Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Only Special - Bonus Flashlight Today + Best Issue Of The Year

Computer Tips

Happy Easter!!

Thanks for checking out the deals today! We know you're busy, so we worked extra-hard this week to make this an issue worth checking out! TONS of amazing deals - just wait till you see what we have in store for you today! Remember, pricing is good for TODAY ONLY - so grab what ya can while ya can!

~ Steve

PS - Want to order by phone? Our office is closed on Sundays, but you can still get the great prices you see here ~ please see the note at the end of this newsletter regarding phone orders placed outside of business hours.

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And this is a neat little flashlight that you're gonna love! This small light is less than 2 1/2 inches long, but has a super bright light that'll be a help in a pinch!

This is the perfect thing to have on hand for all those times you said, "I wish I had a flashlight handy", but didn't think you'd need one!

You know, walking to the car in the dark, trying to find the keyhole for the car. Or maybe you got home later than you expected and didn't leave the front light on so you're fumbling to find your keys. We've all been there - wishing we had a little more light - that's not a problem for you anymore!

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Happy Easter :)

Here's the main store page:

WorldStart Software Store - Check It Out!

Here are some of the "hot spots" on the site - check 'em out!

Cool Gadgets - My personal favorite! Lots of great stuff for your computer and MORE!

Utilities - Make your computer run faster and do more - the easy way!

Photo & Video - Edit photos, make incredible projects, create video masterpieces!

Graphics and Print - Make projects, scrapbooks, grab clipart -it's all here!

Home & Garden Software - Cookbooks, Redecorating, landscaping - Check it out!

Kids Software - Got kids? Keep 'em busy and make 'em smarter with these software titles!

$4.97 Titles - Two pages of GREAT software - just $4.97 each!!

Vista Software - Looking for Vista software? Try these 5 pages! WOW!

Reference - Bibles, cookbooks, medical sets, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias - WOW!

New Titles - See what's hot now - the latest and greatest!

WOW!!! HUGE Price Break!! Lowest Price Ever!!!

OK - get this! Our supplier contacts us Friday and tells us he just got a HUGE deal on these! We ask the price and WOW!! Yeah, he got a deal alright! Normally these retail for $39.99, we usually have them discounted for just $10.97, but TODAY you can get them for - ready? - Just $6.97 and US Shipping is FREE! 

It's a mind-blowin' deal on what has to be the best software of its kind! If you're running Vista - or just thinking about it - then you really have to try this! For $6.97, you'll discover just how great Vista can be! It really is easy - when you know what you're doing! You spent a ton on your computer, isn't it worth another $6.97 to get the most from it???

YES! YOU Absolutely, Positively Can Be A Windows Vista Pro!

Try It For A Few Hours - It Will Completely Blow-You-Away!

Brilliant Audio & Video Presentations Teach You Everything!

Interactive Simulations Let You Virtually "Try" Techniques Safely!

The BEST $6.97 You'll EVER Spend On Your Computer!!

Hey - Are you a Widows Vista user? Are you going to be? Maybe just thinking about an upgrade? If so, you've just got to try the program that took me from newbie to pro in no time! It's called Professor Teaches Windows Vista and it makes learning Windows Vista a snap!

If you're tired and frustrated with Vista, you're not alone! It's really a great system, but it's juuusssst different enough from previous versions of Windows to make you pull-your-hair-out-crazy trying to make it work the way you want! Come on - Why not say goodbye to all the headaches and take control? Professor Teaches Windows Vista is just the ticket out of frustrationville!

First off, this software uses over 150 absolutely fantastic multimedia presentations to show you how all the new features work - in every version of Vista! You'll really love how easy these terrific presentations are to follow and watch! See, you're not just reading a page of text; this uses engaging audio and video to explain exactly how you do something! PLUS I really love that they cover it all for each topic - there's not a single mouse click left out of the presentation! This won't leave you guessing - it'll leave you knowing EXACTLY what to do! It's like having Bill Gates sitting next to you, going over Vista step by step (only this is a little cheaper :-)!

Oh, and then it takes your learning to the next level! OK, you know how most people seem to learn better by "trying it out" on their own? Well, this has an amazing Vista Simulator built in! So, get this - you watch a lesson, then you can actually "try" it - just like you were using Windows, only you're not going to be able to mess anything up! How cool is that? If that's not the smartest way ever to teach Windows, I don't know what is! It's really like having a private computer tutor! Heck, you can even take a quiz at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge!

 Plus, you'll really love the way the presentations progress too- they won't leave you behind scratching your head! You'll start off with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics as you learn. Of course, you can always skip back and review, but let me tell ya, as good as this software is, you probably won't need to! Plus, if you need a quick fix to a problem, you can skip to any topic at any time!

What's covered? HA - What isn't? This thoroughly covers everything you'll ever want to know about Vista! Want a small taste of what you're gonna get on this jam-packed CD? We're talking: setting up internet and e-mail, firewalls, online security, updates, networking, customizing your desktop, troubleshooting problems, disk maintenance, backups, getting remote help, printing, adding / removing programs from startup, intros to everything (desktop, explorer, folders, ect), customizing your start menu, getting the best performance, working with files and folders, using the taskbar, a bunch of great desktop tricks, and more! You're REALLY gonna love it!

Oh, and that's not all - you gotta see this! If you already know how to use XP, this has a special section just for you! It's a "transition" section that takes what you already know about XP and shows you how its now done in Vista! You'll find this is a HUGE time saver and a great way to get your Vista experience on the fast track!

Here's the main categories:

Vista Basics
Using The Desktop
Managing Computer Security
Working With Internet & E-mail
Managing And Maintenance
Working With Files And Folders
Interacting With Other Computers
Personalizing Vista
Print & Media

Whew, it covers a TON and we've only touched the surface here! Seriously, if you're running Windows Vista or are going to be, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This makes the transition soooo much easier, it's crazy to fight and struggle along! Give this a try, by the time you're done you'll not only love Vista, you'll be using it like a pro!

Your price? Today, you can get these for just $6.97! Really!! That's FREE US Shipping of course, plus if you don't love it, just send it back within 60 days for a refund! Oh, and PLUS we're tossin' in that FREE flashlight keychain at the top of the newsletter today! Trust me, this is the best way to learn Vista - I've never seen a faster - or easier - way to learn! You'll love it too!

PS - This is a limited quantity deal and the price is only good for a limited time (it'll be $16.97 soon). If you are ever going to be face to face with a Vista computer, this is going to make that experience soooo much better! Crazy not to grab it - I know I'm impressed!


A Keypad For Laptop Users!Black 18-Key USB Keypad

Lightweight, Ultra-Portable, And Silent Keys Too!

Even Has A Retractable Cord!

This is definitely one of the coolest little gadgets we've ever featured! It's fantastic! Once you try this Silicon Number Pad , you'll wonder how you went so long without it ;-)

If you do a lot of work on your laptop, you know how inconvenient it can be when it comes to entering numbers or working in spreadsheets! Not anymore! This Silicon Number Pad with retractable cable lets you enter 10-key from your laptop in a much easier way! The full size keys are comfortable and easy to press and it's so lightweight and compact it's easy to store and travel with! The retractable cable prevents tangled wires and makes storage super convenient!

Plus, this also features a handy calculator button - launch and use Windows calculator right from the keypad! Now that's thinkin'!

Oh, and the keys are silicon, so they are super-easy to clean, have a great feel to them, and the are completely silent! Great for working on a plane, a hotel room, or at the airport!

Oh and the installation is as easy as it gets! There are no drivers or software to install. Just plug it in to an available USB port and you're ready to go. That's it! You can even use it with your desktop PC to make data entry easier ~ you can position the keypad anywhere you like on your desktop so you have more freedom from the keyboard!

If you work on a laptop or travel a lot, you don't want to miss out on this! Your cost is just $9.97 (and US shipping is FREE) - AND if you order today, you'll get that FREE Keychain Flashlight at the top of the newsletter too! Get to the site and get yours today! I know you'll love it!!

PS - This price is good today only and quantities are limited! The price will increase to $14.97 on Monday so be sure to get yours ordered today!

Have You Had Your Mental Workout Today?

Everybody talks about exercising every day in order to stay in shape. But what about your mind? We all know how important it is to "keep our minds active". Unfortunately it kind of falls to the wayside or gets put on the back burner. Why? Cause we forget. Why do we forget? Cuz we don't keep our minds sharp! (Hmmm...seems to be a pattern here!)

But, maybe it would make sense that if we had something right in front of us everyday, that was quick, easy and fun to do that would keep us in good, "mental shape", that more people would take a few minutes and do it.

Welcome to "Brainiversity"!

Hey, don't let the "cartoony" type of animated figures throw ya - this crazy little game will challenge you, wrack your brain and whip you into mental shape...all while having fun along the way! AND you'll probably get a little smarter in the process, too!

Brainiversity" is broken down into 16 different games, tests and activities covering Language, Memory, Math and Analysis. (Wish school had been this much fun!) They're all designed to stimulate your brain - but the exercises are so much fun that it's really more like a working on a puzzle and racing against the clock to complete! I don't know...maybe it's me, but I really had a lot of fun. In fact, I lost track of time. Actually, I wanted to go through some of the other exercises but (Rats!) had to get back to the ole salt mines!

There's also a section called the "Daily Exam". It records your daily "workouts" and tracks 'em on on monthly chart! Depending on how competitive you are, you can even compare yourself with other people who are using the same computer and see who's getting smarter! Heck, I thought this could even be a game you could play some time with friends of family members. Wouldn't surprise me if people started using it like that, if they're not already!

Anyway, this is a "keeper" that I think you'll find entertaining and really helpful. We all know that tuition is going up all over the place but not here at WorldStart! Lifetime tuition for "Brainiversity" will only set you back for, get this, just $9.97!!! and US Shipping is FREE!!! PLUS - order today and we'll toss in that FREE LED Flashlight Keychain!

PS - I don't think this university has a football team but you better "hustle" on down to the checkout on this while we still got 'em!!!

Warning - Price is goin' up Monday! Don't pay $14.97 tomorrow - grab this TODAY!

Lose the Bulky Photo Sleeves In Your Wallet

Put Your Digital Photos On A Keychain!


BRILLIANT Way To Show Off Your Photos!!!

By FAR- The Coolest Keychain You've Ever Seen!

Everyone We Show It To Wants One!!!


GET THESE Today For ONLY $10.97!!!


Oh WOW!!! This is soooo cool! We just got a record-breaking deal on a limited number of these fantastic little Heart-Shaped Digital Photo Keychains! Just wait till you see how these work - you're gonna absolutely LOVE 'em!!

OK, check this out - imagine you are out with friends and want to show them your latest photos. What's the easiest way? Just take out this fantastic little photo keychain! You can show off 56 of your favorite photos right on the crystal-clear 1.1" LCD screen! Just start the slide show and watch what happens!! The "Ohhs" and "Ahhs" are comin' your way, that's for sure!

I mean, think about this - how many times did you have a photo you wanted to show someone, but oops - it's on the computer at home, or maybe in an album tucked away somewhere. With this, you always have your favorite photos along! It's brilliant!!

And using it couldn't be easier! Just plug it into your computer, use the included software to select the images you want, and sit back! The software will AUTOMATICALLY resize and upload your photos right to the keychain! Really! Couldn't be easier - and is a heck of a lot quicker than trying to print your photos and load them into an album!

Oh, and get this - it also features a handy built-in clock AND the built-in rechargeable battery can show off your photos for 5 hours straight (charges via your computer's USB plug, easy)! It's easy to shut off when not in use, so one charge really goes a LONG way! You'll love it!

OK, your price? I hope you're sittin' down :-) We're talking just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! REALLY!!! Can you believe you can snag this much technology for lunch money???? You've gotta give this a try - you'll wonder how you got along without it, that's for sure! PLUS - order TODAY and we'll toss in that FREE LED keychain flashlight at the top of the newsletter! You'll have the coolest keys in town!

PS - A price like this ain't-a-gonna last! Better grab your today - price is going to $18.97 tomorrow!

A MUST HAVE For Anyone In the Job Market


The No-Nonsense Solution To Landing The Position You Want!

The "Resume Maker: Professional - Ultimate Version", my friends, is serious artillery for going into battle in today's job market. And when you see this program, you'll understand why it really is that good!

First off, this is much more than just a resume program. In case you're not aware of it, "Resume Maker" is already the leading brand of resume-writing software out on the market...period. And it comes in three different versions. The one you're looking at is called the "Ultimate", and it's called that for a reason: it's the full, complete version with every feature available - everything you could possibly think of, and then some. Believe me - ALL of the bases are covered with this one! So you're literally getting the Best of The Best!

Why is this the very best? Actually it blows everything else out of the water... for a number of reasons. But let me tell you flat-out what I like most about this program: You don't have to figure anything out! This is like having a professional coach working with you side-by-side, personally prepping you to hit the ground running. Let me explain what I mean...

After going through this program and tearing it apart, the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the program is unbelievable. It didn't hit me till I finished going through this program and then I realized something painfully obvious: most of us are not very good at the entire "job interview process", for the simple reason that we don't do it very often! And let's face it, job interviewing is a skill. And like any skill, if you don't do it very often and especially if it's been a while, you get rusty. Plus times changed and there's a good chance that what worked in the past won't cut it today!

But think about it: when you go out looking for a position, you're dealing with pros who deal with this everyday! People in Personnel and Human Resources interview almost every day! They know what questions to ask. They know how to make you nervous. They know how to through you off guard. Talk about the sheep being fed to the wolves!!! Add to that the intense competition. All I can say is, the person who's best prepared, wins! But don't worry...we got ya covered! (You've gonna like this...)


As you might expect, "Resume Maker" will help you get your resume done - but not with simple, "me-to" resume templates that most people use. How about 1,250 Professional-Written Sample Resumes, along with 50 Award-Winning Sample Resumes that you will use as models to compare yours to so yours will be spectacular! There are Step-by-Step Resume Wizards that will ask you questions and this will build your resume automatically. Like I said don't have to figure anything out. Leave that to the pros! Just click through the resume and answer the questions.

Oh, and there are over 150,000 choice, "recommended phrases" that are proven to work that you can add to your resume to spice it up even more, if you like! Check this out: when you're done, you can then attach it as an email, print it out as a PDF file (don't worry, the software is all included, OR burn it on a CD/DVD, complete with the label! Now, ask yourself...if you were interviewing a bunch of people, who would impress you more: all the ones who sent you a "paper" resume or the one who sent you their resume on a CD??? (I think we know the answer to that one!)


You'll know how to address points such as:

Should I include my work number?
Should I include my cellular telephone number within my contact information?
Should I use my nickname or my given name on my resume?
Should I include a Job Target?

Plus there's an "Insider Advice" section with "Insider Tips" about what to include in your "Personal Information" section. (It's the fine points lkike these that separate the pros from the amateurs! And this will make sure you're on the right side of that line!)

But hang on...we're just getting started!

Along with that resume, you might want to put together a list of references. But this is more than just slappin' a bunch of names and numbers on a piece of paper...that is, if you want to stand out above the crowd! Putting this together can make or brake the deal, so you're taken by the hand and "coached" thru this process as well. A bunch of points are covered in this - again, a lot of ideas you probably wouldn't have thought of. But don't worry, the pros have. Do you know:

Why you should always include more references than requested?
Who to include and who to leave off?
What you should do before listing someone as a reference?
Should you contact references?

Now that we got your resume and references taken care of, let's deal with the rest of this process. For example: How do you think you'll do on an interview? The key is "preparation". How'd you like a "dress rehearsal? In fact, how'd ya like to know the questions you'll likely be asked... ahead of time? (Kind of like gettin' the answers to a test before you even take it!) Well, you're gonna have a "Virtual Interview" fact, 25 of them!!!

These will cover all the common questions that you should expect during a job interview PLUS the "rationale" behind the question, so you know why they're asking the questions. This way, you'll know what they're looking for so you can respond to those questions in such a way to put your best foot forward. (This section ALONE is invaluable!!!)

This covers 22 separate sections, with 373 questions!

How to respond to questions in key areas:

About your Skills
About the Position
About the Company

You'll know exactly WHAT to say, HOW to say it and WHY!

PLUS, there's an entire section with Job Search Tools! Check this out:

Distribute you Resume to over 80 Career Web sites

Search 5 Million Job Openings Online

Search over 20 Million Businesses

Career Planning & Assessment Tools

Over 1,000 Pages of Career Reference and e-Books

AND, Career Coaching and Career Counseling!!!

This program goes on and on and on...I can't say enough about it! You'll be armed to the teeth and well-prepared in your search for your ideal position!

And we're going to take it one step further. To make sure you've got all the help and confidence you need, we want to make this affordable for everyone! So...we've got a super-low price of just $8.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!! AND if you order today, you'll get that FREE Keychain Flashlight at the top of the newsletter too!

P.S.- If you're in the market for a job, do yourself a favor a grab a copy of this now! And if you know of anyone in that position, perhaps you'd like to do them a favor and give this to 'em as a gift. (Believe me...they'll thank you for it!!!

Price is going up to $18.97 tomorrow!!! Grab yours today!

Protect Your Passwords! 1

And Keep Them Organized

Never Play The Password Guessing Game Again!

Super-Low Price Too!!!

How many passwords do you have? I know I try to keep a different password for all my accounts, but it's soooo hard to remember all them, you know? I have different passwords for my email, my online banking account, my instant messenger, my WorldStart account. Don't you just hate trying to keep track of all those random numbers and letters?

Oh, and don't you just hate it when you type in a password, find out it's not right, try another, and another, and another - then get locked out? It's time to keep track of those passwords!

Well, we have a fantastic program called One Password Organizer that can help! Use this and you will never lose a password again! You can organize as many passwords as you would like, and store them safely and securely on a database in your computer!

All you have to do is remember one master password and safely encrypt the rest. You can enter thousands of passwords and keep all of you important security information safe and locked away. Next time you need one of your passwords, just open the program, enter your master password, and all your other user names and passwords are at your fingertips! How cool is that?

PLUS this even has a password generator that can create super-strong passwords for you. All you have to do is select what type of characters to use - and how long. It can use all lowercase alphabet letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters- you name it and it can create a secure password. You can even choose how many characters your password will have.

Check it out:

Isn't that cool?

Truth is, as time goes on, we all tend to collect more and more passwords. You really need a good way to keep them organized AND secure. This fits the bill perfectly! You've gotta give this a try - you'll be glad you did!

Your price? Get this!!! Today we are going to offer you this fantastic software for an amazing price of just $9.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!!! WOW!!! Oh, and PLUS we're tossin' in that FREE flashlight keychain at the top of the newsletter today!

PS: Imagine all the hassles this is going to save you! For less than $10, this is a no-brainer if you ask me!

This price will soon increase to $14.97! Get 'em while they're still cheap!

Stop Wasting Your Money!!!

NEVER Throw Away Good Batteries Again!

Test Them To Know If They Are Alive Or Dead!

Yikes! Very Limited Quantities- Order NOW!!

You are in the middle of watching the big game on Sunday and during the commercial break you flip to the other station to check out a few more scores, then as you go to flip back to your game- the remote dies. GRRRRRRRRR! So what do you do? Get up, go to the junk drawer to see if you have any spare batteries, right? Of course, you find probably 10 batteries scattered across the bottom of the drawer, but you don't know if any of those batteries work, and now you know you are missing out on valuable game time!!!

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of those "dead" batteries, so next time this disaster hits, you can get your remote working much more quickly? Well, have we got the solution for you- check this out!

Think about it, how many batteries do you throw away each year? Wouldn't it be nice if you could test those batteries to know if your batteries are fully charged? Of course it would, and with this Battery Tester, you can!

This Universal Digital Battery Tester can be used to test AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9V, CR123A, CR2, button cells (3V & 1.5V) and digital camera batteries (2CR5, CR-P2 & CR-V3)! Plus all it needs is 1 AAA Battery to run!

I'm telling ya, this battery tester does EXACTLY what it says it does, it is EXACTLY what you are looking for, and it is EXACTLY what every family needs!

Stop wondering if those darn batteries that have been sitting in the closet for a long time are still fully charged and order your tester for Only $14.97 today!

Yes $14.97 and US Shipping is Free. PLUS - order today and we'll toss in that FREE LED Flashlight Keychain! If nothing else, think of it as an investment you will make your money back in saved batteries alone! Go ahead and look around for a better deal if you want (you won't find one), but waste too much time because we only could get 100 of these items in this week. So we will sell out. It's just a matter of time. Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!

The price WILL increase to $18.97 first thing tomorrow!

Master THE Most Popular Programs....With EASE!!!

Whooaa!!! THIS... Is A HUGE Course!

1,400 Topics - 20 Bonus Courses, Too!

You've probably been wanting to learn how to use a bunch of programs that you've just dabbled with up til now. Well, here's your chance to really dominate 'em!

And unlock all the bells and whistles that have been lurking under the hood just waiting for you to "Crack the Code"!

So...what programs are we talking about? Well, how about the COMPLETE Microsoft® Office® suite of programs., including:

  • Word® (Word Processor)
  • Excel® (Spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint® (Presentation Program - Slide Shows, etc.)
  • Access® (Database Management)
  • Outlook® (E-mail)

Pretty impressive, heh? But hang on...we've only just started!

Ever wanted to know how to make your own newsletters, brochures, or fliers? (Got you covered!)

How 'bout sprucing up those digital photos you've got sitting on that hard drive? (Got ya there, too!)

Been thinking about putting together a web page? (Oh yeah...we can get you started on that, too!)

Check out this list of courses that are ALSO covered:

  • Microsoft Publisher 2000 and 2003
  • Microsoft Project 98 and 2000
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2003
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 2003
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 4
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Digital Photography Tutorial

See...told you it was AWESOME! This will keep you busy for quite some time, don't ya think?

And what you're going to find is that this is the Easiest and Fastest way to learn these programs!

This course was created by a company called "LEARN2". Now that may not mean much to you...until you realize that this company's training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies and leading government agencies to train some of their KEY employees for over a decade! Why? Because their system works!

You see, you don't just sit there trying to learn by reading out of a book. (We all know how well THAT usually works - especially trying to learn a computer program. zzzzzzzz) Well, they do something VERY different. Instead, you watch a series of short, but in-depth video presentations, that shows you what to do and how to do it. Each lesson has step-by-step simulations with easy visual and audio instructions.

Learn2 Training Complete: Office 2007 & Windows Vista

The result is this system has proven to increase the rate of retention. In other words, you learn more and you remember what you learn! (How's THAT for a novel concept!)

Oh, and, by the way, this company's training carries the "Microsoft® Approved Courseware" designation. In fact, their training information covers the very same material included in the "MS Certified Specialist" Certification level! So're running with the very best!

And wait til you see what this course covers. (I think you'll be impressed as we were!)

As you might expect from the title, this program covers the entire suite of Microsoft® Office® programs...ALL of them!

But hang on a second...check this out.

How many times have you tried to learn a program but then the teaching information was for a DIFFERENT version of the program than YOU had? (You've got last year's version, but the program covers the latest version, which (of course) you just don't happen to have!) This program not only has the most current version of MS Office®, but it ALSO has the earlier versions... for each program that makes up MS Office®!

So even if you don't have the latest version of each MS Office® program, you don't need to let that stop you. Learn the version that you have right now. If you decide to upgrade your MS Office® in the future, fine, learn those versions at that time. Or if you really want to increase your job skills, learn all of the programs and become familiar with all of the versions. (Hello, "Super Star" !)

Just so you know, this is T-H-E FULL- BLOWN training course on Microsoft®® Office®®. (There is a "shortened" version of this course that's called, "Learn2 Training Essentials"). This is ain't it. This is, "LEARN2 Training Complete". And there's a reason they called it that.

This program comes with Five!!! (count 'em... FIVE CD-ROMs, each packed with audio and video presentations! And each CD-ROM features in-depth instruction on an Office® program as well as an introduction to Windows® Vista®. There's over 1400 topics covered! The bottom-line: go thru this course, complete the exercises and YOU WILL KNOW Microsoft® Office®.

To give you some idea of the depth covered in these courses, I took some screenshots for you to look at.

Here I opened the section on Microsoft® Access® (the database program). Once inside, you see the Course Menu for Level 1


When you click on one of the modules, you'll see the lessons within that module. (Here you can see the lessons within Module 3.)


Once you click on one of the lessons, you see the presentations within that lesson.


Here's a screenshot of one of the exercises in Access®. As you can see, the training is VERY thorough!


And if you're already familiar with Microsoft® Office® but you'd like to "brush-up" a little or if you'd like to increase your skills in a certain area, no problem. You'll love the way these modules are set up because you can focus on any one specific area you want OR learn any of the programs from the ground up!

Imagine... the pride and feeling of accomplishment you'll feel when you've mastered THE most popular computer programs used today.

So...if you've been putting off learning Microsoft® Office® for whatever reason, now's your chance to succeed and move forward. And to take ALL of the stumbling blocks out of your way. While other sites have retailed this for as much as $49.99, we're going to give you a FANTASTIC price of just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! AND if you order today, you'll get that FREE Keychain Flashlight at the top of the newsletter too!

PS -Take control of your future and gain a Competitive Advantage in today's job market today! Order your copy of Learn2 Training Complete for Microsoft® Office® & Windows® Vista® today!

Yikes! The price is going up to $16.97 Monday! Better order now!!

We've Sent Men To The Moon...

'Bout Time Someone Finally Figured Out How To Make

Earphones That Sound Great...


And That Are ACTUALLY Comfortable To Wear!

Music To Your Ears!

The Amazing Sound Of Headphones With The Light-Weight Comfort of Ear-Buds

If you've ever tried to listen music with earphones (or "earbuds" as they're often called) you probably have had the same gripes that I've had with 'em. Yeah, they're lightweight but the trouble is you have to "balance" them in your ear canal. And then they usually fall out, so you have to jam 'em so far into your ear that they're REALLY uncomfortable. And then you also have to watch the volume OR ELSE YOU GET BLASTED AWAY!!! So, I had just resigned myself to the fact that they were just more trouble than they were worth.

Well...we found the solution! We've just come across a NICE set that sound GREAT (YES...they're STEREO! ) and are VERY comfortable. (In fact, I'm wearing 'em right now as I'm writing this!)

Let's face it, if earphones aren't comfortable, who cares how they sound, cuz you'll never wear 'em to ever find out! Well, these stream-lined earphones really deliver not only on great sound but comfort too!

Here's why these "Stereo Earphones" work:

First off, each earpiece fits over and behind your ear, so they stay out of the way. And that piece is bendable so you can adjust it to your own comfort level! (Makes a huge difference!)

The other thing I like about these is that the earpiece is wrapped in a thin layer of rubber-neoprene so that makes 'em very comfortable as well. So when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there...comfortably, and doesn't fall out! And I noticed that by being able to position the earpiece itself, that also explains why the sound is so good!

These are all small points but they're important. And when you point them all together, you have a really great set of earphones that you can take where ever you go! In fact, you can use these at your computer desk if you're working on your computer late at night or early in the morning and you need to keep the sound down.

And the cord is long enough (4 foot) without being too long so as to get tangled and in the way. (Another small point but something I've noticed as a problem with other earphones I've tried!)

And in case you were wonderin', this is the common plug (3.5 mm) that fits into the front and your computer and most other audio devices, like portable radios, laptops, cd /dvd/mp3 players, iPods etc.

Do NOT let the low price fool you on this. We just happened to get a great deal on these so we're passin' along the savings! Believe it or not, today these are just $8.97 and shipping in the US is FREE! Oh, and PLUS we're tossin' in that FREE flashlight keychain at the top of the newsletter today!

P.S. - At this price, might want to consider picking up 2 or three of these so you have one at your computer, one in the car and one you can stick in your pocket or purse for walks or bike rides!

Warning - This price is set to increase on Monday! Don't pay $14.97 for 'em later - grab 'em today!!

Quickly Create AWESOME 2-D AND 3-D Drawings And Models To Show Off Your Ideas In No Time!

The Most Versatile and User Friendly CAD Program...Period!

Whether you're a seasoned Computer Aided Design professional looking for a full-featured CAD program or a design "newbie" wanting a simple way to get great looking results, you're gonna LOVE TurboCAD Deluxe14! This program is LOADED with more professional features per dollar than ANY other 2-D/3-D CAD application - bar none!

  • Woodworking Enthusiasts: See what that piece of furniture will look like BEFORE you even start your lathe!
  • Builders and Contractors: Why show your prospective new homeowner or remodeling customer a boring blueprint when you can show them a professional 3-dimensional, color image of their finished home or office? (Think that might separate you from the competition?)
  • Engineers: Easily create an "Exploded" view of that new product design you're working on?

Are you thinking about a new design for in a room in your home and having a hard time imagining what the finished result will look like? Try this: Start your design in 2-D (don't're shown EXACTLY what to do). Then, easily convert your finished drawings into photorealistic a full-blown, 3-D lay-out! Then, if you REALLY want to have some fun, apply the "light effects" and "camera views" features and simulate a "video fly-through" of your finished space! (That'll turn some heads!)

With TurboCAD's architectural tools you can design floorplans, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, room additions and a LOT more.

You may be thinking, "O.K.,..sounds great, but I've NEVER designed anything before in your life!" No problem, because even if you have NO previous experience in computer-aided design, you'll be crankin' out professional looking designs in NO TIME! This program was designed to be SUPER easy to learn AND use! Let me put it this way: if you can use Microsoft Windows, you'll feel right at home with the same type of familiar lay-out you're use to.

PLUS, you'll have more than 3 HOURS of Video and Interactive tutorials packed with over 200 lessons to take you by the hand and walk you thru the steps to get GREAT design results...FAST! (Sure there's a handy "Getting Started Guide", but some of us would rather just watch the videos. Ahem...but I know some people still like to read, so there's still a great help file for you, too, if you like.)

TurboCAD Deluxe 14

And for those who REALLY want to take their design skills to a whole 'nother level, take advantage of the HUGE support network of user forums, newsletters and TONS of website resources!

We wanted to show you more screen shots of some the things this program can do, but there's really too many features to list without this turning into a book! With so many powerful design features, it's easy to understand why this program retails for $129.99 ALL DAY LONG at other sites. And with over 2 Million Copies Sold, you know it's GOTTA be THAT good!

Right now, we've been able to get our hands on a few of these programs, knowing that our subscribers are always looking for great programs at a great price. So, for today only, you can get this outstanding program for just $18.97 and US shipping is FREE! PLUS - order today and we'll toss in that FREE LED Flashlight Keychain! These retail for $129.99, so you're saving over $110!! Run to the site and get your copy today!

PS - The price WILL increase to $24.97 first thing Monday!

Your Friends Will Be Amazed!!

Make Hallmark Cards Right From Your Computer!

Blowout Deal Too!!

WOW! We've featured lots of card-making software, but seriously, who makes cards better than Hallmark? And with Hallmark Card Studio you can make amazing Hallmark Cards right from your own home!!

I don't know how Hallmark keeps out doing themselves again and again!!! Each previous edition of the software has been good- but not this good!!!

So what does this software do?

Basically, this it allows you make Hallmark cards right from your computer. Yes, they are authentic cards with even the "Hallmark" trademark on the back. The program comes with predesigned cards with pictures, graphics, and expressions. All you do is customize it (if you like). If you really want to make your card unique, they even have the ones where you insert your own picture (of course, you do this through your computer so it looks fantastic).

And it is so easy to use!!! By far, I would say this is one of the easiest programs I have ever used! All you have to do is just point and click to create your cards. I was shocked!!! I mean could anything be any easier to use?

Curious about what the finished product will look like once it is printed? Check it out! It was really awesome!



This program includes 10,000 different images, 5400 Hallmark cards, projects, and tons more! This gives you over 1 million ways to create your personalized cards.

Personally, I really like that the cards are "pre-written". It makes it so much easier. I never have to rush through the store again looking for the perfect card. It really has saved me time!!!

Of course, you can replace what they say with what you want to say (or add to it, modify, etc). Plus, people really dig you more custom message and what to know where you found such a personalized card.

Oh, and it's not just limited to the printing out out-dated paper cards (that's so 20th century) - you can also send e-mail greetings complete with animated pictures and sounds!

As if all the above weren't enough, this can also do scrapbooks, calendars, and even has a really good built-in photo editor! WOW!! And just wait till you check out the event planner! Never forget to send another card - this will remind you! How cool is that??

All this probably sounds really expensive!!! Relax!!! Your price is just $6.97 (retail $49.95)! Of course, if you live in the US shipping is FREE! AND if you order today, you'll get that FREE Keychain Flashlight at the top of the newsletter too! Here's a link with all the info:

Hurry on this one. Last time we sold this program, they flew out the door!!! And remember- the price will increase to $18.97 tomorrow!!!!


The Card Reader Deal Of The Century!

It's Time To Make Photo Transfers Super-EASY!

Give It A Try - You'll NEVER Go Back!

You're Gonna LOVE This One!

WOW! We just uncovered an outstanding deal on a very limited number of 23-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Readers! This thing covers all the major memory card formats - SD, Compact Flash, MMC, MS, Memory Stick, Smart Media, and xD! WOW! That's pretty much every card out there - I'll bet yours is on the list!!

OK, if you're not using a card reader, now's the time! I know, I know, you can spend an hour fishing around for the cord that came with your camera and plug it into your computer and use some awkward, afterthought software to slowly transfer your files over. I used to think that was just fine too. Then I tried my first memory card reader! Oh, once you go down that blissful path, you'll never go back! Memory card readers make dealing with your photos sooooo much simpler!

Works like this - Just pop your card into the reader, a window pops up, then drag and drop your photos to whereever YOU want them! So much easier than messing with the camera! Think about it, you can set up your own folders for your photos - and organize them the way YOU want! (I personally like using the year, then dated sub-folders with event names).

Oh, and it's QUICK too! This is a USB 2.0 reader so it's every bit as fast - and in many cases FASTER than transferring the photos from your camera! Plus, since it supports so many different cards, chances are if you get another camera (or already have a few), you can use it for those cards too!

Now, here's what really got me excited! We're able to sell these for just $8.97 each, FREE US SHIPPING! Oh, and PLUS we're tossin' in that FREE flashlight keychain at the top of the newsletter today!Come, on now - for that kind of money, you KNOW you just gotta grab one of these! You'll have to hurry though - only a VERY limited number available and I don't think we'll be seeing more for this kind of money!

PS - Warning!! These WILL go up to $14.97 Monday!! Grab yours while you can!

This will make your Decorator Green With Envy!

So MANY people are deciding to stay put and Remodel and Redecorate their existing homes instead of selling....

If that's YOU or if you just want an Interior "Make Over"....

Home Design 6

YOU are going to LOVE this program!!!

It's not only a lot of fun and will save you a ton of moolah, but it's really a blast to use! See what I mean...

When you go to the help menu, you definitely have a lot of help to choose from!

This whole program has a bunch of videos, so it's not surprising that there's a "Video Tutorials Help Section" ! (Kind of reminds you of Disney, doesn't it?)

Home Design1

Or you can go with the "On-Line Manual" if you want. Either way, pretty darn complete, as you can see! (I like to jump to the Help Menus to see what I'm in for and what I can do if I get stuck!)

Home Design2

When you go to the "Main Menu" (pictured below) when you hover your mouse over each of these topics, a voice reads the labels to you! Not a huge point, but it leads you to expect a lot from this program and believe does NOT disappoint!

Next, when you click on one of the menu buttons, a video tutorial automatically starts up and it tells you what to expect and what to do next! (I don't know about you, but I HATE surprises...especially if I'm in uncharted territory or not sure of what I'm doing!)

Gettin' Down To Some SERIOUS Design Stuff!

This program is easy to use for a couple reasons. First of all, a Video Tutorial opens up whenever you get to a new screen, so you're not scratching your head trying to figure out what to do next! (You can turn that feature off but I let it run. Don't know about you but heck, I'll take all the help I can get!!!)

The other thing that makes this program so simple is it's all based on the ol' "Drag and Drop"! So chances are if you can "point 'n click" you're already half way there! And if you do need some help...Yep, you guessed it! There's a video that'll walk you thru it! And everything is laid out for you every step of the way!


You can start with a blank page or import a scanned image or even a photo you took! (How many times have you seen a photo in a magazine and wanted to copy that design? Heh, heh...well, there you go!) When you're finished you can always save your project and return to it later. Maybe you want to work on one room, then in the middle of that go on to another, whatever! Just "Save" it and come back to it later!

You can customize everything in each room by, yep, "Point, Click and Drag". You can set the size of the "interior elements", everything from the furniture, wallpaper, name it! (And you thought you had to pay Big Bucks to get great Interior Design info!)

Home Design3

Here's a screenshot of the living room! (By the do you like my chair?'re gonna have to get your own!)

Home Design4

Yep..."Feature packed and user friendly", this thing's got my name ALL OVER IT! This could be what you're looking for, too! This retails for $29.99, which is an outstanding deal for a program of this caliber. However - you get an even better deal! We're talkin' just $7.97 and US Shipping is FREE! PLUS - order today and we'll toss in that FREE LED Flashlight Keychain!Better get to the site before these sell out!

P.S. - If you don't need it now, you'll probably need it soon. Might as well grab one while we've got 'em at this low price!

Warning!! The price goes up to $14.97 Monday!

An Incredible Interactive Bible Resource Library

The Word BIBLE Collection Suite

Just In Time For EASTER!!!

This is really an AMAZING compilation of information that is absolutely HUGE!!! In fact, if this information was contained in good ol' "paper" books, it would definitely take up one full room...that's how much information is contained in this collection! (Not to mention the fact that it would cost many thousands of dollars...if it was even available.)

This interactive resource collection will bring the Bible to life for you and give you all the information you could possibly want - right at your finger tips!

Take a look at what's inside:

  • 64 Bible resources
  • 150,000 Verse References
  • 125 colored maps in rich, detail!
  • 19 Commentaries and Reference Lists


Plus, look at all the different Bible versions that are contained (30 in all) including:

  • King James 1611 (KJV)
  • King James with Strong's Numbers
  • American Standard 1917
  • Basic English
  • Darby's Modern Translation
  • Young's Literal Translation
  • Donay Rheims (Catholic) 1899
  • Webster's Translation 1611
  • Weymouth NT Translation
  • World English

And for those of you who would like to get into a greater, detailed historical view, you have Bibles in these ancient texts and well-known, sought after translations:

  • German Luther Bible
  • The Reina-Valera (first complete edition of the Bible in the Spanish)
  • The Statenvertaling (Dutch)
  • Hebrew and Greek Original
  • Hebrew and Greek Transliterated
  • Latin (Biblica Sacra Vulgata VULGATE)

If you've been looking for a way to maximize and streamline your study and devotional time, wait til you see what you'll be able to do:

The "Side-by-Side desktop study" feature lets you put different resources together on your computer screen in ONE useful interface

Bible Collection2

  • Compare the stories of the four authors of the gospel
  • View vivid, detailed maps and follow the path of Jesus as you read about His travels
  • Keep your own personal study notes with your own personal thoughts and reflections and journal entries.
  • Easily copy and paste Bible verses for Bible study discussion groups, classes or for your own personal study "journal"
  • Email texts you come across to family or friends
  • Export to Word®, PDF or HTML all of your notes or information you'd like to show for reference material

Here's a great little feature you're really gonna love!

Let's say you come to a verse and you decide you'd like to HEAR the "Word" instead of read it, just click on the drop down menu and press, "Play". And your browser will open and you'll instantly be taken to the well-known, website where you can select the verses you'd like to listen to! (You need to be connected to the Internet for this feature.)


And if you need assistance anywhere along the way, use the "Help Videos" to learn how to use all the features and resources that are available!

How 'bout this: Take a Photo Tour of the "Ancient Lands" Jerusalem, featuring over 480 awesome color photos.

PLUS, as a special, "Added Bonus" you get the "Christian Greeting Card Creator" along with over 200 Religious Clipart Images!

Instead of buying "generic" cards at the store, why not make your own to give as gifts! Create your own, "Special Message" for holidays and other special occasions. Give a personal gift and save a TON of money in the process!!!

These make great gifts that'll last a lifetime! We're celebrating the Easter season by making these available at a deep discount so that everyone can afford to have this fabulous collection. Your cost? Just 8.97 And US Shipping is FREE! AND if you order today, you'll get that FREE Keychain Flashlight at the top of the newsletter too!

PS - Don't miss out - Prices are going up soon and this replaces thousands of dollars worth of material! You gotta try it!

Price is going to $14.97 tomorrow! Grab this QUICK!

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