Thursday, December 31, 2009

[TechRepublic] Top 5 Microsoft Windows Blog posts of 2009

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TechRepublic Windows XP

TechRepublic Member | December 31, 2009

Microsoft Windows Blog: Best of 2009

The Top 5 posts in the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog continued to show a preference for practical posts that explain how to make Windows better. Read more

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Perennial favorites


The end is near for Windows XP: what are you going to do?

Tips to speed up defrag operations in Windows XP

Test your knowledge of Windows XP performance again

How do I... Secure Microsoft Windows XP Professional?

Improve Windows XP's hard drive performance with disk striping

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Roundup


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Top tech events of the 00s's Charles Cooper and ZDNet's Larry Dignan rank the five most important tech events of the decade. Did they get it right? Read more

A petition to Microsoft: Give everyone Internet browser Choice Screen

Microsoft will soon give European users a choice of Internet browsers through a Choice Screen. What about the rest of us? Read more

The hottest 10 Things downloads of 2009

Cool tricks, free tools, and Windows 7 features took top billing in TechRepublic's downloads library this year. Here's a look at the most popular 10 Things lists of 2009. Read more

10 ways your organization can look unprofessional

Even a topnotch outfit can alienate clients and compromise professional relationships if it fails to adhere to certain business practices. Calvin Sun explains some common missteps. Read more

Product Spotlight: Best of 2009

TechRepublic has reviewed dozens of products for the Product Spotlight Blog in 2009, but several resonated particularly well with members. Read more

101 Windows XP tips, tweaks, and hacks

Have extra budget to spend? Then order TR Pro's 101 Microsoft Windows XP Tips, Tweaks, and Hacks You Need to Know These tips will help you troubleshoot problems, achieve better performance, and configure your system. You'll also get tweaks and hacks that allow you to customize Windows XP to suit your needs. Order the download today! 101 Windows XP tips, tweaks, and hacks

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TechRepublic Photo Galleries: Best of 2009

TechRepublic Photo Galleries reveal aspects of information technology that words simply cannot. The Top 5 of 2009 trend toward the fanciful. View on site

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The science behind stronger display glass on your phone, computer

Dashing dreams of a new Earth

Bulletproof your job: 4 simple strategies

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Live Webcast: Moving 15,000 Users from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps (Google)

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Executive Update: Creating New Value from System z Assets and More (IBM)

Free White Paper: Data Warehousing with DB2 for System z (IBM)


TechRepublic: Best of 2009

As you get ready for a new year, take a moment to review 2009 one last time. We've compiled our best content from the past 12 months. Revisit your favorites, and see what you might have missed!

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The top six stories of 2009 from Tech Sanity Check

Top five TR Dojo episodes of 2009

The hottest 10 Things downloads of 2009

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Configuring, Managing, and Maintaining Server 2008

MCITP: Server and Enterprise Administrator Combo Boot Camp

Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services

Implementing and Administering Windows 7 in the Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

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