitable, Earth-like planets. Here are the first images taken after the dust cover was successfully ejected.

50 more words every sci-fi fan (and most gamers) should know
We're on a mission to create a complete science-fiction glossary, and here are 50 more words every sci-fi fan should know. (Yes, FPS and RPG fanboys, there are lots of gaming terms mixed in here.)

Beware of fake job postings
Poor economic times and high unemployment rates are enough to worry about, but the reality is there are people out there taking advantage of those seeking jobs. Here's what to look for and how to protect yourself against job ad scams.

iRobotPhotos: The robot designs of iRobot
Most people who know iRobot know its household products, the most famous being the Roomba, but if you're in the defense sector, there are other iRobot designs you might be interested in. Check out this gallery of samples.

Jay GarmonGeek Trivia: Strength in (phone) numbers
What potentially real 555 telephone number does Hollywood continue to use in movies and television shows -- even though it's no longer on the list of reserved fake phone numbers?

Google 60s eraPics: What if Google was founded in the 1960s?
What if Google was founded in the pre-Internet era, when search queries would have been handled by the predominate communications medium of the day -- snail mail?

Steampunk laptopPics: The ultimate steampunk laptop
This isn't the first steampunk laptop we've seen, but it may be the most ornate. Datamancer's steampunk laptop stands up well next to the standard steampunk keyboard, the ergonomic steampunk keyboard, and even the steampunk lightsaber.

Poll: Vote for your favorite Friday Nite Music playlists
The most recent Friday Nite Music post on April 10, 2009, was slated as a playlist competition. Take a look at the songs selected by the TR community, listen to the music, and then vote for your favorite playlists!

Photos: LaCie Rugged external driveLaCie Rugged LX external drive
LaCie announced its newest external hard drive, the Rugged LX. It uses a 3.5-inch hard drives and has the same design as the pocket-size LaCie Rugged All-Terrain. The new drive has 1TB of storage, USB 2.0 and eSATA connections, and costs about $160.

Find more optical distractions in the TechRepublic gallery collection and the TR video channel.

Road trip!

Join us for a Community Event in Louisville to celebrate TechRepublic's 10th anniversary
TechRepublic's Community Event will take place in Louisville, KY, on June 26, 2009. We hope our members will come help us celebrate TechRepublic's 10-year anniversary. Find out more about the event and other places of interest while you're in town.

10 ways to get honest feedback (before it's too late)
The recession is causing many businesses to cut expenses and reduce headcounts in order to stay afloat. John M. McKee says there are many other options available, including getting honest feedback.

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