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Computer Tips [ Un-send An E-mail + Make DVDs The Easy Way + How's Your VIsta Experience? + Rate Friday Funnies ] 04/03/2009


Quick Tips

The Windows Experience Index

A few Vista users have written me with questions about the Windows Experience Index and what it is exactly. So, without further hesitation, here's a little explanation as to what the WEI is, and what it means for those with Windows Vista. XP users need not apply.

The Windows Experience Index measures the capability of the hardware and software installed in your computer and then gives you a measurement called a “base score”. This base score can go from 1 to 5.9, with 1 obviously being the lowest score, and 5.9 being the best. Each individual component in your system (processor, RAM, video card, etc.) contribute to your base score. If you find that your base score is lower than you'd like, you can view the details to see what the lowest scoring component is and then based on your computer needs, upgrade it. For example, my processor and RAM are up to snuff, scoring at 5.8 and 5.9, respectively, but my gaming graphics capabilities only tally in at a 3.7. Since I'm not gaming on my work computer, this score means little to me, but it's still nice to know that my processor and RAM can hang in there for awhile!

You can also use the WEI to figure out which programs will run the best on your computer, too! Microsoft programs, (ones that have been released since Vista came out) have a Windows Experience Index rating on the box. This means, for example, that if your has a base score of, say, a 3.6, then you can safely buy programs that have a score of 3 or lower. Note: This only applies to Microsoft brand products.

To check your Windows Vista Experience Index press the Windows key+Pause (Win+Pause), this will bring up a window with your computer's basic information. Your experience index number is located under the System heading. Click on the text next to your rating number to get a breakdown of your rating, view and print details and find software based on your score!

For more info on the Windows Experience Index, click here.


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April Wallpaper

Yeah, yeah, I'm a little behind, been busy around here :-) At any rate, here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

It's all free, so enjoy!

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54.42% - 646 votes
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10.61% - 126 votes
1187 total votes

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"MasterCook Deluxe" Isn't Just A Cookbook...

It's Like Having Martha Stewart And Bill Gates Working For You-

Right There In Your Kitchen!

(O.K....Maybe Not Exactly. But Who Needs That Many People In The Kitchen Anyway When All You Want To Do Is Have A Great Meal?

(But It Really Is That Easy!)


Seems like everyone is looking for ways to scrimp and save a few bucks these days. And staying home to eat instead of eating out is one of the easiest (and most economical) things you can do. Admittedly though, that can get a little boring. (I mean there's only so many ways you can cook a frozen pizza, right?) So, I thought I'd try to get a little creative and see what I could come up with, without getting too carried away, that is.

So I was digging through some of the programs we've got, and let me tell ya, we've got a ton of different "cookbooks". And I've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Well...maybe not. I found one that really is different in a few different ways, and I have a feelin' you're going to like this as much as I do. I'll show you what I mean.

"MasterCook Deluxe" stirs up a lot of different angles that makes this whole subject pretty interesting, believe it or not. For example, here's a screenshot from the "Getting Started" page. Check out all the ways you can plan your approach! Heck, it even suggests what kind of wine goes best with each type of meal! (Pretty neat, heh?) And if you're counting calories or trying to eat more healthy, you can check the nutritional value of each recipe with the click of a mouse!


Here's something else that I love: if you're cookin' for one or two people, no problem. What about if you've got a boatload of people comin' over? How do you keep everything balanced? See that feature for "Scale Recipes To Match Number of Guests"? Makes things pretty simple, doesn't it?

Now let's talk variety. How does over 7,000 different recipes sound? If you use two different recipes every day, it'll take you over 9 1/2 YEARS to use them all! That's a whole lotta' food with never a dull day!

And usually when you have that much information, you get information overload or you can't find what you're looking for, right? Well, they've got that solved! Let's say you want to find a recipe. Now, if you know exactly what you want, there's an easy to use search feature that'll take you right to it. But, who ever knows exactly what they want? (I mean come on...really!) I tend to like to browse a little, so check this out: there are 26 different cookbooks!!!


You can dive in and start turnin' electronic pages to get some ideas! And if you want to bring in some recipes you have from other sources, there's an import feature that works like a charm, so you can add them to your MasterCook without ever leaving the program! Before, you'd have to print it out and now you'd have yet another piece of paper to keep track of! (How's that for convenience?)


Here's a great little feature that I've never seen before. You find something that looks good and you need some ingredients you don't have, so you put together a shopping list. But then you forget to bring it with you! Arrrggg! How's this for a solution: as you're looking over the recipes and putting your list together, you send yourself (or you know who) an e-mail with that list right from the MasterCook program! If you have e-mail on your cell phone or a PDA, you've got the list right there!

As you can probably tell, there's a bunch of features and functions that I haven't even talked about, but believe me, you'll use 'em! After I saw what this program could do, I immediately contacted our suppliers to get hold of as many of these as I could. Right now, in the spirit of helping you all save as much money as possible by eating at home (and eating quite well, I might add) we're letting this go at a really low price. Believe it or not just $10.97!

P.S. It's the end of the week so I have a feelin' these are gonna be gone before ya know it! Snag one now before you forget!

O.K., O.K., O.K...We Heard You!

Sheeesh! This One Has Been FLYIN' Out The Doors

So, We're Gonna Keep This Same Great Offer Open

For As Long As We've Got 'Em On The Shelf

Master THE Most Popular Programs....With EASE!!!

Whooaa!!! THIS... Is A HUGE Course!

1,400 Topics - 20 Bonus Courses, Too!

You know how it is - You've probably been wanting to learn how to use a bunch of programs that you've just dabbled with up til now. Well, here's your chance to really dominate 'em!

And unlock all the bells and whistles that have been lurking under the hood just waiting for you to "Crack the Code"!

So...what programs are we talking about? Well, how about the COMPLETE Microsoft® Office® suite of programs., including:

  • Word® (Word Processor)
  • Excel® (Spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint® (Presentation Program - Slide Shows, etc.)
  • Access® (Database Management)
  • Outlook® (E-mail)

Pretty impressive, heh? But hang on...we've only just started!

Ever wanted to know how to make your own newsletters, brochures, or fliers? (Got you covered!)

How 'bout sprucing up those digital photos you've got sitting on that hard drive? (Got ya there, too!)

Been thinking about putting together a web page? (Oh yeah...we can get you started on that, too!)

Check out this list of courses that are ALSO covered:

  • Microsoft Publisher 2000 and 2003
  • Microsoft Project 98 and 2000
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2003
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft OneNote 2003
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000, 2002, and 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 2003
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 4
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Digital Photography Tutorial

See...told you it was AWESOME! This will keep you busy for quite some time, don't ya think?

And what you're going to find is that this is the Easiest and Fastest way to learn these programs!

This course was created by a company called "LEARN2". Now that may not mean much to you...until you realize that this company's training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies and leading government agencies to train some of their KEY employees for over a decade! Why? Because their system works!

You see, you don't just sit there trying to learn by reading out of a book. (We all know how well THAT usually works - especially trying to learn a computer program. zzzzzzzz) Well, they do something VERY different. Instead, you watch a series of short, but in-depth video presentations, that shows you what to do and how to do it. Each lesson has step-by-step simulations with easy visual and audio instructions.

Learn2 Training Complete: Office 2007 & Windows Vista

The result is this system has proven to increase the rate of retention. In other words, you learn more and you remember what you learn! (How's THAT for a novel concept!)

Oh, and, by the way, this company's training carries the "Microsoft® Approved Courseware" designation. In fact, their training information covers the very same material included in the "MS Certified Specialist" Certification level! So're running with the very best!

And wait til you see what this course covers. (I think you'll be impressed as we were!)

As you might expect from the title, this program covers the entire suite of Microsoft® Office® programs...ALL of them!

But hang on a second...check this out.

How many times have you tried to learn a program but then the teaching information was for a DIFFERENT version of the program than YOU had? (You've got last year's version, but the program covers the latest version, which (of course) you just don't happen to have!) This program not only has the most current version of MS Office®, but it ALSO has the earlier versions... for each program that makes up MS Office®!

So even if you don't have the latest version of each MS Office® program, you don't need to let that stop you. Learn the version that you have right now. If you decide to upgrade your MS Office® in the future, fine, learn those versions at that time. Or if you really want to increase your job skills, learn all of the programs and become familiar with all of the versions. (Hello, "Super Star" !)

Just so you know, this is T-H-E FULL- BLOWN training course on Microsoft®® Office®®. (There is a "shortened" version of this course that's called, "Learn2 Training Essentials"). This is ain't it. This is, "LEARN2 Training Complete". And there's a reason they called it that.

This program comes with Five!!! (count 'em... FIVE CD-ROMs, each packed with audio and video presentations! And each CD-ROM features in-depth instruction on an Office® program as well as an introduction to Windows® Vista®. There's over 1400 topics covered! The bottom-line: go thru this course, complete the exercises and YOU WILL KNOW Microsoft® Office®.

To give you some idea of the depth covered in these courses, I took some screenshots for you to look at.

Here I opened the section on Microsoft® Access® (the database program). Once inside, you see the Course Menu for Level 1


When you click on one of the modules, you'll see the lessons within that module. (Here you can see the lessons within Module 3.)


Once you click on one of the lessons, you see the presentations within that lesson.


Here's a screenshot of one of the exercises in Access®. As you can see, the training is VERY thorough!


And if you're already familiar with Microsoft® Office® but you'd like to "brush-up" a little or if you'd like to increase your skills in a certain area, no problem. You'll love the way these modules are set up because you can focus on any one specific area you want OR learn any of the programs from the ground up!

Imagine... the pride and feeling of accomplishment you'll feel when you've mastered THE most popular computer programs used today.

So...if you've been putting off learning Microsoft® Office® for whatever reason, now's your chance to succeed and move forward. And to take ALL of the stumbling blocks out of your way. While other sites have retailed this for as much as $49.99, we're going to give you a FANTASTIC price of just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE!

PS -Take control of your future and gain a Competitive Advantage in today's job market today! Order your copy of Learn2 Training Complete for Microsoft® Office® & Windows® Vista® today!

Yikes! The price is going up to $16.97 Thursday! Better order now!! 

Computers 101
Q: Help! I sent an e-mail in AOL or Gmail and realized I shouldn't have! What can I do?

A: Sometimes we send out emails that we wish we hadn't or had hoped we could un-send. Well, now there is an option to do just that! This feature is in Gmail and there is also one for AOL, although it can only be used for AOL clients. The Gmail un-send button can be used for any mail provider. As long as you use it immediately in no more than 5 seconds.

Gmail un-send email button:
Here is how it works when you are log in to your Gmail account. You will first have to activate the feature, therefore you can have it on hand every time you send an email. Go to Gmail Labs > turn on Undo Send > Enable. After you have composed an email and have hit the send button, you have five seconds to click the undo link to recall the email.

AOL unsend email button:
Go to your Sent Items box right – click hit the un-send command link. A message box will be shown asking if are sure you want to unsend the message. If you are sure choose yes.

A message box will appear letting you know it has been unsent and that message will disappear out of that persons’ inbox.

Next, time you ever feel the need to unsend an email, now you can!

~Tweety Dimes

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MS Office

Saving Pictures in MS PowerPoint

Did you know that you can save a picture from a PowerPoint presentation into a different picture format?

Maybe you need a Clip Art saved as a jpeg or gif?

Whatever your reason or need to get that picture into a different format here's what you need to know to accomplish the task at hand.

Start with a right-click on the picture to be saved.

From the menu that opens choose "Save as Picture".

The Save As Picture dialog window will open where you can save as usual… just be sure to not only name your picture but also pull down the list and choose a file type.

Click Save.


The picture is yours in the format you require.

And… one more thing… in an older version of PowerPoint I was able to make this same type of picture save with a Diagram (process, hierarchy, venn, etc…) and in PowerPoint 2007 it worked very nicely with the SmartArt.

Now that's what I call useful - create the diagram or SmartArt, save it in a typical picture file format and use it almost anywhere!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff


It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Photoshop For 10 Bucks!

OK, it's Not Photoshop - But It's Just Like It!

Looks Like Photoshop, Acts Like Photoshop, Works Like Photoshop!

But For A FRACTION Of The Price!

Don't Fork Out $400.00 For Adobe PhotoShop!

Edit, Enhance, And Share Your Photos!

You're Gonna Be BLOWN AWAY!!

Seriously - just look at the screen shots below - this really looks and performs just like Adobe Photoshop! This has to be the most incredible software find we've ever come across! You'll save HUNDREDS and have pretty much the same program! WOW!

Let me guess - you'd love to have Adobe PhotoShop but that $400 price tag holds ya back. Wouldn't it great if someone made a program LIKE Photoshop, only cheaper? Oh, we found it! It's PhotoDesigner Pro and just look at those screen shots below - it looks and acts just like the $400 Adobe Photoshop! Layers, tools, filters - give this a try and you'll think you're using Photoshop!

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, could it really be like Photoshop? Let me tell ya, once I installed it, I was really surprised! You open it up and it really looks and performs pretty much exactly like Adobe Photoshop! The tools and layout look just slightly (very slightly) different, but it's all there! It features layers, adjustment layers, masks, effects, has pretty much all the same filters, rulers, tools - it's all there! Heck, going through the menus, you have to remind yourself that you're NOT using actually Photoshop! 

Oh, just wait till you see the tools - that was my concern, but they're all there! The clone stamp, gradient tool, red-eye removal tool, crop tool, paint bucket, smudge tool, burn & dodge tools, the blur & sharpen tools, scratch removal tool, color picker, text tools, shapes, selection tools like Magic Wand or "shapes" - whew - on and on! You name the Photoshop tool, this has it! 

Same goes for the rest of the program - the filters from Photoshop are all there! My personal favorites - the High Pass, Unsharpen Mask, Gaussian blur, Sharpen, and Lighting Effects - all there along with a total of 44 regular filters at your disposal! Everything you need to add that little extra punch to your photos!

As for the the image adjustments, you have 'em all too! We're talking Curves, Levels, Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast, Color Balance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Gradient Map - and more! It's all there - just like Photoshop! 

I tell ya, if you want Photoshop but can't justify the expense, this is a no-brainer! Heck, even if you can justify the expense, why not take a look at this first? I've never seen a program that was soooo close to Photoshop!

With this program you are getting tons of ways to use professional level tools that will have everyone wondering who you hired to edit your photos! This program goes above and beyond basic photo editing software. It not only acts like Photoshop - it actually works with Adobe Photoshop files too - you can open Photoshop images, edit them and save them back into the native Photoshop format!! Of course, it will work with all the photo files on your computer and work with your digital camera / scanner too!

In addition to looking and acting like Photoshop, it's jam-packed with over 200 instant effects (these are REALLY cool), 140 picture brushes and 30 tutorials- all of which make this program unbeatable! Add your own message to your photos with the editable text function. Use the automated images correction for quick and easy photo editing. Create your own amazing effects with a few clicks of your mouse! Automatically create awesome web animations! Even turn your documents into print-ready PDF's with encryption and password protection!

Like I said, pretty much Photoshop's twin! It even has a pressure sensitive feature that works with a graphics tablet if you have one! Depending on how hard you press on the tablet, the program will know whether or not you to use a think or a thin brush! How absolutely sweet is that?

After playing with this for an hour or so (It's really fun), I came to the conclusion that anything I've been doing with Photoshop could be done in this - and using the same tools and techniques too! Why pay $400 for Photoshop when there's something like this on the market? You've got to try it - I promise, you'll be impressed!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this photo editor is going to amaze you! But the price is incredible in itself. You could pay almost $400.00 for Abode Photoshop, or you could check out this great program for just $9.97 and US Shipping is Free! (PLUS - save an extra 10% with the coupon at the beginning of the newsletter!)Heck, for that kind of money, you can't afford to pass this one up! If you don't agree that this is just like Photoshop, you can even send it back for a refund within 60 days! No risk to you at all - give this a try, it's really unbelievable how much Photoshop DNA this seems to have!

PS - Don't miss the boat on this one! It'll blow you away!



This Isn't For Everyone.... Only For Those of us



This is a cleaver little idea you probably wish YOU had thought of! A Ceiling Fan Vacuum Cleaner Attachment!!!

Think about it..Ceiling fans are a real nuisance to clean. .First you have to stand on a ladder (or balance on a chair like some of us "dare devils"...O.K.... "lazy people"). And the problem is that you have to reach HIGH enough to be able to get over the TOP of the fan blades! After all, the top of the blade is where most of the dust congregates, right?. (You can probably tell I've done this once or twice before, which is why I absolutely HATE doing it!)

Anyway, then you have to wipe off the top of the blade and at least half of the dust falls down onto your face and hair. (Believe it or not, there's actually a term for this! It's called, "Dust fallout." )

Well, check this out: We came across this neat little gizmo that's really does make cleaning fans a WHOLE lot easier, faster and a lot less messy!

All you have to do is slip the Ceiling Fan Vac Attachment onto the nozzle or hose of your vacuum cleaner and whoosh! Pretty slick, heh? It has a unique hinge design that allows the vacuum "fingers" to open and close around ceiling fan blades. And since the Ceiling Fan attachment covers both the top and bottom of the fan blade, you save time by cleaning BOTH sides at the same time!

It comes with an easy-to-use universal adapter so it'll fit all major brands of vacuums including:

Eureka, Electrolux. Hoover, Kenmore, Kirby, Panasonic, Royal, Fantom, Shop-Vac, any 1-1/4" vacuum hose.


So, scoop one of these up (get it?...that was a cleaning joke!!) You'll be "cleaning up" (there I go again!) at just $12.97!

P.S. - Thought you'd find it as handy as we did. Grab it now!

Today at

Let's Make a New Folder!

Maybe you're getting ready for spring cleaning this month and you've included "clean that computer!" in your list of things to do. The best way to clean a PC is to organize, and the best way to do this is by making some folders to put all of your useful (and useless) files and applications in! Check out the WS today for the lowdown!

The History of Eating Utensils

See that fork in your hand? It's got a history; a whole rich tapestry of designs and perfecting augmentations to make it what it is today: perfect. There's a lot more to it, though, not just the fork. Check out the Cool Site on today and see for yourself! It might be the best day of your knife....err, life!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

How to Rip DVDs with ImgBurn

If you know about using the VLC player to rip a DVD to an MPEG-1 file, then remember it’s not the only way. Technically, this gets the job done, but there are other options available. Storage is very cheap, so why not retain the full image quality and size as well as all the menus, languages, subtitles and bonus material from the original DVD? Using ImgBurn for free (, you can rip the entire disc to an ISO file and then use the VLC player to watch the DVD just like you would have if you had the physical disc in your drive.

After downloading and installing ImgBurn, a wizard will appear and offer you a few choices.

You will need to choose ‘Create image file from disc’.

Before we start ripping, we have to prevent ImgBurn from splitting the file into multiple parts. This is because we want a single ISO file of the entire disc. Go to Tools > Settings and click on the Read tab. Under Options, change the value of File Splitting from Auto to None. Click OK to go back to the main screen.

The main screen shows you everything you would want to know about the disc. Under Destination, click the folder and navigate to a location where you want to store the image file. Be sure you have enough space. Look in the window on the right, the value for Size is how many bytes the disc contains (this disc is 4.6 Gigs).

When you are ready, click the button at the bottom with the green arrow. The ripping process will begin and the screen will give you a progress indicator including the estimated time remaining.

This will take some time, so it you might as well occupy yourself with something else! A dual layer disc can hold more than 8 Gigs and you should rip at the lowest speed you can bear for best results.

When it’s done you will have a file called ‘Name of the disc’ .ISO.

Now, start VLC player and select Open > File. Navigate to the ISO file and select it. VLC player will start playing the file and the result will be the same as it would if you were playing the physical disc.

Now you can enjoy the full quality and functionality of the DVD without having to lug around all the discs.

ImgBurn is a very powerful piece of software that does a lot of other things, including burning image files to disc, and it is completely FREE! It runs on all versions of Windows, including Vista and all 64-bit versions of Windows.

One thing ImgBurn will NOT do is rip encrypted discs (discs with CSS and/or Macrovision). For that, you need a tool called DVD Decrypter. The developer of DVD Decrypter no longer works on the software due to issues with the Macrovision corporation and the obvious DMCA violations that the product allows. It wouldn’t be proper to advise you on how to rip protected material or commit DMCA violations, but if you do happen to obtain a copy of DVD Decrypter, you will see that its interface and operation is very similar to that of ImgBurn.

~Zahid Javali

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Today's Feature

Friday Funnies!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Famous People with Disabilities

I think this site is a blessing to parents who have children with disabilities. It provides them with role models that they can look at who have made a success out of their life in spite of whatever disability they have had to face. I know as a child it would have given me hope.

I suffer from severe social anxiety. There was a time where it was nauseating just to pick up the phone and make a cold call. The anxiety can take over your life and leave you unable to even leave the house. I was watching TV one night and discovered that Paula Dean suffered from the same issue – she had panic attacks that were so severe she couldn’t leave her house. She inspired me to take back control of my life. If she could do it – so could I.

Navigation is really easy, scroll down the page, and you’ll find a listing of different disabilities. After a short definition of what the disability is, you’ll find a link that will take you to a listing of famous people who have or have had that disability.

The listing will give you a brief introduction as to who the person is, and what their disability is, as well as, how they overcame it or how they deal with it.

On a more lighthearted note you can also check out the galleries of famous people when they were young. These images are split into two categories: female famous people, and male famous people.

This site could be a great tool for inspiring someone with a disability to reach inside themselves and find hope to overcome it against all odds. Check it out today!


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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper


Proven to be the best lens cleaning system in the world!

Use What The Camera Pros Use

(But... Get It At A Discount!)

Voted "Accessory of The Year" by Photo Trade News...Four Years In A Row!!!

This is going to be short and sweet: If you have any kind of camera lens, THIS is what you need to clean it safely!

Simple to use:

One end has a convenient, retractable brush made of soft, natural bristles is used to dust away any hard particles or contaminants.

The other end is a long-lasting, specialized "cleaning tip", to wipe away fingerprints and other smudges

Extensive laboratory tests show that the innovative LensPen outperforms other lens cleaning systems. including high quality optical lens tissue and cloth!

See for yourself!!!

Surfaced cleaned for 10 seconds using a high quality optical cloth

Surface cleaned for 10 seconds using LensPen


I could blab on and on all day about how great the LensPen is. But don't take MY word for it. Check out what the pro's have to say!

"I've used LensPen for years and think it's brilliant." Jonathan Guttman, Photographer

"Your product is without a doubt the best product on the market for cleaning sensors on digital cameras." Michael Corral, Professional Photographer Sherman Oaks, CA

"I've used your product for many years in the field of outdoor television. It is an invaluable product that I have stressed for years to outdoor cameraman." Steve Finch - Producer

"I have two LensPens, one in my desk, and one in my camera bag." Robert Cameron Ward, Photographer

"I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Thanks LensPen!" Igor Teichman

"We loved our LensPen!" Shainee Gabel and Kristin Hahn - Filmakers/authors

"Within about 8 minutes I had 3 lenses clean and sparkling, both front and rear elements. It looks as though the glass is brand new." Guy Prince

"...I've been showing the "LensPen" to people on my workshops and other places I go and talking about it in seminars I do."Ken Lassiter, Senior Photo Education Consultant, Photo Imaging Education Association

"I think LensPen is a great product. It works extremely well and I know it will never damage my valuable Leica lenses. I have a LensPen in each camera bag, one in my photo vest and another on the shelf in my camera cabinet." John Camelford, Pond's Foto Source

"I am a strident supporter of the LensPen! It definitely is a superior product." Andy Long, First Light Productions

"'s the best little gadget I've found for use around the telescope in a long, long time. I've never had a problem of any kind in several years of use and do not hesitate to use it on the most expensive optics!" Rod Mollise, Author of Choosing and USing a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Heck...even the Critics Love It!!!

"...the special LensPen pad is the most efficient and effective method of removing most damaging materials from the lens surface...On our test bench the LensPen proved to be very effective in removing a variety of common contaminants from camcorder lenses. The pad was by far the most effective in removing fingerprints from the lens surface, out-performing most lens cleaning cloths by a noticeable amount. It's probably the cheapest insurance you will ever purchase." VideoCamera and Electronic Imaging Magazine

Use it for all these types of lenses:

Cameras, Camcorders, Binoculars, Telescopes, Microscopes,Rifle Scopes, even Night Vision!

Here's what you need to know:

If you have a small lens, grab the LensPen "miniPROII"

If you have a Inter-changeable SLR lenses, grab the LensPen Original!

Might want to do what some of the professional photographers above do: grab a couple!

Your cost? Get this - just $10.97 and US shipping is FREE! For that price, you gotta give it a go!! In fact, with the small size, I just picked up three! That way, no matter where I am, I know my lens will always be clean and my pictures will be sharp! I love it! and I know you will too!

Small Lenspen For Point & Shoot Style Cameras (miniPro II):

Large Lenspen Original for SLR (interchangeable lens) cameras (or binoculars, scopes, etc)

P.S. LensPen may not make you a better photographer, but you'll feel like a Pro while you keep your camera and other lenses clean. Grab 'em while we still got 'em!

Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

Here's April's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

All can be found here:



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