Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[TechRepublic] What does Google Voice have to offer?

April 01, 2009
Grand Central becomes Google Voice with upgraded features
Derek Schauland discusses the new features in Google Voice' s call-forwarding service, now in beta for existing Grand Central customers. Find out why he thinks it's a handy service.

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Windows 7 now allows you to boot a native OS from a VHD file
IT pro Brad Bird explains how to use the new capability in Windows 7 to boot an OS natively from within a VHD file rather than the standard method of dual booting.

Mozy online backup service for the SMB
Data protection is frequently neglected for small and medium businesses. Online services now are available to allow a managed backup to work for you. IT pro Rick Vanover hashes out some of the points related to these services.

Working with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager to create a test lab
Brad Bird overcomes some technical challenges in configuring Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager 2007 for use in his System Center test lab. He tells you how to solve some of the problems he encountered.

Use sequence numbers for easy Access Control List modifications
Lori Hyde shows you an example of how Cisco's introduction of sequence numbers makes it easier to manage Access Control Lists.

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How do I... Benchmark USB drives with CheckFlash?
CheckFlash is an easy to use USB flash drive benchmarking tool that can handle a few important tasks for those administrators who have a need to know their devices are up to the task. In this introduction to CheckFlash, Jack Wallen shows you how to run a both the Read Stability test and the Write/Read test on your USB flash drives.

Get a stable and secure server setup with CentOS, RPMForge, and Utter Ramblings
CentOS is a great server operating system that is completely compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Vincent Danen tells you how to optimize CentOS setup with RPMForge and Utter Ramblings repositories.

Citigroup interested in buying Red Hat?
Jack Wallen takes on the rumor that Citigroup is considering purchasing Red Hat Linux. It's a frightening proposition, but is it one worth considering? Read on to find out.

Top 10 featured items in TechRepublic's Product Spotlight blog
Our Product Spotlight blog puts a practical spin on the traditional product review, offering a concise snapshot that makes it easy for IT leaders to decide which items are worth looking into -- and which would be a waste of time. Here are some recent member favorites.

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10 security threats to watch out for in 2009
10 ThingsAlong with the explosion of new technologies, user habits, and social practices comes the inevitable wave of new security threats. Deb Shinder examines emerging vulnerabilities, from social networking to cloud computing to IP convergence.

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Conficker: Shavlik CEO explains what it does and how to fight it
Conficker has the potential to be the first serious, wide-scale virus outbreak in several years. In this interview, Shavlik Technologies CEO and founder Mark Shavlik gives a quick summary of what Conficker can do, the three ways it spreads, and what IT departments can do to combat it.

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