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Computer Tips [ Awesome Download To Clean Your PC + The Best Shortcut You're Not Using + Great Way To Save Printer Ink ] 04/16/2009


Quick Tips

Recycle Bin Trashed?

I had a rather distressed Worldstart reader contact me yesterday to tell me that their recycle bin had pulled a Harry Houdini and escaped from their desktop. This is worrisome, to say the least, but, as always, there is a solution. Actually, there are a couple of solutions depending on your Operating System, so let's get to them!

In Windows Vista, Right-Click on your Desktop to bring up the Personalize Appearance and Sounds window.

Click “Change Desktop Icons

From here, you'll see a list of check boxes, one of which being the Recycle Bin. If it's not checked, then do so and hit Apply.

You should now have your Recycle Bin icon back of your desktop!

If you happen to be a Windows XP user, click here. That tip should help you get your XP Recycle Bin back where it belongs.


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Good day to all of you out there in Internet land! We've figured out how to get the Recycle Bin back on our desktop, but what else does today's Computer Tips newsletter hold in store for us? How about a tip on the "Send To" menu? Ever wished you could spell check in Microsoft Excel? Well, April's got that covered! Perhaps you've always wanted to print a web page, but didn't want to waste the ink on the background? That's in here, too! Gary's download is pretty sweet, as well. Download it, and your computer might end out being so clean it'll sparkle like Amanda's Cool Site on diamonds! Ooo, shiny!

Remember that you can add helpful suggestions to our tips! If you see a tip and have an idea of how to make the tip better, simply click on the link below the tip. This will take you to the tip's location on the Worldstart site. Click on the red box that says: "Do you know something helpful to add to this tip?" and we'll share it with the world!

Check out these tips with recent additions!


Wow!!! Thought we'd let you know these drive readers went thru the roof! Guess, you guys really do understand the value of these! These little devices are so handy, we're gonna make this available for today, too! If you were one of the few who did NOT get this dandy little flash drive reader, don't wait...grab it now!!!

Transfer Files Without A Computer!

Memorex TravelLink

If You Like "Quick and Easy", You'll Want This...

The TravelLink is a small device that can transfer data from one place to another - all without a computer. "BAM"'re done! OK, that's the "Readers Digest" version of what this does - which actually may be enough for those who are "tech" savvy, and who'll just immediately scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the link and get one of these for every person that's on their "gift" list.

For those who don't already understand and appreciate what this can do, keep soon will!

It won't do anything as dramatic as save your life or bringing about world peace, but you can count on this saving you a whole lot of money and an equal (if not greater) amount of time, hassle and frustration. And you'll write to thank me. Let me tell you why...

Let's say you're on vacation, in the middle of "who knows where". You got your camera and your just snappin' away, havin' a ball. All of a sudden, you see a great scene (maybe of the kids, a unique site, could be any of a thousand things) you "click" and ....nuthin'! The camera card's full. Better pull out another empty one, except you forgot to bring it! No problem, someone in your party says they have a card you can try. Problem is, it's the wrong kind. (Your camera uses a "card" file but they actually have a USB flash drive.) How much would you be willing to pay for an empty card right about now? That is, if there was a store anywhere around.

Or how 'bout this common scenario...

You bump into some friends (or family) and they've got some great pictures, or music files, or actually ANY KIND OF FILE - on memory card...or a USB flash drive...or on their camera...or on their mp3 player or on...well, as you probably already figured out, it could be on ANY USB device or just about ANY kind of memory card or DOESN"T MATTER!!!

Anyway, they got some kind of "stuff" (you fill in the blank) on "some kind of drive/flash" (again, you fill in the blank) and you want it. They'll probably say they'll email all of that to you, "Just don't you worry, you'll get it!" Don't tell're still waiting! Here's the weird part: those "files" were RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU...but you couldn't have 'em. You had to wait for the other person to get to their computer! Well, you'll never have to hear that excuse again!!!

So, why do I call the TravelLink, the "Ultimate Digital Device"? Get this - You'll be able to transfer files between any two USB storage devices! Think of the possibilities! 

Just imagine - you can transfer files between almost any combo you can think of!

Transfer between:

Your camera's memory card and a USB flash drive
Two USB flash drives
Your external HD and your friends MP3 player
A digital camera and a flash drive
A memory card and external HD
A friends memory card and your digital camera
A memory card and MP3 player
Two memory cards (if they are different types)
An external HD and a USB flash drive
A digital camera and external HD

OK, you get the picture! Pretty much any combination of USB and / or memory card storage you can come up with (memory cards, external HDs, flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras etc) you can transfer files between with this! All without a computer! WOW!!

That means music, photos, and other types of electronic data can be quickly transferred between flash cards,...even between MULTIPLE Card Formats or USB flash drives, digital cameras, external hard drives, or MP3 players. And you can move individually selected files between devices or copy the entire contents of the device all at once. And do it quickly and easily. The cool LCD screen makes it simple to do.

And it's portable. Not, "like your laptop portable". I'm talkin', "fit in the palm of your hand" portable. And, it runs on 3 "AAA" batteries so you can take it anywhere...and you probably should because it's as useful as it is versatile. By the way, you might want to keep an extra one in your laptop case 'cuz this can double as an "8-in-1"card reader! (Told you it was versatile!)

(Check out all the places to "plug-in" below! There's TWO USB ports, one "mini" USB, and a "card" slot that reads eight different types of cards. And a "USB to mini-USB" cable is included!)

Memorex TravelLink

What's more, Memorex sells these off their site for $69.99!!!

But we'd figure you'd rather get a better deal than that (do we know our readers of what???) So, how about $15.97 and U.S. Shipping is FREE!!! Nope...that's no misprint. But, you better jump all over in NOW!!! After you, if YOU like a great deal, chances are a lot of other people are thinkin' the same thing. Here's your link:

P.S. - Oh, and that thought of grabbin' one of these as gifts for folks on your shoppin' list really IS a great idea! O.K., I'll stop talkin' so you can start clickin'...

The "Phantom" Mouse

Phantom Mouse

Makes Pages Disappear Right In Front of "Snooping Eyes"

Ahhh a feeling this will be a favorite here!

Looks just like a regular old mouse, right? Well, actually that's the idea. But take a closer look. Notice anything different about it?

Yeah...looks very sleek and modern. In fact, kinda reminds me of the lines on a race car, doesn't it? And that's fitting 'cuz this does use "optical technology", which means this mouse is screaming fast! And it's "precise" - so when you "point and click", it's spot on accurate! (I love that about optical mouses!)

So yes, it's fast, it's precisely accurate. And it even looks great. But that's not what REALLY makes this different. Come on....look reeeeally close. Give up?

OK...see that button on the left side? I know it's kinda hard to see, and it's appropriately called, a "Phantom button". Some like to refer to it as a "No-No button", you'll see why in a second!

It almost looks like a "sliver" on the side of the mouse. Fits right next to the side of your thumb and it's easy to operate.'s hard for anyone else to see...especially when you use it! This little side button adds a whole 'nother degree of "functionality" to this little guy! Let me give you an example of how this works...

Let's say that someone might have cause to ...oh I don't a little solitaire when they should be workin' . Not to say that this would be any of our readers (Wink-Wink) - so we'll just have to "pretend" for a minute here. Anyway, all of a sudden "the boss" walks by and, Oh Oh, "Busted!" right? Well, maybe not! You see, if one were to "click" that little "No-No"...errh I mean "Phantom" button , the screen that "whomever" is playin' Solitaire instantly disappears and lo-and-behold...there's "their" work project sittin' right on top of the computer desktop...just like it's suppose to be, of course!

Or, this little mouse can be set up so that so when you hit that "No-No" errh I mean "Phantom" button, ALL of the open windows on the desktop DISAPPEAR ! Imagine that...just like magic! And, of course, the person usin' this is just sittin' there mindin' their own business - no one the wiser!

Or, it can be programed so that all the open windows close, except the one or ones that are specifically programed to stay open! That opens up a whole 'nother realm of possibilities! And I don't want to be accused of corruptin' any of our readers or anything. I just thought it was my duty and obligation to show you and all of our readers that such a device DID in fact exist. After could anyone think that any of our readers (Wink-Wink) would be playing computer games or doin' anything else (Wink-Wink) when they should be working! This is all, of course, just theoretical (Wink-Wink).

But as part of our public service, we just feel it's part of our "civic duty" to make such a device available, just in case you may happen to know of someone else who might have a need to apply such technology on occasion (Wink-Wink).

If you should happen to know of someone who could benefit from this and you found it in your heart to send them this link or better yet, purchase this on their behalf (Wink-Wink) here's the link. Oh, and you might want to tell them that we've got this at an especially great deal at just $14.97 and U.S. Shipping is FREE!!! That is, if you happen to know of such a person (Wink-Wink)

P.S. - Like I said, I think this will be a reeeal popular little you better click...errrh send them to this link right away! Not that our readers would actually use this for them selves, of course...We just think they may "happen to know" a few folks who would (Wink-Wink)!

16 'Gigs'

Talent 16 GB Flash Drive

Sportin' On Your Keychain!

So, why would anybody want to be able to carry around 16 GB of data on a flash drive??? Well, there's a few reasons, actually.

First of all, 16 GB is a bunch of data, and your laptop won't fit in your pocket! (Even if it could, if you tried to sit down, you'd probably hurt yourself!) Think about it - 16 Gigs! Now that's a lot of storage! There's times when you just have to bring a bunch of files with you but you don't want a lot of extra baggage neither!

Now of course, you could go out and buy a bunch of tiny flash drives, but there's a couple problems you could probably think of right off the bat with that one. First you have to transfer all that data and spread it out over all those individual flash drives. You may have heard of the terms, "Corrupted files", "broken links" or a few "choice words" I've happened to let slip when all the data doesn't transfer to all the drives OR if I did manage to get it on all those drives, it doesn't transfer off of the drives onto the other computer!

Then, what are the chances of then forgetting one or more of those little suckers! Believe me, if that happens to you more than once, you'll definitely start lookin' for other alternatives!

And then, of course, is the issue of cost. Some of us would just not rather spend the money on buying a bunch of flash drives when it's more economical to get the same job done by buying one bigger one that'll get the job done. (Some people refer to this as being, "cheap". I like to think of it as just being "thrifty". There is a difference, you know!)

Anyway, this little guy holds a lot more data than a bunch of tiny drives! 16 GB! That's over 4,000 songs on most mp3 files...or more than 300,000 average size Word Docs! Or more than 2,400 photos at 12 MP! No matter how you look at it, that's a bunch of stuff!!!

Heck, wasn't too long ago that the entire hard drives on most computers weren't that big! Now, you can back-up a bunch of your computer files and stick it in your pocket or purse or (here's one,...) tuck it away for safekeeping around the house where no one will find it! (Sometimes a little privacy is a good thing!)

I'll tell you what else I like about this compact little storehouse: that silver piece folds right over the end of the flash drive to cover and protect it! If you're gonna walk around with this or any flash drive, it's a good idea to keep the end protected. (A little thing, but something most people never think of.!)

Also, this thing is fast...really fast! And it's "Plug and Play" so no software or drivers to mess around with! There's even an LED indicator light to let you know it's on and working!

Yep, those are all great reasons why people love this little flash drive. But you know what's the most important reason of all to have such a huge storage device, that's lightnin' fast and you can carry around on your keychain? BRAGGIN' RIGHTS! Yeah, that's right. Sometimes "second best" just doesn't cut it! (But I'll just keep lettin' people think I'm just bein' thrifty!)

Speaking of "thrifty", we've got a really great deal for these right now...16 GB for only $34.97 AND U.S. Shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - Might want to grab a few of these pretty quick. Our flash drives have been flyin' out the doors, and this one has the largest storage capacity yet!


Computers 101

What does the "send to" menu do?

If you right-click a file in Windows Explorer or My Computer, one of the options you'll get from the resulting menu is " Send To ". You can use this " Send to " option to send the file in question to another location, person, program, etc.

For example, one option is to Send To, desktop (shortcut) . You can use this option to create a desktop shortcut to the file your playing with. Nifty huh?


You can also use it to send a file to a Flash Drive, CD-RW, an e-mail recipient and more. It's probably one of the most useful, yet unused, features of Windows.

~ Steve

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MS Office

Spell Check In Excel

Yeah, I know. Excel is primarily for numeric data , but let's face it, we tend to use a lot of words in our Excel worksheets. Given all those words, it's only reasonable to find that typos and misspelled words are occurring in Excel too.

So, it makes sense to me to understand (not just assume) what cells the spell check feature is actually checking. Did you know that what spell check actually examines depends upon what you have selected when you start it?

Well, it does and with that in mind, let's take a look at our options:

- If you have the formula bar selected, start the spell check (Tools menu / Review tab of the Ribbon, Spelling choice or F7). Excel will only check the contents of the formula bar, leaving the rest of the worksheet untouched.

- If the spell check is started with a range of cells selected, only the cells in the selected range will be checked.

- To check an entire worksheet, select any cell and start the spell check.

- Finally, to check multiple worksheets, first select the sheet tabs for all of the worksheets. (Use the Shift key or Ctrl key with the mouse to select all the sheets). Now, start the spell check.

There it is! That's enough information to understand what Excel's checking and to take control of your Excel spell checks!

~ April

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More Cool Stuff

Inexpensive Insurance For Your Laptop

Notebook Surge Protector

This is just one of those things that comes down to good old "common sense". You probably spent a lot of money for your laptop. Probably a good idea to spend a couple of bucks to protect it and keep it safe.

We all know how lightning can "fry" a computer in the blink of an eye. Most of the time, ya can't even see it comin'. That's one reason why it's a good idea to always have your laptop plugged into a surge protector no matter what the weather is like! But here's another reason most people don't even know about: the current coming out of the wall is not always consistent! In fact, most of the time it's inconsistent!

Most people only think about electrical surges when there's lightning and thunder! WRONG!!! The fact is, there are tiny surges that happen all the time - we just don't notice it. But those small surges can take a huge toll on delicate, wiring used in computers. Which is the main reason it's smart to always have a computer plugged into a surge protector! Well this one is portable and is made for your laptop!

This surge protector has a couple things I really like about it, too. First, there's a retractable phone cord so you can hook up your laptop to the internet while you're on the road, too! And then when you're finished, the cord retracts back into it's handy case, so the cable stays nice and neat!

Notebook Surge Protector

Another neat little extra feature that this surge protector has that most don't is that it has TWO outgoing phone jacks! This works just like a telephone "splitter", so you can have one line going into your computer - to connect to the Internet and the other can be used for a regular phone! (Gives you more flexibility in working - always a good thing!)

Oh, almost more nice thing this has is an over-current detection indicator! Sometimes if the electric line heats up too much (especially if you've had your laptop on for a while) it has a "warning light" that goes on to let you know!

Plus, as you can see, this is ultra-compact so you can take it where ever you go

I know this is not a cool game or "new toy", but we both know you gotta have one of these. So, we're gonna give you a great deal so you can do what you need to do and have plenty left over for the fun stuff!! So, today we're makin' these available for just $12.97 and US Shipping is FREE!!!

P.S. - Protect your investment while we have a great price!!!

Everyone Needs More USB Ports

AMAZING 4 Port Hub Has You Covered!

Works Great On Desktop And Notebook Computers!

Blue 4 Port Hub4 POrt Hub

WOW!!! Dirt Cheap Too!

Sick of unplugging your hardware just to free up a precious USB Port? Even more sick of having to crawl around to the back of your computer and messing with all of those wires to find the free USB port? Well, have no more worries. this amazing 4 port USB 2.0 Hub will really make your life a lot more easier!!!!

This hub is just what every computer needs! It provides 4 hi-speed (2.0) USB Ports in a small compact size! Honest, this hub takes up almost zero space. It will free up so much room on your desktop! This guy is so small, that it could easily fit in your pocket!!! Really! You can take it anywhere, making it ideal for both notebook or desktop computers!!!

If you are worried about having too many things plugged into USB ports at one time, Don't BE! This USB Hub has overcurrent protection! I love this feature!!! I have a couple of these and I always seem to max 'em out! Hey, between my mouse, keyboard, printer, digital camera, iPod, flash drives, ect, ect, things get full quick! The overcurrent protection makes insures I'm not going to blow any of my electronics (or computer)!

Even Better-it even has 100% hot-swappable protection. What does this mean? Well, simply put- this 4 port hub lets you yank out accessories - or plug 'em in - without worrying about blowing a circuit! You don't need to take the time to formally "eject" it from Windows either!!!! Very cool :-)

Your price? Get this!! This handy USB Hub costs only $9.97 and US Shipping is Free. Check it OUT:

PS: I love this hub!!! And I am sure you will too! Order one today, this deal is just too good to pass up!


Today at


What exactly is troubleshooting? Does it involve firearms? Moreover, how much trouble is actually involved? Certainly it has nothing to do with computers, does it? No, not at Worldstart... we NEVER do anything with computers, do we? ;) Stop by the site today and learn for yourself what troubleshooting is!

Poker Tips

Fancy yourself a hustler? Perhaps your face can hold the same expression no matter what hand you're dealt? Well, if that's not the case then boy do we have a site for you at Worldstart today! Learn all the techniques, rules and tells of poker! Stop on by, but keep your eyes on your own cards!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Look, ma! No Backgrounds!

It's a matter of ink consumption, or perhaps some people just don't want the distraction of a background when they're printing a web page. Whatever the case may be, a few folks have contacted me with questions on how to print a web page without the backgrounds. I'm glad to say that not only do I have an answer, but it's super easy to do, too! Let's do this!

With Internet Explorer:

1. Click the Tools menu, Options, and select the Advanced tab.

2. Scroll down to the "printing" category. Make sure the box for printing backgrounds is NOT checked. Then click OK.

That's it. If you were printing out backgrounds before, this should take care of the problem. Conversely, if you want the backgrounds, make sure
that little box is checked.

With Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click File, Page setup...

2. Make sure the "Print backgrounds" box is unchecked.

That's it. If you were printing out backgrounds before, this should take care of the problem. Conversely, if you want the backgrounds, make sure
that little box is checked.

I didn't find an AOL way to do this.

~ Steve

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Today's Feature

Wise Disk Cleaner

As a general rule, I like to think that I keep my PC in pretty good shape. I run regular cleanings, scan for viruses and check for updates on a pretty regular basis. So, when I came across this weeks free download I thought "Yeah right, this probably won't do much for my pc". Boy, was I wrong! This program found 126 un-needed files on my computer!

Wise cleaner

This weeks download is called Wise Disk Cleaner Free Edition. This fairly simple program will scan your system for un-needed files and remove them. I know that this doesn't seem like much of a task, but the challenge is not really in being able to remove files, its being able to remove the correct files. What separates a bad utility from a good utility is the ability to do the job right. That is why I like this program. It will scan your system and truly only remove files that can be removed without causing harm to your system. If you stick to the default settings, it will do the job right.

After downloading the program, it will walk you through the rest. Just follow the wizard and you will be set to go!

If you want to try out Wise Disk Cleaner Free, you can download it here:


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Amanda's Coolsite

Color Diamond Encyclopedia

Learn all about Color Diamonds—where they are produced, what varying colors they come in, and their history.

When you fist load this site if you just wait a moment, a diamond slide show will start and you will view all the colors of the diamonds listed on the page. It goes right down the diamond bar, and you can click to see just the ones you want to look at. At the bottom of the diamond bar you can also choose to pause the slide show, or start it. Each section on the menu is a drop down category that if you click the title you can see your menu options.

Natural Color Diamond Defined — This section is divided into Natural Color Diamonds Defined, Color Origin, and Color Diamonds vs. Color Gem. The next button has tiny arrows near the top of the section you are in and on the opposite side of the menu. Here you will learn all about how diamonds differ from gems, why they get the colors they do and how it all works. This was a very interesting read, and it's at a level where you don't need to be a jeweler or a scientist to understand it. Learn about Type 1 and Type 2 Diamonds, and why Green Diamonds are different.

Quality Grading — Learn about the 4 C's vs. Color, laboratory color diamonds, the rest of the section is about color grading and color certificates.

Market— This is where you learn all about their market value. Rarity and Price, Marketing, Price by Color and Cut, and Budget. If you are looking to buy colored diamonds you definitely want to take a look at the Budget section which tells you about how much each kind would cost at a certain carat. And let me tell you it will be along time before I own an intense green diamond.

History of Natural Color Diamonds — This section talks a lot about the historic importance and popular of Color Diamonds, from different regions of the globe to different era's in history. A very interesting read.

Famous Natural Color Diamonds — this is where you can see the crème de la crème of colored diamonds. These are the famous ones that have a history as large as their carats. From diamonds you'll recognize like the Hope to my favorite the De Young Red, you'll find charming history and beautiful photos of these diamonds. This is the section to check out thoroughly


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Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper

We wanted to feature this again, but we didn't get very many in. But people really loved this so we're gonna keep this at a low price for another day. Get it now!

Transfer Files From One Computer To Another - With A Cable!!!

It's Never Been Easier To Move Your Files, Photos, Songs - Anything!

Just Plug This Cable Into Your USB Slots!

Then Just Drag & Drop!

HEY! Let me ask you a question or two :-)

Have you ever needed to get the files from one computer to another? You know what I mean, maybe you just got a new computer and you want to get all your files, songs, photos, etc from the old computer to the new one. Maybe you have a laptop and wish there was an easy to way to get share your laptop and desktop files. Maybe you need a file or some photos off of a friend's computer. Who knows, maybe you just have a really big file that needs transferred from one computer to another.

So, are you still doing it the old way? Do you try and copy Gigs and Gigs of info to a flash drive? Burn dozens of CD-ROMs? Or worse - Try to e-mail the files? (Please tell me you're not doing that!) Don't ya wish there was a better way? There is!

We have these amazing Direct Link Cables and they're going to change your computing life forever!They allow you to quickly and easily transfer files from one computer to another via the USB ports! Get this - you just plug one end into the computer that has the files you want, then plug the other end into the computer you want to transfer those file to - that's it! An Explorer-like window will open up one each screen and you just drag and drop! Anyone can do it, and it's MUCH easier than messing around with CDs or Flash drives!

What about the install? HA - There is none! Just plug and play, these have the drivers built right in! If you can pop in a USB plug and click a mouse, you're in the club!

Plus, these are USB 2.0, so it's like transferring your data with a souped-up Ferrari! Talk about fast - you'll be blown away at how quickly you get files from one computer to another. Oh, and don't worry if you only have USB 1.x - still works just fine!

I tell ya, there is simply no better way to get files from computer to computer! Just wait till the next time you need to move either large numbers or large size files - you'll be THRILLED you grabbed this! I love to use it when I'm transferring my photos from my trips off my laptop onto my main computer - it's an incredible time saver! Oh, and just wait till you upgrade to your next computer - your data is going to be there before you know it. Works for ANY kind of file you have too! Seriously, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! You'll find it becomes as essential to your computer as your mouse!

Why spend countless hours burning CDs and trying to transfer large files with flash drives? Just plug this into your computers, drag and drop, and be done with it already!

If you're ever, in your life, going to get another computer or need to get a file from one computer to another, you absolutely, positively MUST get yourself one of these!

Your cost for all this file-moving bliss? For today, we're talkin' just $14.97 and US shipping is FREE! Insane not to get one! Oh, and if you don't think it's as cool as I say it is, you can send it back within 60 days for a refund! That's how confident I am that you'll love this too! Check it out:

PS - This special price is ONLY guaranteed today, 04-16-2009, so make sure you sprint on over to the site and get yourself setup with one of these! Next time you need to move files, you'll agree that this is the best cable you've ever owned! Regular price is $21.97 - don't miss out!

Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

Here's April's wallpaper. It's all free, so enjoy!

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