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Computer Tips [ 15 More Keyboard Shortcuts + Cool Printing Trick + PDF Files - What You Need To Know ] 04/13/2009


Quick Tips

What the F-key? F1 through F4 (Extended!)

As promised I'm back with more function keys! This time we'll be talking about extended combinations like ALT, CTRL and Shift, and how they alter each F-key's function. Just to recap, the function keys are the line of “F” keys going across the top of your keyboard going from F1 to F12.
Today we'll be covering F1 through F4.

Note: Do not expect all of these key combinations to work. Some of them may be program specific, or obsolete. If you're slamming the keys and nothing is happening, move on! :)

Shift + F1 = This reveals the formatting of the current document (MS Word)
ALT + F1 = Go to next field
ALT + Shift + F1 = Go to previous field
CTRL + ALT + F1 = Display Microsoft System Info (Does not appear to work under Windows Vista)
CTRL + Shift + F1 = Change the font (Does not appear to work under Windows Vista)

Shift + F2 = Copy Text
CTRL + F2 = Print preview command (MS Word)
ALT + Shift + F2 = Save command (MS Word)
CTRL + ALT + F2 = Open command (MS Word)

Shift + F3 = Changes text case (MS Word)
CTRL + F3 = Program specific. Experiment with this one, but save your work first!
ALT + F3 = Creates a building block (MS Word

Shift + F4 = Repeat a find or Go To action (MS Word)
CTRL + F4 = Close the active window (MS Word)
Alt + F4 = Close the active program. If no programs are open you can shut your computer down with this combination!

Not quite as much functionality as I was expecting. Maybe the next set of F-keys will give us something a bit more substantial! Stay tuned!


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Yep, it's Monday alright! That's no excuse for slouching, though! Scroll down for some amazing deals and eye-popping tips from our team here at Worldstart! Check out the nature of PDF files, April's Office Tip on categorizing everything in Outlook 2007, and how to print a specific selection of a file! Quite a few of our readers have been asking for that one! There's also the Monday video tip and, of course, Amanda's delicious Cool Site! It's all here at Worldstart, and if it's not, just wait until tomorrow! ;)



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Computers 101

Q: What are .pdf files?

If you've been using the internet for any amount of time, you've probably run across these little buggers. They're Adobe Acrobat files. Normally, you download them and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at Adobe's web site:

People use PDF files for everything. The most common use seems to be documents (both interactive and regular), but I've also seen PDF files used for maps, catalogs, presentations, and even e-books. Additionally, I've seen it used for non-web applications as well, including stuff like software help files.

Some Adobe products such as Pagemaker and Illustrator let you save a file as a PDF file. The only other ways are to fork out the big bucks for the Acrobat program, or create PDF files online (5 times for free or subscribe to use). To turn your documents into pdf files online, follow this link:

Another option is a neat little program called Primo PDF Creator . It is a printer driver that allows you to create a PDF file from any program by selecting Print and sending it to the PDF Creator instead of printing a hard copy. Best of all, it's freeware...

~ David

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MS Office

Categorize Everything!

Do you use the color-coded categories in MS Outlook 2007?

I don't know about you but I love them in conjunction with e-mail rules so that as certain messages come in they are marked for my attention as soon as they hit my Inbox.

What I'd like to discuss today is an extension of the category use.

Did you ever notice that practically everything in Outlook 2007 can be categorized just like your e-mail?

Take a look…

For example, in the calendar right-click on an appointment

See the Categorize choice? It leads you to the exact same situation that you get when you right-click on a message.

Or… instead of trying a right-click on everything, simply take a look at the Standard Toolbar.

See the Categorize button? If you have a task, note, appointment, contact, etc. that needs to be assigned to a category and this button is accessible then you can. It's as simple as that - no more difficult than it is to categorize a message.

I should probably add that while I could categorize my contacts, the color coding doesn't show in all the view options… so, if you're looking to color code your contacts you may have to experiment with the way that you view them to get what you really want.

Overall, I found that using this option can really help me to organize and prioritize. Since this feature is very visual with all the different colors to go with each category I find it extremely easy to see what needs to have my full attention with just a glance.

Anything that makes my work and day go a little bit easier is a very good thing!

~ April

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What would happen if, right now, your computer completely crashed and ALL the data on it was lost?

Think about that for a minute - how many photos would be gone? How many important documents? Songs? Presentations? E-mails? Bookmarks? Projects? Do you have a backup of that stuff you could restore, or is everything gone forever? Kind puts a knot in your stomach just thinking about it huh?

In fact, I've seen firsthand how terrible it is for people. Not just subscribers begging us (some in tears over the phone) to help them find a way to get unrecoverable lost data back, but I've had family and friends lose thousands of irreplaceable photos, work documents, reports, ect. It's just such a disaster when a hard drive goes out, or a virus destroys all your data, or even an accidental deletion wipes out important files.

There are two kinds of computer users in this world - those that have lost important data and those that will!

If you use a computer, you absolutely MUST backup your data! Everyone knows that! Well, I'm really excited to tell you about this fantastic new title we just came across- it's called Guardian Data Backup and it is, without a doubt, the best backup software I've ever used (and I've used some pretty nice stuff)!

First off, I know what you're thinking - doing backups is a pain! Frankly, that's why we get soooo many people asking us if there's anyway to get lost data back!

Wouldn't it be just fantastic if there was an easy-to-use program that you can set to do your backup jobs then just forget it? 

Well, that's what we have for you today! It has a help file with it, but I doubt anyone has had to even look at it - you can master this baby in about a minute!

This amazing software FINALLY takes all the hassle out of doing backups! It's really this simple - First, create a backup job by picking out the folder or files you want to backup, then just tell the software where you want to backup to. Easy! Next, just hit the backup button whenever you want to backup those files / folders! Or, better yet, schedule your backup job for whenever you like - and it's done automatically at that time, every time! Just set it and forget it! If there's ever a crash, you'll automatically have a current backup!

Guardian Data Backup

Oh, and then it gets even better! You can actually create more than one backup job! In fact, you can create as many as you like. Why would you do that? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't change all my files all the time. My picture files are good if I backup once a week, but with the documents I use for work, well, those change constantly and I want them backed up every day. With multiple backup jobs, I can customize my routine to work the way I do! (Of course, you can do a manual backup anytime you like)

Speaking of scheduling, this is just incredible! You can do backups daily, weekly, or monthly AND select whatever time you like! I have my backups set to run when I'm usually at lunch or dinner, so it all gets done while I'm away!

Guardian Data Backup

Oh, and here's something I absolutely LOVE - filters! This lets you create a "filtered" backup job - and it's the first backup program I've seen that does it! You can actually pick a folder and tell it to ONLY backup the types of files YOU want it to backup! Let's say you have a folder with ten different types of files, but you only want word docs and jpegs backed up - this can do it! OR let's say you have a folder and you want EVERYTHING backed up EXCEPT text docs - yup, this can do that too! It's all optional, but it's there if you need it.

Guardian Data Backup

Finally, as if all the above wasn't enough, this also compresses your backup files to save space - and it even lets you set how high the compression is! All of this is right at your fingertips and really easy to do!

You know, everyone will tell you the "critical" software you have to have on your PC - Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and a good firewall. Funny thing is they miss the most important one of all - backup software! To me, regular backups are as important - if not even more important, as running anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc! After all - a hard drive crash can happen at any time, just out of the blue - the ONLY defense is a reliable backup!

Your cost? Get this, these are normally $30, but we got a deal for ya! Just $8.97 and US shipping is FREE! PLUS - order today and you'll get that handy LED Keychain Flashlight for FREE!

Now, I KNOW your data is worth $9.97! RUN to the site and grab yourself a copy of this fantastic software - you'll thank me for it!

PS - EVERYONE is going to experience a hard drive crash or some type of data loss if they are using computers - that's just the way it is. I've lived through several major crashes - hard drives just really do go out sometimes. I can't tell you the level of disaster it would have been if I didn't have a backup!

Don't WISH you had this software when it happens - for less than $10, grab this today!

PS - The price WILL Increase to $14.97 on Tuesday!

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Selective Startup

Do you have problems when you start up your computer? Does it seem to take a long time or you get strange messages? Fortunately Windows has something called "Selective Startup" that will help you figure out what's going wrong. Browse over to the Worldstart site today and check it out!

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Between 1995 and 2000 the Early Manuscripts Imaging Project created high resolution digital images from manuscripts which were selected as major treasures, from their respective libraries, to create wider availability for originals which may otherwise be too fragile for handling. Incredible stuff on this site, but you'll have to slide over to Worldstart to find out more!

Here's the link you need: Enjoy!

Tip of the Day

Selective Printing

Every day I get email asking how to print just part of a web page or e-mail. With this much demand, I just have to show ya how it's done!

First, you need to know that this does not work with every system out there . This tip only works if both your printer driver and the software application you're using supports this little trick. So, take this for what it's worth.

Here's how it usually works:

1. First, select the area you would like to print.

2. Next, from the file menu , select Print...

3. When the printer dialog box comes up, look for an option for " Selection ", in a " Print Range " frame. Again, not all printers / software support this.


4. Click Print.

Oh, one more thing. If you can't print a selection, you can always copy and paste the stuff you want into a word processor and print it from there. Sure, it's not nearly as much fun, but it's better than printing out eight pages of junk just to get a small section of text.

~ Steve

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Today's Feature

Monday Video Tip

Drag it!...

I mean it! Go ahead and highlight some text and drag it somewhere! Wait, don't just put that anywhere, it's fragile! Okay, it's probably better that you watch today's video tip on dragging text from one field to another. It's a quick one, but it'll save you a lot time when you're filling out text fields on websites! Click the link below!

Or, if you're the reading type, check it out here:

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Amanda's Coolsite


I can not wait to share Carl Warner’s foodscape photography with you! I have been sending everyone I know to this gallery. So what’s so interesting about these photos? You’re right to ask! They are made completely of food.

The gallery is setup slideshow style, so you’ll need to click the next button to move onto the next photo. You can also click on any photo on the strip to see it larger. There are fourteen photos in total – each is of a different landscape.

Each photo has information underneath about the photography process that Warner uses to make these amazing images. Some of them take days to setup and shoot properly then blend together.

Be sure to check out his website too if you want to see more, you’ll find it here. I know I couldn’t wait to find out if there were more foodscapes, and there are! You’ll find them by clicking on the orange square. You’ll also find other amazing still life photography there as well. I adore the winter landscape.

Check this one out today, and pass it along to all your friends!


Hungry yet? Still full? Let us know by rating or adding to this Cool Site here:

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?
Send it to Amanda at

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We all know flash drives are probably the best invention since the internet, but when you think about you can store on these 4GB drives, it's really somethin'! Think about this - these can hold the same amount of data as not 1, not 3, but 6 - count 'em 6 - CD-ROMS! Heck, we're talking enough storage for 600 12MP images from your digital camera, 1000 MP3s, or 80,000 typical office documents! That's a lot of data!!

PLUS it's small and easy to take along - this thing isn't even as long as your index finger! Oh, and get this - if you buy several (and at this price you probably should), you can actually stack & snap them together! The little hole is also ideal for hooking onto a keychain - a great way to keep your important data with you all the time!

I don't know about you, but I can't live without my flash drives! I've used them for the typical "taking documents to the office" routine, but there's a TON of other uses too! Stick MP3s on 'em and listen to your favorite songs at work. Oh, and have you seen some of the newer car radios? They have USB plugs on 'em so you can take a flash drives loaded with MP3s and play it right in your car! Oh, and this is a really great way to take photos over to show off to family and friends! Just drag & drop your photos to it and plug it into any computer! Seems like I come up with new uses for these things all the time - you gotta grab 'em when the price is low like this - you know you're gonna need one soon!

OH, almost forgot - these are USB 2.0 drives so yeah, they're wicked fast! No sitting around staring at progress bars while you copy! 

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Monthly Wallpaper

April Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Pink Flower

This was actually in my front of my house! It had rained the night before, and this pink flower (lily?) was looking especially pink.

Mossy Stream

This just has to make you think "Spring"! Taken last April in the Smokys - and man that water was cold!

Valley Of Fire Road

Just about an hour's drive from Las Vegas is this amazing place! It really does look like that when you round the top of the hill! You think you're on another planet (and may sci-fi movies were shot there, including Star Trek Generations)

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