Thursday, April 30, 2009

[TechRepublic] Don't delay buying new hardware; first look at Windows 7 RC

April 30, 2009

Five reasons to purchase new hardware during a recession

Sanity Savers for IT ExecutivesWhen the economy takes a dive, new hardware purchases are often delayed indefinitely. However, suspending hardware investments can cost you more in the long run. See why there are times when new hardware purchases shouldn't be delayed -- even during a recession.

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Yankee Group: Software as a Service dramatically improves CRM success

See how to buck the CRM failure rate with a clear understanding of how new on-demand services and technologies can help overcome user reluctance and ensure sales success. (Oracle)

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Windows 7 RCFirst look: Windows 7 RC
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes gives you a screen-by-screen look at the newest Windows 7 installation.

Why do people write viruses?
Why do people write viruses and other mobile malicious code? The answer isn't as simple as it used to be.

What does the Oracle-Sun news mean for enterprise CTOs?
Bob Gourley of reflects on the significance of the Oracle-Sun merger. In light of this new development, he has some suggestions for enterprise CIOs and CTOs.

Create a watermark using a Clip Art Gallery image
You can create a custom watermark by copying your favorite clip art into a document header. Here's a look at this creative technique.

Phishing: Is that Web site real or not?
The phishing is good, which is probably not what you wanted to hear. Let's take a look at why and figure out what to watch out for.

Ubuntu 9.04: Wow
Jack Wallen installs Ubuntu 9.04 and is so impressed he can hardly talk tech about the release. See what he has to say about the newest release and if his take on Jaunty Jakalope is enough to make you switch.

Managing local group policy on Windows Server 2008 Core Edition
To access group policy on Windows Server 2008 Core Edition, most situations can be addressed by a domain group policy configuration. Occasionally, local objects may need to exist. Rick Vanover explains how to get it done.

How friendly are you with clients?
When it comes to personal relationships with clients, Chip Camden admits that he has often erred on the outrageous side. Where do you draw the line with clients?

Moto Labs MultitouchMoto Labs' multitouch display
Moto Labs' Scalable Multitouch display allows you to use more than one finger as an input device. Moto Labs likes to say that you can used as many fingers to control the device as you want, and that you're only limited by the number of fingers you have on each hand.

Inside TechRepublic with Chip Camden
In this Inside TechRepublic podcast, Sonja Thompson catches up with Sterling "Chip" Camden, the host of TechRepublic's IT Consultant blog. Learn about Chip's interesting history with TechRepublic, his IT background, and much more.

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Interview: CNET's Natali Del Conte explains Palm Pre anticipation
CNET's Natali Del Conte explains why the Palm Pre has generated so much buzz, the features of the Pre that will appeal to business users, and whether it will be able to compete with iPhone and BlackBerry.

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