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Software Deals - Spring Cleaning Blowout Sale!

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Enjoy the deals and have a great weekend!


** Sale pricing ends April 9, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise noted**

WOW! Run Windows XP Like A Pro For $5.97!

You'll Be Amazed At What A Few Hours Training Can Do!

Wait Till You Try The Clever Interactive XP Simulator!

Engaging Audio And Video - It's Like Your Own Personal Tutor!

Learning XP Has Never Been So Much FUN - Or So EASY!!

Hey - Do you wish you were better at using Windows XP? Maybe you're sick and tired of trying to figure everything out, maybe you're frustrated when you just can't get Windows to do what you want. Hey, maybe you just want to actually ENJOY Windows XP instead of fighting with it all the time! Say goodbye to the headaches and save your aspirin for dealin' with the kids! We have Professor Teaches Windows XP and it's a real stunner!!


First off, this software features 75 topics for XP (Pro And Home), PLUS 59 excellent tricks and tips for internet explorer! That's over 125 absolutely fantastic multimedia presentations that show you how all the great XP features work - wait till you see what you've been missing! You'll really love how easy these terrific presentations are to follow and watch! What's exciting about this software is that you're not just reading a dull page of text; this uses engaging audio and video to explain exactly how you do something! PLUS just wait till you see how thoroughly they cover each topic - there's not a single mouse click left out of the presentation! This won't leave you guessing - it'll leave you knowing EXACTLY what to do! It's like having Bill Gates sitting next to you, going over XP step by step (only this is a little cheaper :-)!

The presentations are incredible, but ti doesn't stop there! Are you one of those people that learn better by "trying it out" on your own? Well, this has an amazing Windows XP Simulator built in! It works like this - you watch a lesson, then you can actually "try" it - just like you were using Windows, only you're not going to be able to mess anything up! How cool is that? If that's not the smartest way ever to teach Windows, I don't know what is! It's really like having a private computer tutor! Heck, you can even take a quiz at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge!

 Plus, you'll really love the way the presentations progress too- they won't leave you behind scratching your head! You'll start off with the basics, then move on to more advanced topics as you learn. Of course, you can always skip back and review, but let me tell ya, as good as this software is, you probably won't need to! Plus, if you need a quick fix to a problem, you can skip to any topic at any time!

What's covered? HA - What isn't? This thoroughly covers everything you'll ever want to know about XP! Want a small taste of what you're gonna get on this jam-packed CD? We're talking: setting up internet and e-mail, adding an internet connection, basic networking and printer sharing, computer security, updates, customizing your desktop, troubleshooting problems, adding / removing programs, getting help, advanced PC health, troubleshooting, making CDs, using the sound recorder, tricks for printing web pages, fine-tuning your system, adding hardware, printing,, intros to everything (desktop, explorer, folders, ect), customizing your start menu, getting the best performance, working with files and folders, using the taskbar, a bunch of great desktop tricks, and more! You're REALLY gonna love it!

Here's the main categories:

Windows XP Basics
Customizing & Using The Desktop
Working With Files And Folders
Managing Your Computer
Printing and Networking
Exploring The Internet
E-mail And Instant Messaging
Mastering Media
Internet Explorer

Whew, it covers a TON and we've only touched the surface here! Seriously, if you're running Windows XP, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE! This makes using XP sooooo much easier, it's crazy to fight and struggle along! Give this a try, by the time you're done you'll not only love XP, you'll be using it like a pro!

Your price? You can get this today for just $5.97!!  That's FREE US Shipping of course, plus if you don't love it, just send it back within 60 days for a refund! Trust me, this is the best way to learn XP - I've never seen a faster - or easier - way to learn! You'll love it too! In stock, ready to ship, grab 'em while you can!

PS - This is a limited quantity deal and the price is only good for a limited time. If you're running XP, this is going to make that experience soooo much better! Crazy not to grab it - I know I'm impressed!

The price is going to $10.97 on Friday! Get it while you can!

Printmaster Greeting Cards

Finally, The Perfect Software To Create Sensational Greeting Cards!

Fast, Fun & Easy To Use!

Easy As 1-2-3

WOW!!!!! Jaw Droppin' Deal Too- Just $6.97!!

WOW!!! We have an awesome deal for you today on PrintMaster Greeting Cards! And it is just in time for the upcoming holiday season! You will really impress all your friends and family with personalized, amazing greeting cards!!! This is definitely one program that you just have to try!!!

Do you know how expensive buying Holiday Cards can be? Well, save yourself some major money by making your own. And this is just the program to complete that task!!! And it is easy as 1-2-3!!!

If you ve got a passion for creative self-expression, you just gotta try out this fast, fun and easy-to-use program!

But this program isn't just about seasonal greeting cards- Nope! You can make greeting cards for every situation from birthdays to thank you notes.

Not only can you create thousands of greeting cards, you have hundreds of other projects at your fingertips as well.... if you can imagine it, you can create it and share it with PrintMaster Greeting Cards!

Here's how easy it is to use:

Step 1 - Pick A Project

Pick from thousands of projects, here's a glimpse of what you can choose from:

Greeting Cards
Business Cards
Fax Cover
Iron Ons
Note Cards
Easy Prints
Post Cards

Step 2 - Personalize Your Project

  • Choose from over 3,000+ Greeting Cards & Projects, 12,500 unique graphics and 100+ fonts.
  • Import and edit photos from your digital camera, scanner or CD.

Step 3 - Print And Share Your Masterpiece

  • Print your projects directly from your desktop. Your projects will look as professional as "store-bought" without the cost.
  • You can also send your projects via e-mail for instant enjoyment.

OK, now I know what you're thinking ~ creating all that stuff is great, but is it really that easy to use? YES!

When it comes to being user friendly, this program really impressed me!!! It not only gives you excellent help along the way, but has tons of built-in tutorials to get you started. Really- nothing could be easier ;-) Don't you wish all software was that easy?

PLUS, this also has a really handy photo editor too! You can do simple stuff like cropping and red-eye removal to more complex operations like artistic filters, colorization, and more! Just this feature is worth the price of the program!

Now, here is the truly amazing part of this deal ~ today only, your cost is just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! This deal is wayyy to good to pass up. Here's the link to get your copy:

PS - You just can't go wrong for that kind of money! Oh, and yes, this has our 60 day satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy with it, just send it back within 60 days for a full refund! Nothing to lose - unless you don't order fast and miss out!


WOW! Check Out This Ingenious Surge Protector!!

Plus Directly To Your Wall Socket - No Cords!

You'll Never Go Back To A Normal Surge Protector!

Saves TONS Of Space!

$200,000 Connected Equipment Warranty!

WOW! If you missed out on this yesterday, you need to join the hundreds (including me) who grabbed these! What an incredible idea for a surge protector! It's the Power Sentry 6 Outlet Surge Protector and everyone getting 'em!

Now, what really grabbed my attention with these is they actually plug directly into your wall socket! No cords!

You simply remove the plate on any plug socket, plug this in (NO wiring - it plugs into the receptacle - you only remove the cover plate), then screw this on in place of the old plate! I promise, it's even simpler than I make it sound! Took me about 2 minutes, and I had to find a screwdriver!

Once installed, you're absolutely gonna LOVE this! Instead of two unprotected plugs, you now have a whopping 6 SURGE PROTECTED outlets to plug into! It even has a monitor light to let you know if its surge protection circuit has been compromised! How cool is that!?!?

The great thing is since this hangs on the wall, you don't have to try to find a spot for a bulky surge protector! You know how it is - there never seems to be a good place to put the stupid things! Well, this not only saves space, but also makes your wires much neater - they're plugged into the wall like nature intended :-) This would be great behind the tight space of a computer desk or entertainment center! Let's just say once you try it, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Oh, and that's not all! This features a phone line and coaxial line pass-though to protect items connected to your phone or cable line from surges! If you have a computer with a cable modem, this would be just a fantastic way to protect it! 

For that matter, I'm using one for all of my TVs too! Cable line AND power protection! Any line coming into your home can carry a killer surge at any time - why take a chance? Anywhere you have a lot of power cords or coax cables, you need one of these!

What about quality? Are you kidding? This has a WHOPPING $200,000 connected equipment warranty! That means that if a surge comes through this unit and damages something plugged into it, they will replace up to $200,000 worth of YOUR damaged equipment! 

OK, your cost? 

Single Surge Protector - $15.97, FREE US shipping:

PS - For this kind of money, it's crazy not to protect ALL of your electronic equipment - no just your computer! Yes, this is a limited quantity deal, so get to the site early! Last time we featured surge protectors, they were a complete sellout! Don't miss this one!

Take My iPod / MP3 Player To The Beach?

Are You CRAZY????

Check This Out!

WOW!! Lowest Price Ever Too!

Ohhhh, do I have the PERFECT accessory for all you iPod and MP3 users out there! It's the AquaPod Splash-Proof Case and I'm really excited about it! It's gonna keep our iPods or MP3 players MUCH safer! And get this - It even has a built-in speaker!

This arrived with several other sample products, but I just had to get into this one first! It's just what iPod / MP3 owners need for traveling - especially outside! My poor player is constantly getting knocked around, wet (soda pop, water, gatoraid, etc. etc.), and generally just abused. I am THRILLED to find this case, that's for sure!

This splashproof case will keep your iPod or MP3 players safe from splashes, sand, dirt, soda, and generally getting knocked around! It's not submersible, but it will sure protect it from splashes or rain! It's "O" ringed sealed, made from really tough ABS plastic, and built like a tank! Perfect for any outdoor activity - the beach, camping, boating, picnics, poolside - whatever!

The really cool part? Not only does it offer fantastic protection, but it also has a built-in speaker! So, just pop your iPod or MP3 player into the case, connect the little cable, and share your music with everyone around ya! It's really a fantastic idea! Oh, and it has a jack on the outside if you still want to use earbuds with the player inside! AWESOME!

PLUS - this is large enough to also toss in your keys, extra cash, earbuds, credit cards etc! I know one thing for sure - this is going to be the way I transport my iPod from now on! I can even take my iPod on a Jetski now!

Your cost for all the iPod / MP3 protection? Get this - we have these for our lowest price EVER! Just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! Wait till you see it - you'll agree it's worth every penny - especially the first time it saves your expensive iPod or MP3 player from a watery (or soda induced) grave! Try it!

PS - This was a limited quantity deal, so get to the site FAST or you're gonna miss out! Price is back to $14.97 on Friday!

Buy One, Get One FREE!

"This Is GREAT! I Don't Have To Squint Anymore"

You'll Finally Be Able To Read The Paper Again!

Just Wait Till You Try These Fantastic Magnifying Sheets!

They Make Fine Print HUGE!

The Best $8.97 You'll Ever Spend On Your Eyes!

Amazing Deal! - Our Lowest Price EVER!

We have a fantastic deal for you today! We just discovered several hundred Full Page Magnifiers under one of our shelving units and we wanna blow 'em out! I tell ya - if you - or anyone you know - has trouble reading the small print in magazines, newspapers, or anything else, this is just what you need! It's easy to handle, and makes tiny print GIGANTIC!

How's it work? Couldn't be easier - it's a giant flexible magnifying glass! Just hold the sheet over what you want to read - The further you pull back, the larger the letters get! Just hold it over what you want to read. Yup, simple idea, but works GREAT!

What I really like about this is how convenient it would be. I mean, it's small, thin, light, and easy to take with you. It doesn't take any effort to store it, doesn't need batteries, and works like a champ!

We have family members who have just a terrible time reading small print, so I'm really excited that we found these! I can't wait to let them try these! I know they're going to just love 'em!

Come on now -

Why struggle with the morning paper? Why give up magazines and books due to the small type? 

Just grab one of these and the problems go away! This makes the letters so large, you'll probably be able to ditch those reading glasses too!

You cost? Get this our closeout price is just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! HOWEVER!!! If you order today, we'll throw in a second one for FREE!  How's that for a deal? For that kind of money, you just can't go wrong! Stop stressing out your eyes and struggling with small print - grab one of these today!

Awesome Reading Light!!

Clips Right To Your Book!

Perfet For Bed, On Flights - Anywhere!

Wow - we got the coolest little gadget for you today! This is a handy little reading light that you're just gonna love!

You know how it is - you're at home and trying to read in bed and your spouse is trying to sleep. Or maybe you're doing the same thing at a hotel. Or maybe you're on a long red-eye flight. No matter what your circumstance, this little light will come in handy!

Just clip it to the book, lift it open to turn it on, and you're in well-lit reading bliss! It gives off just the right amount of light and projects it nicely down onto the page. Give it a try, you'll love it too!

Your price today is just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's heck of deal even at our regular price of $12.97, but to get it for $6.97 is an amazing deal! Grab it while you can!!

This price will increase to $12.97 on Friday!

You've Never Seen Desktop Publishing Software Like This!

Don't Pay $700 For Adobe's InDesign!

Try This For Just $9.97!!!

Try It, You'll Be Shocked At What You Snagged For Less Than $10!

Professional Level Desktop Publishing Made Affordable!

Incredible Power At Your Fingertips!

I'm so excited! We've never offered anything quite like this one before! We have Page Designer Pro and it's some really amazing, professional-level desktop publishing software that's gonna absolutely blow you away! This makes PrintShop look like a toy! Check this out:

First off, this is a LOT like Adobe InDesign, just an amazing $690 LESS than what Adobe gets for their version! It's meant for - and does - pretty much the same thing - pro level design and print. You can literally create ANYTHING you can imagine with this software. This is truly a high-end desktop publishing solution and the power it brings is amazing. Talk about blown-away by what you can do with a computer and printer!!

Page Designer Pro

The first thing you'll notice when you start it up is your choice between a really handy wizard interface or the option to start a project from scratch. When you first start playing with it, just go ahead and take a look at what those wizards can do for you (over 2000 designs)! You'll be amazed at just how quickly you can create ads, brochures, business stationery, calendars, cards, letterheads, invoices, flyers, forms, newsletters, notices, handouts, event programs, posters, banners, price lists, reports, announcements, invitations, greeting cards and TONS more!

What that brings to the table with the amazing "wizards" is easily enough to justify this fantastic program, but that's only the beginning! After you're done checking out the wizards, go ahead and start a project from scratch - you're gonna be absolutely floored at how quickly you can produce professional level projects! This is the kind of software they use in professional print shops! Once you start messing around with it, you'll discover very soon you start to feel like a professional graphics artist!

As for features, this thing is the 800LB gorilla of desktop publishing! For example, just wait till you start playing with dozens and dozens of preset color schemes for your projects! Change the look and feel of your project in a mouse click! Great to use with the wizards to instantly change the look and feel of, well, ANY project!

Oh, and wait till you feast your mouse on the professional layout tools! Talk about a kid in a candy store! This has everything you need (and probably more)! We're talking intelligent text fitting (nice), kerning, hyphenation, drop caps, smart quotes, named styles, movable ruler and guides, precision placements, rotation, calendar tools, tables, brush / pencils, gradients, fills, shapes, all kind of text, frames and TONS more! I could fill the length of this review with JUST the tools at your disposal!

Page Designer Pro

PLUS, you've absolutly got to check out the Text Composition Tools - you'll love these things! Get this - you have all the following at your beck and call: Word count, spell checker, search & replace, a thesaurus, AutoCorrect, AutoSpell, over 300 new fonts, and - get this - a proofreader! That's right - you can have the program actually "read" your text and it can make suggestions for improvements! Now THAT'S cool!

Another feature you'll really love is the amazing "Text On A Path" tool! Here's how it works - You create a "path" using your mouse in any shape you want - a squiggly line, a square, a letter - whatever you can dream up. Then, double-click and start typing - your text will actually follow along the path you created, twisting and turning all along the way! Soooo cool!

You've gotta try the QuickShapes too! These aren't just the lousy shapes you drop into Word or something. These are basically intelligent clipart! Choose a shape, drag & drop it on your document, then adjust each angle and dimension using the little handles! Oh, and you can fill the shapes, do different "styles" , put in a gradient, add a photo, and MORE! The options are fantastic!

Oh, but the drawing fun isn't just limited to the QuickShapes! This has an amazing arsenal of drawing tools that you have to see to believe! You can sketch freehand, apply some really cool styles, make custom shapes, and create all kinds of eye-popping graphics in minutes! You could literally design your own clipart!

What if you have a photo you want to drop in? Yup, not only can you add any photo, you can even enhance it right in the program so it looks amazing in just a few mouse clicks! Once it's in the program, there's dozens and dozens of ways you can use it!

Page Designer Pro

Hey, have you ever needed to place a photo in with a bunch of text and couldn't get the text to "flow" right around it? Sometimes the text runs though your photos, sometimes the text gets blocked out, pushed around, or just ends up looking wrong. Well, this lets you easily reshape, rotate, and adjust your text frames to make your next project look like a magazine spread!

Heck, did I mention this can even create a website for you? Imagine the power above put into a web design program! It has all the tools you need to quickly and easily create professional looking webpages! Add text, graphics, animated gif, music, java - it can do it!

As if all that wasn't enough, this can also do mail merges, has some really cool transparency effects (so you can "see through" objects that are on top of other objects), mind-blowing versatility in printing, allows for outstanding PDF output, and even includes a PANTONE library if you're outputting your work for press publication! Told ya it was loaded!

BONUS!!! BOUNS!!! Can you believe this? It also includes a second CD with a whoppin' 100,000 graphics crammed onto it! Clip art, photos, it's all there and at your fingertips! This alone is worth the price of the software! With 100,000 images to choose from, you'll always be able to find the exact graphic you need for your projects!

Your cost for all this? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! After using this for just a little bit, I can't believe we got these for this kind of price! Our supplier must be nuts!

It's really the best $9.97 you'll ever spend on desktop publishing! Honestly, if we were selling it for the $40 retail, it would STILL be well worth the price!  This is truly a professional level program that looks and works an awful lot like Adobe's $700 InDesign! If you want to do some serious desktop publishing, there's never been a cheaper way to get serious about it! $9.97!! Once you start using it, you'll agree that it's crazy for anyone to pass this by! You're not gonna believe what you get for less than $10!

You've gotta give this a try because for this kind of money you just can't afford to pass it by!!

PS - Bad news? Only a limited quantity of these are available, so you need to get to the site ASAP to grab your copy! You'll be completely blown away at how you can get software this powerful for $9.97!!!

iMicro Multimedia Headphone with Microphone Black/Green - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Upgrade your portable sound with this iMicro MultiMedia Headphone with Microphone. Use this comfortable headset with microphone to listen to music, or to video conference with ease. There's a volume control dial so you can dial your desired volume level.

Earbud Style White Stereo MP3 Earphones- Sale Price $5.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

Featuring a super lightweight design and comfortable fit, this earbud style earphones delivers superior sound anywhere!

It's perfect for MP3 players, CD players or any audio device with a 3.5 mm stereo connector!

144 Piece Furniture Protector Set - Sale Price $10.97
(Original Retail $29.95)

This Furniture Protector Kit features 144 different protective pieces. Coming in 19 different shapes and many different colors and materials, these protective stickers will protect your floors, counter-tops, walls and furniture from everyday bumps and bruises. Simply stick the protective patch on your furniture, and you are all set. This kit works great protecting your hardwood, linoleum, or ceramic floors from the furniture scratching the surface. Try a set today.

Print Shop Elements: Labels and Logos - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $39.99 )

Everything you need to create the perfect logos, labels and print projects is right here at your fingertips with The Print Shop Labels & Logos. Start from scratch or personalize your project with the wide variety of stylish and professionally designed project templates.

One-Password Organizer - Sale Price $8.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

E-mail, IM, bank accounts, shopping carts...who can keep track of all those logins, passwords and PINs? Now, with SelectGuard's One-Password Organizer, you can organize all your login and password information into a single secure database! Remember just one master password and safely encrypt the rest. Keep all of your important security info at your fingertips...and out of the hands of others! Site Builder - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $29.99 )

Site Builder is an all-in-one solution that helps you create a website- no design or technical experience needed! Build awareness for your business, sell products online, or easily connect with friends and family.

Dr. Daisy - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

Dr. Daisy has just graduated from veterinary school and needs to complete 5 rotations to finish her residency. Help her diagnose and heal needy animals in this madcap dash classic. From the local veterinary clinic to a sea park all the way to a big city zoo, Daisy needs to keep her ailing friends happy and healthy. Upgrades are available at each location to showcase your style and speed-up your play. Grab your stethoscope and let s get healin !

Gardening: A Multimedia Guide - Sale Price $3.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

You can directly access hundreds of multimedia gardening topics, organized naturally as they would be in a real garden. 20 minutes of videos, 300 photos!

National Geographic Calendars - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

Combining a stunning collection of color photography from National Geographic, and professional user-friendly design templates, Calendars lets you create single and multi-page planners, diaries, and calendars to your own specifications. And, with the intuitive instructions, design features, and printing options, national Geographic Calendars makes your personal project that much easier!

Elements of Destruction - Sale Price $6.97
(Original Retail $19.95)

Unleash The Fury of Mother Nature! You are Dr. Edgar Herbert - forced into retirement, humiliated and embittered by a corporate scheme to gain control of your valuable weather controlling patents. Use your inventions to discharge tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes and many other forces of nature to exact revenge on the scheming company  AND THE WORLD!

Toolkit for Presentations - Sale Price $7.97
(Original Retail $39.99)

With High Achiever Spelling you can both see and hear how to words. And you can practice what you've learned with exciting games and quizzes like Spell Disaster, Mark My Words, Cast a Spell, Word Garden, and more.


Trust 4-Port USB 2.0 Triangle Hub - $12.97

3' USB 2.0 Type A to B Cable - $7.97

Betty Boop Super Sweets - $10.97

Scrabble Journey - $12.97

Silver - PQI 4GB Intelligent Drive i828 - $19.97

Please note: There are so many new titles we can not list them all. To check them all out:

Don't forget to check out our Cool Gadgets!

Afraid That You Missed Out On Something? Don't Be. We've Got You Covered. Below Are All The Awesome Deals We Ran This Week! Today is the last day we will have these items on sale. Don't Miss Out!


Master THE Most Popular Programs....With EASE!!!

Whooaa!!! THIS... Is A HUGE Course!

1,400 Topics - 20 Bonus Courses, Too!

Special Price - Today Only - 04-04-2009!

You've probably been wanting to learn how to use a bunch of programs that you've just dabbled with up til now. Well, here's your chance to really dominate 'em!

And unlock all the bells and whistles that have been lurking under the hood just waiting for you to "Crack the Code"!

So...what programs are we talking about? Well, how about the COMPLETE Microsoft Office suite of programs., including:

  • Word (Word Processor)
  • Excel (Spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint (Presentation Program - Slide Shows, etc.)
  • Access (Database Management)
  • Outlook (E-mail)

Pretty impressive, heh? But hang on...we've only just started!

Ever wanted to know how to make your own newsletters, brochures, or fliers? (Got you covered!)

How 'bout sprucing up those digital photos you've got sitting on that hard drive? (Got ya there, too!)

Been thinking about putting together a web page? (Oh yeah...we can get you started on that, too!)

Check out this list of courses that are ALSO covered:

  • Microsoft Publisher 2000 and 2003
  • Microsoft Project 98 and 2000
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2003
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 2003
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 4
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Digital Photography Tutorial

See...told you it was AWESOME! This will keep you busy for quite some time, don't ya think?

And what you're going to find is that this is the Easiest and Fastest way to learn these programs!

This course was created by a company called "LEARN2". Now that may not mean much to you...until you realize that this company's training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies and leading government agencies to train some of their KEY employees for over a decade! Why? Because their system works!

You see, you don't just sit there trying to learn by reading out of a book. (We all know how well THAT usually works - especially trying to learn a computer program. zzzzzzzz) Well, they do something VERY different. Instead, you watch a series of short, but in-depth video presentations, that shows you what to do and how to do it. Each lesson has step-by-step simulations with easy visual and audio instructions.

Learn2 Training Complete: Office 2007 & Windows Vista

The result is this system has proven to increase the rate of retention. In other words, you learn more and you remember what you learn! (How's THAT for a novel concept!)

Oh, and, by the way, this company's training carries the "Microsoft Approved Courseware" designation. In fact, their training information covers the very same material included in the "MS Certified Specialist" Certification level! So're running with the very best!

And wait til you see what this course covers. (I think you'll be impressed as we were!)

As you might expect from the title, this program covers the entire suite of Microsoft Office programs...ALL of them!

But hang on a second...check this out.

How many times have you tried to learn a program but then the teaching information was for a DIFFERENT version of the program than YOU had? (You've got last year's version, but the program covers the latest version, which (of course) you just don't happen to have!) This program not only has the most current version of MS Office, but it ALSO has the earlier versions... for each program that makes up MS Office!

So even if you don't have the latest version of each MS Office program, you don't need to let that stop you. Learn the version that you have right now. If you decide to upgrade your MS Office in the future, fine, learn those versions at that time. Or if you really want to increase your job skills, learn all of the programs and become familiar with all of the versions. (Hello, "Super Star" !)

Just so you know, this is T-H-E FULL- BLOWN training course on Microsoft Office. (There is a "shortened" version of this course that's called, "Learn2 Training Essentials"). This is ain't it. This is, "LEARN2 Training Complete". And there's a reason they called it that.

This program comes with Five!!! (count 'em... FIVE CD-ROMs, each packed with audio and video presentations! And each CD-ROM features in-depth instruction on an Office program as well as an introduction to Windows Vista. There's over 1400 topics covered! The bottom-line: go thru this course, complete the exercises and YOU WILL KNOW Microsoft Office.

To give you some idea of the depth covered in these courses, I took some screenshots for you to look at.

Here I opened the section on Microsoft Access (the database program). Once inside, you see the Course Menu for Level 1


When you click on one of the modules, you'll see the lessons within that module. (Here you can see the lessons within Module 3.)


Once you click on one of the lessons, you see the presentations within that lesson.


Here's a screenshot of one of the exercises in Access. As you can see, the training is VERY thorough!


And if you're already familiar with Microsoft Office but you'd like to "brush-up" a little or if you'd like to increase your skills in a certain area, no problem. You'll love the way these modules are set up because you can focus on any one specific area you want OR learn any of the programs from the ground up!

Imagine... the pride and feeling of accomplishment you'll feel when you've mastered THE most popular computer programs used today.

So...if you've been putting off learning Microsoft Office for whatever reason, now's your chance to succeed and move forward. And to take ALL of the stumbling blocks out of your way. While other sites have retailed this for as much as $49.99, we're going to give you a FANTASTIC price of just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!

PS-Take control of your future and gain a Competitive Advantage in today's job market today! Order your copy of Learn2 Training Complete for Microsoft Office & Windows Vista today!

Yikes! The price is going up to $16.97 soon! Better order now!!

Proven to be the best lens cleaning system in the world!

Use What The Camera Pros Use

(But... Get It At A Discount!)

Voted "Accessory of The Year" by Photo Trade News...Four Years In A Row!!!

This is going to be short and sweet: If you have any kind of camera lens, THIS is what you need to clean it safely!

Simple to use:

One end has a convenient, retractable brush made of soft, natural bristles is used to dust away any hard particles or contaminants.

The other end is a long-lasting, specialized "cleaning tip", to wipe away fingerprints and other smudges

Extensive laboratory tests show that the innovative LensPen outperforms other lens cleaning systems. including high quality optical lens tissue and cloth!

See for yourself!!!

Surfaced cleaned for 10 seconds using a high quality optical cloth

Surface cleaned for 10 seconds using LensPen


I could blab on and on all day about how great the LensPen is. But don't take MY word for it. Check out what the pro's have to say!

"I've used LensPen for years and think it's brilliant." Jonathan Guttman, Photographer

"Your product is without a doubt the best product on the market for cleaning sensors on digital cameras." Michael Corral, Professional Photographer Sherman Oaks, CA

"I've used your product for many years in the field of outdoor television. It is an invaluable product that I have stressed for years to outdoor cameraman." Steve Finch - Producer

"I have two LensPens, one in my desk, and one in my camera bag." Robert Cameron Ward, Photographer

"I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Thanks LensPen!" Igor Teichman

"We loved our LensPen!" Shainee Gabel and Kristin Hahn - Filmakers/authors

"Within about 8 minutes I had 3 lenses clean and sparkling, both front and rear elements. It looks as though the glass is brand new." Guy Prince

"...I've been showing the "LensPen" to people on my workshops and other places I go and talking about it in seminars I do."Ken Lassiter, Senior Photo Education Consultant, Photo Imaging Education Association

"I think LensPen is a great product. It works extremely well and I know it will never damage my valuable Leica lenses. I have a LensPen in each camera bag, one in my photo vest and another on the shelf in my camera cabinet." John Camelford, Pond's Foto Source

"I am a strident supporter of the LensPen! It definitely is a superior product." Andy Long, First Light Productions

"'s the best little gadget I've found for use around the telescope in a long, long time. I've never had a problem of any kind in several years of use and do not hesitate to use it on the most expensive optics!" Rod Mollise, Author of Choosing and USing a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Heck...even the Critics Love It!!!

"...the special LensPen pad is the most efficient and effective method of removing most damaging materials from the lens surface...On our test bench the LensPen proved to be very effective in removing a variety of common contaminants from camcorder lenses. The pad was by far the most effective in removing fingerprints from the lens surface, out-performing most lens cleaning cloths by a noticeable amount. It's probably the cheapest insurance you will ever purchase." VideoCamera and Electronic Imaging Magazine

Use it for all these types of lenses:

Cameras, Camcorders, Binoculars, Telescopes, Microscopes,Rifle Scopes, even Night Vision!

Here's what you need to know:

If you have a small lens, grab the LensPen "miniPROII"

If you have a Inter-changeable SLR lenses, grab the LensPen Original!

Might want to do what some of the professional photographers above do: grab a couple!

Your cost?Get this - just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE!For that price, you gotta give it a go!! In fact, with the small size, I just picked up three! That way, no matter where I am, I know my lens will always be clean and my pictures will be sharp! I love it! and I know you will too!

Small Lenspen For Point &Shoot Style Cameras (miniPro II):

Large Lenspen Original for SLR (interchangeable lens) cameras (or binoculars, scopes, etc)

P.S. LensPen may not make you a better photographer, but you'll feel like a Pro while you keep your camera and other lenses clean. Grab 'em while we still got 'em!

Special Update!! Save $116 Off Retail!

These went like CRAZY on Friday and over the weekend! Oh, and check this out - We found the SAME DRIVE at for $74.47 after shipping!AND - they LIST for $138!!! We have 'em for $21.97 and our shipping is FREE if you live in the US! Killer deal! Take a look!!

Amazing 8GB Micro-Hard Drive!Verbatim Store-n-Go 8GB USB 2.0 Mini HD

Take All Your Stuff With You!

Way Cheaper Than A Flash Drive -

And Better Lookin' Too!

You've Just Gotta Try This!

Others Charge $80-$138 For It -

Our Price Is Just $21.97!!

These are just the coolest little hard drives we've ever come across! Not only are they about as good lookin' as a hard drive can get, but they are really tiny too! Just wait till you see yours :-) You're gonna LOVE 'em!

This works just like a flash drive - only it doesn't set you back as much money! Just plug it into your computer and it will show up as an external drive under My Computer. From there, simply drag and drop your files! Works on any XP or Vista computer - no drivers required! WOW!

Why not free up extra room on your computer's Hard Drive? Yeah...instead of jamming EVERYTHING onto the computer (you know...the one you never seem to get around to backing up!), why not keep all your favorite music, photos and other important stuff in one nice, convenient spot? Plus that way, you've got everything together when you want to show uncle Bob all the latest photos from your last vacation?

Oh, and these are FANTASTIC for backups too! You probably have loads of documents, information, spreadsheets, family photos, and music that you just can't afford to lose - Why not back 'em up onto a couple of these handy little drives? Makes it MUCH easier to keep track of and for the price you just can't go wrong!

Or if you've got SOOO many tunes you just "can't live without" and you're juggling three or four thumb drives- well STOP IT!!! (Besides, you're bound to loose one of 'em, poke an eye out or do something else that every mother in the world seems to warn their kids about doing!) Do the smart thing and keep them all together and neat all in one place! (Besides, your mother will be so proud!)

Anyway, in addition to the HUGE amount of capacity, this mini-HD is FAST! (USB 2.0 with data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps!) So when "Uncle Bob" says he just has to have copies of those pictures, BAM! plug right into that USB port and you're done!!! Oh, and this comes pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad, which is the start menu for your USB HD Drive! So no need to think about drivers, and all that. Again, this baby is 100% Plug 'N Play so you can Rock 'N Roll!!!

And, of course, we can't leave out the fact that this Mini HD looks gooood! Sleek, slick, compact,,,what else do you need.

Oh, and this comes with its own USB cable, a Quick Start Guide AND a travel wallet. (Can you say, "Accessorize"?)

These are going to go out the door in a hurry! I'd say grab one or two while you can for yourself...maybe even one as a gift if we still have any. Also, we just found this exact same drive at for $74.47 after shipping! Grab 'em from us for just $21.97 and US Shipping is FREE! Here's the link:

PS...You KNOW you're gonna need more storage - grab a couple of these today! Save over $100!!


This Isn't For Everyone.... Only For Those of us



This is a cleaver little idea you probably wish YOU had thought of! A Ceiling Fan Vacuum Cleaner Attachment!!!

Think about it..Ceiling fans are a real nuisance to clean. .First you have to stand on a ladder (or balance on a chair like some of us "dare devils"...O.K.... "lazy people"). And the problem is that you have to reach HIGH enough to be able to get over the TOP of the fan blades! After all, the top of the blade is where most of the dust congregates, right?. (You can probably tell I've done this once or twice before, which is why I absolutely HATE doing it!)

Anyway, then you have to wipe off the top of the blade and at least half of the dust falls down onto your face and hair. (Believe it or not, there's actually a term for this! It's called, "Dust fallout." )

Well, check this out: We came across this neat little gizmo that's really does make cleaning fans a WHOLE lot easier, faster and a lot less messy!

All you have to do is slip the Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment onto the nozzle or hose of your vacuum cleaner and whoosh! Pretty slick, heh? It has a unique hinge design that allows the vacuum "fingers" to open and close around ceiling fan blades. And since the Ceiling Fan attachment covers both the top and bottom of the fan blade, you save time by cleaning BOTH sides at the same time!

It comes with an easy-to-use universal adapter so it'll fit all major brands of vacuums including:

Eureka, Electrolux. Hoover, Kenmore, Kirby, Panasonic, Royal, Fantom, Shop-Vac, any 1-1/4" vacuum hose.


So, scoop one of these up (get it?...that was a cleaning joke!!) You'll be "cleaning up" (there I go again!) at just $12.97!

P.S. - Thought you'd find it as handy as we did. Grab it now!

What An Easy Way To Get Data Off Your Old Hard Drive!

How About A Really Cool Way To Backup Data?

On Sale Today ONLY 04-04-2009!

Ohh, Keep reading, you're definitely gonna want to check this out ~

WOW - we just came across the handiest little USB Cable Adapter that you're absolutely going to love! Check out these two great uses:

Easily retrieve information from your old hard drive ~
This is super easy, you simply hook the cable to your old hard drive (or even a laptop) and then plug into a USB port on your current computer and "presto" ~ your old drive now shows up as an external hard drive. How simple and easy is that? You can now access any and all the information you have on that drive and save it to your current computer, a flash drive, whatever ~ super simple, anyone can do this!

Turn an internal drive into a convenient external drive for back-ups ~
Do you know what external hard drives are going for compared to internal drives? Well, a 500GB internal drive is about $150.00 and the 500GB external drive is about $279.99 ~ yikes! The main difference is the nice case on the external drive so when it sits on your desk, it looks pretty. I gotta tell you, for a backup drive I don't need it to look pretty ~ I just want it to hold my data and then sit in the desk drawer quietly until I need it again ;-)

Now, this is where this USB Cable Adapter comes in really handy. Again, just hook the adapter up to your "internal" drive (it doesn't have to be inside your computer) and then plug into an existing USB port on your computer. Again, easy-peasy! The drive will show up as an external drive on your computer and you can easily back-up all your files ~ pretty cool, huh? When you're done, you can disconnect and store the drive in a drawer ~ no need to have it taking up desk space! And, you've saved about $130.00 by using an "internal" drive as your backup drive!

If you find yourself in either of these situations, I'm telling you ~ you've got to give this a try. You won't believe how easy this really is ~ even the "non-techies" will be surprised! Oh, yeah ~ almost forgot, TODAY ONLY your cost is just $19.97 and that includes FREE shipping in the US!

This Price will increase to $29.97 soon!!!

OH, Yeah - The Coolest 4 Port USB Hub You've Ever Seen!

Brilliant "Octopus" Design!

You'll Never Use A "Regular" Hub Again!!

On Sale Today ONLY - Huge Price Break!

Sick of unplugging your hardware just to use a the USB Port? Even more sick of having to crawl around to the back of your computer and playing contortionist to find the free USB port? Well, have I got the cure to all your hardware sickness! This 4 USB 2.0 Hub!!!

Oh, but the big deal with this is the absolutely brilliant octopus-like arms that make plugging in your devices soooo much easier than a normal hub! I mean, you know how it goes - it's a huge hassle to pop a USB plug into a tiny, crowded port. We've all been there - adjusting, jiggling, flipping and pushing the plug just trying to get the stupid thing in.

Well, these arms make it so easy to plug in your USB devices you may find yourself buying computer accessories just so you can use it :-) Yup, finally a way to plug in your USB devices without the hassle! Just grab a free plug, turn it anyway you like, and pop your plug in! It doesn't sound like much, but let me tell ya, once you try it, you'll be hooked! I have one plugged into the front of my computer right now, and anyone who tries to "borrow" it is in for a serious hand-slappin'!!!

Oh, and it's more than just a pretty face too! It provides 4 hi-speed (2.0) USB Ports in a small compact size! This hub takes up almost zero space since it's mostly just cords! It will free up gobs of space your desktop! This guy is so small, that it could easily fit in your pocket!!! Really! You can take it anywhere, making it ideal for both notebook or desktop computers!!! (I can't wait to take this on the road)

Even Better- it even has 100% hot-swappable protection. What does this mean? Hot-swappable means that you can simply plug in your device when you need it, then yank it out when you're done. You don't need to take the time to formally eject it or have to worry about the stuff you have plugged in!!!! Cool :-)

Your price? Get this!! The coolest UBS hub on the planet can be yours today for just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free. I know, hard to believe you can get this much innovation for that kind of money!Run to the site before they sell out (Or before I decide just to keep them all for myself) Check it OUT:

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Hey, How Fast Ya Goin' There Sport?Royal Wireless Bicycle Computer

Awesome Bike Speedometer / Computer!

Amazing Little Device Calculates:

Trip Mileage
Total Mileage
Trip Time
Average Speed
Speed Comparisons
And More!

PLUS - It's Completely Wireless Too!

OK, it's spring and it's time to break out the bike and take to tearin' up the trails. Only problem is, how far did ya go and how fast did ya do it? Well, we just discovered what has to be the best deal ever on a bike computer that is the answer to all your biking milage needs!

It's a Royal 13 Function Bike Computer and it's going to be your new bikin' buddy! Get this - it can really do it all! First, and foremost, it can tell you just how fast your going, how long you've been doing it, and just how far that has taken you! The big "3" are right there at your fingertips!

PLUS, it takes it to the next level of another 10 functions! Things like an odometer to tell you overall mileage, your maximum speed, a digital clock, your average speed (very handy), a speed comparison function, your "speed tendency", and MORE! It's loaded - heck, who knew there was that much that you can cram into a little bike speedometer?

Oh, and you'll love this - it's WIRELESS! No cables running up from your tire to your little speedometer! Even comes with batteries! Makes it REALLY easy to pop it off and stick it in your pocket when it's not in use!

Royal Wireless Bicycle Computer

What about the install? Really easy! You attach the little quick release mount to your handlebars for the speedometer / computer (or whatever you want to call it), and then use a couple of zip ties for the transmitter on the fork. Attach the little wheel magnet, input your tire size, and roll! Takes about 10 minutes - anybody can do it!

If you have a bike, it's time to get a speedometer / computer for it! You'll finally know how far, how fast, and how long you went for - PLUS a TON of other stats too! Just wait till you start comparing your rides and see your progress! Makes riding 2X as much fun!

I've had a bike computer for years and I can tell you from personal experience - once you have one, you won't go back. I almost can't stand it when I forget to take the little computer along! It's not only informational - it's a blast to track how you're doing! I can't wait to start riding with this new one along!

Finally - the price is mind-blowing! If you've looked at these in bike shops, you already know these can easily ride right past the $100 mark! Not for you - wait till you see this!

You can grab this amazing, 13 function bike computer for just $21.97 and US shipping is FREE! It's a KILLER deal and an awesome little bike computer! For that kind of money, you just can't go wrong! Check it out:

PS - Remember, if you don't love it like I do, just send it back for a refund! We want you to love everything you buy from us - and I'm sure THIS will fall into that category! Give it a shot - you'll wonder how you got along without it!

"MasterCook Deluxe" Isn't Just A Cookbook...

It's Like Having Martha Stewart And Bill Gates Working For You-

Right There In Your Kitchen!

(O.K....Maybe Not Exactly. But Who Needs That Many People In The Kitchen Anyway When All You Want To Do Is Have A Great Meal?

(But It Really Is That Easy!)


Seems like everyone is looking for ways to scrimp and save a few bucks these days. And staying home to eat instead of eating out is one of the easiest (and most economical) things you can do. Admittedly though, that can get a little boring. (I mean there's only so many ways you can cook a frozen pizza, right?) So, I thought I'd try to get a little creative and see what I could come up with, without getting too carried away, that is.

So I was digging through some of the programs we've got, and let me tell ya, we've got a ton of different "cookbooks". And I've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Well...maybe not. I found one that really is different in a few different ways, and I have a feelin' you're going to like this as much as I do. I'll show you what I mean.

"MasterCook Deluxe" stirs up a lot of different angles that makes this whole subject pretty interesting, believe it or not. For example, here's a screenshot from the "Getting Started" page. Check out all the ways you can plan your approach! Heck, it even suggests what kind of wine goes best with each type of meal! (Pretty neat, heh?) And if you're counting calories or trying to eat more healthy, you can check the nutritional value of each recipe with the click of a mouse!


Here's something else that I love: if you're cookin' for one or two people, no problem. What about if you've got a boatload of people comin' over? How do you keep everything balanced? See that feature for "Scale Recipes To Match Number of Guests"? Makes things pretty simple, doesn't it?

Now let's talk variety. How does over 7,000 different recipes sound? If you use two different recipes every day, it'll take you over 9 1/2 YEARS to use them all! That's a whole lotta' food with never a dull day!

And usually when you have that much information, you get information overload or you can't find what you're looking for, right? Well, they've got that solved! Let's say you want to find a recipe. Now, if you know exactly what you want, there's an easy to use search feature that'll take you right to it. But, who ever knows exactly what they want? (I mean come on...really!) I tend to like to browse a little, so check this out: there are 26 different cookbooks!!!


You can dive in and start turnin' electronic pages to get some ideas! And if you want to bring in some recipes you have from other sources, there's an import feature that works like a charm, so you can add them to your MasterCook without ever leaving the program! Before, you'd have to print it out and now you'd have yet another piece of paper to keep track of! (How's that for convenience?)


Here's a great little feature that I've never seen before. You find something that looks good and you need some ingredients you don't have, so you put together a shopping list. But then you forget to bring it with you! Arrrggg! How's this for a solution: as you're looking over the recipes and putting your list together, you send yourself (or you know who) an e-mail with that list right from the MasterCook program! If you have e-mail on your cell phone or a PDA, you've got the list right there!

As you can probably tell, there's a bunch of features and functions that I haven't even talked about, but believe me, you'll use 'em! After I saw what this program could do, I immediately contacted our suppliers to get hold of as many of these as I could. Right now, in the spirit of helping you all save as much money as possible by eating at home (and eating quite well, I might add) we're letting this go at a really low price. Believe it or not just $10.97!

P.S. It's the end of the week so I have a feelin' these are gonna be gone before ya know it! Snag one now before you forget!


Over 30 Free E-mail Newsletters! Have you checked out our site? It's basically a listing of various free newsletters of all types (including ours since about the time they started). No matter what your interest, there's a free newsletter on this site for ya! Sooooo, I wanted to invite everyone to stop by the site and check it out. It's almost a guarantee you'll see some newsletters you'll want to pick up! So, check it out. In a time when everyone want to charge for online stuff, it's nice to know there's good stuff that doesn't cost ya a cent:



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