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Computer Tips [ Off With Its Header + 8 Of Our Favorite Shortcuts + Your Path To Computer Audio Bliss ] 04/21/2009


1.) Quick Tip - Favorites Center Shortcuts
2.) Computers 101 - Get Rid of Print Details
3.) MS Office - Excel Workbooks and Worksheets
4.) Tip of the Day - Choosing the Right Speakers
5.) Today's Feature - Saving Images from E-mail and Word
6.) Cool Site
- What it Costs

Quick Tips

But You're My Favorite!

I throw a little too much love towards Mozilla Firefox, so today I'm going to include some Internet Explorer goodness to try and balance stuff out. So, let's talk a little bit about favorites, shall we? Internet Explorer has something called the Favorites Center, where all of your most loved and cherished websites can be stored and accessed. Perhaps you knew about that already, eh? Great! That means that these Favorites Center shortcuts will add to your repertoire and your browsing prowess will be upgraded, indeed!

Give these a shot!

Ctrl + I – Open Favorites

Ctrl + Shift + I – Open Favorites in pinned mode

Ctrl + B – Organize Favorites

Ctrl + D – Add current page to Favorites

Ctrl + J – Open Feeds (For RSS Feeds)

Ctrl + Shift + J – Open Feeds in pinned mode

Ctrl + H – Open History

Ctrl + Shift + H – Open History in pinned mode



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News Flash!!! We Finally Got More of These Units In!!! Yep, these had quickly become one of our best sellers and guess what? They sold out! And it was no surprise cuz this is such a great device - versatile, lots of fun and with such a low price, they just went in a flash!

If you didn't get a chance to pick up one of these up for the day or so we had 'em, do it now! These really are that awesome and we're keeping 'em at a low price, so we expect the same thing to happen!

The Entertainment Center

Sansa mp4-mp3 Player

That Fits In Your Pocket!

(All I Can Say Is That This Thing is Sweeeeet!!!)

Here at WorldStart, we do our best to give you valuable "technical" tips and ideas that can help make your life more productive and fun! Last week, as you may recall, we ran a poll asking: "How often do you use an mp3 player/Digital Music Player?". The results were that 65.03% of those who took the poll Have Never Used An mp3 Player!!! (Nearly 11% didn't even know what an mp3 player was!)

So, we decided that this is an area that we can shed a little bit of light cuz a bunch of you are really missin' out!

Very simply, an mp3 player is a portable device that plays "digital" audio files. That's it. It gets its name ("mp3") from the name of the type of these files. Microsoft Word is a ".doc" file. Excel can be referred to as an ".xls" file. These audio files are labeled "mp3" and someone cleverly decided to name the devices that play these files, "mp3 players". (I know...whoever had that idea didn't win any awards for imagination but it did keep things simple.)

So, maybe you like to listen to songs on your computer when you're at your desk. But, what if you're NOT at your desk! That's where technology comes in. (After all, that's why you got a computer in the first place, to make technology work for you!)

So these mp3 players are small, portable "players" that you can carry around with you . If this reminds you of those portable cassette players "back in the day", you're on the right track. But if you recall, those tapes couldn't hold very much music, so you had to carry around a boatload of tapes, right? (You may have even had one of those "cassette carriers"...what a hassle!)

So, O.K., what if you could carry ALL of those songs (and then some!) inside a device that also played those songs - and, it was smaller than the entire cassette player? Pretty neat, heh? Well, that's what this mp3 player can do.

So, how do you get all those songs onto this thing? Pretty simple actually.

Plug one end of the cable (that's included) into the player and the end into a USB slot in your computer. Your computer will then show you a message letting you know that you plugged the player in.

Next, fire-up Windows Media Player on your computer.

Hit the "Synch" Tab on Windows Media Player. You'll then see this screen image below. Here you see that the two songs that are on the left side are the songs that I have on my computer. The mp3 player (labeled, "Sansa PMP -SanDisk") appears on the right side. Click on the songs you want to copy, drag them over to the mp3 player and drop 'em - that's it. You're ready to Rock 'n Roll!

Sansa mp3 Player

Oh, and check out the controls - very intuitive, very easy to use!

Let me tell you about another idea I think you're gonna love. Chances are, you've visited some websites that had audio files that you could download to your computer. These could be lectures, recorded teleconferences, pre-recorded radio shows, whatever. You'd love to listen to them but you never seem to have the time when you're at your desk. Too bad you couldn't listen to those recordings some other time, like, ohhh, maybe while your driving, walking or even working out. Well, now you can! Go ahead and download those recordings to your computer, "synch" them to your mp3 player just like we did above and now you can listen to those files at your convenience!

But hang on a gets better!

Some players, in addition to playing audio files (mp3 files), can also play VIDEO FILES, also referred to as mp4 files. (And, "Yes", these devices are called, "mp4 players"! See, there IS a method to this computer madness!) "You mean to tell me these can play VIDEOS??" Yep...sure can! And you can carry them where ever you want to go!

Now keep in mind these players are limited based on how much storage room they have. So you're not going to get "Gone With The Wind" on there. Most people have videos from Video Camcorders (great way to see videos of the family!) or short video clips from the Internet. But you can carry these video clips with you!

Speaking of "family", you probably have a few photos in your wallet or purse. How would you like to be able to have an entire photo album...yep, stored on this same device? Well, hold on, cuz most mp4 players can also "read" jpg files (i.e., "photos")! Hmmm...starting to get interesting, isn't it?

So, how would you like to have a simple little device that can carry (and play):

TON of songs, recordings and other audio files
Videos files and
and will fit in your pocket!

Well, THAT'S what we're talkin' about!!!

As you may imagine, these "players" come in all different shapes and sizes, each with greater or lesser capabilities. Like anything else, the more you spend, the more options you get...usually. But, as you probably already know, we like to do things a LOT different! To make a long story short, we've been on the look out for a great little player that's easy to use, yet jammed pack full of features. a fantastic price. Well, we got one that fits all those requirements!!!

This little honey plays mp3 files and mp4 files has 4 GB of memory, has a clear and vivid video screen, and is made by SanDisk, which is a company with a strong reputation!

Oh're gonna LOVE this thing! Just think...carry around hours and hours of songs that you can play whenever and where ever you are. Plus, no more havin' to jam only a few photos in your wallet or purse when you can carry around a photo album worth of pictures!

This mp3/mp4 player is loaded with tons of features. It even has an Equalizer with 7 pre-set settings. (try the "Bass Setting", that's my favorite one!)

And this unit comes complete with everything you need to get started!

Sansa mp4-mp3 Player

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of "earbuds", (as you may have read in our newsletters) so I use a different set than the ones that come with this unit. This is what I use and the sound is fantastic! (It may not make any difference you; this is just one of those things I'm kind of picky about.)

And, by the way, this uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which I also love. Anyway, there's a bunch more features that are listed on the product page if you want to read all the "specs".

Here's the deal on this: We were able to get a few of these a really great price. That's it. We've seen this same player listed on the web for, believe it not - $216!!! (Ouch!) But, like I said, we got a great deal, so we can pass that along to yiou. And we want to do this to make it especially to those of you who have never had a chance to use one of these before! So, we're letting these great little mp3/mp4 units go for only $48.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!!

PS - RUN, don't walk to the checkout on this one, cuz this really is one Sweet Deal!

WOW!! These FLEW out the door yesterday! 100+ ran to the site and grabbed one! You've gotta try this - it turns your laptop into a GPS Navigation System!! It's absolutely AMAZING - and only a fraction of the cost of one of those expensive stick-on-the-window units! Check it out, but you gotta hurry - only a VERY limited supply left and our supplier talks like this is the last of 'em. If you don't order today, you'll miss out on one of the best deals we've ever had!




AMAZING!! Turn Your Laptop Into An Incredible GPS Unit!

WAY More Powerful & Full Featured Than A Windshield Mount Unit!

And Only A Fraction - A FRACTION - Of The Cost!

Even Can Respond To Voice Commands!

Best GPS Navigation Ever! Wait Till You Try It!

We just found the coolest GPS package on the planet! It's DeLorme's EarthMate and it transforms your laptop into an amazing, full featured, voice activated GPS Unit! Really! Works great too!

Using your laptop for an automotive navigation GPS is absolutely incredible - and much easier than it might sound too! If you have a passenger, they can keep the computer on their lap when it's needed, and if you're going solo, just set it on the seat next to you! It accepts voice commands, so you don't even need to touch it (more on that in a minute)! Between getting to use your large laptop screen and all the amazing features packed into this, you'll never, ever consider one of those silly windshield-mount units!

How does it work? Glad you asked! You install the map software on your laptop and plug in the included GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port! That's it! You now have a fully functional GPS system you can take with you! The receiver itself is on a 5' cord, so you can easily set it on your car's dashboard if you like (or use the suction cup for the windshield) - it's small too - about the size of a small wireless flip-phone!

Again, this does the same thing as those little units you can spend hundreds of dollars on - except this uses your computer so it's a LOT more powerful! This puts any hand-held or windshield mount GPS unit I've ever seen to absolute and complete shame! PLUS, wait till you see the price - it's a FRACTION of the cost! And you get to do all your navigating on your laptop screen instead of some small, impossible to read 4" LCD panel! It's amazingly good :-)

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

OK, this does a LOT! I could literally take up 10 pages just giving you the highlight show! You'll really have to stop by the website to see everything this can do - way too much to go over here (you'll understand when you see the page), but just to give you a little taste of what's in store for you...

First, input your destination and this will get you there with easy to follow turn by turn directions (audio turn by turn help no less)! Even better, this can respond to voice commands from you so it becomes VERY hands-free! In fact, you can train it so you can say something like "When is my next turn?" and it will answer back something like "Your next turn is in 200 yards". Yeah, it's cool!

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

In addition, it also has amazing re-routing help for when you run into traffic jams, you can use voice prompting to ask it where the nearest gas station, hotel, etc is, and you can even scout ahead on the map and have it snap back to your current location! Oh, and did I mention it has a whoppin' 4 MILLION places of interest built right in - gas stations, restaurants, hotels, malls, - you name it! Everything you need on the road! 

Yeah those little windshield mounted units are starting to look darn pretty pathetic right about now, don't ya think?

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Oh, and get this - you can also import data into it from spreadsheets and most popular contact managers! If you travel for business, this is amazing - just import your contacts and navigate to any one of them with a couple mouse clicks! You can even enter a phone number and this will do a reverse lookup and find the address for you! WOW!

Using the maps is fantastic too! They are amazingly detailed and just a right-click will tell you exactly what's under your mouse (body of water, street, etc)! It can even get you local radio station information - now THAT's insanely impressive!

OK, you get the idea. Frankly, we only have a limited number of these and if I keep going on we're going end up having way more people who want one than we have available. Bottom line is simply this - if you've been thinking about getting a navigation system or windshield mount GPS unit for your car, THIS is going to blow ALL of the competition away! After all, it all the resources of a full-blown computer at its disposal, so really, it's not even a contest! Imagine having this on your next trip! Oh, and imagine how cool this would be if you had to rent a car somewhere and had no clue where you were going! 

Your price is only a FRACTION of what you would pay for a full blown GPS unit too! Just $38.97 and US shipping is FREE! These retail for $70, so it's a huge chunk of change off the regular price! And amazing compared to a $400 GPS unit! Don't miss out!

PS - Seriously - only a limited number available. PLEASE get to the site early. Once these are gone we can't get anymore and I'm not sure if we'll ever see something like this again! Don't miss out!


Computers 101

Spare me the Details!

Do you like to print out web pages? If so, do you become annoyed at all the header and footer information that gets printed on each and every page? You know, the web address, title, date, mother's maiden name, etc? Internet Explorer and Firefox let you do this.

Well, with Internet Explorer, you can get that adjusted right out of there, or even customize it. Here's how:

1. Click the File menu, Page Setup.

2. Find the "Headers & Footers" area and remove all the gibberish in the respective fields. Hit OK and there you have it.

If you happen to be using Internet Explorer 8, use this same procedure, but instead of removing the gibberish manually, just use the drop-down boxes to select "none" instead.





Now that will keep the computer from printing out all of your header and footer info, but what if you want some of it? Well, you can do that too, using the parameters below in the header and footer fields:

&w Window title

&u Page address (URL)

&d Date in short format as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel

&D Date in long format as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel

&t Time in the format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel

&T Time in 24-hour format

&p Current page number

&P Total number of pages

&& A single ampersand (&)

&b The text immediately following these characters as centered.

&b&b The text immediately following the first "&b" as centered, and the text following the second "&b" as right-justified.

For example, if you want the header to have the window (page) title and the URL, you would type:

&w &u


If you wanted to make it so it also specified you were the one who printed it, you could put something like:

&w &u Printed by Steve on &d


The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the spacing. To get a single space between items (like &w&u) you need to hit the space bar twice. Experiment and you'll get it.

In Firefox, you go to File/Page Setup then click the "Margins & Header/Footer" tab. No secret codes needed here like in IE. Just use the drop-down menus to select what information you want left, center, or right.

Let's say I want the title and URL in the header along with page number and Date/Time in the footer. Here's how it would look...


If I want the field blank, I choose "--blank--". If I want to add my own text I choose "Custom" and a box pops up for my text.

When you're done just click OK.

So, whatever your browser you can add as much or as little info in the header and footer as you want.

~ Steve

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MS Office

Work What?

Frequently I get this question from readers who are pretty new to MS Excel, so I thought I would explain it to you all now.

Q: I hear the terms "workbook" and "worksheet" used frequently when people discuss MS Excel. What exactly is a workbook? A worksheet? Is there a difference?

A: Well, to begin with, there is definitely a difference.

- A workbook is the MS Excel file in which you enter and store related data.

- A worksheet (also known as a spreadsheet) is a collection of cells on a single "sheet" where you actually keep and manipulate the data.

Each workbook can contain many worksheets. (It's a lot like a book. One book contains an entire story. Each page of the book contains part of the story, etc).

Often, one workbook has a single theme, such as a personal budget. Each worksheet would then have a part of that theme, such as the budget broken down by month.

There you go. It's that simple!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Whatever You Do - Don't Buy An External Hard Drive!

Make One Yourself And Save BIG!

Super Easy! Anyone Can Do It!

Great Way To Give Your Old Hard Drives A Reason To Live!

SimpleDrive 3.5 I'm so excited! We just got a jaw-droppin' deal on some do-it-yourself External Hard Drive Cases! I've used these in the past (a lot, actually), and I've saved literally HUNDREDS over buying the "prefab" deals at the stores! Super easy too - my 7 year old can do it!

OK, so how's this work anyway? Glad you asked! Really easy - we sell you this great little case, you take an internal Hard Drive (IDE connection) and just plug it in. Put the case back together (a few screws - not hard), then plug it in! That's it! When you plug it into your computer's USB port windows will AUTOMATICALLY install the drive and list it under MyComputer! It's just like plugging in a GIANT flashdrive! It's THAT easy!

From there, just use it like any other drive! It's an absolutely fantastic idea for extra storage or backups!

PLUS, like I say, this can save a TON on money! There are two ways to do this - The first is to watch for a sale on internal Hard Drives at your local electronics store. You can get HUGE drives for less than $100 all day long! I've seen them for less than $40 after rebates and such! You get them for WAY less than external drives since you're not buying some snazzy case.

The second way these save money is letting you give new life to old hard drives! You know how it is - you have that old computer sitting in your closet - there's nothing on it you need anymore, it's really not worth anything, but you're worried about throwing it away. Why not salvage it's old HD and stick it into this handy case? You instantly have an external HD - for less than $20!

Now, I know you may be a little worried about having to assemble something like this, but trust me, it's easy. If you've ever used a screwdriver and plugged a lamp into the wall, you're qualified! You simply take any IDE drive up to 750GB, in plug the power cord (inside the case), then just push it into place! A few screws later and the case is assembled! I put mine together in less than 5 minutes! Really! Still not sure? I'll make you a deal - if you can't figure it out, you can call out tech support and they'll walk you though it!

OK, ready for the deal? We have these on sale today for just $18.97 and US shipping is FREE! This can save you TONS of money on external drives! Easy to do, cheap, and quick! Grab one, grab a dozen - for this kind of money you just can't go wrong!

PS - It's never been easier - or cheaper - to make your own external HD! PLUS - if down the road you decide the drive you started with is too small, you can always just take this apart and "upgrade" it yourself in a few minutes! Don't miss out!

Wait! STOP!!

Don't Fork Out $400.00 For Adobe PhotoShop!

We Have A Great Photo Editing Program Just Like It For $10.97!

Make Professional Image Editing EASY!

Edit, Enhance, And Share Your Photos!

You're Gonna Be BLOWN AWAY!!

Seriously - just look at the screen shots below - this really looks and performs just like Adobe Photoshop! This has to be the most incredible software find we've ever come across! You'll save HUNDREDS and have pretty much the same program! WOW!

Let me guess - you'd love to have Adobe PhotoShop but that $400 price tag holds ya back. Wouldn't it great if someone made a program LIKE�Photoshop, only cheaper? Oh, we found it! It's PhotoDesigner Pro and just look at those screen shots below - it looks and acts just like the $400 Adobe Photoshop! Layers, tools, filters - give this a try and you'll think you're using Photoshop!

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, could it really be like Photoshop? Let me tell ya, once I installed it, I was really surprised! You open it up and it really looks and performs pretty much exactly like Adobe Photoshop! The tools and layout look just slightly (very slightly) different, but it's all there! It features layers, adjustment layers, masks, effects, has pretty much all the same filters, rulers, tools - it's all there! Heck, going through the menus, you have to remind yourself that you're NOT using actually Photoshop!

Oh, just wait till you see the tools - that was my concern, but they're all there! The clone stamp, gradient tool, red-eye removal tool, crop tool, paint bucket, smudge tool, burn & dodge tools, the blur & sharpen tools, scratch removal tool, color picker, text tools, shapes, selection tools like Magic Wand or "shapes" - whew - on and on! You name the Photoshop tool, this has it!

Same goes for the rest of the program - the filters from Photoshop are all there! My personal favorites - the High Pass, Unsharpen Mask, Gaussian blur, Sharpen, and Lighting Effects - all there along with a total of 44 regular filters at your disposal! Everything you need to add that little extra punch to your photos!

As for the the image adjustments, you have 'em all too! We're talking Curves, Levels, Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast, Color Balance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Gradient Map - and more! It's all there - just like Photoshop!

I tell ya, if you want Photoshop but can't justify the expense, this is a no-brainer! Heck, even if you can justify the expense, why not take a look at this first? I've never seen a program that was soooo close to Photoshop!

With this program you are getting tons of ways to use professional level tools that will have everyone wondering who you hired to edit your photos! This program goes above and beyond basic photo editing software. It not only acts like Photoshop - it actually works with Adobe Photoshop files too - you can open Photoshop images, edit them and save them back into the native Photoshop format!! Of course, it will work with all the photo files on your computer and work with your digital camera / scanner too!

In addition to looking and acting like Photoshop, it's jam-packed with over 200 instant effects (these are REALLY cool), 140 picture brushes and 30 tutorials- all of which make this program unbeatable! Add your own message to your photos with the editable text function. Use the automated images correction for quick and easy photo editing. Create your own amazing effects with a few clicks of your mouse! Automatically create awesome web animations! Even turn your documents into print-ready PDF's with encryption and password protection!

Like I said, pretty much Photoshop's twin! It even has a pressure sensitive feature that works with a graphics tablet if you have one! Depending on how hard you press on the tablet, the program will know whether or not you to use a think or a thin brush! How absolutely sweet is that?

After playing with this for an hour or so (It's really fun), I came to the conclusion that anything I've been doing with Photoshop could be done in this - and using the same tools and techniques too! Why pay $400 for Photoshop when there's something like this on the market? You've got to try it - I promise, you'll be impressed!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this photo editor is going to amaze you! But the price is incredible in itself. You could pay almost $400.00 for Abode Photoshop, or you could check out this great program for just $10.97 and US Shipping is Free! Heck, for that kind of money, you can't afford to pass this one up! If you don't agree that this is just like Photoshop, you can even send it back for a refund within 60 days! No risk to you at all - give this a try, it's really unbelievable how much Photoshop DNA this seems to have!

The price will increase to $16.97 soon! Don't miss the boat on this one!


Today at

Red X Remedies

Yes, I know, we've run this story recently, but I'm still getting a lot of readers where are having problems, so here it is again! Those red x's still seem to pop up here and there, so head over to the Worldstart site today and refresh yourself! It may save you a lot of inconvenience later!

How to Clean Anything

Really? Clean everything, eh? How about my cat? Check. What about a baseball cap? Check. Well, that about covers it for me! Why don't you go over to the WS site and type in a random thing you own that needs cleaning? Chances are it's on here!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Choosing the Right Speakers for the Job

It used to be that choosing speakers for your computer was an easy task because there weren't really any options to choose from. Sound was typically an afterthought and most speakers made for computer use weren't exactly what you would call "ear candy".

That has all changed now. Many well-respected audio/video speaker manufacturers have gotten into the computer speaker game. It is not uncommon to see well-known names like Klipsch, Bose, Polk & JBL on either side of computer monitors now.

When it comes to picking out computer speakers, the same rules that you would use to choose speakers for your stereo or home theater system still apply. Obviously, unless you are very lucky, there will be budget constraints. While cheap, no name speakers are never a good deal; there are many inexpensive entry-level models from reputable manufacturers that will do a great job of accurate sound reproduction.

Everyone hears differently and will have a different definition of great sound, which is probably why there are so many different speaker manufacturers. Musical tastes can also have an effect on the perceived sound quality of a pair of speakers. While a good speaker is always a good speaker, rock and roll fans may have different requirements for a pair of speakers than classical fans. A gamer may also have different needs than a music listener.

When choosing speakers, there are three things that you need to listen for in your auditions. The first is tonal balance. The instruments and voices should sound natural, like they would in real life. No single part of the frequency spectrum should be exaggerated or suppressed. While speakers with an exaggerated bass or treble response might stand out at first listen, they will usually become fatiguing after an extended amount of time.

The next thing to listen for is bass response. Because of the size constraints placed on most computer speaker systems it will be necessary to have a separate subwoofer (a speaker made to solely reproduce low frequencies) that can be set off to the side or on the floor. Listen carefully to recordings with male vocalists to make sure that the subwoofer blends seamlessly with the smaller satellite speakers. The subwoofer should not call attention to itself. In fact if it is set up correctly is will seem like all of the bass is coming from the desktop satellite speakers.

Lastly, you will want to listen to how set of speakers image. Imaging is the most magical quality that speakers can possess. It is the ability of a pair of speakers to throw a sound stage. This is not only left to right information, but also depth and height. Having a huge monitor between your speakers can make good imaging harder to achieve, but with a properly set up pair of speakers, playing a good recording, you should be able to close your eyes and see where everything is positioned in the mix. The first time you hear this it will blow your mind!

This is a very basic guide, but if you spend a little time and follow the advice above you should have no problems at all picking out computer speakers that are satisfying for whatever application you need them for.

~ Bruce Neher

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Today's Feature
Save Them All!

Ever receive an Email or Word document with several pictures in it that you would like to save as separate files? Instead of saving each picture one at a time. When there are several images, a faster way is to save all of your pictures in one procedure. This process may seem complicated. However, once you become familiar with the procedure you will find that is takes only 5 mouse clicks to save any number of pictures as separate image files. These steps will work with Windows and Word 2000, Word 2002 or Word 2003 XP. If you are unfamiliar with cutting and pasting, the procedure for copying the content of an email into a Word document is in the notes at the bottom.

Open the Word document with the pictures.
2. Left click on “File” in the Tool bar at the top of the window
a drop down box will open. (Figure 1)
3. Left click on “Save as Web Page”. (Figure 1)

Please note:
Depending on your Menu setting you may need to click on the double arrow at the bottom of the drop down menu box to display the “Save as Web Page” option.
Then: Left click on “Save as Web Page”

Figure 1

4. In the Save As screen left click on the down arrow at the right hand side of the
“Save as type:” box. (Figure 2

In the drop down Menu box, Left click on “Web Page (*.htm; *.html)”
Be sure not to choose “Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml)” (Figure 2

Figure 2

Left click on the “Save” button – (Figure 3)

Figure 3

When you save a Word document as a Web page, Word creates a subfolder in same folder that contains the original document. Open the Folder that contains the original Word document with the pictures to be saved. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Double Left click on the subfolder to display the image files
In the subfolder the pictures that were in the original Word document are now listed as image001.jpg, image002.jpg and so on. You can now rename the image files, move them to another folder or open them in any graphics program you may have. (Figure 5

Figure 5

Double Left click on the picture icon or file name of one of the images.
The image will open in what ever graphics program you use. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 (aww, cute!)

Figure 6 is the picture displayed in “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer’

If the pictures are in an email, copy all of the content in the body of the email message to a new Word document and save the new Word document in the folder you would like to save the pictures in. To do this – with the curser in the body of the email, hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “A” key to select all of the content in the email.
Release the “Ctrl” key repeat the procedure - hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “C” Key to copy the content to the clipboard. Release the “Ctrl” key Open a new Word document then with the curser in body of the document hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “V” key to paste all of the email content into the new Word document.
You can easily select the program you would like to view your newly saved images
with a couple of clicks. Right click on the image file name, a drop down menu box will open. Hover the cursor over “Open With” another menu box will open Left click on the program you want to use.

~Boyd Lutz

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Do you ever find that you’re curious as to what things cost? For example: How much would it end up costing you if you filed your taxes late? Or how much does a personal trainer really cost? How much would it cost you to have a professional stager come in to style your house for sale? How much does doggie daycare cost?

These are all questions that you can find the answers to here at What It Costs. On the main page you will find featured articles, as well as, six of the most recent articles and a few Top Ten articles.

On the side menu you’ll find access to other articles that have been divided up into the categories you find there. If you scroll down the main page you’ll even find Historical Articles where you’ll find out how much certain things cost in the past. For example: How much did cost to build Fenway Park in 1912? Or even what gas cost in 1960.

No matter what category you chose to delve into, you are sure to find interesting and helpful information as to the cost of things. If you really like what you see, be sure you sign up for the free newsletter, so you can get What It Costs in your inbox. Or you can submit ideas of things you’d like to know the cost of by clicking the Send button under the Suggestions heading.


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Monthly Wallpaper


This "Travel Link" has been a reader favorite this week!!! (That's an understatement!)

Looks like people have been scooping up a few for family and friends as gifts! We went back to our suppliers and were able to get enough to (hopefully) carry us over thru til the end of today. But please, hurry and secure your own "Travel Link" ASAP! These little suckers are movin' quick! Over the past few weeks we've had a number of products sell out and some of our readers were disappointed cuz when they hit the shopping cart, the "cupboard was bare"!

This is a great way...THE Best Way...we've seen, to transfer files both quickly AND easily. So be sure to grab one or two of these today!

Transfer Files Without A Computer!

Memorex TravelLink

If You Like "Quick and Easy", You'll Want This...

The TravelLink is a small device that can transfer data from one place to another - all without a computer. "BAM"'re done! OK, that's the "Readers Digest" version of what this does - which actually may be enough for those who are "tech" savvy, and who'll just immediately scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the link and get one of these for every person that's on their "gift" list.

For those who don't already understand and appreciate what this can do, keep soon will!

It won't do anything as dramatic as save your life or bringing about world peace, but you can count on this saving you a whole lot of money and an equal (if not greater) amount of time, hassle and frustration. And you'll write to thank me. Let me tell you why...

Let's say you're on vacation, in the middle of "who knows where". You got your camera and your just snappin' away, havin' a ball. All of a sudden, you see a great scene (maybe of the kids, a unique site, could be any of a thousand things) you "click" and ....nuthin'! The camera card's full. Better pull out another empty one, except you forgot to bring it! No problem, someone in your party says they have a card you can try. Problem is, it's the wrong kind. (Your camera uses a "card" file but they actually have a USB flash drive.) How much would you be willing to pay for an empty card right about now? That is, if there was a store anywhere around.

Or how 'bout this common scenario...

You bump into some friends (or family) and they've got some great pictures, or music files, or actually ANY KIND OF FILE - on memory card...or a USB flash drive...or on their camera...or on their mp3 player or on...well, as you probably already figured out, it could be on ANY USB device or just about ANY kind of memory card or DOESN"T MATTER!!!

Anyway, they got some kind of "stuff" (you fill in the blank) on "some kind of drive/flash" (again, you fill in the blank) and you want it. They'll probably say they'll email all of that to you, "Just don't you worry, you'll get it!" Don't tell're still waiting! Here's the weird part: those "files" were RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU...but you couldn't have 'em. You had to wait for the other person to get to their computer! Well, you'll never have to hear that excuse again!!!

So, why do I call the TravelLink, the "Ultimate Digital Device"? Get this - You'll be able to transfer files between any two USB storage devices! Think of the possibilities!

Just imagine - you can transfer files between almost any combo you can think of!

Transfer between:

Your camera's memory card and a USB flash drive
Two USB flash drives
Your external HD and your friends MP3 player
A digital camera and a flash drive
A memory card and external HD
A friends memory card and your digital camera
A memory card and MP3 player
Two memory cards (if they are different types)
An external HD and a USB flash drive
A digital camera and external HD

OK, you get the picture! Pretty much any combination of USB and / or memory card storage you can come up with (memory cards, external HDs, flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras etc) you can transfer files between with this! All without a computer! WOW!!

That means music, photos, and other types of electronic data can be quickly transferred between flash cards,...even between MULTIPLE Card Formats or USB flash drives, digital cameras, external hard drives, or MP3 players. And you can move individually selected files between devices or copy the entire contents of the device all at once. And do it quickly and easily. The cool LCD screen makes it simple to do.

And it's portable. Not, "like your laptop portable". I'm talkin', "fit in the palm of your hand" portable. And, it runs on 3 "AAA" batteries so you can take it anywhere...and you probably should because it's as useful as it is versatile. By the way, you might want to keep an extra one in your laptop case 'cuz this can double as an "8-in-1"card reader! (Told you it was versatile!)

(Check out all the places to "plug-in" below! There's TWO USB ports, one "mini" USB, and a "card" slot that reads eight different types of cards. And a "USB to mini-USB" cable is included!)

Memorex TravelLink

What's more, Memorex sells these off their site for $69.99!!!

But we'd figure you'd rather get a better deal than that (do we know our readers of what???) So, how about $15.97 and U.S. Shipping is FREE!!! Nope...that's no misprint. But, you better jump all over in NOW!!! After you, if YOU like a great deal, chances are a lot of other people are thinkin' the same thing. Here's your link:

P.S. - Oh, and that thought of grabbin' one of these as gifts for folks on your shoppin' list really IS a great idea! O.K., I'll stop talkin' so you can start clickin'...

Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

Here's April's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

All can be found here:



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