Wednesday, April 8, 2009

[TechRepublic] Install Microsoft's Data Protection Manager as a VM

April 08, 2009
Installing Data Protection Manager 2007 as a VM in a lab environment
Brad Bird describes how to install DPM 2007 as a virtual machine in a lab environment. Here are the gotchas to look out for and an explanation of the benefits you can realize.

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Improve performance on Windows systems by enabling the TCP Offload engine
The TCP offload engine (TOE) allows for higher performance on systems where a large amount of network traffic will take place. Basically, TOE-supporting systems shifts the processing requirements on the network transport to the interface. This can make a significant difference on systems where near line speed traffic occurs.

Windows 7 now allows you to boot a native OS from a VHD file
IT pro Brad Bird explains how to use the new capability in Windows 7 to boot an OS natively from within a VHD file rather than the standard method of dual booting.

Monitor your outbound DNS connections
Consider monitoring or filtering outbound DNS connections to better protect your network against certain phishing attacks and a new breed of trojans that masquerade as DHCP servers.

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Return Windows XP to a previous working state with System Restore
When other measures like uninstalls, virus scans, and registry cleanups fail, the best solution may be to restore the operating system to a point in the past when it was working as intended using Microsoft Windows XP System Restore.

Tweak Windows Vista's Logon screen to meet your needs
It is possible to change the configuration of the Microsoft Windows Vista Logon screen to show the text you want it to show. Greg Shultz shows you how to tweak Vista's Logon screen.

Use encrypted filesystems with Linux Logical Volume Manager
Vincent Danen favors the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for easy partitioning in Linux and tells you how to take advantage of its volume encryption feature.

Open source depends upon your bug reports
Jack Wallen explains why it is important for open source users to participate in the process of filing bugs and supplying important information to developers.

10 must-have Linux Web-based tools
There's no shortage of Web-centric Linux tools -- the trick if figuring out which ones are best for your needs. Jack Wallen offers a list of those he thinks are the cream of the crop.

10 ways to avoid stupid project estimates
You can't run a successful project with bad estimates, any more than you can build a solid house with faulty bricks and lumber. These simple steps will help you filter out the bad numbers you get today and improve the numbers you get tomorrow.

Apr. 8th: The IBM BladeCenter HS22 with the new Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series

Join IBM and Intel's Virtual Conference to learn about the IBM BladeCenter HS22, featuring the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 series, which offers outstanding performance, flexible configuration options, and simple management in an efficient server design. (IBM and Intel)

IT Career Guide, 2 GB USB Executive Pen Drive
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