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Computer Tips [ Top 10 Virus Attachments + The Conficker Clone + 4 More F-Key Tricks + End the Autorun Headache ] 04/08/2009

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Quick Tips

What the F-key? F9 through F12

Our semi-final exploration into function keys might surprise some of you out there. There's really not a whole lot of “functionality” at the end of the row, but let's look anyways.

Just to refresh:

Function keys are pretty versatile, but some only have purpose specific to the program that's running at the time. They're mainly used as shortcuts or in conjunction with the CTRL, ALT, and Shift keys. We'll talk about that soon.

For now, here are the basics of function keys F9 – F12.

F9 – Another program-specific function key, I just call it “lazy”, though... Well, if you're using MS Word the F9 key will update the selected field, so that's one thing it can do!

F10 – This key is used to access the Menu Bar in programs (File, Edit, View, Etc.). Good for zapping up there if you need to access some of the menu functions.

F11 – Is used in Internet Explorer to toggle the full screen view, also known as “KIOSK” mode.

F12 – Another “lazy” key, although some individual programs may have functions assigned to it. In MS Word this can be used as the “Save As” command.

And there you have it! I feel pretty functional, personally, but next time around we'll extend the use of the F-keys to include the ALT, CTRL and Shift commands!
Woo! Exciting! :)


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It's far from over yet, everyone! Our deals are just as big and our tips are just as awesome! Some would say I use that word a little too much, and to that I say look below for an awesome tip on virus recognition, April's awesome Office Tip and Gary's security article for the week! See? Awesome! That's not all though! Have you ever wondered how to disable Autorun? Well, you'll know how after today; especially if you want to take full advantage of Gary's aforementioned security alert! Don't forget Amanda's Cool Site either! This is one heck of a day, so enjoy it! :)


Back... By Popular Demand...

The Most Common Type of Memory Card

At An Uncommonly Low Price!!!

SanDisk 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card (Red)

These ultra-compact, rugged, little "cards" are removable storage units for products and devices that use a lot of data. As an example, think back when you were looking at computers a few years ago. If you saw a computer that had 10 GB of storage, you were AMAZED! "That's huge!," you probably said to yourself. "I'll NEVER use that much storage!"

Fast-forward to today. Since that time, we've all grown more accustom to the convenience and low-cost of relying on "digital media". For example, having songs played on our computers instead of having to buy CD's. We're taking digital photos instead of 35mm. We're even watching movies on our computers instead of using VCR tapes and players. In short, our need for additional storage to hold all of this information in a digital form has increased tremendously. So that 10 GB computer back then, is a drop in the bucket in today's world! Well, same thing with hand-held, portable devices. More and more information is able to be used with these portable devices. So instead of having to buy bigger (and more expensive) devices, manufacturers have given us the ability to just add more storage to the devices we already have simply by popping in a portable memory card!

SD memory cards (SD is short for "Secure Digital") are the market leader in digital storage. These cards are widely used by more than 400 brands across dozens of product categories and in more than 8,000 models of all sorts of portable devices like digital cameras, hand-held PCs, game consoles (think kids and grandkids), printers, camcorders, and other electronic products. That's why these little suckers are so popular!

This particular memory card has a huge amount of storage - 2 GB!

What you may find interesting is that some people actually get more than one of these! So, you may be asking yourself, "Why would you want to have one or even two of these?" Good question...glad you asked! Here are a few ways these memory cards are being used as inexpensive solutions by many people. See how of THESE creative ideas YOU can use.

Send one to the kids and tell them you'd love it if they would send you some photos of themselves. You're even willing to send them a Memory Card they can use and mail to you (You'll guilt them into taking pictures and sending them to you! As an added incentive, you can tell them after they take the photos with the card, if they want to email the photos or send them on a CD, they can keep the card as a gift! (Believe me...this strategy works great!)

If you share a camera with your spouse/significant other, each of you can use your own memory card for the photos you each take. Having separate memory cards is a simple (and cheap!) way for each of you to keep your own photos organized and eliminate a lot of hassles!

Organize projects more efficiently. Keep one card to use for each of your projects for your own convenience (and sanity!). Or use one card for "Business" and one for "Personal" use.

Make Photo Taking More Convenient By Keeping One Memory Card With Each Camera You Use - If you have more than one digital camera, keep one memory card with each camera. Then you don't have to worry about remembering to bring one with you all the time!

Increase the storage capacity of your mp3 players and other portable devices. All mp3 players have a built-in amount of storage. And you can increase the amount of storage by plugging in a memory card! So, as an example, if your mp3 player has 4 GB of memory, and you plug in a memory card that has 2 GB of storage (i.e. "memory") you've just increase the storage capacity that your mp3 player has by 50%! (Of course, just make note of the type of memory card that your player uses to be sure the memory card you get is compatible.)

Use More Maps With Your GPS receiver. Do you use your GPS a lot? Do you LOVE using maps and could use more but don't have enough storage on your GPS? No problem! Most GPS units have a slot for this EXACT reason: so you can add additional memory! Now you'll be able to download a TON of those useful (but storage-hogging) color maps? No need to run out and buy a new GPS. Just a

What was I talking about?....Oh, yeah..that's right, I forgot...Memory Cards! (Don't ya wish they they made Memory Cards for humans? I'd definitely buy a couple cases of 'em!) Anyway, getting back to uses...

Electronic Books - Have you used been using "electronic books" like many people have? These are becoming popular because of the convenience. Instead of having to drag a book around, many people have "electronic books" which are exactly what they sound like: portable devices you can download books in digital format! Well, the more books you want, the more storage you need.

Hopefully you're starting to see a pattern here. Memory cards just make life simpler and more convenient, that's all. And SD memory cards are considered the "de-facto industry standard"!

And this 2 GB memory card can hold a HUGE amount of stuff! To put that in perspective, that's 1,540 photos taken with a 10 Megapixel camera (in Fine mode!). More than enough room for an entire vacation! No more tryin' to keep track of a bunch of little cards when you can keep everything on ONE card!

2 GB is over 68 hours of music. (Obviously these numbers are approximate and the exact amount depends on the size of the data and compression used. But still, that's a ton!)

And...we were lucky enough to get our hands on a bunch of these and we'd like to pass along the savings to you! And we especially want to make this a super deal to people who may have heard of memory cards but haven't used them before. Well, now's your chance to pick up one or two at a great deal! Hopefully some of the ideas above may have given you some ideas of your own.

We're blowin' these out the door at a ridiculously low price of just $8.97 AND US shipping is FREE! So get a few of these while you can get 'em at a great price!


P.S. - Go over the list of uses above and try some of those ideas for yourself!

So Thin You Can Roll It Up Like a Newspaper

And Stick It In Your Pocket!

You know, we've had these before and I LOVE IT! But I just realized, I never mentioned why this magnifying sheet is so useful: It's because it's so thin!!!

And when I mean "thin", I REALLY MEAN THIN!

You know, we get these products in here and we actually use them. But sometimes I forget that although I've got one of these things in my hands, you're not here so, unfortunately, you don't have the benefit of seeing exactly what I'm seeing, and that's especially true for something that can only be appreciated LIVE and in person! And, well, this is one of those times.

There's a reason why they call this a "Magnifier Sheet"...and that's because it really is sheet! That means it's very flexible! And I happened to look at the photo and I thought to myself, and I said "Self," that's what I usually call myself when no one's around, otherwise they'd think I was crazy talking when no one else was around.) Anyway, I said, "Self...in that photo, this magnifier looks like it's thick, bulky and not very practical to carry around!" And the fact that this thing is flexible and so easy to work with is the best thing about it!

You see, in our area we get two sizes of phone books: the regular size and the same book with all the information and listings but in a MUCH smaller size. I happen to keep this one in the car 'cuz it's small and doesn't take up much room. The problem with it though is that the print is so darn small it's really hard to read, even with reading glasses! So, I took the magnifier and tried it and guess what? I could read the dang small print...all of it! Yeah, this thing works really well! Magnifies like, well, a magnifying glass. But a lot easier to handle and work with!

And when I'm done, I can take this magnifying sheet and stick it above the visor! (Yep, it's THAT thin!) Or I can roll it up and toll it in the glove box or just shove it under or the seat! No more having to worry about sittin' on my glasses in the car (been there, did that, no thanks!)

You can also keep one in your briefcase so you always have it with you. Also there are punch-out tabs so you can even put it in a three-ring binder if you want! Like I said, this is NOT bulky at all so you can take it where ever you want.

And just so you know, even though this magnifying sheet is flexible, it's very sturdy and durable. This will hold up well in all kinds of places for all kinds of uses. Your office, workshop, heck even stick one in your toolbox...yeah, it's that good! Anyway, just thought I'd tell you why I like this magnifying sheet so much.

So, make your life a lot easier and grab one or two of these - keep one around the house and grab another for where ever you can use it!

So you can pick up a couple of these, we want to give you a special deal. So... your cost? How 'bout just $9.97 and US shipping is FREE! And tell you what, grab one today and we'll thow in a second one..for FREE! Order two...you'll get a total of four!


P.S. - I know you're gonna love this! Get 'em while we got 'em right now!

Special Note - These went like crazy the last time we sold them! If you missed out, here's one more shot at 'em! Don't get left behind, these are the just the handiest little adapters! I already have one in my laptop bag - it's so small and easy to carry, I LOVE it!

WOW! What An Absolutely Brilliant Idea!

The Ultimate USB Adapter!

You'll ALWAYS Have The Right Cable!

Adapter Works With Every Popular USB Connection!

OK, this thing is just too cool to pass up! Someone had the creativity on overdrive when this idea popped into their head! I seriously don't think I've ever seen a better USB adapter!

What am I going on about? Well, we've got these really cool 6 Connection USB Cable Adapters - and what an incredible idea! Seems like I am forever looking for a lost USB cable to this gadget or that device. With this, one unit has all the connections you'll ever need! Super idea!

These have FIVE - count 'em FIVE - different USB connections PLUS the included retractable cable doubles as a USB extension cord!

To use the adapter, just rotate the main part of it and plug it into your device! It's shaped so that each type of plug has plenty of room to plug into your device without hitting the other plugs! Very slick if you ask me!

Oh, and this is super-easy to take along with you on any trip - and really handy to have on or around your desk too! I've already needed it to hook up a card reader! Works with ANY USB Device - we haven't seen one yet this won't plug into!

I tell ya - if you use USB, this can really be a lifesaver! Keep this handy and you'll never be looking around for a cord when you need to plug something in! Sure, you may not use it every day, but believe me - you'll be REALLY glad you have it when that day comes that you really need it!

Your cost? Just $9.97 and US shipping is FREEFor that kind of money, it's crazy to pass this up! Have a look:


Hurry - not sure how long these babies are gonna last! Incredible idea, and you just KNOW you're gonna need one eventually! (And probably sooner rather than later)

PS - This price will increase to $12.97 soon!


Computers 101

What kind of attachments can contain viruses?

Basically, anything that is executable (able to run). You're generally safe with picture files, text files, and the like. However, it still pays to scan first.

Here is a (very) short list of the most common to watch out for:


Those are the most common. Please, please, I beg you, don't misinterpret this to mean that if you get one of these files it's automatically a virus. A ".zip" file may be nothing more than a set of compressed files your friend sent you to look at. A "doc" or "xls" file may simply be an MS Office file. It's just that these type of files could also be viruses.

A couple other virus tricks you need to be aware of. First, MS Office files can contain what are called "Macro Viruses". Without getting into too much detail, these files can run a "macro" (a macro is a mini-program run from within another program) that can be as destructive as any "regular" virus. So, my advice on MS Office attachments is not to open them unless you are expecting them. If they just show up, verify with the sender first.

The other trick you need to look out for is an extra extension added to an attached file. For example, you may have something like "mypicture.jpg.vbs". In fact, if you don't have your computer set to view file extensions, it may just look like "mypicture.jpg" and omit that last "vbs" part.

This may appear to be a jpg picture file, but it's actually a Visual Basic Script file. If executed, it will happily infect your computer with a virus.

So, be careful out there.


Feel safer now? Not so much? Then rate or add to this tip here:

MS Office

Going to the Edge

Are you an Excel user who often works with huge ranges of data?

It's sort of annoying when you're trying to move from one end of the range to the other, isn't it?

You can scroll for what feels like an eternity (and then probably pass the end of the data up anyway) or hit the Page Up / Down key about a million times. But no matter what, it's so frustrating

Want a quicker way to get to the edge?

First of all, the "edge" is the edge of the data range, of course.

A data range is a set of cells that contain continuous data. The range is at an end when an empty row or column breaks the current data range into a new one.

In a quick click, click, you can get Excel to move the cell selector to any of the four edges of the data range.

To move to an edge, simply move your mouse pointer to the edge of a selected cell in the data range (it will become a four way arrow) and double click.

If you double click on the right side of a cell, the cell selector will move to the right edge of the data range.

Also, if you double click on the bottom edge of a cell, the cell selector will move to the bottom of the data range.

I'm sure you get the idea. It works for the top and left sides too.

Give it a try. With just a double click, you too can be at the edge!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Earphones That Sound Great...

And That Are ACTUALLY Comfortable!

Bendy-z Ear Phones

The Great Sound Of Headphones

With The Comfort of Ear-Buds

If you've ever tried to listen music with earphones (or "earbuds" as they're often called) you probably have had the same gripes that I've had with 'em. Yeah, they're lightweight but the trouble is you have to "balance" them in your ear canal. And then they usually fall out, so you have to jam 'em so far into your ear that they're REALLY uncomfortable. And then you also have to watch the volume OR ELSE YOU GET BLASTED AWAY!!! So, I had just resigned myself to the fact that they were just more trouble than they were worth.

Well...we found the solution! Well, I've just come across a NICE set that sound GREAT (YES...they're STEREO! ) and are VERY comfortable. (In fact, I'm wearing 'em right now as I'm writing this!)

Let's face it, if earphones aren't comfortable, who cares how they sound, cuz you'll never wear 'em to ever find out! Well, these stream-lined earphones really deliver not only on great sound but comfort too!

Here's why these "Stereo Earphones" work:

First off, each earpiece fits over and behind your ear, so they stay out of the way. And that piece is bendable so you can adjust it to your own comfort level! (Makes a huge difference!)

The other thing I like about these is that the earpiece is wrapped in a thin layer of rubber-neoprene so that makes 'em very comfortable as well. So when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there...comfortably, and doesn't fall out! And I noticed that by being able to position the earpiece itself, that also explains why the sound is so good!

These are all small points but they're important. And when you point them all together, you have a really great set of earphones that you can take where ever you go! In fact, you can use these at your computer desk if you're working on your computer late at night or early in the morning and you need to keep the sound down.

And the cord is long enough (4 foot) without being too long so as to get tangled and in the way. (Another small point but something I've noticed as a problem with other earphones I've tried!)

And in case you were wonderin', this is the common plug (3.5 mm) that fits into the front and your computer and most other audio devices, like portable radios, laptops, cd /dvd/mp3 players, etc.

Do NOT let the low price fool you on this. We just happened to get a great deal on these so we're passin' along the savings! Believe it or not, these are just $8.97 and shipping in the US is FREE!


P.S. - At this price, might want to consider picking up 2 or three of these so you have one at your computer, one in the car and one you can stick in your pocket or purse for walks or bike rides!

Special Price! Today Only!!

An Incredible Interactive Bible Resource Library

The Word BIBLE Collection Suite

Just In Time For EASTER!!!

This is really an AMAZING compilation of information that is absolutely HUGE!!! In fact, if this information was contained in good ol' "paper" books, it would definitely take up one full room...that's how much information is contained in this collection! (Not to mention the fact that it would cost many thousands of dollars...if it was even available.)

This interactive resource collection will bring the Bible to life for you and give you all the information you could possibly want - right at your finger tips!

Take a look at what's inside:

  • 64 Bible resources
  • 150,000 Verse References
  • 125 colored maps in rich, detail!
  • 19 Commentaries and Reference Lists


Plus, look at all the different Bible versions that are contained (30 in all) including:

  • King James 1611 (KJV)
  • King James with Strong's Numbers
  • American Standard 1917
  • Basic English
  • Darby's Modern Translation
  • Young's Literal Translation
  • Donay Rheims (Catholic) 1899
  • Webster's Translation 1611
  • Weymouth NT Translation
  • World English

And for those of you who would like to get into a greater, detailed historical view, you have Bibles in these ancient texts and well-known, sought after translations:

  • German Luther Bible
  • The Reina-Valera (first complete edition of the Bible in the Spanish)
  • The Statenvertaling (Dutch)
  • Hebrew and Greek Original
  • Hebrew and Greek Transliterated
  • Latin (Biblica Sacra Vulgata VULGATE)

If you've been looking for a way to maximize and streamline your study and devotional time, wait til you see what you'll be able to do:

The "Side-by-Side desktop study" feature lets you put different resources together on your computer screen in ONE useful interface

Bible Collection2

  • Compare the stories of the four authors of the gospel
  • View vivid, detailed maps and follow the path of Jesus as you read about His travels
  • Keep your own personal study notes with your own personal thoughts and reflections and journal entries.
  • Easily copy and paste Bible verses for Bible study discussion groups, classes or for your own personal study "journal"
  • Email texts you come across to family or friends
  • Export to Word®, PDF or HTML all of your notes or information you'd like to show for reference material

Here's a great little feature you're really gonna love!

Let's say you come to a verse and you decide you'd like to HEAR the "Word" instead of read it, just click on the drop down menu and press, "Play". And your browser will open and you'll instantly be taken to the well-known, BibleGateway.com website where you can select the verses you'd like to listen to! (You need to be connected to the Internet for this feature.)


And if you need assistance anywhere along the way, use the "Help Videos" to learn how to use all the features and resources that are available!

How 'bout this: Take a Photo Tour of the "Ancient Lands" Jerusalem, featuring over 480 awesome color photos.

PLUS, as a special, "Added Bonus" you get the "Christian Greeting Card Creator" along with over 200 Religious Clipart Images!

Instead of buying "generic" cards at the store, why not make your own to give as gifts! Create your own, "Special Message" for holidays and other special occasions. Give a personal gift and save a TON of money in the process!!!

These make great gifts that'll last a lifetime! We're celebrating the Easter season by making these available at a deep discount so that everyone can afford to have this fabulous collection. Your cost? Just 8.97 And US Shipping is FREE!


PS - Don't miss out - Prices are going up soon and this replaces thousands of dollars worth of material! You gotta try it!

Price is going to $14.97 tomorrow! Grab this QUICK!

Today at WorldStart.com

Go Wireless!

Do you use headphones to listen to music on your stereo or even your MP3 player or iPod? And when you do, don't you always have to deal with all those cords that connect from the player to your ears. Well, how would you like to go wireless with your headphones? Does that sound good? If so, head over to the WS site today!

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Did you know that the term "Spam" originally came from a Monty Python skit? That's Spam, eggs, sausage and Spam! Learn about the real deal (the food, not the e-mail blitz) at the Worldstart site right now!

Here's the link you need: http://www.worldstart.com/ Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

How to Disable Autorun

Autorun is a feature that's been included with Windows since 1995, and what it does is looks for a file on an inserted CD called Autorun.inf. If it finds it, then it executes any program associated with it. This is fine for trusted software, but it can also execute malicious programs like viruses and spyware, too. The safe computer user disables Autorun altogether.

Steve's Warning: Messing around in your registry is risky business! Worldstart cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer or operating system from editing your registry. That is all. :)

Here's how you do it in Windows XP.

Click: Start>Run and type in "Regedit" without the quotes.

You're now in the Registry Editor, a dark and scary place within Windows. Be ye not afraid, though. We'll only be here a moment!

Click: HKEY_LOCALMACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Services>Cdrom Then double click "Autorun". Don't worry about anything else in here except the number. Change the value from 1 to 0.

Click OK and Restart your computer. See? Wasn't that easy?

Okay, so what about Vista?

The same process applies here with a slight twist at the end:

Type "Regedit" into the Search Bar, minus the quotes.

Click : HKEY_LOCALMACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Services>Cdrom, then double-click "Autorun" and change the value from 1 to 0. Click OK just like before.

Here's the M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end. Click your Start button and type "Autoplay" into your Search Bar and hit Enter.

Uncheck the box that says "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices".

Restart. Just to be thorough.

Pat yourself on the back, you've successfully edited the registry and are safer as a result! :)


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Today's Feature


It seems that in the world of computers, there is never a peaceful time. Just last week people were worried about the Conficker bug, now we have another one with some very strange similarities. This new threat is called Neeris, and the only reason I call it “new” is because it is starting to spread wider than it has in the past. In reality, however, this worm has been around for a very long time, at least in computer years.

Neeris first came out in May of 2005 and didn't catch much traction. It exploited an older flaw that was very similar to the security hole that the current Conficker worm uses. Because of this, it was easy for virus authors to modify it to be just like Conficker. The Neeris worm also uses a similar method of distribution, and is spreading now mostly through flash drives and disks with an autorun file on them. It will prompt the user to “run” when the drive is connected and if they are not aware and click the OK, it will install the worm on your system.

While this worm is scary because of it's similarities to Conficker, it is also just as easy to take care of. If you make sure that your computer is up to date, you'll have little to worry about. You can also help protect yourself even more by turning off the autorun option on your drives. This will ensure that you won't be fooled by this tricky worm.

To learn how to turn off the autorun feature check the article above or click here.


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Amanda's Coolsite


Do you have electronics just sitting around collecting dust? Have you recently upgraded a game console, laptop, or heck even your cell phone? Well, why are you hanging on to that stuff when you could be getting money for it?

Welcome to Gazelle, a site that is dedicated to helping you get your old electronics out of your house where they are collecting dust to either resell them or recycle them. This is a great way to start going green, as well as, to put some cash back in your pocket.

I know you’re probably curious as to how it all works, so click the How it Works tab and watch the short online demo video. The video walks you through the whole process of selling your old electronics. They’ll even send you a postage paid box to send the item out to them in the mail. So it doesn’t cost you a penny to get rid of those dust collecting electronics.

For example, I have an old Xbox that we don’t use anymore. It is literally collecting dust on my TV stand. So, I select game console, choose the Xbox model I have, and find out I can get seven dollars for it! That’s more than the used video game store would give me. I don’t have to pay anything to ship it away either!

Another great resource this site offers is found by clicking the grey tab at the top of the page with the recycle sign on it. This takes you to a listing by State of where you can recycle old printers, fax machines, and CRT monitors. Just put in your zip code and click the submit button to get a listing of recycling locations near you!

I think that this is a stellar idea that might actually get people to recycle their old electronics instead of just throwing them away. Especially with the way people change cell phones these days, now you can get some money out of that old phone.

Are you ready to recycle your old electronics and put some cash in your pocket? Well then, check out Gazelle today!



Did you like this Cool Site? Did you not like it? Tell us by rating or adding to it here:

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

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4GB Flash Drive Promotion!

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All I can say is WOW! Did we score a deal for you! One of our suppliers gave us an absolutely mind-blowing deal on some 4GB PQI Flash Drives! We've had some fantastic deals on flash drives in the past, but this has got to be the best ever! We're talking a whoppin' 4 GB worth of storage for just $12.97!! These have a retail of $40 - and most big chain stores sell them for that kind of money all day long! 

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We all know flash drives are probably the best invention since the internet, but when you think about you can store on these 4GB drives, it's really somethin'! Think about this - these can hold the same amount of data as not 1, not 3, but 6 - count 'em 6 - CD-ROMS! Heck, we're talking enough storage for 600 12MP images from your digital camera, 1000 MP3s, or 80,000 typical office documents! That's a lot of data!!

PLUS it's small and easy to take along - this thing isn't even as long as your index finger! Oh, and get this - if you buy several (and at this price you probably should), you can actually stack & snap them together! The little hole is also ideal for hooking onto a keychain - a great way to keep your important data with you all the time!

I don't know about you, but I can't live without my flash drives! I've used them for the typical "taking documents to the office" routine, but there's a TON of other uses too! Stick MP3s on 'em and listen to your favorite songs at work. Oh, and have you seen some of the newer car radios? They have USB plugs on 'em so you can take a flash drives loaded with MP3s and play it right in your car! Oh, and this is a really great way to take photos over to show off to family and friends! Just drag & drop your photos to it and plug it into any computer! Seems like I come up with new uses for these things all the time - you gotta grab 'em when the price is low like this - you know you're gonna need one soon!

OH, almost forgot - these are USB 2.0 drives so yeah, they're wicked fast! No sitting around staring at progress bars while you copy! 

Again, these are just $12.97 and US Shipping is FREE! For that kind of money, better grab a couple! Please note - this was a special promotion from one of our suppliers and the price on these will increase the second they decide to end the promo! Grab yours ASAP - before the price goes back up!

Oh, and you even get to choose the color!




PS - $12.97 is our best price ever on 4GB flash drives of any kind - and these are some of the best quality available! Don't miss out, as soon as our supplier raises our price, we're rasing the price (and that could even be sometime today)!

Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

Here's April's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

All can be found here:




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